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Season 2 Episode 5

She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1999 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The sisters discover that Phoebe is psychically linked, through her powers, to a man-killing demon known as a 'Succubus.' In order to lure the Succubus to the sisters, Prue casts a spell, which turns her into a man. Meanwhile, Piper discovers from a video tape at the dating service that their new neighbour, Dan, is interested in her.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Male Prue is just. no.

    Well Iltarion says it all perfectly for me I think. On top of everything I've always just hated the name for this episode too! I hate that it was just Prue in a wig, I mean I can deal with it on some level I suppose, but the voice just pissed me off! But male Prue wasn't even attractive, sound good and honestly had the personality of a doorknob, I wasn't even thinking "I do want a man like that" at all. But just gah, she was even more annoying as a man! ah sorry people.

    And what was with Dan and Manny and the whole leaning against the wall thing, like why was Dan being so stupid about it? I agree that it has degraded Piper's love for Leo the way she's lusting after Dan like a child for candy. And yes why would the succubus want a man who's got no testosterone. Maybe he was slowly getting some because Prue was apparently 'becoming' a real man throughout the episode, but even still, I'm sure it wasn't coursing through her veins. If I was a succubus that fed on testosterone, I'd just go for the beefy guy that may be a douchebag but will actually 'want you' because he thinks you're a trophy, opposed to the sensitive guy you're going to kill anyway.

    I did love Phoebe this episode, the psychic link was interesting (and she didn't turn into anything) and of course, being all hot and sweaty was fun as always to watch. I hated it was supposed to be another Prue centric episode where it's all about how desirable she is, whether male or female apparently, but I'm glad Phoebe got to save the day.

    I like Darryl going to the sisters for help, something Andy never really did, Darryl senses they are into something that he obviously knows can help and he trusts them. It's nice seeing that. Makes him finding out the secret later so much better, and I like how he's more open to it than Andy seemed to be and in the pilot Darryl was all 'you're crazy'.

    Fashion: I loved Phoebe in her white dress at the start, all the sweating aside, it just suited her tanned slim physique. And her purple top was quite cute and suited her and her red outfit at the end was nice.

    Prue looked alright at Bucklands in her white top and blue skirt. Something not black for once. Although her craving of this random guy out of nowhere and never mentioning Andy again shows their history hey.

    Pipers hair looked nice at the start, as usual she looked functional but pretty for the most part.

    Biggest irk with the show in general is how they bring in these men like Owen and Alan and we like them, and we're supposed to see some sort of growth in the relationship throughout the episode (will they, won't they with Prue and Alan) and then it's never to be seen again.moreless
  • She's a Man, baby, a Man!

    "She's a Man, baby, a Man!" was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun and interesting, there was action, intrigue and some charming humor. I also liked the depth of character and plot development as Piper learned more about Dan and Piper learned more about the guy she was interested in. It was great to watch Phoebe "in heat" as she was connected to the succubus responsible for killing multiple men. Detective Morris had some great scenes as well. It was funny to see Prue as a man and in the end when she changed back her clothes were extra big, but "Manny" wasn't really a big guy. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Hottest Charmed episode EVER...

    Let me start with the negative while someone might still be taking me seriously. They should have hired a male actor to be Prue's incarnation as a man. She looks like a woman with a goatee, I mean, seriously, and she doesn't act like a man either. Saying "nice truck" and looking at a woman's butt doesn't make you a man. I thought that whole part of the episode was really lame. I suppose it was mostly there for comedy, but come on. Since the succubus is after testosteron, I have no idea why she would be after Manny, who obviously has none. I also dig all the really attractive people at the dating service. Get real.

    Lastly, of course, the whole "Dan is such a dream" subplot is beyond irksome. This guy is like a Freddie Prinze Jr. character. I could almost like him if dude would button his dang shirt. This is San Fran, not Key West. I really think the whole Leo/Piper/Dan story arc would have worked a lot better if they wouldn't have had Piper confess love for Leo in Love Hurts. It would have been better with an actual equal contest between the two instead of basically just using Dan to irk us. The storyline belittles Piper's love, frankly, makes it no great gift to have.

