Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • A Witch In Need

    Secrets and Guys-Prue helps a young witch who has been kidnapped, and renews her own faith in having children. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that Leo is really a guardian angel for good witches, and this causes Leo to break up with Piper.

    A great dramatic episode that sees Prue coming to the add of a young witch. The writers create a wondeful character in the form of Max, who is played very well by David Netter. Usually child actors are either really good or really awful but David does an outstanding job of conveying a child who is confused about a destiny that was forced on him. I liked the idea of male witches and David's power of pyschokinesis is a very inventive. Shannen Doherty excels throughout as Prue becomes David unlikely hero when become trapped under 2 bank robbers. Shannen and David are great in their scenes together, especially when Prue and Max talk about being witches. Both Mickey and Harry make for some good villains as it's always refreshing to have mortal enemies for an hour than the usual energy throwing demons. It's nice that we have smart villais who had a good plan and great ways of forcing Prue and Max to use their magic to gain what they want to do. Robert Gossett is as great as Max's father as he completely convinces as a father so overwhelmed about his son's destiny and the situation his put in. The sub-plot was also well done as Phoebe finds out Leo is whitelighter in a hilarious scene where she catches him floating in the air. The introduction and explaintion of a whitelighter is exciting, although some of Leo's mythos and powers about whitelighters are inconsistent (the heating power, witches not suppose to know about their whitelighters etc.) But of course, this can forgotten as the writers were still coming up with their own mythology for the series. Both Alyssa and Brian were great together througout, especially when Phoebe is coaching Leo on how to break up with Piper the right way. The acutal break-up is great scene with Piper trying to taking control of the situation and letting Leo down easy. Also, the scene where Leo heals Max's father is a beautiful scene and Brian is great in that scene, despite seeming a bit "Touch by an Angel"-eqse. All and All, "Secrets and Guys" is a great episode with a emotional main plot and a very entertaining sub-plot.
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