Season 5 Episode 20

Sense and Sense Ability

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on The WB
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In order to get close to baby Wyatt, the Crone steals one of the senses from each of the Charmed Ones, in an attempt to fool the child. The Charmed Ones run into major complications without their senses.

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  • Not a bad one.

    I disliked Nate's storyline here. It's nice to encourage people to push themselves, not publicly humiliate them into doing it. I hate spiders, but if my loved one said get into the bath and closed your eyes and poured them over me - I'd probably murder that person and feel justified! That is my phobia and Paige seems more scared than phobic but still was kind of not nice. Not like it was a special one on one performance it was in public.

    I felt for Piper in this one, and something I'm scared of happening one day is not being able to know my childs cries or needs. So I'm glad she gets to connect with Wyatt in the end.

    They have mobile phones, surely they can text! Paige you have no voice, it's as stupid as Piper going in for an eye test of Phoebe trying to make a phone call right now.

    You realise it wasn't Paige who was at the baby so you walk upstairs instead of orbing? She can't speak, but she can orb..

    I think the crone could've been an awesome bad guy but I think she was actually kind of pathetic at the same time.moreless
  • love charmed

    i love charmed soooooooooooooo much i can't even tell you

    i will scream in my pillow all day
  • Sense and Sense Ability

    Sense and Sense Ability was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written with lots of great magical details. I liked the monkey and it's story along with it's magical powers. It was interesting to see the Crone trying to get closer to Wyatt this way and kudos to her for thinking outside the box. It was interesting to see Paige's new love interest and I loved when Phoebe answered the door when she was hard of hearing. This episode was entertaining and provided many laughs, engaging action, touching drama and suspenseful intrigue. Paige singing "Fever" at the end was beautiful and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Monkey Business!

    After such a wretched episode last time around, it's good to see Charmed touch base with a very grounded episode. (Ya know, grounded in the sense that the most bizarre aspect of the hour is an evil monkey, that I can tolerate) Continuing season 5's mission of keeping things as light-hearted as humanly possible, there's plenty of attempts at humour, with the majority of it actually working. Taking away a sense from each of the girl's provided some great interactions from our leading ladies, and when a demon attacks and Piper accidentally blasts Paige, the hour flips on its head and provides some moderate drama. The Crone could have been a great reoccurring villain, but as with most instances, Charmed rarely seizes a decent opportunity when it has one, and so a vanquish was inevitable. I'd also like to comment on the final scene: I wish that it meant more than simply Paige facing her fears of public humiliation, and that her last line ''what a lovely way to burn'' was reference as to what lay ahead for the rest of the season. But no, more dreadfulness is to follow. Still, this was a solid episode boasting some impressive set-pieces and individual drama for each of the sisters.moreless
  • Brian Krause Has Some Common Sense!

    Sense and Sense Ability-In order to get close to baby Wyatt, the Crone steals one of the senses from each of the Charmed Ones, in an attempt to fool the child. The Charmed Ones run into major complications without their senses. Pitched by Brian Krause himself, "Sense and Sense Ability" is surprisingly the best and dare I say, smartest Charmed episode in a while. It's certainly the funniest since "Sin Fransico". Apart of me assumes after the lengthy string of bad episodes, Brian decided to "kindly suggested" a storyline that had a lot more potential than the writers stealing ideas from the children's section at Barnes & Nobles! Luckily, it's a great idea that utilizes all the sisters well and the Crone returns to become easily the best villain of the season (which isn't hard at this point honestly) At least the Crone had a decent M.O. with some nice continuation from "Baby's First Demon". It's just a shame she's vanquished at the end. What this season desperately needed was a main baddie for the whole here and the Crone would have been perfect considering she was after Wyatt and seemed like a genuine match for the Charmed Ones.

    Anyway, once the sisters lose their senses, the episode is damn near comedy gold. I absolutely loved this bit:

    Paige: [From her notebook] "Kill Monkey"

    Phoebe: "Paige is suggesting violence against the monkey!!!"

    Haven't laughed that hard during Charmed in years!!Alyssa Milano's sometimes grating voice couldn't be more appropriate as Phoebe's constant yelling was priceless. I especially loved how she kept looking at everyone's mouths to read their lips. Rose McGowan's performance was also hilarious, especially during the scene where Paige has to play sharads with Phoebe to explain what happened. Some great phsyical comedy on her part. Holly Marie Combs also plays blind well and I'm glad her part of the story brings up some maternal issuses with Wyatt. It's nice that the writers remember that Piper originally was never great with babies and it's nice to see Piper connect with Wyatt by facing her fears of her poor maternal instincts. It's also great seeing the sisters work together regardless of their missing senses, the Kawzy demon attack was a nice action sequence and the sixth sense they developed between them was a nice progession of the Power of 3 and their bond as sisters. Overall, "Sense and Sense Ability" was refreshing hour and a nice break from the decline in quality this season. Oh and MS. McGowan, your singing could use......a bit more work.moreless
Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie


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Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus

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Jerome Butler

Kazi King

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Sandra Prosper

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Rebecca Balding

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • When Phoebe says maybe the Kazi demon can't read, The Kazi demon says he tried to tell Paige that, Phoebe says "He did?". How did she hear him say that? She can't hear.

