Season 4 Episode 5

Size Matters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on The WB

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  • The girl with the melons..

    As important as it was to introduce Paige in the first episodes of Season 4, her emergence was somewhat overshadowed by the death of Prue.

    Now after 4 episodes dealing with that topic, we finally get a Paige-centric episode as this is all about the sisters learning to trust each other, and more specifically, about Piper and Phoebe learning to trust Paige's instincts for sensing evil, which will remain a talent of hers throughout the series. The esteemed Robert Englund as Gammil is a somewhat unmenacing demon with little to do and fewer powers other than a wand he carries. He does manage to capture all three sisters before Paige saves the day. His sidekick was merely eye candy for the ladies.

    However, it is alright because the show isn't about the demon. It is about Paige. The story begins when Piper gives up on P3s, saying that it no longer exists, even with Paige standing right there. And the story ends when Leo restores P3s, which of course is metaphorical for the real restoration of the Power of 3, with that final scene being by far the best scene in the episode.

    Besides the development of Paige's character, the best thing about this episode is Leo. From Paige confiding in him for the first time (she would pretty much steal him from Phoebe in this regard for the remainder of the series) to Paige's flat where he orbed away to force Piper and Paige to work together to the end where he got the sisters up to find and restore the sign. I loved Leo's more forceful attitude in this episode. Great stuff.