Season 7 Episode 7

Someone to Witch Over Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Why doesn't Paige use her power to orb Agent Brody into the crystal cage when he is attacked by the demon? That way, he'd be protected. As it is, she just watches while the demon drags him off to the underworld.

    • Piper says that angels don't have angels. But isn't a whitelighter defined as a "guardian angel for witches"? Why do they have these other guardian angels?

    • In the episode The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell, Phoebe drinks the potion and goes immediately into her vision quest. In this episode, Leo takes a sip, hands the cup back to Phoebe, and walks over to a couch and lays down before his vision quest begins.

    • In this episode, Guardian Angels are frequently referred to as Guardians. But in the season 3 episode The Honeymoon's Over Guardians were a type of demon.

    • Paige orbs with Brody into the building on fire. Later Brody tells her to wait in the street. We see Kyle going out of the building and then Paige is shown in the street. Does it make any sense that she is there? She could not have orbed to the street because it was filled with people and everyone could have seen her.

    • Piper: Are you sure that Enola graduated already?

      Enola was a student that helped Phoebe in season 6 episode "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell". She made Phoebe see her future in a vision quest, the same way that Leo is in this episode.

    • The building that is on fire is shown to be on the corner of Polk and Gough. These streets do exist in San Francisco however, they do not meet because they run parallel to each other.

    • TRIVIA: Drew Fuller (Chris) is the first former cast member to return to the show as a guest star.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode the Donnas perform their song "Fall Behind Me", from their 2004 album "Gold Medal".

    • TRIVIA: Peter Woodward played the demon Aku in this episode and later in Ordinary Witches, where he was shown to be one of the demons who killed Kyle Brody's parents. Woodward previously appeared in the season 4 episode Charmed and Dangerous as The Source, a role he reprised in the season 8 episode Desperate Housewitches.

    • Piper calls the demon Sarpedon, but the demon never said his name and Paige and Brody found only a page on Celerity Demons, not one with specific info like names.

    • Paige says to Phoebe that if the Book of Shadows considers Brody a threat then it will just zap him. Firstly, the Book doesn't zap anyone, it usually just flies away. Secondly according to Prue in the episode "Exit Strategy" it doesn't matter how evil you are, if you're mortal you can still touch the book.

    • TRIVIA: Unbeknownst to the sisters, Leo joins forces with the Avatars, and becomes one of them.

    • TRIVIA: With his new Avatar powers, Leo, heals both Piper & Phoebe at the same time, when they're dead, with beams of white lights streaming from his hands. He then later tries to cover up when Paige orbs and sees him doing it.

    • When Paige and Brody are in the kitchen, Paige knocks a glass of water off the table. Brody catches it and puts it back, but none of the water had spilled out.

    • Why would Piper and Phoebe protect themselves with a crystal cage? It has been shown in past episodes, that someone outside of it, could simply remove a crystal and the whole thing is deactivated. For all they knew, a demon could do the same and attack them.

    • On Leo's vision quest, he watches Piper give birth to baby Wyatt. Paige then asks "Is that what I think it is?" and Phoebe replies "Yes it is", in the actual episode she replied "If you're referring to Mr. Winky between its legs, then yes it is"

    • When Piper dies, the blade from the demon is still stuck in her and when Leo heals her he makes no attempt to take it out but after she is healed, the blade is gone. So, what, can Leo now make objects disappear too?

    • The body of the guy who got hit by the speeding truck is shown completely intact but usually someone hit that hard by a vehicle moving that fast would not be in the shape that's shown.

    • So why do they need a banishing potion for the celerity demon, if Piper can just blow it up with her power?

    • When Paige and Brody are cutting up herbs and plants for the potion right before the attack upstairs, they are still in the process of making the potion. When they hear the crash and Paige orbs up she takes a finished bottle of potion. When would she have had time to cook and bottle the potion?

    • Two episodes ago ("Styx Feet Under"), it was shown that the moment a person (or witch) dies, Death appears to escort them into the afterlife. However, in this episode, they left Piper and Phoebe dead for a good 4 or 5 minutes before Leo revived them.

  • Quotes

    • Piper: And what about Brody?
      Phoebe: Paige can take care of Brody - I think she likes taking care of Brody, if you know what I'm talking about.

    • (Kyle is talking to the sisters, then gets in a black van that pulls up behind them, which then drives away)
      Phoebe: So what do you think?
      Paige: I think he's got some style.

    • Avatar Alpha: Duality is self-perpetuating. It feeds only on itself. That's why the battle has been raging since the dawn of time. There is no winner.
      Leo: There can be.
      Avatar Alpha: How? With good there is always evil, so the battle never ends. Not until there is nothing left. That is the future your fight is leading to. Not good, nor evil, only nothing.

    • Leo: I don't understand. If I'm in the past, what are you doing here?
      Chris: I'm guiding you.
      Leo: So you're real?
      Chris: No, but I represent something that is. I died in your arms, Dad. Killed by everything you thought was good. I'm your root pain...and I'm going to be sticking with you until you're ready to let me go.

    • Paige: So?
      Phoebe: So we don't do fires. Firemen do fires. We do fireballs.

    • Phoebe: Leo, you get your butt down here right now or we will summon your ass!

    • Phoebe (about the vision quest): Look Leo, the vision quest helped me, and we're thinking maybe it could help you too, y'know.
      Leo: Won't stop the creatures.
      Piper: You've tried everything else, what do you have to lose? Your mind, your family, your life? You've already lost all those things haven't you. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

    • During the vision quest, the scene is right before Piper and Leo conceive baby Chris.
      Chris: That feeling is what it's all about Dad, you died fighting evil in the war, then you were re-born as a whitelighter to fight evil again, That led you to Mom, love, to all that's good. (the scene changes to the manor, at Wyatt's birth.) To the day Wyatt was born. (footage of Wyatt's birth is shown, then the scene changes to the hospital, at Chris' birth.) To the day when I was born.
      (footage of Leo having newborn Chris handed to him.)) Do you understand now? All the pain, all the sacrifices, it's all been for good. That's what you're all about Dad, that's what you've always been about, that's what the future's about too. You just need to believe in that again. Go, your family's waiting for you.
      Chris vanishes.

    • Phoebe: Leo needs some serious help.
      Paige: What else is new?

    • Phoebe: Oh God, is he talking to that helicopter?
      Paige: He's really cool.

  • Notes

    • Iternational Episode Titles: Italy: Gli angeli custodi (Guardian Angels) Germany: Ohne Schtuzengel (Without Guardian Anngels) France: Avatar (The Avatars)

    • This episode scored 4.0 million viewers.

    • Peter Woodward who appears in this episode as Aku, previously appeared as The Source in the season four episode Charmed and Dangerous. He will go on to reprise the role of Aku, several episodes later, as well as appearing again as The Source in the 8th season.

  • Allusions

    • Phoebe: We're not Brody's Angels.

      This is a referance to the TV series "Charlie's Angels", which has also been made into two movies with the same name.

    • Title: Someone To Witch Over Me

      This is a reference to the song "Someone to Watch Over Me".