Season 5 Episode 4

Siren Song

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • Not a bad one.

    See what strongly annoys me here is back in the firestarter episode they were preaching that powers don't make a person evil, it's how they use them. But here it's all "your powers this, your powers that". I hate things like that.

    Furthermore, when Cole inevitbly becomes evil again can you blame him? Up until then he has done NOTHING but try to be good, and every single time he not only gets shut down but he gets embarrassed, treated like crap and told that he is evil anyway. I'm sorry when a kid grows up if you tell them over and over and over you don't love them and they're a crap child are they supposed to grow up thinking you love them? Cole is told non stop that he is evil, he's a demon. So when he eventually gives up, they hold it against him like "see we told you you were evil" actually no he wasn't.

    I didn't mind the Siren story, thought she was kinda cool. Demons being stupid and thinking "oh meh I'll be able to take out three infamous witches with my little song" gets annoying but eh.

    Paige being 'superwitch' Prue is kinda annoying. She's done it a year, Phoebe devoted herself to it for years before finally getting a job and now she's hardly any good and Paige is the spell and potion wizz. Just wish it'd taken her longer. But ah well, suppose Phoebe's powers are pretty crap, the only thing she contributes to a fight is well fighting.
  • Siren Song

    Siren Song was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the Siren's song was very alluring, there was a lot of character and plot development and the story was very well written. I liked how the Siren lured Cole, yet he had the power to keep her. It was awesome to see Piper and Leo have their powers switched so they can better understand each other. Cole did many good things in this episode but apparently it's not good enough at this point for anyone including Phoebe. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Kiss this, b*tch!

    This is an amazingly well-written, sexy, funny and dramatic episode of Charmed, as the series shows us how good it is still capable of being.

    As in many great episodes, this one has a hot baddie, seductively played by Melinda Clarke, deciding to take on the Charmed Ones and the two men in their lives, obviously unaware that neither man can be easily killed. This is our first Piper and Leo marital spat, and it is probably the only one that doesn't result from Piper simply being intolerable. No, this one is actually very understandable. Piper is struggling with her magical pregnancy and feeling neglected by Leo, while Leo is busy with his charges and failing to get any empathy from Piper. Wyatt switching their powers is a great comedic storyline and converts Piper's pregnancy into some great leverage.

    Whether being funny or whiny, I find Piper very sexy throughout this episode. Love the outfit with the brown tank and the grey pants. Her getting to be a whitelighter while Leo gets to blow things up is true gold. Also, I loved the french-style ending to their storyline. Great stuff.

    Phoebe's Season 5 storyline improves immensely once she gets back to the manor, and she has some great lines as she clearly enjoys the Piper/Leo switch. It is a truly awesome scene when the Siren discovers Cole isn't so easy to kill, and Cole decides that he wants the Siren for himself. Phoebe tells him- make it hurt?? Is that some of Queen Phoebe still in there? Haha... As it turns out, we finally see that Phoebe was right all along to be afraid of Cole and his myriad of powers. Yes, we feel bad for him, but we also better empathize with Phoebe's fears. Paige has a smaller thread where she begins to embrace the whitelighter inside of her. This gives her something to do besides being the second coming of Prue Superwitch. She gets a fantastic scene where she spears the Siren and then orbs out the window to save Piper. "You're welcome." Haha... It is good to have Paige around.

    Great episode that seems to improve with multiple viewings.
  • Sing It To Me, Demon Lady!

