Season 7 Episode 15

Show Ghouls

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on The WB
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When Daryl's friend is possessed by the spirit of an innocent killed in a fire in 1899, Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back in time to the cabaret where it happened. However things go from bad to worse, when they find they cannot travel back to their own time. Meanwhile, Piper convinces Leo they need to take a family vacation.moreless

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  • Show Ghouls

    Show Ghouls was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and the acting was superb. It was awesome to see Drake and Phoebe go back in time and they looked great in their attire. I liked how Piper made Leo go on a family vacation which they enjoyed while they could. Paige posing as Phoebe was very interesting and fun though she couldn't stop talking about herself. Everything worked out as the sisters vanquish the spirit possessing Drake and help free the other trapped souls. Drake was an amazing performer at P3. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Rag Time Demons

    Show Gouls-When Daryl's friend is possessed by the spirit of an innocent killed in a fire in 1899, Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back in time to the cabaret where it happened. However things go from bad to worse, when they find they cannot travel back to their own time. Meanwhile, Piper convinces Leo they need to take a family vacation.

    Now this feels like some of the old Charmed! A dark intriguing plot that starts off with an interesting mystery. Darryl's friend suddenly losing it was good way to start the episode, doesn't hurt that veteran actor Charles Robinson was solid in the role despite only being in very few scenes. Billy Zane also continues to bring life to Charmed. Drake definitely brings back some fun into this series and you can tell he's starting effect the other characters, especially Phoebe. Their adventure into the 1890s was pretty cool and I have to admit, when it comes to portraying different time periods, the production team on Charmed do their homework. TheCabaret setting was flawless and the Count was actually a pretty decent villain. His M.O. wasunderstandably yet cruel, wanting to live forever andcondemningeveryone in the club to relive the events of the fire over and over for 100 years is brutal. The Count manages to be two steps ahead of the sisters and the twist with him being in Mike's body and not George wasnicelydone. Although, I have to wonder why Piper tried to blow up Drake when she found out he was possessed by the Count? She could have killed him!! What is with the nonexistentuse of herfreezingpower!? Is the budget REALLY that much of a burden for the writers to have random people stand till on set to make a decent freeze effect anymore? Sigh...

    The Count's vanquish was also pretty cool, if not a borderline rip-off that seen from "Ghost". All and All, a good episode that make good use of it's 19th cemtury setting, with a decent villain and plot.moreless

    Moulin Roget

    Haven't we been here before? I seem to recall it was called "Pardon My Past" last time. But, then again, do I mean "The Good, the Bad and the Cursed"? Either way, it's not the first time the Charmed Ones have stepped into a period drama to rid the world of evil.

    The time loop idea isn't new either. This time it feels particularly pointless - a nightclub owner decides to repeat the day his club burnt down over and over again until Drake and Phoebe burst in to stop him. As an excuse to show a few costumes it's alright but the story is a bit of a letdown.

    Despite all this, it's still a decent hour. There's some quality acting, with Billy Zane stealing the limelight once more. I really liked his star turn at the end; thought it was very him. David Anders is also good as the evil club owner. Incidentally, he's the third member of the Heroes cast to have featured on the show (after Christine Rose and Zack Quinto).

    In terms of subplots, Leo is still awaiting the elders' judgement. His opening scene with Piper is very good and both actors just about avoid bursting out laughing. It's so refreshing to see the two of them getting on so well. Reminds me of the good old days before the elders stuck their noses in.

    Other stuff: Phoebe has an interview with some magazine and Paige ends up doing it instead. A bit of a filler plot but it's always good to see Elise in action - Rebecca Balding is one of the unsung stars of this show. And still no Zankou. What is he up to? They must have stuck him back in that lava lamp thing.

    Score: 8.9moreless
  • What a great episode! Time travelling, lost souls, cabaret performing - the whole package!

    I don't understand so many negative reviews regarding this episode! I mean, this is a classical Charmed episode, top of the line!

    It's true that there were many time travels during the show, but each and every time it was different:

    In "the good the bad and the cursed" phoebe feels the pain of a man who lives is the 'wild west';

    in "that 70's episode" they go back to meet their family line;

    in "Charmed Noir" they go back to the 40s, glamour, elegance, sophistication (and Rose McGowan IS a regular femme fatale!);

    and now, we have a burned cabaret with many interesting costumes and innovative bad guys! I mean, c'mon!

    definitely one of the best episodes of season 7!moreless
  • mmm... What was that!? I posibility of a great episode but only that... a posibility. We should love this episode and hate it at the same time. The reason is...

    The reason is that this episode could have been really enjoyable, but it wasn’t…

    It has one part great and one part horrible… that’s why I give it a six! (Because the effects breaks the balance!! Xd)

    The Good: Piper and Leo scenes are great. Some people don’t see at all that!!! For example when they are packing to leave the house. It’s a great scene. Look at Piper when Leo gets the second bag or when piper says.. “the other patini” for shoe. It’s great.

    And what about Paige… when she is with the bodies in the sun room! She’s lovely!!! She’s so a good actress and make us laugh everytime.

