Season 3 Episode 8

Sleuthing With the Enemy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2000 on The WB

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  • Just when you thought it couldn't get any better....

    This episode has been coming for some time and, boy, is it worth waiting for. Everything about it is first class: the acting, the writing, the effects and especially the direction.

    Not for the first time (I'm thinking "Apocalypse Not" here), good and evil must pair up to get the job done. In this case, the Charmed Ones are forced to team up with a demonic bounty hunter named Krell to track down and vanquish the wounded Belthazor.

    Krell is an awesome baddie, always snarling and taking swipes at the Charmed Ones. Guest actor, Scott MacDonald, does a wonderful job. The scene where Piper freezes him in mid air then unfreezes his head is fantastic. Great idea and brilliant special effects. Shame Prue didn't think to move the clock before he unfroze.

    For much of the episode, we have two strands: one involving Prue, Piper and Krell and the other involving Phoebe and Cole. Leo flits between the two. Both stumble on the truth about Cole at the same time. Gripping stuff!

    There are plenty of highlights. I love the scene where Cole and Phoebe are pacing alongside each other, trying to suss each other out. Great acting and great direction. Ditto Leo's attempt to heal Cole. As ever, Julian is quite superb. Hope he isn't out of the show too long.

    And what a twist at the end! With hindsight, it's easy to forget how much we didn't know about Cole until this episode; at the time, this must have been edge of the seat stuff. Having Phoebe use her potion on his blood and jacket was genius. And now she has a secret to keep from her sisters.

    I could say more but you get the drift. Definitely the best hour of Charmed yet.
  • The sisters finally find out who Cole really is. What will they do now?

    It looks as though Phoebe's rocky road to romance just got that little bit rockier as the three find out, to Phoebe's horror, that her boyfriend is not just successful District Attorney Cole Turner but is, in fact the notorious demon, Belthazor.

    Needless to say, poor Phoebe is horror struck as the reality sinks in that she is going to have to choose between a boyfriend she has grown to love or an evil demon who can (and will) unleash all kinds of havoc upon the earth if The Charmed Ones don't stop him.

    I felt such sympathy for Phoebe in this episode and I have been very impressed with the way Julian McMahon plays the evil Cole right from his very first appearance. One thing is for sure, he makes life very interesting!

    A terrific episode and plenty to tug at the heart strings.
  • Bet She Regrets Saving Him Now...

    One of the landmark episodes in Charmed history, this hour sees Phoebe discovering the truth about Cole and his demonic alter-ego Belthazor.

    Sleuthing with the Enemy sees Piper and Prue teaming up with a demonic bounty hunter to catch Belthazor. They soon make the shocking discovery that Belthazor is Cole. Meanwhile, Phoebe searches for the missing Cole and eventually pieces together the clues, discovering the same secret.

    Phoebe's decision is written well and extremely believable. Should she kill the one guy she's ever had true feelings for because of his uncontrollable demonic side? Or should she keep him alive and give him the strength to fight evil instead of working for it? Alyssa Milano does really well throughout the episode, making a supernatural storyline both moving and identifiable.

    Prue and Piper also get a really good storyline. The scene where Piper freezes Krell in mid-air and unfreezes just his head is a classic Charmed moment and both Shannen and Holly look like they're having a lot of fun working together for the majority of the episode.

    This is one of the best Cole-centric episodes of Charmed and features an intense performance from Julian McMahon, who's easily the best actor Charmed ever had on the show.

    Rating: B+
  • One of the best epiosdes of Charmed.

    This episode was so well written, that it ranked for me one of the best episodes of Charmed. What Cole did, saving Phoebe, was the most heroic thing I've seen in him. I felt that emotion pouring out to Phoebe. Cole made this episode wonderful. PERFECT 10! Oh, once again, Prue was right.
  • Cole unmasked and on the run...

    This episode brings a very temporary conclusion to the Cole vs. the Charmed Ones story arc.

    The acting and script carry an episode that is actually light on action. In fact, the only thing that gets resolved is that all the sisters and Leo learn that Cole and Belthazor are one in the same. Yeah. we also find out that Phoebe can't vanquish Cole, but that is only fair since he couldn't kill her when he had the chance.

    The Zoltar is well played and a good character throughout, though it is maybe a little questionable that Leo would automatically be fine with him considering the absolute reservations he had in Apocalypse Not. The fact that the Zoltar would have killed Phoebe if not for Cole gave Phoebe plenty of justification in not vanquishing Cole. She should have been able to explain this to her sisters. Instead, sort of like when Leo becomes an Avatar in Season 7, this key information is never told to the other sisters, leaving them understandably upset that Phoebe lied to them about Cole's vanquish, when they likely would have been more empathetic if they knew the whole story. No, instead we have the common soap opera subplot of the secret kept. Since it is Phoebe's secret, we know it will not stay a secret for long.

    I especially liked the scene where Phoebe asked Leo to heal Cole. This once again shows the relationship that they have, sort of like when Leo helps her in Pardon my Past, and illustrates Leo's self-sacrificing character. Julian as Cole is magnificent throughout and the main strength of the episode. The end was well thought out, but again, not necessary. Phoebe could hardly be expected to vanquish Cole after he just saved her life.

