Season 7 Episode 7

Someone to Witch Over Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on The WB

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    Men in Black

    Ok, so a lot of this stuff has been done before but it's still a good episode. The main plot sees Paige and Agent Brody investigating a series of strange deaths in which people are dying moments after being rescued from burning buildings. Turns out a demon has been starting the fires then stealing peoples' guardian angels when they turn up to help.

    It's an interesting story, although the use of a magic amulet to trap the angels is a blatant copy of "Muse to My Ears". I'm not madly keen on the concept of guardian angels either. First up, if witches have guardians then what are whitelighters for? Secondly, why would losing a guardian make Paige so clumsy? That makes no sense.

    I am really enjoying Paige and Kyles' relationship. Kyle is far and away the most interesting male character since Cole and I love that he's at the heart of the plot. Our demon-of-the-week is fairly average but he does get involved in a very cool fight with his demonic mate, who is played by Peter Woodward aka The Source. Definitely worth watching.

    There's a hefty dose of character development for Leo this week. To help him get his head straight, Piper and Phoebe send him on a vision quest using the same potion Phoebe took last season (the continuity this season has been excellent). Chris leads him through the past then an avatar intercepts and shows him the future. Bringing back Chris is a nice touch, although Drew Fuller still hasn't shelled out for those acting lessons. It all ends in dramatic fashion with Leo becoming an avatar and bringing back the sisters from the dead. Can't wait to see how that pans out.

    As with most sci-fi / fantasy shows, Charmed has become progressively more cosmic as the seasons have gone by. From its beginnings as three lone witches fighting evil we now have elders, whitelighters, a demonic underworld and the whole grand design thing. What's more, over the past half season we've started to see the traditional concept of good versus evil called into question, with evil elders, parallel worlds and now the neutral but all powerful avatars. For me, this is exactly where this show should be heading. Keep up the good work!

    Score: 9.3