Season 1 Episode 1

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on The WB

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  • How the series began!!!Amazing!!!

    At the manor a night that was raining Prue and Piper have to deal with the arrival of their younger sister Phoebe from New York.Piper already knows she was coming but did'nt tell Prue cause she and Phoebe have some issues.At that night they start plaing with a spirit board when suddenly it moves on its own and spells Attic.The sisters deside not to check it but Phoebe goes in the attic alone and finds a book of witchcraft,the book of shadows and she reads a spell that gives the sisters their powers.And they became th Charmed Ones,the most powerfull good witches the world has ever known!
  • So it begins....

    A great start to a great series. This episode sets the scene perfectly, introducing all the main concepts and characters of the first season without giving away anything of the later episodes. The actresses gel straight away and the script throws up with some wonderful one-liners.

    After eight years of spells, demons and orbing, it's funny to see the sisters struggling to cope with their new world and interesting to see how they each react to it: Phoebe can't wait to get stuck in, Prue is a little wary but can clearly see the up side, and Piper just wishes it would all go away. Quite how they never worked out that their grandmother was a witch is a bit of mystery (wouldn't she have had to deal with demons?) but there you go. Despite the glaring continuity mistakes (the scene with Piper and Jeremy in the taxi is hilarious if you pay attention to the fortune cookie box), the episode is well acted and the special effects are good.

    My only gripe is that Jeremy had to die so soon. I realise they had to have something to vanquish in the first episode but it would have been fascinating to have seen him worming his way into their coven for a little while longer.

    As I say, though, a great start.
  • This episode shows how the three sister Prue, Phoebe, and Piper come together and get their three wiccan powers.

    This episode was very good. It shows that the three sister Prue, Phoebe, and Piper come together and discovers they are gifted Wicca witches who have to destory Piper boyfriend because he is a warlock and is after their powers. They are just getting use to there powers and learn to use them quite well and fast. The story line was pretty good and shows how the sister really do act in real life because you always have one sister that is mad at the other and the other one that gets along with all of them. Well thats how it works in my family but this shows how they can work pass all this and live under one roof and be happy about being witches.
  • Best series ever!!

    Phoebe Halliwell returns to the Halliwell Manor where her two sisters;Piper and Prue, currently live. She ventures up to the attic sometime later and finds a huge book entitled " The Book of Shadows. She reads a spell from it, giving her and her sisters their destined powers; Phoebe has premonitions, Piper can freeze time, and Prue is telekenetic. Later on Prue quits her job due to the fact that Roger, her boss, is giving her a very hard time about breaking up their engagement. Piper goes out with her boyfriend, Jeremy, later on, only to discover he is a warlock who has been involved in the recent murders of three witches. Just before he stabs her with an athame, a ceremonial knife which is sometimes used to kill witches, she freezes time and runs home to Prue and Phoebe. They cast a spell on Jeremy, who is coming to the Manor quickly, and he stops, screaming in agony due to the fact the spell the sisters put on him caused him to sprout thorns out of his body. Piper and Prue think the job is done until Phoebe has a premonition of Jeremy still running back to the Manor. He bursts into the house and comes up to the attic where Piper, Prue and Phoebe recite a spell which vanquishes him for good.
  • Great start to a great show

    Three sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe find out they have magical powers, a magical book, are known as the charmed ones and fight demons. Prue has the power of telekenisis, Piper has the power to freeze things and Phoebe gets premonitions. With these powers and the book of shadows they must stop a warlock named Jeremy whom Piper is dating to kill them and steal there powers. Coming into there powers for a first time is a struggle but the girls must control how to use them before the warlock kills them.

    Great first episode.
  • charmed is a bit like buffy with demons and i can say the same what i said by buffy revieuw. but the charmed ones are not 3 but 4 sisters and they are together more fowerfull than evil their sons even more

    i like to watch serie,s where magic and monsters playing in.
    charmed is a magic serie with 3 no 4 sisters who did not now they had powers but phoebe finds a book and so they get there powers back who are the sisters and their powers:
    phoebe a young beautiful girl here powers she doesn't like because there not active premenision-visioen,flying but she get active ones.
    piper the middle sister good in handeling things here powers freeze,blow up and more and take care of th sisters after the dead of preu.
    preu the oldest one who takes care of the sisters powers split in to 2 or more people,move things with her thoughts she dies.
    paige a bit of a rebel[that was first phoebe]an very energic powers she is half witch/elder she can disapear and move to another place with that power she can move things to
    the sisters fight evil and become more stronger they are together more powerfull than evil they get kids and they are alone maybe stronger than the sisters but together more fowerfull so evil can,t win.
    it has a great story line with very great moments and very sad things this serie is one of the best there is.
  • Love at first site!

