Season 5 Episode 20

Sense and Sense Ability

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2003 on The WB

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  • Not a bad one.

    I disliked Nate's storyline here. It's nice to encourage people to push themselves, not publicly humiliate them into doing it. I hate spiders, but if my loved one said get into the bath and closed your eyes and poured them over me - I'd probably murder that person and feel justified! That is my phobia and Paige seems more scared than phobic but still was kind of not nice. Not like it was a special one on one performance it was in public.

    I felt for Piper in this one, and something I'm scared of happening one day is not being able to know my childs cries or needs. So I'm glad she gets to connect with Wyatt in the end.

    They have mobile phones, surely they can text! Paige you have no voice, it's as stupid as Piper going in for an eye test of Phoebe trying to make a phone call right now.

    You realise it wasn't Paige who was at the baby so you walk upstairs instead of orbing? She can't speak, but she can orb..

    I think the crone could've been an awesome bad guy but I think she was actually kind of pathetic at the same time.
  • love charmed

    i love charmed soooooooooooooo much i can't even tell you

    i will scream in my pillow all day
  • Sense and Sense Ability

    Sense and Sense Ability was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written with lots of great magical details. I liked the monkey and it's story along with it's magical powers. It was interesting to see the Crone trying to get closer to Wyatt this way and kudos to her for thinking outside the box. It was interesting to see Paige's new love interest and I loved when Phoebe answered the door when she was hard of hearing. This episode was entertaining and provided many laughs, engaging action, touching drama and suspenseful intrigue. Paige singing "Fever" at the end was beautiful and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Monkey Business!


    After such a wretched episode last time around, it's good to see Charmed touch base with a very grounded episode. (Ya know, grounded in the sense that the most bizarre aspect of the hour is an evil monkey, that I can tolerate) Continuing season 5's mission of keeping things as light-hearted as humanly possible, there's plenty of attempts at humour, with the majority of it actually working. Taking away a sense from each of the girl's provided some great interactions from our leading ladies, and when a demon attacks and Piper accidentally blasts Paige, the hour flips on its head and provides some moderate drama. The Crone could have been a great reoccurring villain, but as with most instances, Charmed rarely seizes a decent opportunity when it has one, and so a vanquish was inevitable. I'd also like to comment on the final scene: I wish that it meant more than simply Paige facing her fears of public humiliation, and that her last line ''what a lovely way to burn'' was reference as to what lay ahead for the rest of the season. But no, more dreadfulness is to follow. Still, this was a solid episode boasting some impressive set-pieces and individual drama for each of the sisters.

  • Brian Krause Has Some Common Sense!

    Sense and Sense Ability-In order to get close to baby Wyatt, the Crone steals one of the senses from each of the Charmed Ones, in an attempt to fool the child. The Charmed Ones run into major complications without their senses. Pitched by Brian Krause himself, "Sense and Sense Ability" is surprisingly the best and dare I say, smartest Charmed episode in a while. It's certainly the funniest since "Sin Fransico". Apart of me assumes after the lengthy string of bad episodes, Brian decided to "kindly suggested" a storyline that had a lot more potential than the writers stealing ideas from the children's section at Barnes & Nobles! Luckily, it's a great idea that utilizes all the sisters well and the Crone returns to become easily the best villain of the season (which isn't hard at this point honestly) At least the Crone had a decent M.O. with some nice continuation from "Baby's First Demon". It's just a shame she's vanquished at the end. What this season desperately needed was a main baddie for the whole here and the Crone would have been perfect considering she was after Wyatt and seemed like a genuine match for the Charmed Ones.

    Anyway, once the sisters lose their senses, the episode is damn near comedy gold. I absolutely loved this bit:

    Paige: [From her notebook] "Kill Monkey"
    Phoebe: "Paige is suggesting violence against the monkey!!!"

    Haven't laughed that hard during Charmed in years!!Alyssa Milano's sometimes grating voice couldn't be more appropriate as Phoebe's constant yelling was priceless. I especially loved how she kept looking at everyone's mouths to read their lips. Rose McGowan's performance was also hilarious, especially during the scene where Paige has to play sharads with Phoebe to explain what happened. Some great phsyical comedy on her part. Holly Marie Combs also plays blind well and I'm glad her part of the story brings up some maternal issuses with Wyatt. It's nice that the writers remember that Piper originally was never great with babies and it's nice to see Piper connect with Wyatt by facing her fears of her poor maternal instincts. It's also great seeing the sisters work together regardless of their missing senses, the Kawzy demon attack was a nice action sequence and the sixth sense they developed between them was a nice progession of the Power of 3 and their bond as sisters. Overall, "Sense and Sense Ability" was refreshing hour and a nice break from the decline in quality this season. Oh and MS. McGowan, your singing could use......a bit more work.
  • A great episode revealing the strong bond the sisters have.