    With the dramatically contrived lie and the fact that little is actually resolved here, this episode just misses being an all time Charmed best. It is still high quality Charmed episode probably among the 20 best. BTW, anyone else notice that Alyssa put on a substantial amount of weight throughout the Cole story line? i wonder if that had anything to do with her and Shannen's fights. Anyway, Alyssa would begin dropping weight again after this episode, returning to her normal sexy self by Prewitched.
  • Sleeping With the Demon

    Sleuthing With The Enemy-When the sisters discover that Cole is Belthazor, Phoebe must make one of the toughest decisions of her life: either vanquish her boyfriend or keep one of the most dangerous demons known to exist alive.

    Prue: We're gonna vanquish him.
    Piper: We're gonna vanquish Phoebe's boyfriend? That's going to cause some problems.

    A dark, emotional episode that sees the sisters finally finding out Cole is Belthazar and Phoebe going through the most overwhelming moments of her life as she finds out the love her life is a demon. Alyssa Milano is great throughout as Phoebe tries to uncover the mystery of Cole and desperately trying to save his life. Julian McMahon is also very good as Cole is forced to reveal his true feelings for Phoebe as both lovers become face to face with the truth. The cementary scene is such a moving moment for the forbidden lovers with both actors putting on beautiful performances. You feel truly bad for Phoebe as she feels betrayed by Cole and well as you believe Cole when he says he loves her.

    Prue and Piper's team-up with the the bounty hunter just added to the episode wonderfully as it brought some hilarious scenes and dialogue like this scene in particular:

    Krell: What did you do to me?
    Prue: Uh, hi, you know what? You're sort of frozen in mid-air, therefore, we'll be asking the questions, okay? Who are you?
    Krell: Someone who's gonna butcher you if you don't unfreeze me right now.
    Piper: Okay. (She unfreezes him, and he slams into the grandfather clock. Prue scowls at her.) What? It was worth it.
    (Prue kicks him as he lies on the ground.)
    Prue: Alright, you start talking or we start the bonus round.
    Krell: I am Krell, a Zotar.
    Prue: Hi, I'm Prue, a Scorpio. Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs were beyond entertaining throughout with the witty sister banter between Prue and Piper. Also, Scott MacDonald gives a fine performance as Krell, the demonic bounty hunter and works quite well with the 2 leads. There are also distrubing scenes to found throughout like Phoebe following a trail of blood in Cole's apartment to the bizarre scar left after Leo heals Cole's human half. But the best scene is the last as Phoebe and Cole say their goodbyes after Phoebe choses to fake Cole's death and lie to her sisters. It's slightly dark development for Phoebe as choices a deadly decision that might effect the lives of her sisters in the future and one she struggle to deal with for the next couple of episodes. All and All, "Sleuthing With The Enemy" is a great episode which truly starts the wonderful tragic love story between Cole and Phoebe.
  • Sleuthing With the Enemy

    Sleuthing With the Enemy was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because of all the character and plot development. It was touching to see Phoebe realize who Cole really was and in the end what she did for him. Piper and Prue work with a demon bounty hunter who is after Belthazor which was fun to see. This episode had action, drama, intrigue, magic and some surprises and definitely a lot of emotion. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • great episode

    I thought this episode was great. I also think that it should have been made either into a two hour special with the episode "Power Outage" or into a two parter episode wih "P O" being the first and this being the second. I loved how Prue, Piper and Leo were trying to kill Belthazar and Phoebe had said she had done it but she lied to them. I could go on but I don't want to bore you.
  • Eactly why I like this show

    This is one of my favorate espiodes.
    Phoebe has decided wether or not to Vanquish Cole.I\'m was so happy she didn't. Cole is my favor chartcer
    But you wreren't sure wether or not she would The ending was really dramatic
    It was intresting seeing Prue and Piper team up with a demon
  • I'm giving this episode a 10 and only because it was the best episode of Charmed ever and because Cole was FANTASTIC!.

    I'm giving this episode a perfect 10 and only because it was the best episode of Charmed ever and because Cole was FANTASTIC!.

    This episode was so emotional, romantic, full of action, it had it all and I was just glued to the TV for the whole episode.

    The Sisters & Leo all worked out that Cole was Balthazor at around the same time.

    And Cole saving Pheobe at the end proved just how much he really loved her, and the same goes for Pheobe when she pretended to vanquish Cole & lied to her sisters about it.

    I can't wait to see what the rest of the season has install for us.
  • True love conquers all?

    Prue and Piper cast a spell to summon and vanquish Belthazor, but instead the demoniac bounty hunter Krell appear in his place. Krell tells them that Belthazor killed The Triad and The Source ordered Belthazor's death. The sisters associate with Krell to chase and destroy Belthazor with their magic potion. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to find Cole, and when she meets him, she sees that he is wounded so she asks Leo to heal him. When Prue and Piper disclose that Cole is Belthazor, Phoebe has to decide if she vanquishes or saves him.

