Season 5 Episode 4

Siren Song

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • Honey, I think I'm pregnant

    This season is shaping up to be much like Season Two: a variety of interesting baddies but no grand demonic plan. This week, a vengeful siren is on the loose and (surprise!) only the Charmed Ones can stop her. This would be easier if Leo and Pipers' powers had not been swapped by their unborn child. Despite borrowing heavily from past episodes this is one of the most entertaining hours in a long time.

    The siren is clearly different to the succubus and I like that she goes after the wives as well as the husbands. Ok, so we know Leo and Cole are going to fall under her spell at some point but when they do it is woven neatly into the plot. It's an original story and, once again, an excellent guest actress.

    This week's sisterly issue is provided by Piper and her inattentive husband. When they start bickering, baby Wyatt swaps their powers to get them to understand each other's issues. Smart thinking for an inch long foetus. It's a little like "Love Hurts" but it's brilliantly funny. Ok, so the ending is a bit cutesy but it's Piper and Leo so I'll let it go.

    Phoebe and Cole's storyline is getting duller by the week. I don't know how much longer the writers expect us to be interested their non-relationship. It's not like it's new; Andy and Prue were the same for much of Season One and Piper and Leo went through it during Season Two. It's a shameful waste of a fascinating character.

    I always laugh when they refer to the baby as "she". I realise they're doing it to create more of a surprise when Wyatt is born but it doesn't half sound odd. Liked the flowers by the way. Not bad for someone who will one day become king of the underworld.
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