Season 5 Episode 4

Siren Song

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2002 on The WB

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  • Kiss this, b*tch!

    This is an amazingly well-written, sexy, funny and dramatic episode of Charmed, as the series shows us how good it is still capable of being.

    As in many great episodes, this one has a hot baddie, seductively played by Melinda Clarke, deciding to take on the Charmed Ones and the two men in their lives, obviously unaware that neither man can be easily killed. This is our first Piper and Leo marital spat, and it is probably the only one that doesn't result from Piper simply being intolerable. No, this one is actually very understandable. Piper is struggling with her magical pregnancy and feeling neglected by Leo, while Leo is busy with his charges and failing to get any empathy from Piper. Wyatt switching their powers is a great comedic storyline and converts Piper's pregnancy into some great leverage.

    Whether being funny or whiny, I find Piper very sexy throughout this episode. Love the outfit with the brown tank and the grey pants. Her getting to be a whitelighter while Leo gets to blow things up is true gold. Also, I loved the french-style ending to their storyline. Great stuff.

    Phoebe's Season 5 storyline improves immensely once she gets back to the manor, and she has some great lines as she clearly enjoys the Piper/Leo switch. It is a truly awesome scene when the Siren discovers Cole isn't so easy to kill, and Cole decides that he wants the Siren for himself. Phoebe tells him- make it hurt?? Is that some of Queen Phoebe still in there? Haha... As it turns out, we finally see that Phoebe was right all along to be afraid of Cole and his myriad of powers. Yes, we feel bad for him, but we also better empathize with Phoebe's fears. Paige has a smaller thread where she begins to embrace the whitelighter inside of her. This gives her something to do besides being the second coming of Prue Superwitch. She gets a fantastic scene where she spears the Siren and then orbs out the window to save Piper. "You're welcome." Haha... It is good to have Paige around.

    Great episode that seems to improve with multiple viewings.
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