Season 2 Episode 5

She's A Man, Baby, A Man!

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1999 on The WB

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  • Male Prue is just. no.

    Well Iltarion says it all perfectly for me I think. On top of everything I've always just hated the name for this episode too! I hate that it was just Prue in a wig, I mean I can deal with it on some level I suppose, but the voice just pissed me off! But male Prue wasn't even attractive, sound good and honestly had the personality of a doorknob, I wasn't even thinking "I do want a man like that" at all. But just gah, she was even more annoying as a man! ah sorry people.

    And what was with Dan and Manny and the whole leaning against the wall thing, like why was Dan being so stupid about it? I agree that it has degraded Piper's love for Leo the way she's lusting after Dan like a child for candy. And yes why would the succubus want a man who's got no testosterone. Maybe he was slowly getting some because Prue was apparently 'becoming' a real man throughout the episode, but even still, I'm sure it wasn't coursing through her veins. If I was a succubus that fed on testosterone, I'd just go for the beefy guy that may be a douchebag but will actually 'want you' because he thinks you're a trophy, opposed to the sensitive guy you're going to kill anyway.

    I did love Phoebe this episode, the psychic link was interesting (and she didn't turn into anything) and of course, being all hot and sweaty was fun as always to watch. I hated it was supposed to be another Prue centric episode where it's all about how desirable she is, whether male or female apparently, but I'm glad Phoebe got to save the day.

    I like Darryl going to the sisters for help, something Andy never really did, Darryl senses they are into something that he obviously knows can help and he trusts them. It's nice seeing that. Makes him finding out the secret later so much better, and I like how he's more open to it than Andy seemed to be and in the pilot Darryl was all 'you're crazy'.

    Fashion: I loved Phoebe in her white dress at the start, all the sweating aside, it just suited her tanned slim physique. And her purple top was quite cute and suited her and her red outfit at the end was nice.

    Prue looked alright at Bucklands in her white top and blue skirt. Something not black for once. Although her craving of this random guy out of nowhere and never mentioning Andy again shows their history hey.

    Pipers hair looked nice at the start, as usual she looked functional but pretty for the most part.

    Biggest irk with the show in general is how they bring in these men like Owen and Alan and we like them, and we're supposed to see some sort of growth in the relationship throughout the episode (will they, won't they with Prue and Alan) and then it's never to be seen again.
  • She's a Man, baby, a Man!

    "She's a Man, baby, a Man!" was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun and interesting, there was action, intrigue and some charming humor. I also liked the depth of character and plot development as Piper learned more about Dan and Piper learned more about the guy she was interested in. It was great to watch Phoebe "in heat" as she was connected to the succubus responsible for killing multiple men. Detective Morris had some great scenes as well. It was funny to see Prue as a man and in the end when she changed back her clothes were extra big, but "Manny" wasn't really a big guy. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Hottest Charmed episode EVER...

    Let me start with the negative while someone might still be taking me seriously. They should have hired a male actor to be Prue's incarnation as a man. She looks like a woman with a goatee, I mean, seriously, and she doesn't act like a man either. Saying "nice truck" and looking at a woman's butt doesn't make you a man. I thought that whole part of the episode was really lame. I suppose it was mostly there for comedy, but come on. Since the succubus is after testosteron, I have no idea why she would be after Manny, who obviously has none. I also dig all the really attractive people at the dating service. Get real.

    Lastly, of course, the whole "Dan is such a dream" subplot is beyond irksome. This guy is like a Freddie Prinze Jr. character. I could almost like him if dude would button his dang shirt. This is San Fran, not Key West. I really think the whole Leo/Piper/Dan story arc would have worked a lot better if they wouldn't have had Piper confess love for Leo in Love Hurts. It would have been better with an actual equal contest between the two instead of basically just using Dan to irk us. The storyline belittles Piper's love, frankly, makes it no great gift to have.

    Okay, so with all that being said, I really don't know why women would like this episode, other than the Dan washing his car idiocy. But, I do know why men would like this episode. It is called an oiled up, super sexy Phoebe, and a succubus hot enough to make the jaw drop. This is a true summer swelter episode, and it plays up the heat for all its worth. I would hope that any episode with a succubus as the bad would be sexy, and this is all of that. I only wish we would have seen more of the succubus, meaning more often and more skin. I loved the scene where she was burned- Hot Stuff!! No one else seemed to notice that the way the succubus kills is a complete rip from the Species franchise, but hey, that's minor. All the sweaty sexiness was enough to elevate the idiocy to an 8 for me. Keep up the good work.
  • Maximus Decimus Miridius Succubus

    She's a Man, Baby, a Man! sees the sisters investigating a femme fatale who is draining the testosterone out of members of a dating service. Prue casts a spell to track the demon which (unsurprisingly) backfires, causing Prue to become a man.