    Okay, so with all that being said, I really don't know why women would like this episode, other than the Dan washing his car idiocy. But, I do know why men would like this episode. It is called an oiled up, super sexy Phoebe, and a succubus hot enough to make the jaw drop. This is a true summer swelter episode, and it plays up the heat for all its worth. I would hope that any episode with a succubus as the bad would be sexy, and this is all of that. I only wish we would have seen more of the succubus, meaning more often and more skin. I loved the scene where she was burned- Hot Stuff!! No one else seemed to notice that the way the succubus kills is a complete rip from the Species franchise, but hey, that's minor. All the sweaty sexiness was enough to elevate the idiocy to an 8 for me. Keep up the good work.moreless
  • Maximus Decimus Miridius Succubus

    She's a Man, Baby, a Man! sees the sisters investigating a femme fatale who is draining the testosterone out of members of a dating service. Prue casts a spell to track the demon which (unsurprisingly) backfires, causing Prue to become a man.

    An interesting and funny episode which is spoilt by the silly Man-Prue subplot. More time should have been spend on the excellent Succubus storyline as she is such an interesting demon that she should have stayed around a bit longer.

    After somewhat a disappointing previous two episodes, Charmed seems to be back on track with this episode.

    Also, Shannen Doherty makes for a freakishly convincing man.

    Rating: B-moreless
  • Not to bad for a man!

    In this episode Heidi Mark plays a succubus, a demon that steals men’s testosterone for her to survive. The sisters cast a spell to lure the succubus, and Prue turns into a man! Now that is classic, I bet they had to pay Shannen more money for that one. Just think in Season 3 she gets turned into a dog! (Still laughing about that one.)

    Seeing Phoebe having these premonitions is great but having Prue as a man is better! Anyway the sisters finally lure and destroy the succubus.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time that Prue cast a spell that didn't go the way she planned. The first time was in the season 1 episode Which Prue Is It Anyway?.

    • When Darryl shot the Succubus in the alley, there was a huge spot of blood on her dress when she hit the ground. There was no evidence of a pool of blood when Darryl checked her vitals. Seems like the blood was already on the dress at the moment of impact.

    • This is the first time Prue got transformed into something by her own spell.

    • TRIVIA: The Cranberries play songs Just My Imagination and Promises in this episode. Also featured Take A Picture by Filter and Blue Monday by Orgy.

    • TRIVIA: To help with her look as a man, Shannen Doherty supplied the make-up artist with a picture of her boyfriend at the time.

    • All throughout this episode Phoebe was supposed to be hot and covered in sweat but it was hardly ever on her face and it never managed to mess up her make-up.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Phoebe (regarding Prue staying in the bathroom after turning into a man): Do you think she's touching herself?

    • (After Phoebe and Piper promise not to laugh at Prue's situation being a man)
      Prue/Manny: ...I have hair in really strange places, I have a penis!
      (Phoebe can't hold a laugh in, and Prue storms back into the bathroom)
      Piper: (Angrily to Phoebe) What is wrong with you?!

    • Morris: Wanna me to release him? Your friend punched a cop.
      Phoebe: Four men have died in last four nights, but none so far tonight. Why do you think that is?
      Piper: Because of Manny, that's why.
      Phoebe: And if he stays in jail, another innocent man might get killed.
      Morris: I suppose you want me to release this, uh... this Dr. Owen Grant, too, huh?
      Phoebe: Uh, no, actually. He's still a potential victim. As long as he's here, he's safe. You can't let him out.
      Morris: This is going to bite me in the ass. I know it is.

