Season 3 Episode 18

Sin Francisco

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2001 on The WB

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  • Sin Francisco

    Sin Francisco was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun, intriguing and full of action, drama and character development. It was interesting to see the sisters each be affected by one of the 7 deadly sins cast upon them and Leo by a demon. There were some good laughs, some touching moments and lots of magic. The characters all learned important lessons and Prue had the hardest one of all. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Get your sin on..

    Props to Nell Scovell for penning probably the funniest episode of Charmed.

    I didn't think that a Charmed episode could have a pedestrian conflict and yet still be a superb episode based on comedy alone. This episode proved me wrong. After a somewhat shocking opening that sees a crazed man hit by a speeding bus, the show quickly turns comical as the sisters and Leo each fall victim to one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Allegedly the sins are attracted to someone's predisposition. This means that of course Phoebe would be stricken with lust and Prue with pride. This leads to some comical moments, including Phoebe jumping her professor and even putting some moves on Leo ("Get your slutty hands off my husband.") and Prue deciding to have a press conference after saving an innocent, and ending with the coup de gras of Phoebe remarking to Prue, "You don't seem much different," and Prue firing back, "Oh, back at yah."

    However, the best comedy comes from Leo and Piper who are assigned the more mysterious sins of Sloth and Gluttony. Actually, Anger would have been the most fitting sin for the hot-tempered Piper, and Sloth is the complete opposite of Leo's character. The Sloth on Leo was probably the funniest part of the episode, and that largely because it WAS the complete opposite of his character. Brian Krause continues to be awesome no matter what he is asked to do. I love it when Prue goes off about him going to see the Elders and Leo responds, "You guys never listen to me anyway" before orbing upstairs for a nap. Haha... And I loved the asian outfit on Piper and Phoebe's hair. Excellent ending with Prue jumping into the Pit of Despair and then Leo orbing down to save her after she had talked in the beginning of the episode about not needing him. Very well-written and enjoyable episode all around.
  • Sin City

    Probably the funniest ever episode of Charmed, Sin Francisco shows how bad the later seasons are. Back in season three, the writers pulled off hilarious comedy episodes but lately, all the so-called "comedy" episodes are filled up with sex gags and lazy acting from all three actresses. This episode gives each sister loads to do and there are absolutely loads of jokes throughout which genuinely make you burst out laughing.

    Sin Francisco has a demon called Lukas infecting the sisters and Leo with the seven deadly sins, hitting Prue with pride, Piper with gluttony, Phoebe with lust and Leo with sloth. The sisters have to battle Lukas whilst at the same time trying to free themselves of the sins, which doesn't work out that well.

    Shannen, Holly and Alyssa are all hilarious in this episode. Prue is normal Prue, but exaggerated by a thousand. Piper is hilarious with her constant buying of gifts and pointless household appliances and Phoebe is funny when she is (predictably) hit with the lust, which makes her seduce her professor, a cop, Leo, and an old delivery man. There are so many hilarious scenes, Piper getting electrocuted by the foot spa, Phoebe explaining how she started unzipping her professor's pants with her teeth and Prue being extremely holier-than-thou about everything and everyone.

    This is one of the classic episodes of Charmed with every actress getting their time in the limelight and Alias star Kevin Weisman giving a brilliant performance as demon Lukas. The episode even ends on a high with the brilliant Orgy playing their awesome song Opticon at P3. Sin Francisco is an absolute classic and is guaranteed to cheer you up on a bad day. Excellent.
  • Great episode!

    Sin Francisco is one of my favorite episodes. It's just so funny. There are so many funny quotes.
    It's just a great episode.
    Prue's pride, Piper's gluttny...just everything!
    there are so many prue/ those;)
    Here is one of my fav quotes:

    Prue;Wow, we sure showed that demon.Okay, you guys sure showed that demon.
    Piper: Thank you.
    Prue: So I guess I needed you guys a lot more than you needed me.
    Phoebe: No, we all needed each other. You got me back to the house, saved the innocents.
    Prue: Yeah, but--
    Piper: Stop it, I don't like this humble Prue. I want my real sister back.
    Phoebe: Me too.
    Prue: Well, I mean I did save that cop from killing himself. And I was smart enough...
    Phoebe: She's back. tell Darryl to hide the pastor away, and...
  • Phoebe has the lust, Piper has the gluttony, Prue has the pride, and Leo has the sloth

    This was a very amusing episode. The charmed ones and Leo being hit with a large amount of sin from the balls of sin was hilarious.

