Season 3 Episode 5

Sight Unseen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on The WB
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Prue becomes increasingly paranoid over attacks from the Triad, and the mysterious threat Belthazor poses. After the house is robbed, Prue is convinced the Triad is launching an attack, when the real culprit is more mortal than all three sisters realise.

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  • Sight Unseen

    Sight Unseen was another perfectly entertaining episode and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development and plot progression. It was awesome to see the Triad send another demon agent named Troxa to destroy the Charmed ones and how Belthazor reacted. It was awesome to see all the magic and research into the demon enemies. The ending of the episode was great and I like that Prue is still suspicious of Cole. It was hilarious that Piper felt like the Powers that Be were watching her and Leo get intimate and how it affected her. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • What you don't see CAN hurt you...

    This is a good if somewhat overrated episode that is again centered on Prue and has a unique and odd twist at the end.

    Prue is perhaps suppose to look paranoid and obsessive in this episode, but Piper and Phoebe's refusal to expect a demon is after them seems more strange when you consider it is pretty much a given that a demon is after them at all times. Also, why would you think a human smashed your mirrors? Hardly the behavior of your basic burglar. They also shrugged off a pillow hovering over Prue's face like Prue is someone given to delusional behavior. Cole's role continues to grow though he is mostly working counter to a rival demon in this episode, which leads to some great scenes between the two. We have our first crystal cage here, and though this scene is supposed to highlight Prue's borderline obsession, it is perhaps the oddest of all, as Phoebe and Piper show no suspicion of Cole when he is found merely feet away from the Book of Shadows with very little explanation of why.

    Piper and Leo have a minor comedic subplot involving Piper's own paranoid concern over the Elders watching her and Leo at the ... ahem... wrong times. The best moment with this is the end when Piper asks the Elders if they enjoyed the show, which is fittingly met with silence.

    After the vanquish of Troxa, we get the twist that most won't see coming. It is quite a surprise that Piper's one recurring employee would actually turn out to be a homicidal stalker. I thought the suspense was overplayed here. I just don't think one fruitcake girl with a pistol is frightening considering the demons that Prue has faced down.

    And one other thing, if it was Abby all along, then how come Prue didn't have her arrested when she threw her through the windows at the beginning of the episode? Are we supposed to believe that Abby just got up and walked away? And there wasn't a mark on her at work. I guess that is one tough little bar chick.moreless
  • And now Prue has a stalker, and Piper and Leo have issues...

    The first thing I noticed about this episode is how cute Piper and Leo are! In the beginning scene where he orbs in and they're smiling at each other and flirting, I almost cried they were so adorable! I liked the Prue-has-a-stalker plot, which was creepy and unusual, and I thought it should have been given center stage, instead of just being a we've-got-twenty-minutes-how-should-we-twist-it -and-tie-up-the-loose-ends type thing. I was kind of bored with Cole and the Invisible Air Conditioner Demon. And in spite of trying to tie up loose ends with Abbey's plot, a lot is still left to be explained about who exactly did what. So we're supposed to assume that Cole did the windows and AC, Invisible AC Demon did the pillow, and Abbey did the mirrors? Geez, can somebody give Prue a break? Oh, and can Prue be wrong for once? She's starting to get annoyingly perfect! To get back to what I started on, this is obviously a big step for Piper and Leo, and I must say, it's a lot of fun watching them evolve as a couple! They make a great one!moreless
  • Hocus Focus

    Never listed as one of the best episodes of Charmed, I personally love this episode. "Sight Unseen" features the manor being involved in a series of break-in's which Prue begins to suspect Cole is responsible for. In truth, the big bads of the week are an invisible demon called Troxa and Prue's stalker, P3 barmaid Abbey.

    There's a seriously dark tone to this episode and you are genuinely creeped out by all the fog and bleakness of San Francisco for this hour. It makes a change to the usual happy, sunny type of storytelling they usually have on Charmed.

    The stalker-plot is one of the best in the series' run. There are a lot of suspects, including Prue's boyfriend Sean and even Cole, and it's a big surprise when we discover it's Abbey who's behind it all. She had already appeared in this season and it's built up like she's going to be a recurring character and it's a good development for the writers to have her evil.

    One of the best moments is when Piper and Phoebe open Abbey's P3 locker and discover a complete shrine to Prue and a diary which details Prue's every move. The scene where the bug-filled flowers are delivered is something you would find in a horror movie and it's genuinely nerve-racking.

    Shannen Doherty is brilliant in this episode as her paranoia grows and she suspects everyone around her could be evil.