    • Manny/Prue: You know, I think that it's the smaller things that I look for in a relationship, you know, like... listen to your partner, kindness, respect, I mean, as far as I'm concerned there's nothing sexier, nothing hotter than someone who respects him... herself, because, you know, if she respects herself, then she respects others.
      Jan: Can I just say that you are really in touch with your feminine side.
      Manny/Prue: You have no idea

    • Dan: So, Piper isn't seeing anyone?
      (Prue tries to copy Dan's moves.)
      Prue: No, not really.
      Dan: So Piper is seeing someone?
      Manny/Prue: No, not really...God. I would just hate to see her with a guy who, oh, lets say on the third date just runs away. Don't you just hate men like that?
      Dan: I don't know any men like that.
      Manny/Prue: Oh... ha... How about those "niners"?
      (Piper and Phoebe walks in)
      Piper: Ok, here's your ice.
      Dan: Thanks.
      Phoebe: Oh, you're welcome. Ok, bye bye. Take care. Tell Jenny we said "hi", ok? All right, good.
      (He leaves)
      Piper: So?
      Manny/Prue: We're in big problems.... huge.

    • Piper: What happened?
      Phoebe: Oh, I just... I had one of those hot flashes, the Succubus visions. Piper, I think I really am psychically connected to that thing. I see what she sees, feel what she feels. I felt excited.
      Piper: Excited happy or excited aroused?
      Phoebe: Piper, she's in heat, okay. And so am I.
      Piper: Well, that explains why you are burning up. Your libido must be connected to the succubus'
      Phoebe: Yeah, it's like I have no control over.
      (She gets a new flash.)
      Phoebe: It just happened again. I saw egg sacs. Oh my God. I think she's pregnant or ready to hatch.
      Piper: You mean, there's gonna be a whole brood of them killing men?
      Phoebe: Unless we stop her, I think that's exactly her plan.

    • Prue: "By the forces of heaven and hell, draw to us this woman fell, rend from her foul desire, that she may perish as a moth of fire".
      (Fire burns around Piper.)
      Piper: See? I knew it wasn't you.
      Phoebe: I didn't burn. I'm okay.
      Prue: (with a man's voice) I'm not.
      (They turn and see Prue as a man.)
      Phoebe, Piper: Oh!! Oh my God.
      Piper: I don't believe it.
      Prue: We have a new problem.

    • Phoebe: Oh... oh.
      Owen: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
      Phoebe: I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't see you.
      Owen: Oh.. it's not a problem... it's not a problem at all.
      Phoebe: Uh... uh... do you work here?
      Owen: No, actually I just, uh, I just signed up.
      (She laughs.)
      Phoebe: Really?
      Owen: Yeah.
      Phoebe: I mean, it's just that... you don't seem like the type that needs help finding date.
      Owen: Ditto. Oh, um, I'm Owen. Owen Grant.
      Phoebe: Phoebe .
      (As she touches his hand, she gets a premonition of him been killed.)
      Phoebe: Uh, uh... I have to... I have to go. Okay, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
      Owen: But, Phoebe.
      Phoebe: Sorry.

    • Darla: Hi, welcome to Fine Romance. I'm Darla. How can I help you?
      Phoebe: My sister Prue would like to sign up.
      Prue: I would?
      Phoebe: Yes you would while I look around.
      Prue: Right.
      (Phoebe walks away from her.)
      Darla: Well, Prue, today is your lucky day. Because we are running a special. One year, unlimited access to our internet and video library, with a money-back guarantee, for only $3,500.
      Prue: 3,500 bucks? Okay, I could buy a man for that.
      Darla: Oh, I can always tell the frustrated ones. You've been having man troubles lately, haven't you?

    • Smith: Oh, man. Look the racks on those babes, huh?
      Morris: Just do your job, Smith, okay?
      Smith: I am doing my job, Morris. I'm taking pictures of potential suspects. And if you ask me, those two suspects got a lot of potential.

    • Guy: I can't believe we're doing this. You've gotta be the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. Either I'm dreaming or I'm falling in love. Oh, man, I'm definitely falling in love. Where have you been my entire life. You're irresistible.
      (As he says that, the woman's tongue goes down the man's mouth. Phoebe awakes and she screams.)