    Siren Song-Cole and Phoebe both fall under the spell of the Siren, who lures husbands to her and entrances their wives to follow with the intent to kill, leaving Piper and Paige to figure out how to save Phoebe. Piper, upset with Leo because he does not understand the challenges of being pregnant, and Leo, frustrated that Piper does not realize the demands of being a Whitelighter, have their powers switched magically by their unborn child. Fianlly, a serious demon plot (somewhat). I mean here we have the first real decent demon of the week plot of the season. The Siren has a good M.O. and is played seductively well by Melinda Clarke. I just wish this part of the episode wasn't overshadowed by the already tiresome Cole/Phoebe saga and Piper/Leo's "Day In The Life" hijinks. It seems for every moment Cole and Phoebe end on good terms, another episode comes along and adds more needless melodrama to it. Cole just can't get a break and once again he's forced to look like a bad guy when the Siren pulls him under her spell and he almost kills Phoebe. Even when Phoebe and Cole once. again. talks things out at the end and try to come to an agreement, Cole. still/ comes out looking like the bad guy. geeze, Phoebe if he's powers bother you so much than strip them and Cole, if you want her back so bad, then let her strip your powers. Problem solved! But alas, these are the writers of Charmed and common sense started exiting stage left once Season 4 ended!

    Holly and Brian looked like they were having fun playing the revese roles of Piper and Leo. But even their enthusiam can't shhake the continued silliness of the writing this season. For all the dark, demon goodness of the Siren we get Leo burping orbs and complaining about morning sickness. Yeah.... But the sight of Leo blowing up the Siren was pretty priceless. I just find that the writers are just using the baby Haliwell as a Deus Ex Machina so far. If the baby is jus an inch long like Piper said, how can it have all these powers and pretty much do anything it wants magically? I would understand if Piper was ready to deliver or the baby was just born, but geeze, that's a little too much power for a baby that's not even a baby yet! Anyway, I also liked sub-plot with Melissa and Paige learning to be a better whitelighter. The scene at the prison between the two women was nicely done by both actresses and we also got some cool action set pieces like the scene where Paige and Piper confront the Siren at the hospital. It's as just fun as it was the first time, especially when Paige orbs after Piper as she falls out of the windows. "Siren Song" is a decent Charmed outing, a little more Siren sing and a little less Leo attemping to write a spell would have helped...a lot!
  • It started with a kiss...

    A solid guest star, some nifty special-effects, as well a quirky subplot involving power switching, 'Siren Song' is certainly the strongest episode so far this season. Even Phoebe's repugnance towards Cole is handled with a certain level of maturity, as we finally get to hear Phoebe's side of the story. Her insistence that Cole is, in fact, a serious threat, comes into play here (but much like his transformation into the Source, it's beyond his control, so I still don't see him as a bad guy).

    If there's one thing that certainly stands out about this season, it's the fact there's hardly any demons this year. While the Siren is somewhat demonic, she's given a rather interesting MO, it's a far cry from your typical destroy-the-charmed-ones nonsense of earlier seasons. Of course, she was eventually going to cross paths with them, but even at that, it's Leo who vanquishes her.

    While the power-switching plot is handled with the kind of frilliness you'd expect from this show, there are some rather amusing scenes: Piper orbing to France and stunned by the fact she can understand French was a blast. Phoebe gets the best line this week and loves having Leo as a *C.O.I.T ('Ready to kick some demon ass…sis?'). Paige rescuing Piper from plummeting to her death was also a great visual gag.

    A decent script that allows each sister a chance to shine elevates this hour above your typical Charmed outing. I'm still waiting for some weighty drama, mind you, as there's only so much whimsy one can take. * - Charmed One in Training
  • Honey, I think I'm pregnant

    This season is shaping up to be much like Season Two: a variety of interesting baddies but no grand demonic plan. This week, a vengeful siren is on the loose and (surprise!) only the Charmed Ones can stop her. This would be easier if Leo and Pipers' powers had not been swapped by their unborn child. Despite borrowing heavily from past episodes this is one of the most entertaining hours in a long time.

    The siren is clearly different to the succubus and I like that she goes after the wives as well as the husbands. Ok, so we know Leo and Cole are going to fall under her spell at some point but when they do it is woven neatly into the plot. It's an original story and, once again, an excellent guest actress.

    This week's sisterly issue is provided by Piper and her inattentive husband. When they start bickering, baby Wyatt swaps their powers to get them to understand each other's issues. Smart thinking for an inch long foetus. It's a little like "Love Hurts" but it's brilliantly funny. Ok, so the ending is a bit cutesy but it's Piper and Leo so I'll let it go.