    This is a very creepy episode which is massively underrated.

    Rating: Amoreless
  • Creepily exciting.......

    This episode is one in which Shannon Doherty as Prue acts very well.

    The mood in this episode is genuinely eerie and certain parts really creep you out, helped along by the fog and darkness. Charmed at times can be very light and happy, especially around season 5ish but this is one of the more serious episodes, although not focussed much on witchcraft.

    The plot is focussed on Prue and her growing obsession with the Triad, whom she is convinced is behind a lot of mysterious happenings of late, such as break ins and shattered mirrors. Suspects include the mysterious Cole, her boyfriend at the time and demons. A trap set for demons catches Cole lurking in the attic but he manages to wriggle out of it, very suspenseful and you feel for Cole if you watch this AFTER season 4 as I have. The culprit turns out to be piper's barmaid Abbey who ends up being extremely creepy. I thought it was the boyfriend for sure!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Abbey asks how Prue threw her through the wall, but Abbey was the one serving the guy that Prue was supposed to have a date with. She couldn't have been at the manor and at P3 at the same time.

    • Prue says that she has been locking the attic door ever since a demon tried to steal the book of shadows, and is worried that the attic door was unlocked. If she was the only one who started locking the attic door and not her sisters, it could have been Piper or Phoebe who left it unlocked.

    • Prue calls the stolen shirt her "lucky shirt." But that is the same shirt that she was killed in on the Season 2 finale. Wouldn't that make it pretty unlucky?

    • When Darryl calls to alert the sisters about having matched up the fingerprints found to Abbey, he tells them "You know, your bartender, the one from your list?" The lists they made out were lists of enemies and people with grudges against them. Why would Abbey be working at P3 if she fell into either of these categories?

    • When Darryl said he'd find fingerprints, Phoebe said that demons usually don't have fingers. How could she say that since a handful of demons shown in the entire series don't have body that at least resembles human's? If they didn't actually have fingers how would they be able to hold an athame, throw energy balls and many others things?

    • After Troxa is vanquished by the Triad, Piper got upset that the demons know where they live. However, in the first episode Jeremy knows that they are the Charmed Ones. If he, a low-level warlock know their real identities wouldn't it make sense that high-level demons will know who they are and where they live, especially after they are the most powerful good witches?

    • TRIVIA: This is one of the few episodes that shows Prue is still able to channel her power with her eyes. An ability she used mostly throughout season 1 - including episodes The Devil's Music and Give Me a Sign.

    • When Cole was in the manor he turns on the A.C and opens the windows, which would indicate it was cold outside, so to make Troxa visible. So how was it that Troxa disappeared when he was finished talking to Cole outside?

    • TRIVIA: This episode features the Charmed Ones facing three separate threats - Abbey, Cole and Troxa, while the latter two were both working for the Triad they were working against one another. This is the most they have ever had to face at once.

    • TRIVIA: Prue is the first sister to suspect Cole of being a demon. Later in season 4 their new-found sister Paige suspects him as well.

    • TRIVIA: Prue's suspicion of Cole apparently starts in this episode. Prue tells Phoebe that they may have caught a demon as Cole is always around when a demon is attacking. Also, at the end of the episode Prue puts Cole as the possible demon that was after them since the beginning of season 3. That is actually when Cole started his plan to attack the Charmed Ones.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Cole drives a BMW, a German-made car. In a later episode, he arrives at the manor in a brand-new Porsche.

    • After Prue fights the demon in the beginning of the show, her shoulder is hurt. She puts a cold-pack on it. Why didn't she or Piper call Leo? He can heal Prue and Piper would get a chance to see Leo legitimately. Additionally, Leo orbs in later in the scene, why didn't they ask him to heal Prue then?

    • When Abbey is putting on Prue's shirt, she is only wearing a yellow bra. When Prue throws her against the bookcase, Abby is wearing a white tank top under Prue's blouse.

    • TRIVIA: The shirt that Abbey put on in the basement was the shirt that Prue had worn in the season 2 finale.

    • When Prue went upstairs to check the Book of Shadows, she mentioned that the door to the attic was unlocked and that ever since a demon tried to steal the book she's been locking it. Wouldn't this be ineffective since demons don't usually use doors? Instead they either shimmer in and out of rooms or use their powers to break the door which would render a lock fairly useless.

    • TRIVIA: Marvelous 3 play the song "Cold as Hell", "Sugarbuzz" and "Beautiful" from their album "ReadySexGo!".

    • After Cole uses the fire extinguisher on Troxa, it's shown in the next shot that the pin is still in it. With the pin in the extinguisher it wouldn't have worked at all.