    • TRIVIA: The concept of See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil (also involving monkeys) was previously seen in the season 2 episode Astral Monkey. Phoebe asks the three monkeys from the hospital what they think of evil, and one covers his eyes, another covers his ears, and the last one covers his mouth.

    • Even though Phoebe has lost her hearing, later on in the episode, she still is able to hear Piper and the Kazi demon, but for some reason, she can't hear Nate.

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the Kazi demon attacking the sisters and Piper, who can't see, tries to blow him up, but misses. When Piper asks if she got him, Phoebe responds "you killed Aunt Pearl's couch". Never before was it mentioned that the girls had an Aunt Pearl.

    • TRIVIA: In Latinamerica, The Crone is called "La Anciana", but in the episode Baby's First Demon, she was called "Crone" as well.

    • TRIVIA: In Latinamerica, The Crone is called "La Anciana", which means "The Old Woman".

    • TRIVIA: When Phoebe loses her hearing, she is watching her fave movie Kill It Before It Dies, from the season 2 episode Chick Flick.

    • Soon after the sisters lost their senses, Paige was sent with Piper to lead her to Wyatt for protection. Instead of leading a blind woman up a flight of stairs, why didn't she just orb her? This question also applies a little later when Piper realizes that it was not Paige talking to her in the nursery and that Wyatt was in immediate danger, they once again walked up the stairs?

    • TRIVIA: This is the second and final appearance of The Crone. She first appeared in the episode Baby's First Demon.

    • TRIVIA: While taking the classic See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil phrase which is usually depicted as monkeys holding their eyes, mouth or ears, a monkey is sent to ironically personify this phrase by taking those three senses when the monkey covers Piper's eyes, Paige's mouth, and Phoebe's ears.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, speech is treated like one of the human five senses, despite the fact that it's not.

    • TRIVIA: Rose McGowan sings "Fever", originally sung by Peggy Lee.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, The Power of Three is used in a different way, because Paige doesn't have her voice, she can't call anything to her including Wyatt when the Crone has him. Instead, Paige holds out her arms, while Piper & Phoebe hold onto them and call for Wyatt for Paige.

    • TRIVIA: Forshadowing? The Crone states her seeing great things from Wyatt, with a smile.

    • TRIVIA: Wyatt develops two new powers: sensing & orbing. He senses Leo is in danger and then orbs himself & Piper to Leo. Also Wyatt uses his forcefield again but this time he uses it when he's told there's danger or trouble nearby.

    • At the end before Paige performs, Phoebe is drinking tea, and the tea bag's string moves several times between shots.

    • When the Crone disguises her voice to fool Piper, watch Wyatt. In the shots with all three of them (Piper, Wyatt, & the Crone) Wyatt's head is sticking out of his baby blanket. In the shots of just Piper and Wyatt, the blanket is covering the back off his head.

    • When The Crone came in as Piper held Wyatt, and the Crone spoke with Paige's voice telling Piper that Leo found the totem. Piper thought it was strange that allegedly Paige got her voice back, but Piper hasn't gained back her sight?

    • When Wyatt orbed Piper to Leo, Piper freed Leo from the water tank with her powers. When Leo was freed, his whole body was wet, but when he stands up again, his back was dry and only his front was wet.

    • When looking up the Crone, the BoS is not color coded as it was in the previous episodes.

    • Why didn't Phoebe recognize the Crone (whom she met in in "Baby's First Demon") and wonder why she was coming for the baby? She knew that a law was being passed, because the Crone had told Phoebe that in the future, no one would hurt the baby. How could she not remember a person like that or a statement like that?

    • At the meeting with "the syndicators", one moment Phoebe has her hand at her ear where she says "Do you hear that buzzing?", then cut to the reverse angle, the same hand is now on the table.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • (Phoebe, who's gone deaf, tries to read Nate's lips.)
      Nate:Why are you looking at my mouth?
      Phoebe: Huh?
      Nate: Have I got something in my teeth?
      Phoebe: Okay, look, um, I got a little swimmer's ear going on. Yeah, fell asleep in the tub last night. So I'm not really getting a lot of this, but I did get the part about your teeth, and they're very nice. White.

    • (Paige, who's unable to speak, is writing on a notepad to interrogate a Kazi demon who's trapped in a crystal cage. When he doesn't answer, she throws a small crystal against the force field to electrocute him.)
      Phoebe: Hey, do you ever think that maybe your Kazi buddy here can't read?
      Kazi Demon: I tried to tell her that.
      Phoebe: He did?
      (Paige writes, "Demons lie.")
      Phoebe: Yeah, but not about

    • Kazi King: First we wait on a monkey, and now what? What are we waiting on now?
      Crone: You're waiting on me. Get used to it. Unlike you, I don't charge in like a wild bull. I prefer to take my time…and succeed.

