Season 4 Episode 5

Size Matters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

The Charmed ones are up against Gammill, a.k.a. "The Collector." He shrinks girls to five inches tall, covers them in clay and bakes them, putting them in his collection. He has created for himself a son out of clay, named Fin, who doesn't want to hurt others anymore.
Paige gets chills walking passed a certain house. She meets a guy at the grocery store who lives there (Fin), and wants to learn more about the house. Piper says that the house is probably nothing, and does not want to check it out. Leo agrees they should check it out, and sends Phoebe to investigate, although they do make plans to go there later together. When Phoebe doesn't return, Piper, Paige and Leo go to investigate, and Paige uses her sex appeal to lure Fin out so they can go in. She learns that Fin was created out of clay, and has no belly button. When the Charmed Ones destroy Gammill, Paige feels the sense of loss that comes out of battling evil, even if the one she lost wasn't the evil one. She learns that good sometimes has to come out of sadness, and that the first thing that needs protection is the heart.
Phoebe feels bad that Piper is the sole Halliwell breadwinner, so she goes out in search of a job, where the person interviewing her makes her feel like a very small person since she can't really explain that it was her magic that kept her from finishing school for such a long time. When Paige mentions the creepy house, Phoebe agrees to check it out, and gets a premonition of something bad having happened there. When she enters, Gammel shrinks her, trapping her. Although Leo and Piper go to the house looking for her, they cannot find her.
Piper feels P3 no longer exists now that Prue is gone, and hires a man named Treat to be the new manager of the nightclub. Treat redoes P3, turning it into The Spot, giving it a whole new image. Piper does not like the new club. When it comes time for the power of three, Piper judges Paige's ideas and continually puts them down. When her magic does not work against Gammill, Piper puts her trust and faith into Paige, who helps them defeat him. And at the end, knowing that the power of three DOES exist, Piper decides P3 needs to come back. She also will stop doubting Paige's instincts.
Leo orbs out of this battle, forcing Piper and Paige to come to a consensus about what to do about Gammill and how to save Phoebe. He helps them all see that the power of three does exist and that P3 should continue.
Paige lures Fin out of the house, allowing Piper and Leo to orb into the house. When they find nothing, they refer to the Book of Shadows and learn more about Gammill. They orb into where Paige and Fin are, and Fin explains what Gammill does. With Paige's decision, they all head to the Halliwell mansion to consult the Book of Shadows for a spell to reverse the shrinking. When they get to the house, Gammill is waiting for them, and shrinks them all. He takes them back to his house and sets them in clay. Paige is able to orb out and get them all out of the clay. Unable to compete with Gammill's regular Piper's powers do not work. Paige is able to mentally move the shrinking wand and the three of them use it against Gammill, shrinking him. Phoebe writes a spell in her mind and the three of them say it, destroying Gammill, and at the same time, Fin.