    This is a great episode. Paige finally sings in front of a crowd (very good, might I add), Piper finally shares a bond with her son and Phoebe... decides all of the things her bosses make her do aren't worth sacroficing her life for it. They learn how to work together without having the opportunity to fully communicate, but they find a way. It's always been there but they didn't know how to use it. Paige was kinda stubborn with the whole "demons lie!" thing, but... Well, we can only wonder what the Crone saw in her vision, but it was probably what we see in season 6. I liked the ending, Piper and Phoebe's conversation.
    Definitely worth watching.
  • Hear No Evil,See no Evil,Speak No Evil

    I loved this episode so much i had a smile on my face like the whole time.Loved the storyline with Piper trying to be a mother and having everyone around her know whats wrong with him when Wyatt is crying and she doesnt.At Wyatts first fair a monkey pops out of pretty much nowhere on Paige covering up her mouth,then on Phoebe covering up her ears,then fianlly on Piper covering up her eyes.And then they all realize what had happened.This episode was great mainly becaue it showed their bond as witches but mainly as sisters and how they can communicate without their senses.It was funny to see Phoebe having to say what Paige writes, to Piper. And Phoebe talking so loud was hilarious and her talking to Nate for Paige.The Crone really bugged me for some reason haha,tricking Wyatt like that.Paige singing at the end for Nate was really great.Ha that Rhymed.All in all a great episode cleverly written,acted,with some great humour mixed in.
  • This is my favourite episode because it is so funny! Definite laugh-a-minute material! Well done Charmed!

    This Episode is one of the the funniest episodes. Written by actor Brian Krause. The Charmed ones learn the myth of Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil is very real with each sister losing their sense at the worst possible time. This episode is very well written and all the actors do so well at acting as if they have lost their speech/sight/hearing especially Alyssa Milano. This episode is trully a credit to the series. The lines are fantastic and the little background extras(Piper falling on the stairs) made it a very enjoyable episode. I could watch it a million times and never be bored!
  • Deaf takes a Halliwell

    The Crone is back and determined to get her hands on Wyatt. With the help of a magic monkey (no, really!) she leaves the Charmed Ones deaf, blind and speechless. I note that Brian Krause had a hand in writing this episode. On this evidence, he should definitely get his pen out more often.

    I do like stories which focus on the sisters' human sides. Having them each lose a sense (I'm counting speech as a sense here) is an original idea and their efforts to communicate are fairly entertaining, if you can withstand Phoebe's endless shouting.

    Piper's concern over not bonding with Wyatt is really quite touching and ties in well with her loss of sight. The episode also benefits from not featuring Jason. Less impressive is Paige's storyline, which revolves around her latest two-episode boyfriend and leads to a pointless singing scene at the end.

    The kasi demons are alright but seem merely an excuse to show a bit of flesh now that Julian has gone and Brian is too chunky to go shirtless.

    One thing Charmed does do well is explosive opening scenes and this is a great example. A hasty vanquish at the Manor is followed straightaway by the Crone resurrecting the same demon in the underworld. Nice effects!

    Annoyingly, the episode doesn't quite deliver the fireworks it promises early on. The sisters get Wyatt back way too easily and the story just kind of peters out. They've definitely missed a trick by killing off the Crone; she had real potential for next season. I can only assume the actress wasn't available.

    All in all, a good comeback after last week's dismal showing, although not quite the classic some seem to think it is.
  • Very good episode

    this episode is a really well done charmed episode. and it's no wonder, because it was written by the actor who plays Leo, Brian Krause. He writes a wonderful tale about the connection between the sisters and their devotion to the newborn Wyatt. At the end, Wyatt shows that he can orb to save Leo, his daddy. The story is just great and the villain they beat is perfect, the Crone. And rose mcgowan shows off her singing ability at the end, though it's sad if you know what happens to her/her boyfriend in the next episode. Overall one of the best episodes of the show, and season 5 is the best season anyway, so it fits.
  • Love this episode!!!

    What an episode, I love the scene after the charmed once lost their sense!!! It was so funny to watch!! Phoebe would be the funniest one!!! Lol.

    Love it when Piper was blind and Leo walked into the room, Piper guess it was him because he shuffler. Lol.

    The sister seems to have more of connection when they lost their sense. Love it.