    • Kazi King: You dare mock me?
      Crone: On occasion.

    • Phoebe (as Paige tries to get her to understand that she can't speak): Ooh, you're a monkey! You're an angry monkey? You're pissed, you're... PMS monkey?

    • Paige (singing to Wyatt): Hush little baby don't you cry, auntie's gonna buy you a pumpkin pie. And if that pie doesn't taste real good, aunty's gonna buy some other kind of food. And if that food doesn't fill your tummy ...

    • The Crone: Save your threats - they bore me.

    • Phoebe: Oh my god, Piper, you're blind!
      (Paige gives Phoebe a look)
      Piper: Yeah, Phoebe, I just said that. Now can we talk about how a monkey could do that?
      Phoebe: What did she say?
      Piper: What did who say? The monkey? The monkey didn't say anything. (Paige writes down "How?" on a notepad and shows it to Phoebe) He covered my eyes and stole my eyesight.
      Phoebe (yelling): I think the monkey stole your eyesight when he covered your eyes!
      Piper: Ugh, Phoebe, are you listening to me? That's just what I said. You are acting like you can't even hear me.
      Phoebe (yelling): Oh, Piper, it's no use. I can't even hear you. The monkey stole my hearing.
      Piper: Oh, he got you too? Which means somebody sent that flea-infested primate after us. We've gotta find Paige. (Paige claps) Why are you clapping? This is not funny.
      Phoebe: What's the matter, Paige?
      Piper: Paige? Where's Paige?

    • Phoebe: You hear something? (Paige motions talking with her hand.) You hear puppets?

    • Phoebe: This is either someone's idea of a sick, sick joke, or someone's working on a massive evil plan!

    • Piper: Read my lips! Is there anything in here that will get our senses back?
      Phoebe: Piper, I can't hear you!
      Piper: Ugh! What do we do?
      (Paige, who cannot speak, holds up a sign that says "Kill Monkey")
      Phoebe: Paige is proposing violence against the monkey.
      Piper: Well, I'm inclined to agree, but I really think the monkey is the least of our worries.
      Phoebe: Yeah, I didn't hear what you just said, but if you're wondering who's behind this, I was about to look in the book.
      (Piper give a the thumbs up sign)

    • Piper: Is everything okay?
      Paige: Better than okay, I am gonna have a love life.
      Phoebe: You're making a love potion?
      Paige: No, I'm making a stun potion.
      Piper: So that lovers will be stunned by you?
      Paige: No, so Kazis will be stunned by me.
      Phoebe: You're in love with a Kazi demon?
      Paige: Try to stay with me people. I am making a stun potion so that I can maybe have a date that doesn't end with "Nate, you gotta leave. Hmm! I have to clean some demon guts off the ceiling."
      Phoebe: Nate - much cuter than a Kazi demon.
      Paige: The potion you hold in your hand is designed to stun, but not kill Kazis.
      Piper: But I so enjoy killing them.
      Paige: Yes, but, since the Kazi king creates his demon minions out of his own body -
      Phoebe: If we get the king, then we get the Kazis!
      Piper: But we don't know where the king is.
      Paige: Yes, but, that's why I did the stun potion. So if we capture one of his minions, we can torture him -
      Phoebe: Then the king will feel the pain and come in for the rescue -
      Piper: Or the minion will break and spill his guts on the whereabouts of the king!
      Phoebe: Hmm!
      Piper: Ahh!
      Phoebe: Hmph!
      Paige: Okay, the finishing sentence thing - not cute.

    • A blind Piper hears Phoebe and tries to walk towards her, only to walk right into a side table.
      Piper: Ow! Who put that there?

    • Phoebe (to Piper): You killed Aunt Pearl's couch.

    • Piper (about Wyatt): I'm telling you, it's not gonna fit. Nothing fits anymore and if he keeps growing at this rate, we're gonna have to send him off to college by next week

    • Phoebe: Where is Leo?
      Piper: Oh, if she hurt him, I'm gonna have to resurrect her and kill her again.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The song Fever, sung by Rose McGowan in this episode only, is actually a 1965 rhythm and blues hit, written by Eddie Cooley and John Davenport (a.k.a Otis Blackwell). Originally recorded by Little Willie John, and later by The King, Elvis Presley.

    • Piper: Okay everybody Speak and Spell.

      Speak n' Spell was the name of a popular children's technology computer from the 1980s, where the voice would say a word and if you spelled it incorrectly it would spell the word correctly for you.

    • Title: Sense and Sense Ability

      This is a reference to Jane Austen's classic novel, "Sense and Sensibility", also made into a film.