Season 3 Episode 5

Sight Unseen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2000 on The WB

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  • Sight Unseen

    Sight Unseen was another perfectly entertaining episode and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development and plot progression. It was awesome to see the Triad send another demon agent named Troxa to destroy the Charmed ones and how Belthazor reacted. It was awesome to see all the magic and research into the demon enemies. The ending of the episode was great and I like that Prue is still suspicious of Cole. It was hilarious that Piper felt like the Powers that Be were watching her and Leo get intimate and how it affected her. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • What you don't see CAN hurt you...

    This is a good if somewhat overrated episode that is again centered on Prue and has a unique and odd twist at the end.

    Prue is perhaps suppose to look paranoid and obsessive in this episode, but Piper and Phoebe's refusal to expect a demon is after them seems more strange when you consider it is pretty much a given that a demon is after them at all times. Also, why would you think a human smashed your mirrors? Hardly the behavior of your basic burglar. They also shrugged off a pillow hovering over Prue's face like Prue is someone given to delusional behavior. Cole's role continues to grow though he is mostly working counter to a rival demon in this episode, which leads to some great scenes between the two. We have our first crystal cage here, and though this scene is supposed to highlight Prue's borderline obsession, it is perhaps the oddest of all, as Phoebe and Piper show no suspicion of Cole when he is found merely feet away from the Book of Shadows with very little explanation of why.

    Piper and Leo have a minor comedic subplot involving Piper's own paranoid concern over the Elders watching her and Leo at the ... ahem... wrong times. The best moment with this is the end when Piper asks the Elders if they enjoyed the show, which is fittingly met with silence.

    After the vanquish of Troxa, we get the twist that most won't see coming. It is quite a surprise that Piper's one recurring employee would actually turn out to be a homicidal stalker. I thought the suspense was overplayed here. I just don't think one fruitcake girl with a pistol is frightening considering the demons that Prue has faced down.

    And one other thing, if it was Abby all along, then how come Prue didn't have her arrested when she threw her through the windows at the beginning of the episode? Are we supposed to believe that Abby just got up and walked away? And there wasn't a mark on her at work. I guess that is one tough little bar chick.
  • And now Prue has a stalker, and Piper and Leo have issues...

    The first thing I noticed about this episode is how cute Piper and Leo are! In the beginning scene where he orbs in and they're smiling at each other and flirting, I almost cried they were so adorable! I liked the Prue-has-a-stalker plot, which was creepy and unusual, and I thought it should have been given center stage, instead of just being a we've-got-twenty-minutes-how-should-we-twist-it -and-tie-up-the-loose-ends type thing. I was kind of bored with Cole and the Invisible Air Conditioner Demon. And in spite of trying to tie up loose ends with Abbey's plot, a lot is still left to be explained about who exactly did what. So we're supposed to assume that Cole did the windows and AC, Invisible AC Demon did the pillow, and Abbey did the mirrors? Geez, can somebody give Prue a break? Oh, and can Prue be wrong for once? She's starting to get annoyingly perfect! To get back to what I started on, this is obviously a big step for Piper and Leo, and I must say, it's a lot of fun watching them evolve as a couple! They make a great one!
  • Hocus Focus

    Never listed as one of the best episodes of Charmed, I personally love this episode. "Sight Unseen" features the manor being involved in a series of break-in's which Prue begins to suspect Cole is responsible for. In truth, the big bads of the week are an invisible demon called Troxa and Prue's stalker, P3 barmaid Abbey.

    There's a seriously dark tone to this episode and you are genuinely creeped out by all the fog and bleakness of San Francisco for this hour. It makes a change to the usual happy, sunny type of storytelling they usually have on Charmed.

    The stalker-plot is one of the best in the series' run. There are a lot of suspects, including Prue's boyfriend Sean and even Cole, and it's a big surprise when we discover it's Abbey who's behind it all. She had already appeared in this season and it's built up like she's going to be a recurring character and it's a good development for the writers to have her evil.

    One of the best moments is when Piper and Phoebe open Abbey's P3 locker and discover a complete shrine to Prue and a diary which details Prue's every move. The scene where the bug-filled flowers are delivered is something you would find in a horror movie and it's genuinely nerve-racking.

    Shannen Doherty is brilliant in this episode as her paranoia grows and she suspects everyone around her could be evil.

    This is a very creepy episode which is massively underrated.

    Rating: A
  • Creepily exciting.......

    This episode is one in which Shannon Doherty as Prue acts very well.

