Season 4 Episode 5

Size Matters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on The WB

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  • Ho's of Wax

    An entertaining episode which excels in developing the characters and which also has an interesting demon story, Size Matters' demon storyline feels like something out of an old Vincent Price horror movie and the idea of a demon melting women into figurines is really freaky.

    Size Matters has Paige getting spooked by an old house in the city. She soon discovers that the handsome owner, Finn, is the creation of a warlock called Gammil who abducts women, shrinks them and turns them into wax figurines for his collection.

    It's nice to see the sisters finally supporting Paige's feelings. I found it really annoying how Piper and Phoebe completely breezed past Paige's suspicions about an old freaky mansion. Hello, it's old. It's freaky. It's a house. It's more than likely that the inhabitants are psychopaths! Have they never watched scary movies??!!

    Gammil was a very creepy villain, probably because he was played with cool menace by Ol' Pizza Face himself, Mr Robert Englund. It's always cool to get famous actors as guest stars and when your guest demon is the one and only Freddy Krueger, it's guaranteed to be awesome. Rose McGowan was brilliant in this episode and really managed to fit into the cast quickly, far more successfully than previously thought back when Shannen Doherty left the show.

    Piper's subplot is effective and I loved the "resurrection" of the P3 sign at the end. The new look club, "The Spot", looked extremely tacky and I couldn't wait for it to be taken down and the old P3 to return. Size Matters is a really enjoyable episode with some good dialogue and an entertaining storyline.
  • A pretty good episode.

    Not the best storyline of the season but still a good episode.

    The sisters won't take Paige seriously when she mentions an old house that gives her the shivers, but when Leo does (which by the way makes Piper furious) they decide to go check it out and get shrunk in the process.

    Piper hires a new manager for P3 who decides that the name isn't hip enough & wants to change it to The Spot (Yuck!) and at first Piper is hesitant because P3 stands for her, Pheobe & Prue then realises that it's her & Pheobe now so she agrees to change the name of the club.

    Leo healing the sign at the end with the 3 sisters there was a very touching scene.
  • Brilliant episode.

    Phoebe and Piper don't take Paige seriously when she has a weird feeling about a creepy old house, landing Phoebe in the clutches of a hideous demon and shrunk to a powerless five inches tall. When Paige and Piper also walk into the demon's trap, his collection is complete. Ultimately, all three girls are magically miniaturized -- but is it possible that they can they use their diminished size to their advantage in vanquishing the malevolent Gamill?
  • Creepy

    Gamill may not be the most powerful demon the sisters ever face, but for sheer creepiness, it's difficult to beat a guy whose M.O. is to hide in the walls of an old house, shrink women down to 5 inches tall, cover them in clay, and bake them into figurines. But Gamill isn't the only challenge the sisters face. Paige is frustrated that Piper and Phoebe don't trust her instincts, but in the end, it's Paige's orbing power that saves them. Like the other early episodes of season 4, this one is critical to establishing that Paige has not only restored the Power of Three - she's made it stronger. She doesn't shy away from danger; she follows her instincts; she stands her ground. She's a Halliwell, last name or not.
  • That shrinking feeling

    Certainly an interesting concept. A demon kidnaps women, shrinks them with a magic pipe and turns them into screaming figurines. Far fetched? Well, yes, but this is Charmed.

    To be fair, the writer and director have made a good job out of a rather strange idea and the result is a surprisingly dark and creepy episode. The guest actors are sound and there's none of the overacting which so often spoils the story. A good example is when five inch Phoebe is hiding under the settee and Gammill is trying to vac her up. This could have been really cheesy but somehow it isn't. It's very matter of fact and it's mercifully light on the screaming.

    The effects are pretty decent too, particularly the shots of the girls caked in clay. For all the good work, though, I'm still a left a little cold by the concept of a magic pipe.

    For the first time in a while, there is a wholly unrelated subplot. This time, P3 has a new manager whose big idea is to change the name of the club to, er, "The Spot". Nice! It's fun while it lasts but it's only ever going to end up being ditched. The last scene is kind of sweet. Not only does Leo 'heal' the old sign but the show ends with Paige finally accepted as the third P in P3.

    Finn's character seems only to have been there for a bit of eye candy but I suppose he does spice things up for Paige. Scene of the week by a mile has to be when Piper and Leo orb in to find Paige 'going down' on Finn. I'm still smiling even now.
  • Deadly Dolls

    Size Matters-Piper, Phoebe and Paige are shrunk to a height of five inches when they walk into a trap set by a demon named Gammill. Phoebe: Oh this sucks.

    A rather underrated episode as "Size Matters" has some disturbing scenes as well as very creepy performance by Robert Englund. Rose is alreadly coming into her own as Paige and her interaction with her other 2 leads is starting to come together very well. Paige's assertive quirkness and Piper's brooding sarcasm are so entertaining to watch when both actresses are on screen together. Both Piper and Paige have their own ideas for saving the day and it's great watching this 2 sisters trying to find common ground. The creepy house storyline was effective and all the guest stars give good performances. Gammil is especially a creepy villain, played by none other than Freddy Kreuger himself, who is always creepy! You kinda feel bad for Finn knowing his not real and the way Gammil just kills him is a shocking twist. The whole shrinking angle does make for some dodgy effects throughout but the concept of women being shrank, then turned into dolls is done very well here. I loved the end with the all 3 sisters working together for the first time to vanquish Gammil. Piper's sub-plot with the P3 turning into a hot shot tacky club called the Shot was entertaining and I loved how Leo at the end helped to hell the old P3 sign showing that while Prue may be the gone, the Power of 3 will always last forever. All and All, "Size Matters" is an effectively creepy episode with good guest stars and some nifty twists.
  • Dollhouse.