    Wow!!! Wyatt can orb!!! He is so powerful!!! Poor piper… she didn't know why Wyatt was crying and her sister and Leo knew… but when she was blind, she sorta knew how to comfort him.

    I liked this episode because how funny this episode was.
  • One of the greatest episodes of this season.

    What happens when the sisters lose their senses? Will they find a way to save their lives and protect their family?

    One of the better episodes of this season shows us how the Charmed ones are able to protect Wyatt even without their senses. Beside the drama and the good plot, the episode delivers a few good laughs.

    Each actress did a wonderful performance in the episode. I laughed my a** off when Phoebe was trying to explain to Paige's boyfriend why she can't contact him. Wyatt's powers are finally showing a loophole and it's nice to know that not everything is perfect.

    The ending was just perfect. Rose (who actually did sing) has an amazing voice and the song was just an amazing closing for the episode.
  • It's so funny!!!

    Like I said about Chick Flick, this is also one of my top 3 funny episodes of Charmed. I was laughing through the whole thing, and Brian did a great job with the writing. I think he said he got the original idea from the episode Astral Monkey when the monkeys did the thing about hear, see, and speak no evil. Phoebe, I think, had me laughing the most. "Piper, I can't hear you!" and "Oh, my God, Piper, you're blind!" And Piper just being Piper, especially in this episode was funny enough. Paige, speechless, I loved when she did the charades thing and looked like she was about to have a heart attack with Phoebe trying to figure it out. PMS monkey, that was funny. I recorded that episode and protected it on my DVR, like Chick Flick and Cheaper By the Coven. PMS monkey... LOL!

    Oh, and Rose singing, was great. She has a beautiful voice, and I love the song she sang called Superfabulous. It was on the last soundtrack of Charmed.
  • This is one of my favourite episodes very funny and very original.

    This episode really shows how much we take are senses for granted some times when some people don't have all 5 senses. This episode was a great way to show the importance of senses but also not keeping it to serious. I was laughing nearly every scene because of the way they wrote it. It also loved the scene at the park with the mime copying phoebe's bad phone habits. This episode just shows how much we should be grateful that we have all senses and makes us realise how hard it us for someone that dosn't have all their senses.
  • cool

    I love anything to do with the see no evil hear or speak on evil the things they did and said where so funny i had to laugh my a*s off it was great the best ep and the funny thing is it had paige in it and i hate paige but in this ep she was funny and she made a fool out of her self when i'm board i'll put it on and have some fun it's the coolest ep ever and i will love it for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever i will love it intill the day i die
  • Brilliant episode nice to see Piper have maternal instincts instead of witchcraft instincts.

    The Charmed Ones are weakened when an old Crone magically steals their senses making Piper blind, Phoebe deaf, and Paige mute in an effort to steal Piper's baby who holds the vision of "all" power. When the Crone kidnaps Leo in another attempt to steal the baby, Piper, Phoebe and Paige tap into their sixth sense to overcome their weaknesses and defeat her. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are pleasantly surprised to discover that baby Wyatt is coming into his own powers.

    This was a brilliant episode and Holly Marie Combs had great control over her character's maternal instinct. It was perfect to see more excitment and totums and familiar demons back for a great episode, and for the storyline it was perfect and really Charming and I think there was a big character development in there somewhere, well thumbs up for me....actually ten thumbs up for me
  • Best Episode of All Time!!!

    This episode really is amazing. So many things are revealed in this. I think Alyssa Milano did absoloutly AMAZING in this episode. I think her best preformance in the show's history. well maybe not the top preformance but pretty close! Phoebe has the most entertaining role in this episode. Her comedy as being deaf is hilarious. She actually was a very talented "comedian" during the show's run. I could not stop laughing during the scences where they were all in the same room "trying" to talk to eachother. My favorite part is when Phoebe is shouting and Piper says "I'm blind not deaf". There are soooo many other hilarious lines but thats one that comes to mind!

    absoloutly loovvveee this episode!!!!
  • This episode allows us to see skills that the actresses don't always get to exhibit. Paige has a great singing voice. Very Nice chance for that actress.