    The mood in this episode is genuinely eerie and certain parts really creep you out, helped along by the fog and darkness. Charmed at times can be very light and happy, especially around season 5ish but this is one of the more serious episodes, although not focussed much on witchcraft.

    The plot is focussed on Prue and her growing obsession with the Triad, whom she is convinced is behind a lot of mysterious happenings of late, such as break ins and shattered mirrors. Suspects include the mysterious Cole, her boyfriend at the time and demons. A trap set for demons catches Cole lurking in the attic but he manages to wriggle out of it, very suspenseful and you feel for Cole if you watch this AFTER season 4 as I have. The culprit turns out to be piper's barmaid Abbey who ends up being extremely creepy. I thought it was the boyfriend for sure!
  • Come out, come out, wherever you are

    Is it me or is Prue getting paranoid? This week, Shannen puts in a fantastic performance that completely strips the show of its usual lightheartedness. Is this ever what Charmed needed!

    When someone breaks into the Manor, Phoebe and Piper are convinced it is the work of a human, while Prue is convinced it is a demon. Turns out they are both right.

    First up, we hear the Triad has sent a new demon after the Charmed Ones. This one is invisible and goes by the name of Troxa. It's handbags from the word go between him and Cole and it's great fun watching them slog it out. Cole's trick with the fire extinguisher is brilliant and his face is a picture. It's a shame Troxa only lasts a week.

    Prue's crystal trap is a great use of magic. When she comes home to find Cole in it, her paranoia goes into overdrive. Perhaps because of this, she really seems to enjoy watching Troxa suffer when she does eventually trap him.

    Then, just when we think it's all over, we find out that Piper's barmaid, Abby, has been stalking Prue. This could have been a brilliant twist but the girl playing Abby isn't really a good enough actress to pull it off. What could have been a truly dark end to the episode ends up feeling a little pointless. That said, I did wonder why Troxa had smashed all the mirrors. All makes sense now.

    Much as I love Leo and Piper, I do find their endless relationship issues a bit of a drag. This week is different, however, and Piper's complaint about the elders spying on them makes a really good subplot. We even get a shirt off scene from Leo. Nice going!
  • Paranoia Prue

    Sight Unseen-Prue becomes increasingly paranoid over attacks from the Triad, and the mysterious threat Belthazor poses. After the house is robbed, Prue is convinced the Triad is launching an attack, when the real culprit is more mortal than all three sisters realise.

    Probably the most underrated episode of Charmed and the writers taking the series to a whole new level of darkness, "Sight Unseen" is one of the finest scripts the writers ever wrote as the chain of events always keep you guessing. The idea of stalker is not uncommon to TV, but the writers play the mystery of the idenity of the stalker with great depth as it could be anyone from Prue's latest man, Sean or Cole. The direction is stunning and love how the atmosphere feels significantly darker than usual for Charmed. Shannen Doherty gives a great performance as Prue becomes the center of all the break-in attacks. Shannen plays Prue's paranoia is very convincingly and there are times where you believe she might be slightly losing her mind.

    The demonic storyline is also wonderfully written as Cole gets some competition when the Triad, the trio of powerful upper level demons, send Troxa to kill the Charmed Ones. Both Julian McMahon and guest star Rick Hearst (Troxa) gives solid performances, especially when playing the demonic rivarly both demons share. The episode also introduces Cole's demonic form, Belthazor, while we got a glimpse of him last episode, we finally get to hear is name. There are so many disturbing scenes in this episode like the box of maggots, the scenes of Troxa walking around the manor invisible, and the opening teaser when Prue is first attacked.

    The highlight of the episode is undoubtably the surprising twist as Abbey, Piper's bartenter, is Prue's stalker. The writers must be commended for making Abbey such a minor character for the last few episodes, as you never even expected her to be the stalker for a second. The climax is one of the most suspenseful Charmed has ever done as Prue fights for her life when Abbey tries to kill her just as Piper and Phoebe rush back to the manor after discovering Abbey's terrifying shrine to Prue in her locker at P3. All and All, "Sight Unseen" is a brilliant episode and the best so far this season which has the writers creating a refreshing, dark hour of Charmed.
  • It appears as though Prue is suffering a form of paranoia - and with good reason!

    Prue is all kinds of nervous - jumpy, edgy, twitchy and paranoid, and with good reason. She is convinced that she has some kind of stalker, although eactly WHAT kind isn't really clear. Is a demon or a human following her around? Is it the evil Triad whom she must worry about or is it something or someone else entirely? These are all questions she must ask herself while, at the same time, along with her sisters, trying to figure out exactly who or what Belthazor is and what he is up to. How can The Charmed Ones deal with him and just exactly how dangerous is he? Keep watching to find out!
  • its the infamous pillow-smuthering demon.