    Phoebe and Cole's storyline is getting duller by the week. I don't know how much longer the writers expect us to be interested their non-relationship. It's not like it's new; Andy and Prue were the same for much of Season One and Piper and Leo went through it during Season Two. It's a shameful waste of a fascinating character.

    I always laugh when they refer to the baby as "she". I realise they're doing it to create more of a surprise when Wyatt is born but it doesn't half sound odd. Liked the flowers by the way. Not bad for someone who will one day become king of the underworld.
  • Here you can see the problems where the young couple goes through.

    Well I must say, I've cried with laughter, it's certainly a good one, the burbs the hormones, yes the bad baby! Very nicee one! And yes , cole comes back trying to get Phoebe back, as a hero. If you like charmed then you defenitely have to see this episode! It's funny a bit romantic and dramatic but it is a nice episode and I know that I've said that over a million times, but this review has to be 100 words or more, so yes I'm not from England or America or some land which speaks English, no I'm from the Netherlands! And woehoe! I can send it now!
  • Funny

    Piper and Leo's unborn child can definetley run them nuts even before born. I thought it was quite funny how Piper and Leo's powers got swapped by the unborn child. Leo in particular was funny when he read that spell to Phoebe. Paige trying to deny her whitelighter side and I felt very sorry for Cole in this episode.
  • Number Three in my list of favorites episodes: This is the perfect episode! Read this if you wanna know why this one is perfect

    I think this is the perfect episode! It's so great! We have the whole 50% balance between the magic story and the normal story! The Demon was original, and the story itself was fantastic! The effects and the battle scenes made this episode a perfect one in his part about the supernatural. The final scene it big enough (Not the anoying 1sec scenes: "I get here and I vanquish") It's well done. On the other side all the natural part was original aswell! Changing powers and lifes was a great idea, make the episode original enough! And the acting and the camera job and the direction were remarkable in this episode! The photografy was too (For exemple when Phobe and Leo are in the floor and Leo says the spell!)

    That's why this episode is a 10 one! Have a perfect supernatural part and a perfect normal part, and it has been well filming! You gotta see it
  • This is a great eppy!

    Piper and Leo sort of get switched so they know how the both of them are feeling. It also touches with Phoebe and Cole relationship and thats allways makes for an interesting show. A siren comes into the picture but when she kisses cole isntead of killing him by burning his lungs she pretty much turns him agianst Phoebe. Therefore Cole trys choking Phoebe. Phoebe realizes that she no longer can be with Cole at all because of the demonic powers he had gained in the pit or whatever its called. He is upset about the fact that they cant be together and so is Phoebe. I really liked this episode, so I think you would too!
  • Brilliant although i hated the siren demon.

    The Siren, who lures husbands to her and entrances wives to follow with the intent of killing them both, puts Cole under her spell and Piper and Paige must try figure out how to save Phoebe. Piper, upset with Leo because he does not understand the challenges of being pregnant, and Leo, frustrated that Piper does not realize the demands of being a Whitelighter, have their personalitys switched aswell as their powers by their unborn magical baby.

    Very good episode,and it was really funnny to see Pipers baby using his magic when hes not even born.
  • I laughed when Leo started to sort of cry...

    I know I shouldn't find Charmed silly or funny or anything, but there are some episodes that really make me laugh.
    I mean, Leo whining and complaining and burping little whitelighter bubbles... it's great.
    The Siren, I recognize the actress, but I can't remember where I've seen her before, and I think the acting was rather pathetic actually. The storyline there seemed pretty weak as it was, what with Cole.
    If they'd have just gone with the innocent being in danger and having Leo and Piper with their pregnancy issues, I think that would have been a rather good show, a little more lighthearted than they usually have, but it would have been a breather from some of the darker episodes they've had.
    I think it would have been just great with the powers switch and learning about one another.
  • Piper:(after walking in on Leo and the siren kissing) --\"Kiss this Bi*ch!"

