Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • Prue comes to the aid of a male witch who has been kidnapped by thugs in order to exploit his power of psychokenesis in order to rob a bank. Meanwhile Phoebe discovers Leo's secret identity

    A very underatted episode. Secrets and Guys contains a great storyline plot as well as great acting from all of the cast. Shannen Doherty owned this episode with her superb acting (quite obvious that she enjoyed filming this episode). What also makes the episode great is that the danger Prue is placed in is very real and you generally have a heightened sense that she may not be able to pull through.

    The subplot involving Phoebe discovering Leo's secret is also well acted and quite humorous- we discover Leo's secret identifty as a whitelighter, which is a guardian angel of witches, also the fact that love between a whitelighter and a witch is strictly prohibited. I enjoyed the part where Phoebe was giving Leo tips of ending a relatioship, it's obvious she has had lots of experiences in these types of situations. The part where Piper guessed thet Leo was breaking up with her was also enjoyable to watch

    The one thing I didn't understand is that when Phoebe spilled Leo's secret out to Prue and Piper, they did not believe her even though they have faced loads of evil and magical creatures