    Prue has a stalker and she thinks its a demon, but is it?? this episode was very original. instead of the usual demon of the week, they throw in a stalker. i found this episode to be very well written and acted. i liked the begining, where prue totally forgot about her date, then they had to cut him off at the bar. and i felt the frustration and prue tried to convince phoebe cole was a demon. i loved phoebes line about the pillow smuthering demon. and piper thinking the elders were watching them have sex was cute. they kept getting interrupted. so it turns out they had both a human and two demon threats. but it was all solved in the end. and phoebe almost had pre apologizing to cole. ughh. awesome episode though. one of my favorites of this season.
  • Which one? Human or Demon?

    When the manor is burglarized, Prue begin to obsess that the Halliwell sisters are chased by a demon sent by the Triad, and Darryl, Piper and Phoebe believe she is exaggerating, since it could be a human. Meanwhile, the Triad sends the invisible demon Troxa to help Cole to destroy the Charmed sisters. Prue prepares a trap around the Book of Shadows and Cole is hit, but he finds an excuse to justify his presence in their home. When they vanquish Troxa, the demon tells that Belthazor is also chasing them.

    In "Sight Unseen", Prue "rings the bell" and suspects of Cole, in spite of Phoebe being seduced and crushed by the charming district attorney. The obsession of Abbey with Prue is totally unexpected.
  • Prue has a stalker but is it human or demon

    This was actually a pretty interesting storyline. I liked that they had a human bad guy and the usual demon bad guys to go along with it. It was great to see that Prue was blaming everything on a demon and Piper and Phoebe both were voting for a human.

    It was great but annoying to see Prue and her one-track mind. I loved that in the beginning Prue was going home to research demons while her sisters are both trying to get her to come to P3 for her date that she completely forgot about. And then I loved everything that happened when she got home. All the broken mirrors and stuff made it pretty interesting and I of course loved seeing Darryl again. It was slightly amusing to see him asking the girls for a grudge list and Prue gives him one full of a bunch of demons when he's talking human.

    Prue doing her photo shoot and then getting the idea to set the trap was great. I would have thought though that Prue would have had that idea sooner than she did. It was nice to see her walking into P3 all calm after she had set the trap. It was so stupid though that Cole got caught in the trap and that they didn't get more out of him. Not many people would go straight for the book of shadows if they were up in the attic but a demon would go for it right away. I think they all should have been more suspicious of Cole than they were after that.

    I actually found some interest in Cole competing with Troxa to get the charmed ones. It was great to actually see Cole caring more about his opponent then what he was supposed to be doing. I actually kinda like Cole in this episode. It was so cool that he did research on Troxa so he would be revealed and not invisible. It was interesting to see that after all the demon stuff was said and done Abby turned out to be Prue's stalker. It wasn't the first person you would expect and it almost came out of nowhere but I really liked that storyline.

    This was a really good episode with minimal flaws.
  • It was ok for a few personal reasons

    I really only liked the episode because it had Eddie Cahill in it. I am a huge fan of his. I did enjoy the storyline too as it involved Boti Bliss who is in CSI: Miami and I love that show too. If they hadn't have been in it I would have given it a 4.
  • Brilliant episode.

    After the manor is burglarized, Prue becomes obsessed with learning more about the Triads plans to destroy her and her sisters. What The Charmed Ones don't know is that their predator is Cole. Unimpressed with Cole's ability to get the Charmed Ones, the Triad sends in an aggressive demon to speed up the attack. This new demon is invisible and begins terrorizing the Halliwell sisters with random attacks. The attacks inspire Prue to get tough and she creates a trap for the demon in the attic. As the tension mounts, suspicion grows and Phoebe actually wonders if Cole could be bad guy material. Meanwhile, Cole appears to be trying to save the Charmed Ones by setting traps for his new rival. Could he be competing for the Triads approval or is it possible he's protecting the Charmed Ones? Prue successfully captures the invisible demon and creates a way to torture him, for more information. Just as he tells them the name of the demon that the Triad has after them, he's whisked away. Assuming all is safe, the sisters resume their lives until Prue is vacuously attacked in the darkroom. It turns out Prue's suspicions were about more than immortal bad guys, some of the bizarre attacks had been Piper's new bartender, Amy who developed a strange and deadly infatuation with being Prue.
  • Prue has a stalker. It is not a demon!