    Siren\'s Song is a very good episode in the 5th season of Charmed. I loved everyone\'s acting. Especially Holly\'s.

    A female demon who was burned by her town by having an affair with a married man kills married men then kills their wives, then comes after The Charmed Ones.

    I thought this episode was hilarious when Piper and Paige orbed into the hospital room and saw the Siren trying to kill Leo by kissing him, and Piper is livid and goes

    \"Kiss this, Bi*ch" and tries blowing her up, only to find out that her unborn baby preferred fireworks.

    This was a great episode in one of my favorite seasons of Charmed.

  • Leo & Piper switch powers.

    This one is silly because Leo abd Piper\'s unborn baby switches their powers, and Leo ends up pregnant! Piper tries to blow up a Siren, and the best she can do is set off fireworks. Then she tries to blow up the demon, and gets flowers instead. Something is definately wrong at the Manor. In comes Leo, and he and Piper argue about the other not realizing what each are goiung thru. So their baby (who by now we all know to be a boy, Wyatt), switches their powers. Here is where it gets silly, as far as Leo is concerned. I loved it when he got hot-flashes, and the hiccups. And trying out Piper\'s powers, he almost destroys the mansion. Meantime, Piper is doing Whitelighter duty, and learns its not as easy as it looks.
  • This episode should be the season opener.

    Well, when I first read the story of this episode I didn't care much, but after I have watched Siren Song, I really change my opinion.This episode should be the season opener of season five and not that episode Witch's Tail, this episode have a great and strong writing of the best writer of Charmed, have some great fun moments , it is a really entertaining hour of Charmed, I always watch this episode over and over, it is so great, one of the best episodes of season five, that for me is one of the weakest seasons of Charmed.
  • Piper and Leo's unborn child switch their powers to make them 'walk a mile in each other's shoes' to stop their fighting. A whitelighter-to-be is almost killed by the siren, a demon who attracts men in love to her with a song, but is saved by cole.

    when Piper and Leo cannot seem to stop fighting about Leo's position in the family, whether he is working too much or too insensitive, and Piper's need for affection as she is pregnant and feels alone in the pregnancy, their unborn child sees it fit to swap their powers to make the couple understand what each other's days are like and why they have to do what they do.

    Cole sees a fire on the news where a woman is trapped inside, so with his new powers he shimmers into the building and saves the woman. After finding that the demon who was responisble for the fire and making an attempt on the whitelighter-to-be's life, and claiming her husband's life, was a siren, he offers to help the charmed ones in vanquishing her. Cole goes to the halliwell manor, where he just now finds out that piper is pregnant, to help but Phoebe tells him to leave. Cole starts to track the siren down himself, not taking into account the fact that he and phoebe still love each other, although seperated, making himself and her a target for the siren.

    this was a great episode. i just didnt like the fact that Phoebe wouldnt just let cole help, which would have avoided the siren preying on his love for her and her love for him in the first place.

    Cole deserves more credit than Phoebe is willing to give him. His intensions are always good, and he doesn't WANT to be evil.
  • Well... the season got off to a silly but good start. In this episode Piper is dealing with her magical pregnancy, which is causing her powers to competely go \"wonky\" as piper puts it. I loved this episode, it had character and alot of humor.