    This episodes makes you realize what it is all Why worry about work when you need to be there for the children? You must appreciate the chance for Rose to sing. Of course, the issue about the depression that happens after the birth is touched on. Very good decision on the writers. Piper really has to make an effort - use one had to break the glass to release her husband. Good thing that he can hold his breathe. I really enjoyed this episode. The hag is a good actress. We should hope that there are more shows for her.
  • yet again, another demon is after piper's son, wyatt. but this time, the charmed ones' senses are involved. after piper being blind, pheobe being deaf, and paige not having a voice, the halliwell sisters discover a sixth sense they never knew about.

    this episode is very crazy and mixed up, but it also teaches a great lesson. you should never make fun of someone if they are deaf, if they are blind, or just can't find their voice. you can also learn the different and special bonds that siblings can connect. and for parents, there are a few facts and tips to tell about your children. i would personally rate this episode a nine point two, for it's great action, amazing bonds, and just great drama! i suggest parental guidance, for children under the age of 13, though, for it's horror and sexual content.
  • See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

    This episode was so funny. The crone steals the girls senses to try to trick Wyatt. Paige is about to sing at a piano bar and she looses her voice. Phoebe is at a meeting and looses her hearing. Piper is driving and looses her eyesight causing her to crash into a pole. Then Phoebe goes home and wants to know if anyone else is there. Paige was trying to get her attention then she orbs in front of her. Then they played charades which was so funny. Anyway Piper learned how to be a better mother. They vanquished the crone and Wyatt orbed Piper to Leo. This was such a great and funny episode!!
  • The Crone steals the Charmed ones senses to trick Wyatt so she can pretend to be one of the family and then kidnap him. Piper loses her sight, Pheobe loses her hearing and Paige loses her voice. There's conflict, comedy and Charmed in this episode.

    This is one of the best episodes in all the seasons. My favourite too. It so funny when the Charmed ones are trying to communicate. Piper loses her sight, Pheobe loses her hearing and Paige loses her voice by the monkey totem the crone sent after them. This is really funny and should be watched.
  • I love paige singing...

    I love Paige singing i wish they incorporated it more into the series. And that dress she wore at the end was stunning. I really likes this episode. It makes the girls rely on each other and their connection to get by. I like the fact that they addressed to mother's bonding thing. I mean Piper is super witch and the fact that she's having problems getting the whole mother thing helps make her character that more believable. And Phoebe going for national syndication that is good character development as well. I just really enjoy the show and I'm still so pissed that it's not coming back.
  • Hilarious.

    this episode of charmed the sisters get their senses stole from them and have to work without the ability to see ( piper goes blind) hear ( phoebe goes deaf) or speak ( paige loses her voice ). they have to protect wyatt without their senses and it wont be easy as the crone (a powerful upper level demon trys to steal him to take his powers) and she kidnaps leo.

    this is one of the best episodes of charmed season 5. it is well written, well acted and this is one of the funniest episodes of the series.

    overall: great episode.
  • The sisters three come across a cursed monkey and ... Piper loses sight, Phoebe hearing, and Paige speech- exactly the sences each one of them needs the most.

    So this is like the best episode ever!!!
    The thing I like the most about it is that the sister developped some sort of sixth sence, that enabled tem to understand each other without their sences! Besides, it\'s a little funny, because without their sences, the communication is disabled, so Phoebe yells, Paige nervously writes things down, and Piper is, of course, paranoid! The perfect mix!
    This is definitely one of the best episode ever, where the acting abilities of Alyssa, Holly and Paige really come to the surface! I don\'t have anything else to say- the best episode ever in the best TV show ever!!!
  • The sisters lose their senses thanks to a monkey totum and and an evil crone. Piper loses sight, Paige loses her voice, and Phoebe loses her hearing.

    My second favorite episode of a all time! It rocks hard! lol This episode is just too funny. It kind of acts as a filler, but who cares? The lines are just freakin' hilarious! It was written by the one and only Brian Krause! Go Leo! You sure know how to write an episode. This episode was my favorite until Forever Charmed came along. Considering I didn't start watching the show until season 4 and I saw the reruns later, this episode has been my fav and stuck with me for quite some time. If you need a good laugh this is the eppy to watch. Plus Paige sings!
  • A truly remarkable episode where we realize what having sisters and truly understanding them really means.

    This is one of the best episodes of Charmed I have seen so far, and I’ve seen them all. It is one hell of an episode. I liked the script, but I like it in almost every episode. I had the best time watching this episode. It was interesting and fun and it had lots of wonderful moments. There was Paige who, as always didn’t find too much sense in her sisters’ behaviour, then Piper, who panicked, as always… and Phoebe, getting into trouble. In this episode, all the girls lost their senses and had to find additonal ways to understand eachother. This was one of those episodes where they’d figure out what the power of three and the sisterhood is all about. How it would be absolutely imposible for each of them to function without the other two and how the sisterly binding is important for all of them. I just love this episode, it showed me, and the world how important is for humans to understand eachother in order to love eachother and make the world a better place.
  • hear no evil see no evil speak no evil

    this episode was soooooooo funny.i love how the way phoebe acted when she lost her sense of hearing it was very fun to watch.i also loved how piper was acting blind she did that part very well.this episode shows what the power of 3 can really do when they work together.overall this was a very very very well written episode.if you are lookin' for a laugh then watch this episode it will have you on the edge of your seat
  • One of the greatest, if not the greatest episode ever of Charmed.

