Season 1 Episode 14

Secrets And Guys

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1999 on The WB

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  • A young witch is kidnapped to pull a bank heist. Somehow he manages to contact Prue on the sisters Spirit Board. She contacts Andy and through his father she finds Max. Leo returns and a big secret is revealed to Phoebe and Piper has problems at work.

    So we finally get to find out the truth about Leo and its a major blockbuster. Leo is a White Lighter or Guardian Angel for good witches and he reports to a group of leaders called the Founders. The only problem is that he can't fraternize with the witches so he has to leave for good. He needs to tell Piper but even with Phoebe's "help" he never is able to really tell her. In the end Phoebe does reveal the secret to Piper and Prue but they just laugh and tell her she should write children books.

    Mickey Jackson is a bad guy through and through. Bradford Tatum plays the part to a T. He and his partner Harry played by Will Stewart kidnap Max played by David Netter right from under his father played by Robert Gossett. The threat is don't tell the police and they will retun him for school on Monday.

    Of course they don't understand that he is a witch and he has the power of telekinesis so he manages to unknowingly contact the sisters through their Spirit Board by moving the pointer. Prue starts searching for Max. In the meantime Piper is having a problem with her new chef who is a real jerk. He throws out her knives and then decides to change the menu with no discussion. In the end she wins when he quits but its a day long battle for superiority. Prue finds Max through Andy and is knocked out after a short fight. When she comes to they have her tied up and are ready to have Max do his stuff. His father shows up. They spirit Max and Prue into the back of the van and Mickey shoots Mr. Franklin in the chest. This is the second person he has shot today almost killing a security guard earlier in the day.

    Prue saves the day in the end and Leo saves Mr. Franklin. Max and his dad finally bond over what is important and Prue learns a major life lesson. Overall it is a very satisfying ending. Thanks for reading...