    At the beginning of the episode, Piper is extremely annoyed and angry with Leo. she is burping bubbles that orb and she doesn\'t know why, and Leo won\'t stop to talk with her. She seems to be dreaming in animated disney form, and she wonders if this is normal. Pheobe is still trying to get out of her marriage and away from cole, and Paige is still trying to fill her social worker shoes. The episodes two points of focus are pipers pregnancy and pheobe\'s relationship with cole. The siren (a demon who lures married men in, sings to them, kills them with a kiss..and then burns down the building to kill their shocked wives) lures Leo in first, and when Piper tries to stop her...the baby makes her exploding power turn into fireworks... evidently her baby thought fireworks were prettier. Piper gets thrown out the window and Paige has to orb down and save her. The baby switches Leo and Pipers powers...Piper is a white lighter for the episode and Leo is a witch... he gets to experience her pregnancy symptoms and try to write a power of three spell to get rid of the siren. Paige tries to help her first charge, but instead her charge ends up in jail. Paige feels she is ONLY a witch and doesn\'t want to be a white lighter. The siren lures cole in... pheobe goes to find cole... coles demonic powers make him want to kill pheobe after he comes back to life when the sirens kiss doesn\'t kill him. pipers and leos powers switch back by the end of the episode and they make up. pheobe is alright when piper heals her. paige embraces her whitelighter side and helps her charge. overall a really great, comical episode... filled with lots of ups and downs... but balancing out in the end. :)
  • A siren is killing married all over the city and the charmed ones men arent safe from her song.

    This was one the best episodes this season. It was beautifully written and funny at times. The baby begins wreaking havoc in this episode and lessons are learne dby all.

    Piper: SHe is feeling neglecte dand worried about her child once again but not for reasons from the previous episode. Her child is slowly turning pipe rinto a pacifist and giving her explosion power that makes for a bad mix. Leo is basically really concerned with his charge melissa and piper needs him. theres a wonderful scene where holly does the "crying thing". piper wants him to be around more but leo ahs a job, eventually the baby switches there powers. great stuff.

    Phoebe: ex husband issues again. SHe gets forced to interview cole because he saved melissa and everyone thinks he is a hero. phoebe wants him to leave her alone but is beginning really annoying,lol. i want to kill him sometimes thats how annoying he gets. proof is provided in this episode stating that she still loves cole but their love is literally deadly.

    Paige: she is forced to pursue her whitelighter genes to help melissa. She has been neglecting them ever since quiting the social work job and she doesnt really care but piper the whitelighter sets her straight. paige finally embraces it for the moment and realizes she can do it but after this episode she neglects it some more.

    I really liked the kissing effect with fire. It was really cool. The firworks were cute and hilarious. i couldnt stop laughing and also with the flowers in the hospital. then when piper fell out of the window that was a beautifully executed scene/special effect.

    the humor was great with leo experiencing pipers symtoms and leos "chatter" in pipers head. really funny scenes.

    the episode was great and leo killed the siren after like three tries( really bad aim leo). well written.
  • Each sister has their own issues, as Piper deals with her pregnancy and Leo\'s lack of involvement, Phoebe deals with Cole\'s return and his refusal to sign the divorce papers, and Paige deals with the fact that she is part whitelighter too. Not to mentio

    This episode is absolutely in my top ten favorite for this series. Holly pulls in a great performance here that really stands out and the entire episode is laced with it\'s own funny little quirks. Whether a Paige, Phoebe or Piper fan there is something in this episode that you\'ll wanna catch. A pregnant Leo alone is enough reason to watch but there is also a whole plot line with Paige and her, less prevelant whitelighter side. Also a great Phoebe and Cole episode where they both begin to come to terms with their relationship coming to an end.
  • A Siren attacks a whiteligther-to-be and the Charmedones goes after her. The Siren attacks Phoebe and Cole and Cole ends up trying to kill Phoebe. Meanwhile Piper and Leos unborn child switch their powers. Meanwhile Paige protects the whitelighter-to-be.<

    I loved this episode, I found it really funny!

    There\'s something about the lesson they learn; to remember to notice how the other part feels.

    Phoebe learns that she has no reason to trust Cole eventhough he loves her. Sad..:(

    I think it was really really great to see that Paige was able to help people even though she has tried to deny her whiteligther powers.

    I found it funny when Piper and Leo\'s unborn child switched their powers. It\'s a great way to teach them a lesson. And it\'s a funny way to tell all of us to remember one another.
  • A siren attacks the sisters and Piper's baby switches her and Leo's powers and Piper's pregency symtoms.