    An interesting and funny episode which is spoilt by the silly Man-Prue subplot. More time should have been spend on the excellent Succubus storyline as she is such an interesting demon that she should have stayed around a bit longer.

    After somewhat a disappointing previous two episodes, Charmed seems to be back on track with this episode.

    Also, Shannen Doherty makes for a freakishly convincing man.

    Rating: B-
  • Not to bad for a man!

    In this episode Heidi Mark plays a succubus, a demon that steals men’s testosterone for her to survive. The sisters cast a spell to lure the succubus, and Prue turns into a man! Now that is classic, I bet they had to pay Shannen more money for that one. Just think in Season 3 she gets turned into a dog! (Still laughing about that one.)

    Seeing Phoebe having these premonitions is great but having Prue as a man is better! Anyway the sisters finally lure and destroy the succubus.
  • Completely ridiculous but worth watching...

    Prue turning into a man would have worked if they had just cast a male actor.

    That aside, this episode will always score high because I enjoy watching Alyssa walking around all sweaty and sexy.

    On a more serious note, it also moves some of the recurring storylines forward.

    Mmmm, gorgeous sweaty Phoebe.... *drool*
  • Boy meets girl, girl turns into boy, boy runs away crying. Anyway...

    I really didn't see this episode coming. Just another of the great charmed stand-alones. It was a great storyline.

    It wasn't the best episode of charmed, but it was fun to watch, and i'm sure it can be classed as a classic.

    And we got to see Shannon Doherty as a man. ha.
  • Hex, lies and videotape

    Another episode based around a spell backfiring (you think they'd have learnt by now!) but this time with a really strong demon plot to go with it. The whole hour is strung together exceptionally well and it's not at all obvious at the start how it is going to pan out. The plot is also backed up by some very witty dialogue.

    Theme for the week is sex and it pretty much runs through every strand of the story. Prue is seemingly over Andy and is hunting for a man at a dating agency, Piper is lusting after Dan (even though she is still with Leo), Phoebe is having hot flushes and even hotter dreams, and demon of the week is a man-eating temptress with cleavage that would make Paris Hilton blush.

    The trip to the dating agency would make a good sub plot in itself but this week it's an integral part of the storyline. The scene where the succubus is stalking Prue at the meet and mix is great, and I thought it was hilarious when Phoebe found Dan's interview tape.

    The succubus is a really interesting baddie and could have done with a bit more airtime. Unfortunately, Prue's turning into a man kind of stole her thunder. The way she sucked the manhood out of her victims was gruesome but cool and very X-Files.

    I loved Phoebe's psychic link to the succubus - and the way she was able to control her from afar was awesome. I've always thought mind control would be a great power for Phoebe. She gets close to this with her empathy power in later seasons but it definitely rates as an opportunity missed in my book.

    I wasn't wholly convinced by Prue becoming a man and I can't help thinking it would have been better if they'd gotten a real man to play the part. Still, I guess half the fun is the way Shannen plays the role and she just about has the shoulders to pull it off. Who is Richard Simmonds btw? Is he like an american Dale Winton or something? As for the name, was Manny really the best they could come up with?
  • When Prue casts a spell to catch a female predatorm known as the Succubus, she turns into a guy, as a man Prue is rendered powerless when the demons charms zero in on him

    Despite issues with gender confusions, I found this episode very enjoyable, we have an immensely dark demon with a killer tongue and witness the first time that Prue turns into something, this being a man. Shannen obviuosly thought hard about how to make an interesting portryal of a guy and it worked she is very convincing!

    This episode also marks the first time that Phoebe becomes psychically linked to another being, she has nightmares in which she sees the Succubus using her forked tongue to drain the testosterone out of her helpless victim, and of course Phoebe believes that she is doing it. When the girls and Manny(Prue)go to the dating agency, they are caught up in a fight in the alleyway when the Succubus tries to lure Manny. Darryl arrives and she runs at him, he shoots her in the tongue. Supposedly killing her. However she isn't dead and she kidnaps Manny taking him to her apartment, Phoebe using her psychic connections speaking through the Succubus tells Manny to resist her, it works and Manny sends the demon into a cupboard and candles which start a fire and consumes her. Neatly wrapped up, Prue turns back into a woman

    Overall this episode is well plotted. Despite Piper's sickening growing attraction to Dan and the absense of Leo the episode is worth watching!
  • Get in there Prue!

