Season 5 Episode 4

Siren Song

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • It started with a kiss...

    A solid guest star, some nifty special-effects, as well a quirky subplot involving power switching, 'Siren Song' is certainly the strongest episode so far this season. Even Phoebe's repugnance towards Cole is handled with a certain level of maturity, as we finally get to hear Phoebe's side of the story. Her insistence that Cole is, in fact, a serious threat, comes into play here (but much like his transformation into the Source, it's beyond his control, so I still don't see him as a bad guy).

    If there's one thing that certainly stands out about this season, it's the fact there's hardly any demons this year. While the Siren is somewhat demonic, she's given a rather interesting MO, it's a far cry from your typical destroy-the-charmed-ones nonsense of earlier seasons. Of course, she was eventually going to cross paths with them, but even at that, it's Leo who vanquishes her.

    While the power-switching plot is handled with the kind of frilliness you'd expect from this show, there are some rather amusing scenes: Piper orbing to France and stunned by the fact she can understand French was a blast. Phoebe gets the best line this week and loves having Leo as a *C.O.I.T ('Ready to kick some demon ass…sis?'). Paige rescuing Piper from plummeting to her death was also a great visual gag.

    A decent script that allows each sister a chance to shine elevates this hour above your typical Charmed outing. I'm still waiting for some weighty drama, mind you, as there's only so much whimsy one can take. * - Charmed One in Training