    Phoebe being all lusty was so incredibly funny. It was incredibly unexpected though when her lustiness came out in her meeting with her professor. Prue was funny when she told Phoebe that charming the pants off of someone was just a figure of speech. Phoebe nearly having sex with the cute officer while they were at a crime scene was just very wrong. And then when Prue and Phoebe get home and Phoebe's with Leo that was just more wrong!

    I loved Prue having the Pride because she was pretty much the same Prue. It was amusing to hear her insisting that she didn't get hit with a sin until thing with the Pastor. It was great to just see Prue as herself while everyone else is almost completely outta whack.

    Leo was incredible with his Sloth. I loved how it was like the complete opposite of Leo. He was so funny just wanting to sit around and watch TV. I loved when Piper saw her husband lying around like that she just thought he needed chips. It was too funny!

    Piper and Gluttony was also an amusing pair. I loved seeing her tell Prue that they needed all of the things that she ordered on her credit card. It was also funny to see that she wanted to cheer Prue up by buying her a pair of shoes.

    The whole situation with the sins was just completely comical. I loved that since Prue was the only one to care while having her sin, she was the one that needed to be saved. It was just brilliant to see Leo, Piper, and Phoebe saving Prue.

    This episode was just completely comical and as such pretty good!
  • Absolutely Hysterical!!!

    Sin Francisco is one of the funniest if not the funniest episode that Charmed has ever had! While their have been many other episodes that have been humorous and filled with comical moments, this particular episode is filled with comedy from the moment the sisters and Leo get hit with the sin balls until the episode is over! Some of the funniest moments of the episode surround Leo's sloth and Piper's gluttony. Watching Leo lounge in the living room and tell Prue he never orbed "up there" because he got tired was unbelievably hysterical! Almost as funny as Piper in the kitchen offering Prue a little bubbly while they tried to strategize. And who can forget Phoebe and the proffesor or Prue throwing herself in the bottomless pit just to win! But the funniest line of the entire episode was when Piper asked Prue if she now thought they had been hit with the sin balls to which Prue
    responded "Hello,gluttony table for one!", even my husband who doesn't even watch the show thought that line was great and wound up sitting down watching the episode with me. Aside from excellent writing, the actors were absolutely fabulous in this episode, they all showed a unique talent for comedy that they do not usually have an oppurtunity to show. I would recommend this episode to anyone, it is one of those classically rare episodes that even someone who does not watch the show could sit down and truly enjoy!
  • The 7 Deadly Sins, revamped and revisited!

    I found this one very amusing most of the way though and had several occasions to laugh as a disgruntled demon turned people into the human form of the 7 Deadly Sins. The amusing part was that Leo and the Halliwell sisters were most certainly not immune and that made the whole thing even funnier while, of course, having a serious undertone as well.

    It's good to have some comic relief amomng the darkness of some of the episodes. This has been done in each season so far and it has worked out well. It would be a great idea to watch this one for yourselves and see what I mean. Fun stuff, indeed!
  • Seven Deadly Laughs

    Sin Fransico-A demon turns people into the embodiment of each of the deadly sins, including the Charmed Ones and Leo. Probably the funniest episode Charmed has ever done, "Sin Fransico" sees the sisters becoming the targets of the seven deadly sins when a demon unleashes them on them and Leo. The whole cast really shines here and they do some of the best comedic work they'll ever do. The script is sharp and witty, not to mention each sin given to the characters is quite acurrate. Phoebe, of course, gets Lust and watching her trying to seduce anything with a penis was hilarious, especially the scene where she tries to get her Professor to pass her and unzips his pants with her teeth. Then, Prue who unknowingly thinks she wasn't effected until her Pride comes out full force when trying to save an innocent. Just the scene of Prue gushing about herself to the media was priceless, not to mention I love this scene between Prue and Phoebe:

    Prue: "Yeah, well my sin is not as fun as yours."
    Phoebe: "Your sin, I thought you said you weren't effected?"
    Prue: "Yeah, well that was the Pride talking and it nearly got me killed."
    Phoebe: "Pride? You know you don't seem all that different."
    Prue: "Yeah, well right back at cha!"

