Season 3 Episode 8

Sleuthing With the Enemy

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2000 on The WB

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  • Cole unmasked and on the run...

    This episode brings a very temporary conclusion to the Cole vs. the Charmed Ones story arc.

    The acting and script carry an episode that is actually light on action. In fact, the only thing that gets resolved is that all the sisters and Leo learn that Cole and Belthazor are one in the same. Yeah. we also find out that Phoebe can't vanquish Cole, but that is only fair since he couldn't kill her when he had the chance.

    The Zoltar is well played and a good character throughout, though it is maybe a little questionable that Leo would automatically be fine with him considering the absolute reservations he had in Apocalypse Not. The fact that the Zoltar would have killed Phoebe if not for Cole gave Phoebe plenty of justification in not vanquishing Cole. She should have been able to explain this to her sisters. Instead, sort of like when Leo becomes an Avatar in Season 7, this key information is never told to the other sisters, leaving them understandably upset that Phoebe lied to them about Cole's vanquish, when they likely would have been more empathetic if they knew the whole story. No, instead we have the common soap opera subplot of the secret kept. Since it is Phoebe's secret, we know it will not stay a secret for long.

    I especially liked the scene where Phoebe asked Leo to heal Cole. This once again shows the relationship that they have, sort of like when Leo helps her in Pardon my Past, and illustrates Leo's self-sacrificing character. Julian as Cole is magnificent throughout and the main strength of the episode. The end was well thought out, but again, not necessary. Phoebe could hardly be expected to vanquish Cole after he just saved her life.

    With the dramatically contrived lie and the fact that little is actually resolved here, this episode just misses being an all time Charmed best. It is still high quality Charmed episode probably among the 20 best. BTW, anyone else notice that Alyssa put on a substantial amount of weight throughout the Cole story line? i wonder if that had anything to do with her and Shannen's fights. Anyway, Alyssa would begin dropping weight again after this episode, returning to her normal sexy self by Prewitched.
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