    Prue has a stalker, Prue comes home after work and after obsessing over work and which demon is trying to kill her and her sisters. She comes home brave of course, and her house a complete mess. Then someone attacks her and she uses her powers on them. Cole is also planning another attack on the sisters well at least that is what we think. He helps them against the invisable demon. Pretty much this episode shows the sisters that there are other threats out there beside demon and even mortals are dangerous. of course Prue defeats both the mortal and the demon but now knows who is after them.
  • Prue has a stalker...

    Prue has a stalker. At least that's what Daryl thought. Prue comes home and the house is a mess. Someone or soometing grabs her and she uses her powers to throw it out of the house. Cole is planning another attack on the charmed ones. An invisable demon is sent to kill them. It's really funny when the demon tries to put the pillow up to prue and phoebe goes it was the pillow smuthering demon. Then Prue sets a trap and Cole gets caught in it. Phoebe gets mad at Prue for him accidentally getting stuck in it. Then Prue is developing her pictures and all of them are of her. Then someone comes up behind her and pushes her into the picture developing stuff. Piper and Phoebe call her cell and (pause for dramatic effect) Abbey picks up. Abby was Prue's stalker and when she's just about to kill her Piper freezes the room. I really liked this episode and was suprised that Abbey was Prue's stalker.
  • Stalkers or demons!

    Somebody or something broke into the manor, the identity is unknown to the sisters. After being warned by Daryll that the sisters should be careful and take saftey messures, Prue sets a trap to catch the something that is destroying all of the mirrors and breaking an entry.

    A brilliant episode, full of the unexpected. Alot of suspense and is quite scary in some places very original and well worth watching.
  • When someone breaks into the Halliwell manor and tackles Prue before getting away, Piper and Phoebe are convinced it may be a human threat, while Prue is 100% sure in her mind that it was a demonic threat.

    The Triad enlists a new demon to assist in Belthazor's killing the Charmed Ones named Troxa, an invisible demon.

    When Prue is attacked by someone who broke into the manor, she knows there is a demon after her after waking up with a pillow hovering over her face while asleep and finding the attic door unlocked when she specifically remembers locking it.

    Darrell tries to explain to Prue that she may have a HUMAN stalker because the items taken from the house connected to Prue seem like things a stalker would take.

    Prue sets a trap around the Book of Shadows with cahrged crystals, forming a power grid. She says that it will only shock someone if they are a demon. When the girls get home to check the trap they find Cole unconscious in the grid. He covers up his being there, although he is a demon, and slips by the sisters again.

    Phoebe and Cole kiss for the first time in this episode.
  • Prue believes that she is facing against demons, but is actually to a human.

    Prue is totally paranoid about demons, since the Triad is after them and prepares everything to prepared themselves as demons. But when Prue discovers that a insane human woman, Abby, tries to kill her, she discovers that she might actually get dead by a human that instead of a powerful demon. Meanwhile, Prue begins to suspect about Cole since she finds him on the floor trying to steal the book, and Cole gives a lame explanation, that Phoebe believes by the way. Just wait a few episodes more, Phoebe.
    This episode was great, really exciting, and Cole getting reveal.
  • Another great episode for this season.

    Another great episode for this season.

    Prue has a stalker, or should I say 2. One human & the other a demon. What a surprise when we find out the stalker is a woman who thinks Prue has a perfect life. If only she knew.

    Prue doesn't like Cole & she has a feeling that he's a bad guy & she's right about that.

    Pheobe & Cole are getting closer & she's falling for him & by the looks of things he's falling for her too.

    Piper & Leo are having some issues with the elders & everytime they try to have some alone time he has to orb out. Piper thinks they are watching them but Leo insists that it's all a coincidence.
  • stalker for prue! 2!

    prue has 2 stalkers! Abey and the demon! i hated abbey! i did not like her! it was cool that when she woke up in the attic that there was a 'hovering' pellow! that was cool! i was shocked that abbey was the 'other' stalker. that was wierd, and that phoebe got mad at prue when teh trap zappes cole! i am glad it did! lol
  • This is one of the greatest episodes for Piper and Leo and shows a lot of humor!

    This episode is so simple and devided in two different stories because Piper isn't focused on Prue but on the elders.
    For Piper it is also a very anoying situation which makes it funny.
    Prue gets one of her major paranoia issues and a very emotional one too.
    Phoebe isn't the head point of view in this ep. but just the one where she helps out and throws a lot of sarcasm in.
    This episode is really funny and exciting, Charmed is not a horror series but sometimes sends out the vibe of a thriller.

    The storyline from this episode is great and finished great with the actors!