    Piper getting Gluttony wasn't much of a stretch as she does tend to over do things and I love how she just keep ordering random things. But Leo get Sloth came out of no where as his always been the exact opposite, leaving Brian with not much to do. But our 3 leads really steal the show in their scenes and there's a hilarious line almost every scene. Kevin Weisman is terrific as Lukas, the demon in control of the sins and I love how the sins were expelled by commiting selflish acts. An episode so hilarious and entertaining from start to finish, "Sin Fransico" is a great comedic episode and one of the few times Charmed succeeded as a comedy episode.
  • Naughty, naughty, very naughty

    This is another one of those episodes in which something infects the sisters and causes them to behave strangely. So far this season we've had evil (Bride and Gloom), rage (Power Outage) and fairy dust (Once Upon a Time) and I'm guessing there will be plenty more to come over the next few years.

    Two things set this apart from the others, though. Firstly, each sister gets hit by a different sin and, secondly, other people get infected too. It's basically a comedy episode, and there are plenty of laughs as the sins take hold. Only Prue is aware of what is going on and there are some wonderful exchanges between her and the others. There are also a few darker moments, such as when the policeman succumbs to anger and storms into the manor.

    The fun is helped by some excellent acting from all the cast, particularly Holly, who really brings her sin of gluttony to life. She looks so innocent as her character spends the family silver on heaps of needless tat. She also gets the best line: "Get your slutty hands off my husband." Hee hee!

    My favourite scene this week has to be seeing Leo overcome by sloth. The way he vegges in front of the tele and can't be bothered to do anything is hilarious. Totally out of character and totally wicked.

    The demon plot is a bit of a sideshow but I guess it serves its purpose. It's another two for the Charmed Ones to tick off their list, anyway.
  • The sister's and Leo are each infected with one of the seven deadly sins.

    A demon is using his powers to bring the source seven innocent souls using the seven deadly sins. Just as Leo and the girls learn there is no way to overcome any of the sins once infected the demon attacks them and infects each with one with a sin. Phoebe: Lust, Piper: Gluttony, Prue: Pride, and Leo: Sloth. But they are not the only one's still infected. A priest is infected with envy and is holding a man hostage, when Prue and Phoebe rescue the hotage Prue gets grazed by a bullet but her sin prevents her from even caring while Phoebe gets distracted by a hunky police officer and tries to seduce him. Piper and Leo do not make out any better. While they were supposed to be doing what they could to find away to overcome the sins Piper had been shopping like crazy and Leo claimed he was to tired to orb up to the elders to seek help. Instead he's been watching television and napping. Their actions only spur the demon on as the officer Phoebe was lusting after, now infected with anger attacks the girls and the demon takes this oppurtuniy to kidnap Prue. Each in turn overcomes their sin with an unselfish act but Prue can not because when infected with pride there is no such thing as an unselfish act. Thankfully, her sister's and Leo manage to save her just in time.

    This episode is really quirky and comical. Original too. It'll have your cracking up constantly.
  • Leo, and The Charmed Ones are infected with the seven deadly sin's.

    A demon uses his power, the seven deadly sins, to bring "The Source" seven innocent souls. Prue and Phoebe stumble upon the demon's henchman taunting an innocent infected with Greed, they fight him and in the fight he drops a box filled with white orbs. The henchman escapes and reports back to the demon, while the possessed innocent runs out into traffic and is killed. The girls take the box and look it up in The Book of Shadows. The Book says the box contains each one of the seven deadly sins and there is no magical way to overcome the sin once it has infected someone. All of a sudden the demon appears, grabs the box, infects everyone with sins and disappears: Phoebe has Lust, Prue has Pride, Piper has Gluttony and Leo has Sloth. The Charmed Ones discover another victim, a priest infected with envy, holding a man hostage at a car dealership. Prue and Phoebe go to the dealership, while Piper and Leo try to find a cure for their sins. Prue saves the hostage, is grazed by a bullet and tells Darryl to hide the priest, while Phoebe tries to seduce an officer. Prue drags Phoebe away and Darryl suspends the officer. Back at the Manor, Prue and Phoebe find that Piper has been shopping like crazy and Leo's been napping in front of the TV. Leo goes upstairs to take another nap and the girls go to the attic to try to figure out what to do. The officer, infected with Anger, comes to the Manor and fights with Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe and Piper are knocked unconscious and Prue knocks out the officer, but before Prue can help her sisters, the demon appears and takes her away. Piper regains consciousness and begs Leo to help; Leo overcomes his sin and helps both girls. They discover that magic can't undo the sin, but an act of pure unselfishness can. Piper, Leo and Phoebe go to the demon lair to save Prue. They discover the box with the orbs, freeze the demon, vanquish him by infecting him with the remaining sins and save Prue.
  • one of the funniest episodes of charmed!!!