    The Bad: The Demon-story. It’s really poor and that makes the episode not adventurous! At least I have to confess that the effects are great (The fire, the explosions, etcc…) They did it very well! That is why I don’t give a five but a six. Without the fires… It only would be a half-episode!! Xdmoreless
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Muttalib J. Ibrahim


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Eric Cohen

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Kristen Ariza


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Rebecca Balding

Rebecca Balding

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • Caberet Fantôme, the name of the ghostly nightclub caught in the time loop, is French for Phantom Caberet.

    • When Darryl is talking to Phoebe and Paige at the beginning, while Paige is saying "back up to the 'possessed' thing please", she gives very slight looks at the camera, and then a very obvious one when finishing her sentence.

    • When Phoebe-Paige is doing the interview the woman that is supposed to be taking notes is only listening. Shouldn't she be taking notes?

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Billy Zane sang the song "Everything's Kind of Good", co-written by his sister, actress Lisa Zane and Andrew T. Tuckerman.

    • TRIVIA: This episode is the first time that Piper and Leo wear their wedding rings since the end of season 5.

    • At the beginning, Drake says the troll has come to help with the magical composition class, and although not seen, it is implied the troll is very large, considering the room shakes when it walks and it is able to pick up several students. Yet when trolls were first introduced in the series they were very small.

    • TRIVIA: This is the third time that Paige morphs into someone else on the show - this time it's Phoebe.

    • When Piper and Leo orbed in, they are holding Wyatt's hand. In the next shot, Wyatt is holding a bag of goodies before Piper and Leo go into the Conservatory.

    • TRIVIA: Guest star David Anders is best known for his role as the evil Julian Sark on ABC's "Alias".

    • Why would Piper attempt to blow up Drake? By that time, she knew he was possessed by Count Roget, so she blows up Drake in risk of him actually blowing up and dying, an innocent no less, and someone who Phoebe cares for a lot. She could of tried to freeze him, which would of been a safer option, and then Leo went to use his lighting bolts on him - are they mad?

    • Why was Phoebe asking questions about time loops. She knows all about time loops, the Charmed Ones have encountered time loops on at least two occasions. One in "Deja Vu All Over Again" and the other in "The Good, The Bad, And The Cursed"

    • Drake talks about visting the 1890s, but he wasn't in the room to hear Phoebe when she explained about how they determined that Mike was possessed by someone from the 1890s, and she never told him once he came in.

    • At the end, even though the on-screen band consists of only a pianist and a trumpet player, the actual music we hear them play has a rather extensive strings section.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Drake: Listen, odds are, the Count--he's possessed my body right? And until he's evicted, I got no where to go. Only you can get out...into your body. Even though I'm into your body, I still can't get out.
      Phoebe: I'll come back for you.
      Drake: And listen, if he puts up to big of a fight, all right, you just vanquish my sorry ass! I don't care.
      Phoebe: Okay.
      Drake: But only as a last resort.
      Phoebe (raising both hands to stop Drake from continuing): Okay!

    • Leo: It's not the shopping. It's this whole world vacation thing. I just think we should stay here and wait for the Elders' decision on me.
      Piper: Absolutely not. That's precisely why we should be going. Look, we're all together, we deserve a vacation. And we're not gonna sit around and wait for the other pattini to drop, so that's that. We're going.
      Leo: But what about the travel and the cost? (Leo grins from ear to ear)
      Piper: Oh, for god sakes, Leo. We're orbing.

    • Cameron: So, why don't we start with… what inspired you to become an advice columnist?
      (Paige, as Phoebe, blinks)
      Paige (as Phoebe): That's a really good question. Well, I guess, uh… growing up as an only child…
      Cameron: I'm sorry. Only child?
      Paige (as Phoebe): I meant Paige grew up as an only child. I mean, that's how she grew up until... she met her sisters, you know, us, m-me, and that had absolutely nothing to do with why Phoebe became an advice columnist!
      Elise (chuckles): She talks about herself in the third person. (she glares at Paige)
      Paige (as Phoebe): Yeah, what I meant to say was that, um... Paige really had a lot to do with my decision. Well, she opened up a whole new world for me and made me see how much I really have to offer, and I can honestly say that I would not be standing here today if it wasn't for Paige.

    • Piper: Wait, what are we supposed to do?
      Phoebe: What you always do—worry.

    • Paige: Phoebe, you asked to meet me here That's not making the most of your day—that's some sort of weird OCD thing.

    • Piper: This is what you do when you have one week to live?

    • Piper: What's my middle name?
      Phoebe: Uh...surly?
      Piper: Ah, that's my girl.

    • Drake: Paige, there's a lot more to life than work. There's adventure!
      Paige: Really? I wouldn't know.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Drake: But with eager minds, and the power of magic, it is Midsummer Madness all the time.

      Reference to the play A Midsummer Night's Dream, written by William Shakespeare somewhere in the 1590s and turned into a few film versions.

    • Title: Show Ghouls

      This is a reference to the movie "Show Girls" starring Elizabeth Berkley.

    • re: Roget going to hell

      When the shadows come alive to take the spirit away to hell is a reference from the film "Ghost", where Patrick Swayze plays a deceased man who protects his living lover.

    • Piper: Is that why you didn't want to go around the world in eighty orbs?

      A subtle reference to the classic Jules Verne novel "Around the World in Eighty Days".