    • Phoebe: Oh, I cannot believe this heat wave. It's 2 a.m. How can it be so hot when there's no sun.
      Piper: Tell me about it. (Phoebe gets an ice cube and rubs it it on her neck.) The Cranberries are playing an animal right benefit here on Saturday and it's gonna be a million degrees in here. (Piper notices Phoebe with the ice.) Uh, Phoebe... you keep making like you're on red shoes diaries and I'm gonna have to bust out a can of man repellent. (Two guys are staring at Phoebe.) All right, people, move a long. Nothing to see here. Goodness. Am I going to have to hose you down?
      Phoebe: I can't help it. It's not my fault. I'm in a highly excited state right now. Not that I'd mind being hosed down with water. I feel like I'm on fire. Feel my forehead.
      (Piper touches Phoebe's forehead.)

    • Piper: Sweet dreams, don't kill anyone

    • (Talking with Phoebe and Piper about releasing Manny/Prue)
      Darryl: This is going to bite me in the ass, I know it is!

    • Piper (to Prue): Looks like you learned a few things about being a woman by being a man!

    • Phoebe: Whoa, well, and I thought the heat wave was over.
      Piper: Yeah, Prue, you look hot!

    • Darla: Congratulations, Prue. Your days of having trouble with men are over. See you at tonight's mixer?
      Prue: Okay, you know, for your information, I do not have man troubles. Financial ones, now, yes. But definitely not man troubles.
      (Phoebe walks in)
      Phoebe: We're out of here.
      Prue: She... you.
      Phoebe: Okay.. it's okay... it's all right.
      Prue: I don't. Honestly. (to Phoebe) Tell her.
      Phoebe (half listening): She doesn't!

    • Piper: All you have to do is visualize a man that you admire and then emulate him, you know. The walk will follow.
      Manny/Prue: A man that I admire. All right, I got that. (Prue experiments with walking like a man and then does a girlie turn at the end)
      Piper: The man you admire is Richard Simmons?

    • Manny/Prue and Phoebe look out a window and see Dan.
      Phoebe: Oh, yeah! Nice body, great tan.
      Manny/Prue: Awesome truck.

    • Piper: When they say 'I'll call you', that's the kiss of death.

    • Piper starts fanning Phoebe with a piece of paper.
      Phoebe: But this... this is different. This feels real. Swank penthouse love den, candles, satin sheets...
      Piper starts fanning herself.
      Piper: Okey dokey. I get the point.

    • Piper: Uh, Phoebe... you keep making like you're on "Red Shoe Diaries" and I'm gonna have to bust out a can of man repellent.

    • Phoebe: Um, did Manny just check out that girl's butt?
      Piper: Oh, god. This is starting to get weird.
      Phoebe: It's starting to get weird? Where ya been?

    • Prue/Manny: You know, I'm surprised we men ever get anything done. You know, all I seem to think about is sex. It's...it's like nonstop. Really debilitating.

    • Piper: You wanna know how to be a real man? Look at Dan. Honest, kind, good heart. The type of guy who'd risk being late to work just to make you smile. Not some bully who walks around thinking one punch is gonna change anything.
      Prue: She learned all that just from looking out a window?

    • Prue: I'm just glad to be in heels again.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Vždyť ona je přece muž! (Well, She Is a Man After All!) France: Masculin-féminin (Masculine-Feminine) Italy: Prue cambia sesso (Prue changes her gender) Germany: Einfach unwiderstehlich (Simply irresistible)

    • Michael Mclafferty who appears in this episode as Prue's boyfriend Alan will appear again in the season 8 episode Rewitched as a police officer who dates Paige.

    • This episode scored 5.4 million viewers.


    • Piper: The man you most admire is Richard Simmons?

      Richard Simmons is a flamboyantly feminine and gay aerobics instructor who was popular in the 80's and early 90's with his home videos, the girly spin on Manny's walk seemed like a walk that Simmons would pull off.

    • Phoebe: We could win the gold medal in the Hugh Hefner Olympics.

      Hugh Marston Hefner (or "Hef") is the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine.

    • Title: She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

      This is most likely a reference to the popular movie "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", when Austin Powers (played by Mike Myers) says, "She's not your mother, it's a man, baby!"