    when i watched this episode i couldn't stop laughing! all the actors did really well. i luv the bit where leo is sitting on the sofa eating crisps. then piper sees the shopping channels & grabs the phone from leo classic! all the sins that the sisters get suits them really well. overall i loved it.
  • Which sin is the deadliest?

    In this episode, not only powers are tied to the sisters' emotions, but their sins are, as well. How can a sin as cute and peaceful as lust be deadly? You can fall out the window, lusting after someone really cute.

    How can a sin like gluttony be deadly, granted you don't eat non-stop?
    An electric lamp can fall into the water where your feet are taking a bath and electrocute you. As an added bonus, gluttony combined with the Book of Shadows brings someone an amazing shopping experience!

    The sins blind and overpower, and this episode shows exactly how it's done. Original, extremely well done, a perfect 10.
  • This episode is about the sisters and their character flaws. Each sister gets infected with one of the seven deadly sins (Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Anger and Sloth). Piper is infected by Gluttony, Phoebe by lust, Leo by sloth and Prue has pride.

    The episode is a classic. In the beginning, Phoebe misses Cole and rejects a horny police officer. Prue tries to lead a normal life but Phoebe points out to her she still needs to slow down. Piper tries to be the perfect wife, cooking and shopping and generally overdoing it so the Elders won't have any chance to split her and Leo up. The sins are drawn to their predispositions, so their own sins are magnified a 1000 times. Prue, being infected with pride, becomes convinced she 's invicible and that she wasn't infected in the first place. Piper, infected with Gluttony, buys everything she sees in catologues and television and uses magic to make sure her stuff doesn't take 6-8 weeks for delivery. She also drinks a lot of bubbly and eats a lot of truffles. Phoebe's class paper was late and in the middle of her explanation, she she wanted him- there and then. She then unzipped his pants with her teeth- and was kicked out. Leo lounged around watching telly and burping from all of Piper's indulgences. The demon then attacks Prue after she realises she was infected and safeguards an innocent infected by envy. He doesn't where he is, so he threatens her. During this time, Piper, Phoebe and Leo removed their sins, not magically, but by performing a selfless deed.

    This episode is extremely funny, yet serious and very original. It is interesting to note that Prue states to the demon "No demon has defeated me and none will" when she dies a few episodes later. This was not her fault, not lack of power, for they vanquished the demon in question, and were then exposed as witches. Phoebe reversed time in the underworld and was not there to bring them the vanquishing spell. She was upstairs searching in the first sequence and when time was repeated, whilst she was up there, she waas removed nad her sisters couldn't get ready.
  • The charmed ones and leo are hit with sin-balls!!

    This episode is both exciting and original!
    The characters play there roles as sins very well andhas the audience captavated.They make you believe that they are actually hit with the balls by acting the way the sin is thought out.
    The dialogue and quick-witted humour is another good touch to the episodes not to mention brain krauses burp!!

    The sins are given to the actors to how they are persieved in the show, and was very corret!!

    The hole story plot was cleverly thought out and is totally original and has never been used before in charmed

    This is one of my favourite episodes because of its originallity.
  • Sin City

    This was one funny episode.

    Guest star Kevin Weisman from Alias really managed to pull off his role as Lucas, it was nice to see him evil a change from the nervous geek he plays in Alias.

    The sisters and Leo are infected with one of the deadly sins each, Leo with Sloth, Piper with Glutony, Pheobe with Lust, and Prue (who thought that she was the only one who wasn't infected) with Pride.

    It was funny watching the sisters get carried away, and it was especially funny when Pheobe started to come on to Leo, who was too lazy to even notice, Piper's reaction was priceless.

    Piper went crazy buying every single thing she could & she even used the book of shadows to ensure speedy delivery, like Prue said (that is so personal gain)
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