    • When Abbey was in the basement with Prue she asked how she threw her through the door last night - but last night is when they vanquished Troxa and the night before that was when she threw Abbey.

    • Prue puts the exposed photo into a tray with chemicals in it, then into another try where the photo begins developing. When developing a photo it's first put into a developer chemical, which shows the picture up, then a stop, which stops it from developing anymore, then a fix which "sets" the photo - Prue only used two trays with chemicals, not three.

    • How did Abbey recover from being thrown by Prue so quickly that she escaped from the manor without Prue chasing her? Unlike demons, Abbey can't recover quickly and disappear, but the next day she's back at P3 without a scratch.

    • Why did the magical crystal trap Prue made affect the electricity of the manor causing the lights to dim? Shouldn't the crystals have their own magical electrical power?

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Abby: The other night when I was here, how did you throw me out the door?
      Prue: Like this. (squints her eyes and throws Abby backwards across the room)

    • Piper: It's eerie knowing that somebody went through every room in the house smashing mirrors, touching who knows what.
      Phoebe: Fondling who knows what.
      Piper: It's just so creepy. At least nothing seems to be missing.
      Prue: How do you know it wasn't a demon?
      Phoebe: Demons don't usually fondle.

    • Piper: Sean, hi. There's been a slight glitch. Sometimes my sister gets hung up at work and she sort of has a one-track mind...
      Sean: It's not a problem. I understand. Tell her just to give me a call.
      Piper: Not a problem. (to Phoebe) He took that well.
      Phoebe: Well, he's had three drinks.

    • Prue (about Sean): How long has he been there?
      Piper: Let's say about an hour and 327 peanuts...

    • Phoebe: Still friends?
      Cole: I hope we're more than that.
      Phoebe: (happily) Do you? Prove it.
      (He kisses her.)

    • (Prue talking about a demon that's trying to get to the Book of Shadows)
      Prue: If you guys don't want to take this seriously, that's your business. Me? I'm on a mission.
      Leo: Whoa...
      Phoebe: We really need to get her laid, huh?

    • Piper (to Leo, who orbed into the Manor with a huge Hershey's chocolate kiss): Oh, honey, that is sweet, but not tonight. We all have headaches.

    • Phoebe: Here is my stalker list. It's mostly guys that I knew in New York.
      Piper: Wow, you were busy in New York.

    • Piper (to Prue about Abbey): Everything's gonna be ok. Everything will be great... as soon as I fire her.

    • Piper (about she and Leo in the backroom): I thought you said you didn't see anything.
      Phoebe: Oh... nothing good.

    • Phoebe: (referring to Darryl's warning about the stalker) You need to listen to him, Prue.
      Prue: Why? No one listens to me... Here, I've gotta go. If the demon doesn't kill me, my editor will.

    • Piper (about a bag Prue has just handed her): What is this?
      Prue: A way to always be prepared.
      Phoebe: These are very big contraceptives, Prue.

    • Piper: You didn't sleep either?
      Phoebe: Not a wink. Thank God for makeup.

    • Leo: Wow, you are amazing when you concentrate.
      Piper: And stop worring about them (Piper looks up) I hope you enjoyed the show.

    • Prue (about her missing belongings): Or maybe it was a demon who took them for some weird ritualistic ceremony.
      Phoebe: Now would that be the pillow-smothering demon or the lock-picking demon?

    • Piper: Prue, honey, aren't you forgetting something?
      Prue: No, my photo shoot's not until tomorrow.
      Piper: No, I mean something else. Like, uh, your date.
      Prue: Oh, oh, Sean, oh. Alright, uh, just give him a drink.
      Piper: If we give him anymore we're gonna have to send him to an A.A. meeting.

    • Darryl: Well, on the human side of things, I need you guys to put together a grudge list of any enemies you have past or present.
      Prue hands him a piece of paper.
      Prue: Already done.
      Darryl (reading from the list): Abraxas, Barbas, Yama... What did you do? Date the United Nations?

    • Prue: I was up in the attic when I woke up and found a pillow hovering over my head about to smother me.
      Phoebe: A pillow? Hovering? That must be the infamous pillow-smothering demon.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Phoebe mentions the big chill and then asks Piper about her love life.

      This is an allusion to the 1983 movie, The Big Chill. The cast of the movie included many well-known actors including Kevin Kline and Glenn Close.

    • Title: Sight Unseen

      This is a commonly used phrase "sight unseen" referring to an item purchased without first inspecting it.