Season 4 Episode 5

Size Matters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on The WB

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  • Deadly Dolls

    Size Matters-Piper, Phoebe and Paige are shrunk to a height of five inches when they walk into a trap set by a demon named Gammill. Phoebe: Oh this sucks.

    A rather underrated episode as "Size Matters" has some disturbing scenes as well as very creepy performance by Robert Englund. Rose is alreadly coming into her own as Paige and her interaction with her other 2 leads is starting to come together very well. Paige's assertive quirkness and Piper's brooding sarcasm are so entertaining to watch when both actresses are on screen together. Both Piper and Paige have their own ideas for saving the day and it's great watching this 2 sisters trying to find common ground. The creepy house storyline was effective and all the guest stars give good performances. Gammil is especially a creepy villain, played by none other than Freddy Kreuger himself, who is always creepy! You kinda feel bad for Finn knowing his not real and the way Gammil just kills him is a shocking twist. The whole shrinking angle does make for some dodgy effects throughout but the concept of women being shrank, then turned into dolls is done very well here. I loved the end with the all 3 sisters working together for the first time to vanquish Gammil. Piper's sub-plot with the P3 turning into a hot shot tacky club called the Shot was entertaining and I loved how Leo at the end helped to hell the old P3 sign showing that while Prue may be the gone, the Power of 3 will always last forever. All and All, "Size Matters" is an effectively creepy episode with good guest stars and some nifty twists.