    There's a decent storyline in 'Size Matters' and it's a rare Charmed episode where there's nothing particularly special about the episode, but it manages to keep you watching with a creepy main plot and some fun subplots. It's another episode more or less dedicated to Paige and it's wise at this stage to utilize the fillery slots of the season to flesh out its newest recruit. Charmed also manages to pull an impressive guest star with Robert Englund, AKA Freddie Kruger, which may factor into the success of the hour, as he adds some much needed menace to the proceedings. With some impressive special effects, some great one liners, it's a worthwhile filler episode, which is not something you'd usually say about this show.
  • Demons and dolls do not make a good combination, as the girls soon find out.

    This episode was one of those which had a lot more potential than it actually showed. Given the guest actors and the possibilities of the script, I was expecting something better. Having said that, it wasn't terrible, just not really all that great.

    Phoebe finds herself shrunken to the size of a doll and joins a host of others who have shared the same fate courtesy of Gammil the Collector, whom, it seems, has a penchant for porceline figurines which were once human.

    Clearly, he is a powerful demon and it will take all the ingenuity available to get Phoebe and the other girls out of his clutches before its too late.
  • The girl with the melons..

    As important as it was to introduce Paige in the first episodes of Season 4, her emergence was somewhat overshadowed by the death of Prue.

    Now after 4 episodes dealing with that topic, we finally get a Paige-centric episode as this is all about the sisters learning to trust each other, and more specifically, about Piper and Phoebe learning to trust Paige's instincts for sensing evil, which will remain a talent of hers throughout the series. The esteemed Robert Englund as Gammil is a somewhat unmenacing demon with little to do and fewer powers other than a wand he carries. He does manage to capture all three sisters before Paige saves the day. His sidekick was merely eye candy for the ladies.

    However, it is alright because the show isn't about the demon. It is about Paige. The story begins when Piper gives up on P3s, saying that it no longer exists, even with Paige standing right there. And the story ends when Leo restores P3s, which of course is metaphorical for the real restoration of the Power of 3, with that final scene being by far the best scene in the episode.

    Besides the development of Paige's character, the best thing about this episode is Leo. From Paige confiding in him for the first time (she would pretty much steal him from Phoebe in this regard for the remainder of the series) to Paige's flat where he orbed away to force Piper and Paige to work together to the end where he got the sisters up to find and restore the sign. I loved Leo's more forceful attitude in this episode. Great stuff.
  • Size Matters

    Size Matters was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of humor, intrigue and changes. The story was fun and entertaining and I liked the idea of a demon collecting figurines in this way. It was great watching Paige try to fit in with Phoebe and Piper and how they all interacted through out the episode. There were lessons learned and a lot of character development. The ending was great. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • A good one

    See while the girls may have brushed paige off too soon knowing what they've been through, they have known what Paige hasn't been through so it is fair enough on some level, and she did say she had the hots for the owner. But Paige tells them to continue their conversation and then keeps interrupting them to try and talk? Like you wait til they're finished...

    I don't get how Phoebe is a college grad in one year? I mean I don't live in America, but College is the equivalent of University here and the shortest Uni course is 3 years... But I think she goes back and does Psychology later and even if the last course she did was just a short thing, that should be minimum 3 years so, can't remember, but hopefully it goes over 3 seasons.

    At Phoebe's job interview she could've just said "well my sister died recently and my other sister isn't handling it so I may have to leave to be with her" opposed to acting all weird.

    I kind of don't like how Paige is all "my whitelighter side is for demons" like in the opening she heals Cole and now she's 'sensing' evil in a house that looks haunted.. But I got supporting her to give her confidence in her abilities even if she may be wrong.

    I actually didn't mind the demon in this one.

    But I did find Paige become annoying once she realised she was right. Which will continue to be her annoying flaw. While it's good to try and take initiative and give ideas but she was stupid to take the man that may have kidnapped Phoebe to her place and completely ignoring Piper's advice/warnings about the house. And the lure didn't actually work. He took Paige out not because she lured him but because he felt guilty about the current victims.

    There are people without bellybuttons though, so saying "he hasn't got one because he was never born" is pretty crap. If Finn was truly evil, what he's saying is smart to make himself seem innocent.

    I really didn't like Paige cheating at heads or tails though. I mean she not only ignores Piper at every turn but instead of at least being fair like Leo wanted she goes and cheats to get her way. Another annoying flaw she'll always have. Sort of proves if they went with Piper's plan to just go straight to the house they'd be fine and have been able to rescue Phoebe.

    But it's still a good episode. I like ones like this where it's not entirely any character-centric.