    Yay! Another original, creepy demon which made for a fun hour of TV only to be ruined by the whole 'Prue becomes a man' subplot. I thought it was a really cheesy idea and it really let down the episode in my opinion.

    I liked Phoebe's psychic link with the succubus. The idea of mind control reminded me of the power of empathy she gets a few seasons later but it made me wonder what it would have been like if she got the power in that episode. The succubus was a fantastic, very interesting demon and I would've loved for her to have been in more than one episode.

    Piper's now in full pursuit of Dan after watching his date tape, whilst still lusting after Leo, much to my disgust – I wish she'd just choose Leo! Prue seems to have finally gotten over Andy and tries to find a new boyfriend (which she does with a little help from Manny) and the scene at the end where they talk, and then dance is really cute.

    And then finally, the band at the end - I love The Cranberries and 'Just my imagination' is their best song in my opinion so I really enjoyed the end of this episode, such a happy tone.
  • The Transgendered One

    She's A Man, Baby, A Man-The sisters discover that Phoebe is psychically linked, through her powers, to a man-killing demon known as a 'Succubus.' In order to lure the Succubus to the sisters, Prue casts a spell, which turns her into a man. Meanwhile, Piper discovers from a video tape at the dating service that their new neighbour, Dan, is interested in her.

    A sometimes corny, but very entertaining and dark(ish) episode, "She's A Man, Baby, A Man" could have been disaster with the idea of Prue turning into a man for the majority of the episode. But for the most part, it really worked. Not only does Shannon give a convincing and hilarious performance as Manny Hanks, her male persona but she actually freakishly convincing as a man. Of course, Prue's transformation brings some hilarious hijinks like he mimicing Dan so she could be more like a man and Prue being so impressed with Dan's car. Also, I love these 2 pieces of dialogue:

    Piper: "Just mimic a guy you admire and emulate him, the walk will follow."
    Prue: "A man I yeah."
    (Prue still walks like a woman)
    Piper: "The man you admire is Richard Simmons?"


    (Phoebe sees Prue check out a woman's but)
    Phoebe: "Did Manny just check out that girl's butt?"
    Piper: "Man, this is starting to get weird."
    Phoebe: "It's starting to get weird? Where you been?"

    The Succubus has to be one of the writers' most original storylines and I love the razor sharp touge she sports. Even though the effects were kinda dodgy at times, the sight of her using it brought some cool intense moments like her draining the testosterone out of Inspector Smith. Phoebe being psychicly linked to the Succubus was a great plot development which moved the storyline very well and I loved how Piper couched Phoebe at the end to use the psychic link to save Prue. Of course, there's the whole message men and women need to learn how to communicate from the opposite sex and Piper starting to fall for Dan, but those little developments weren't really interesting. All and All, "She's A Man, Baby, A Man" is a very enjoyable and great episode with some hilarious dialogue and a solid demon plot.
  • Frustrations, frustrations, Cranberries and Prue as a man

    This is the 2nd episode in a row that has a special guest musician. It can get a bit annoying with every five minutes the Cranberries being mentioned as doing a charity gig however thats not the meat of the episode. Prue as a man (this nicely ties in to Prue's frustrations about a man she is seeing) and a hot flushed and oily Phoebe are. Prue as a man is at first extremely embarrassing but as it progresses through the episode her performance gets better and better. When he/she suckerpunched that guy across the room that seems to have been the cue to make it a better performance. The makeup and her obvious non manly build however make for a wholly unconvincing man. Basically they've put 80s padding under the top making her head look like a bearded lollipop. Funny at first, annoying that no one points it out later on.

    Now, the Succubus which was causing the linked visions and making Phoebe feverish was a little bit disappointing. Although Phoebe all oily was good the fact that the demon itself was some random person was wrong. Will this new found power of Phoebe's to take control of the person/thing causing a Psychic link be exploited down the line. It's an obvious growth in power which should be used at times.

    A decent episode
  • Lots of kudos to the makeup and wardrobe departments for this one - top stuff and a pretty good episode too!

    Phoebe is quite alarmed to discover that, via a glitch of sorts in her visions, she is psychically linked to a nasty man-eating demon, a succubus to be exact. In order to do something to stop this creature, Prue casts a spell to turn herself into a man.