    "Sleuthing With the Enemy" is another great episode of "Charmed". The impossible love of Phoebe and Cole comes to an end, with Phoebe finding that Cole really loves her and deciding the fate of Cole and consequently Belthazor. Her conflictive situation is the climax of this episode.
  • Would have been a great two hour episode with power outage ??? but sadly it wasn't

    The Charmed Ones learn what we've known all along time, Cole is no saint he's a demon in disguise. Phoebe has a growing suspicion about Cole's true identity and a secret that he's been keeping when she finds him injured in his apartment. She begs Leo for help and when he tries to heal Cole he realizes something's amiss. Phoebe knows the truth but can't bring herself to vanquish the man she's fallen in love with. Good and evil join forces when Prue and Piper head out to find Belthazor, vanquishing potion in hand, along with a otherworldly bounty hunter sent to kill the demon who destroyed the Triad. When everyone figures out just who this demon is in human form, they all converge on Cole's apartment... but Cole grabs Phoebe and "shimmers" away. The bounty hunter finds them in a mausoleum and try to kill Phoebe for getting in the way but Cole saves her life by killing him. Just before Piper and Prue arrive Phoebe decides to spare Cole by telling the world she vanquished him.

    Absoulutely great episode I heard that someone said it would have been good if it was a two hour episode with the previous episode power outage and I really think that that would have been a great idea. And back to the episode it was tremendous to see that the sisters found out about cole and his huge secret that he has been hiding all along.
  • One of the Season and Series Best!!!

    This episode is one of the best episodes of the season. It is a powerful “Part II” conclusion to the previous episode, “Power Outage.”
    Piper and Prue team up with a demon in order to find Belthazor and destroy him once and for all. However, as time goes on, they discover that Belthazor is really Cole, and they go to Coles’ Apartment to vanquish him.

    Phoebe gets Leo to heal Cole. At this point, Leo realizes Cole is Belthazor because the location of Cole’s wound, where Piper cut him. Leo tries to convince Phoebe that vanquishing Cole is the only way, but she doesn't want to hear it. When Piper, Prue, and the demon arrive, Cole reveals himself to them all and kidnaps Phoebe to the graveyard, there Phoebe makes the most difficult decisions of her life: let live one of the most powerful demons or destroy her only love?

    Some people may be angry at Phoebe, but the truth is that she returns a favor. There were many times when Cole had Phoebe’s life in his hands and did not kill her. Now, with the tables turned, phoebe has Cole’s life solely in her hands.

    This episode is a Classic!!!
  • I have to say, this is hands down my favorite episode from season 3 and definitely one of the best episodes of charmed EVER!

    I know that i'm kinda beating a dead horse and all...

    but I LOVE COLE!

    This episode has every element that a good show needs: action, romance, secrets, ROMANCE! I loveddd Julian McMahon's performance in this episode, especially when he and Phoebe are in the cemetary and she's trying to decide what to do. I'm SOOO glad she didn't vanquish Cole! He's one of the best characters on the show in all of the series.

    Anyway, when trying to vanquish Belthazor, Piper and Prue cross paths with a bounty hunter named Krell, who is also looking for Belthazor. The two sides team up in an effort to track down the powerful demon. However, while Phoebe is still trying to find Cole, eventually calling on Leo to help save his life, she stumbles across the truth approximately the same time that Prue and Piper do on their own. Narrowly escaping Krell, Cole brings Phoebe with him to the cemetary where they show their true feelings for one another; Cole saving Phoebe from Krell and proving that he truly and deeply loves her, and Phoebe saving him from Krell, as well as faking his vanquish to prevent both demons and her sisters from trakcing him down and killing him.

    One of the best episodes of Charmed EVERRR.
  • Beware Cole!

    This episode is one of the best episodes of the season... Piper and Piper team up with a demon in order for them to find Belthazor and kill him for once and for all, but as time goes on, they discovered that Belthazor is really Cole and they go out to vanquish him. Leo tries to convince Phoebe that is this way, but she doesn't hear, is not until they arrived, when Cole reveals that to them, and sends Phoebe to the graveyard, there Phoebe takes one of the most difficult decisions of her life: let live one of the most powerful demons or destroy her only love? Cool episode!
  • Phoebe lies to her sisters.

    In Season 3 basically I like a lot of all episodes, but when I watched this one for the first time , I didn't really care so much about this episode, but now I think is one of the best episodes of Charmed.This episode had a great story, great acting, and a great writer.Phoebe was so idiot on this episode it was obvious that Cole was Belthazor, first of all, he had the same place hurt that Belthazor did when Piper cut him on the manor, and then when Leo was heal him and he just could not heal all of Cole, I mean Phoebe was trying to make it that she didn't know that Cole was Belthazor.The Scene of Cole and Phoebe on the mausoleum was great.This is a brilliant episode.
  • she shouldve vanqished cole!

    i ahte cole, she shouldve vaquisheed cole! i hate hem! i was so mad when she pretended yto vanquish him. i was like 'o m god! she is so gay!!!" lol. but, over all it was a grear dpisode! but i hate cole with all my might! hes agy! lol!