    I LOVED this episode. Anything to show a man how it feels to be pregent has got to be good! I thought it was soooo funny that the baby switches Leo and Piper's power, as well as Piper's pregency symtoms. To get them to walk an mile in each others "shoes". One of my favorite lines is where Leo asks Piper if she's always this sore. I almost couldn't stop laughing! Also the fact that the baby mess with Piper's powers before the switch, making her shower the siren with flowers, instead of blowing her up. Guess the baby was just being like his' daddy.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Minus the Sabrina. And the Comedy.

    An episode which could have been really good, Siren Song fails to be anything more than average by having a perfectly good A-plot ruined by a silly, baby-themed subplot which feels like a rejected storyline from Bewitched or Sabrina.

    Siren Song has the sisters battling the Siren, a demon woman who was burned to death by her town years ago after having an affair with a married man. She now comes back to seduce married men before killing them and their wives. Meanwhile, baby Wyatt makes Leo and Piper swap abilities and make Leo pregnant instead of Piper (oh, the hilarity!)

    Melinda Clarke was awesome as the Siren and continues her string of excellent TV guest spots. I loved her on CSI and she's the only person worth watching on The O.C. She really gave the Siren some depth and it was nice to see that the writers finally gave their demons back stories as I was getting really annoyed with all the monsters they have on the show not having any motive behind their crimes.

    Cole was used well in this episode and you genuinely felt for him throughout. He really wanted to show Phoebe that he was good by saving the widow from the fire before being put under a spell by the Siren and ending up almost killing the woman he loves.

    The subplot, with Leo becoming pregnant, completely dragged down the episode however and it's a storyline that just doesn't belong on Charmed. Like I mentioned earlier, I swear it was used on Bewitched!

    The whole episode is entertaining but the baby subplot hardly needed to be there.

    Director: Joel J Feigenbaum
    Writer: Krista Vernoff
    Rating: B
  • Baby hi-jinks and a demonic hussy

    Someone (or some demon, to be more exact) is killing married men and their wives. Melissa, however, is saved and the Charmed Ones have to protect her. However, Piper and Phoebe (having not exactly gotten her divorce from Cole yet) fall victim to the Siren's powers. The Siren is a woman who was burned years and years ago for having an affair with a married man. She now kills her victims the "same way" (though it's really not) she was killed - with fire.

    But, oh, the complications don't stop there. At first, Piper's baby plays tricks with her powers. Piper tries to blow up the Siren, but instead showers the Siren with flowers. Then, Piper's baby switches Piper and Leo's powers in a successful attempt to get them to "walk in each other's shoes." Piper becomes Whitelighter-for-a-day, and Leo becomes a Charmed One.

    In the end, Cole shows up and tries to, yet again, kill Phoebe and she threatens to vanquish him again, only this time she'll "make sure it sticks."

    This episode, on its own, would have made an excellent comic relief episodes. But, the other episodes surrounding it were silly anyway, so this episode, I think, lost its humourous value. Had it been near the end of season four, or even before Phoebe got married in season four, I think it would have been effective in lifting the mood. However, surrouded by other silly episodes such as "Happily Ever After" and "Witches in Tights" (two of my least favorite episodes), it just seems a bit silly.

    I'd like to say that, watching all these episodes with Cole in them makes me sad that he's not on Charmed anymore. He was a great addition to the cast, and watching these episodes over again makes me appreciate Cole more. I think Julian McMahon is a great actor and brought something to the show that wouldn't be there otherwise - a sense of "seriousness." Had it not been for Cole in this episode, I think it would have been just "Funny, ha-ha, onto the next one, please."

    Anyway, this is by far not the best episode of Charmed, nor is it the worst.
  • Piper and Leo exchange positions, Leo becomes pregnant and Piper becomes a white lighter!

    I thought this one was halarious. One of my favorite episodes. This is also the one where Leo is seduce be a a witch called the siren. Piper gets jealous and the rest is really funny. Leo goes through mood swings, just like a real pregnant women. A must watch epi!