    Shannen Doherty did an excellent job here, playing the part of a (rather short) male and, as I said above, so did the wardrobe and makeup departments because she looked excellent. The episode was fast-moving and entertaining throughout and had all the sisters working together which I always think makes for a good finished product anyway.

    Fun stuff!
  • Absoulutely great !!

    The Halliwell sisters realize that Phoebe's bizarre dreams about murdering men are connected to a demon femme fatale called a Succubus who is really killing men and draining their testosterone to reproduce. Prue unwittingly casts a spell to catch the demon and turns into a guy! Posing as bait for the man-killer, Prue goes by the name Manny. Soon the Succubus zeros in on Prue, who finds her maleness has rendered her powerless to the demon's feminine charms. Phoebe uses her psychic connection to the Succubus to help Manny, who's really Prue, reject the demonic charms and bring back a very relieved and womanly Prue. Enriched by her experience as a man Prue convinces Piper to ask Leo out to the Animal Rights benefit concert.
  • Women & Men... Can they really understand each other?

    Phoebe is feeling heat and arouse, and finds that she is connected to a Succubus and witnessing her murders. Prue casts a spell to attract the Succubus to destroy her, and becomes a man instead. Piper feels a great attraction for Dan Gordon, but does not know how to approach him. Meanwhile, she is preparing the P3 for a concert of The Cranberries.

    "She's a Man, Baby, a Man!" is a very good episode of Charmed. The Halliwell sisters have the chance to understand men with the transformation of Prue, and they resolve their situations with her mates. The participation of the Irish band The Cranberries with the beautiful voice of Dolores O'Riordan is a plus in this good and delightful show.
  • OMG! Prue is a man!

    This episode is so weird...Prue looks extremely funny as a man. And the end secvence of the episode is so funny..when she realises that she's a woman again and smiles so sweet!
    Love the scenes from the episode!
    But just a 9.9 because it's not as good as the rest!
    The Halliwell sisters realize that Phoebe's bizarre dreams about murdering men are connected to a demon femme fatale called a Succubus who is really killing men and draining their testosterone to reproduce. Prue unwittingly casts a spell to catch the demon and turns into a guy! Posing as bait for the man-killer, Prue goes by the name Manny. Soon the Succubus zeros in on Prue, who finds her maleness has rendered her powerless to the demon's feminine charms. Phoebe uses her psychic connection to the Succubus to help Manny, who's really Prue, reject the demonic charms and bring back a very relieved and womanly Prue. Enriched by her experience as a man Prue convinces Piper to ask Leo out to the Animal Rights benefit concert starring the Cranberries.
    I just LOVE the Cranberries!
  • woman man man woman

    Prue cannot pull off beeing a man. I know that should be obvious considering she's not a man but I meant now that she is a man complete with testosterone she should act more manly and less feminine. Manny is a name that did not suit her or would it now be him. I am glad that Phoebe and Piper laughed about it though. Piper found out how Dan feels about her which was frustrating because I wish she would hurry up and realise that she loves Leo.
  • This was a silly episode. It is hard to believe that Prue could understand the way men think in a mere few hours.

    Becoming a man is more than taking on male features. There are personality traits that take hers of learning...learning through forces of society.

    This was an episode that exploited Phoebe. She is always sweaty and sexy. This is a pure sex-sells episode.

    Piper is the wise one in this episode. It is too bad that they dressed her in revealing clothing. She is better off with the usually clothing.

    The scene in the club between the three sisters is fun. It is good to continue the play between the siblings. That helps keep stability in the storyline.

    It was a nice touch with the animal rights fund benefit.
  • Quote "painful to watch" as in never want to watch it again!

    This is the most stupidest episode ever!!!!!! they should have never done this! That was so nasty and wrong when the demon person was doing that 'THING'! ew! this episode is so gay! dont watch it ever! ew!! Prue should have never turned into a boy! ew! that was a nasty episode!
  • Killer snake tongue

    This episode was so funny. It cracked me up when Prue was turned into a man. It was also a little gross with the egg sacks and the freaky long tongue of the succubus. The only other interesting thing that happened was that Piper got to find out a little more about Dan and how he watches her. She could have been flattered by this or a little creeped out. Can anyone say stalker? Just kidding. I don't really have much more to say about this episode.

    Funniest part: Piper tells Prue to try and walk like a man she admires. When she walks, Piper says "The man you admire is Richard Simmons?"