    Charmed's 20th episode of it's 5th season "Sense and Sense Ability" has everything needed to fulfill an hour of great entertainment of many varities such as comedy, drama, suspense and family values.

    Comedy- Watching each of the sisters and actresses act out what they would be like without one of their senses. Alyssa Milano, portraying how Phoebe would act if she lost her hearing. Holly Marie Combs, portraying how Piper would be if she lost her eye site, and Rose McGowan, acting how Paige would be if she lost her Voice, too hilarious.

    Drama/Suspense- The sisters trying to use the power of three without one sense each, to find Leo and Save Wyatt from the Crone.

    Family Values- The sisters using the power of three to bring Wyatt to Paige since she can't call for him. This shows the Charmed Ones' sisterhood truly is powerful.

    I personally love season 5 and this episode was very great and i loved it. Might be my favorite of all the series.

  • Phoebe hears no evil, Piper sees no evil and Paige cant SPeak evil or anything for that matter.

    One of the best episode in CHarmeds history and of Season 5. It was pure brilliance. It was also original and well thought out. I can not believe Brian Krause had a hand in this episode, who knew. Total shock their.

    SO this epsiode is all about the hear, see and speak no evil bit. It was really well written and the disabilties were given to the correct sisters. They thought it out. I was totally happy they didnt screw it up because it could have easily been done.

    Piper is feeling left out because her maternal bond isnt setting in yet. everybody else knows what his cries are( i ahve never heard of anybody being able to tell what a baby wants, they really are unpredictable, moving on)Piper wants to feel close to wyatt and it just isnt happening.
    Phoebe is back with the "im swamped by work again" plot. I wished they left it alone but no they brought it back. who knew an advice columnist could be exposed like she is. a bit far fetched but im letting it slide, great eppy.
    Paige wants to be able to date without demon interupting. good luck honey. she makes a stun potion.

    grace zabrinskie is back and omg is she great or what. i wished they left on the show for a little longer. she could have been a wonderful big bad. or atleast a longer arc than 2 episodes. she has a monkey totem and she sends a monkey to capture the sisters abilities. i loved the monkey scene, really great.

    so phoebe has a meeting where she slowly loses her hearing. it was a rather humorous scene, with all the mistaking what the other person said.
    Paige gets asked to sing by her boyfriend and loses her voice.
    Piper is driving and loses her eyesight. that was a wonderful scene although i wished we saw the crash happen.( how did leo orb her from the scene?)

    wacky hijinxs occur. phoebe blasts the tv but nothing works. paige tries to get her attention. then phoebe and paige play charades and i was cracking up. "pms monkey?" alyssa is great and rose did a great job too.

    so pipers loss of sight actually helps form the maternal bond. up in the attic the kazi attacks. phoebe levitates, piper blows up a table but it sends paige flying across the attic, i was totally shocked, it was a great effect. then phoebe gets trapped by the kazi and i also like the veiny effect, totally cgi but it looked wonderful.

    the crone sings in roses voice to get the baby. leo tries to save the day but winds up getting knocked out. i believe that was suppose to be a shocking moment but i was cracking up. and to add to the hilarity he gets encased in a orb resistant water tank.

    apparently the girls have some sort of sixth sense. and they can read their minds. may i add that this is never discussed again at all after this episode. they should have tried to make it stronger or something, but no it gets left alone to rot in the dirt.

    the crone attacks once more but the girls are prepared and they realize they can use paiges power if they say what they want. the crone had one hell of a vision but we neevr learn what it is because the feebs vanquishes, seriously i wanted to know what she saw. wyatt orbs him and piper to leo, darn it, and piper saves him.
  • Very funny and original

    This episode is one of season 5's highlights.
    The crone has taken away senses from the sisters. Phoebe's hearing, Piper's sight and Paige's voice, in order to steal Wytte.
    This is a very funny episode, mostly funny with phoebe and paige tring to communicate with each other through actions.

    This episode is original as it has never been used in charmed and is cleverly plotted through-out.
    The acting was performed greatly and Paige's singing was very nice touch to the episode!!!

    This episode is one of the highlights in season 5 as it hadn't had many good episodes before it.
    Overall, i enjoyed the episode through-out and found it very funny!!
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