    The very first episode of charmed was outstanding. I immedietaly fell in love with it. I love how the sisters arent too close in the beginning but when they find out they have powers and are witches they come more closer and share a closer relationship. Prue is the oldest sister and has the power of telekanesis- the power to move things with her mind. Piper is the middle sister who has the power to freeze time. Pheobe is the youngest and has the power of preminitions- to see the future. Pheobe is the one who finds the book of shadows and recites the spell to join the three sisters to become witches- the most powerful witches ever known- the power of 3!
  • Three sisters,Prue,Piper,and Pheobe find out they are witches who prtect the innocent. Prue has the power of telakensis,piper can freeze time and Pheobe gets premonitions.They kill piper's boyfriend,an evil warlock, who is going to kill them.

    Since this is the first episode it has to set up the rest of the series,so it ends up being a little boring. And like many other shows,they end up changing a lot that they say to make it fit future storylines.For a first episode I thought it was entertaining.
  • The sisters realize there destiny is to protect the inocent and they become best friends.

    This is has always been my favorite episode. I loved the way Phoebe empraces her destiny better than Prue and Pipper. I like the fact that it brings the sisters together. How it helped them reconcile there diffrences. I thought it was freaky when the spirit board talked to them to tell them that there destiny lied in the attic. How the book of shadows location was revieled by a light. The first episode made me fall in love with the sisters and made this sitcom one of my favoites. I now own most of the sesons and plan on owning all of them.
  • first ever episode.

    Well this was the first ever episode of charmed and when it was advertised on the tv for the first time i thought omg i think i will hate that but as soon as i started to watch it i was drawn in it was soooo cool and i really liked what was going on it was written well and i thought omg i have been proven wrong i love this !!! It was a really good episode and it made me feel like i was born to watch charmed lol it was absolutely great and that is all i have to say about it.
  • .. one of the best ones to be exact.

    So it all begins. Three, seemingly ordinary, sisters are reunited in their childhood house to discover their awaiting destiny to become witches, the protectors of the innocent and inherit their new supernatural powers. Of course there are some problems concerning that.

    I didn't actually see the Trailer of Charmed before the pilot episode. So I actually had no idea what's it gonna be about. Only a 10 seconds long commercial, which didn't explain anything at all. So I was pleasantly surprised about its brilliant plot. It was sci-fi-like, but in the same time so real. Well, hardly, but still. There was drama. Realistic reactions. There would be more obscure ones out there in the world if an action like this could actually occur, but this episode gave us the scoop of that.

    We were instantly introduced to every sister's characters completely. There was Prue, the domineering, powerful battle-axe with her obscure principles. Piper, the middle fall sister, the reasonable and objective one. That comes in handy as she's the middle sister to stand in the middle objectively. And Phoebe, the seemingly irresponsible and juvenile, a real eye-catcher. How will these sisters live being supernatural beings with the only goal - protect the innocents. Find out next, on Charmed.
  • The absolute perfect starter to a great show

    This episode was perfect in my opinion it showed them as normal people and how they came into their powers and how their powers really changed their bonds as sisters,from pure disliking pheobe and piper getting stuck in the middle,to future episodes how it shows how close it got them.
  • The Halliwell sisters learn that they come from a long line of powerful witches and each recieve their powers to help fight evil.

    A great beginning episode for a great series. Prue learns she can move objects with her mind, Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe can see into the future. As all the sisters gather together again, Phoebe finds the book one night and reads the incantation that gives them their powers, however, her sisters don't believe her until each one of them experiences using those powers. This episodes funny, it's intriguing, and it shows three powerful women as the protaganists of this show. It also shows that evil can be any form, including a journalist who seems nice and just happens to be Piper's boyfriend. The Power Of Three!
  • Excellent start!!

    I feel that this is an excellent introduction to the Charmed series. You can already clearly see their different personalties shining through. Prue is dominant and strong, Piper a natural born worrier where as Phoebe is a free spirit and easy going and seems to refuse to let the fact shes become a witch get her down. Prue and Piper however have a harder time coming to terms with it and it isn\'t until they must fight their first warlock (who is also Pipers Fiance!) that they unite to become the power of three! An amazing episode which really sets the standard!!!
  • The three Sister get their powers and fight off their first Warlock.

    So the eposide starts off with a Witch getting killed by a man dressed in all black. Then the screen goes to Piper running into the manor and Prue and her talk for a while and then piper tells her that Phoebe will be coming back and as soon as she says that Phoebe enters the door. Phoebe ends up getting a message from the Spirit Board, "Attic" so Phoebe goes up to the attic and then finds the Book of Shadows and says the Incantation that gives them their pre-destined powers. Piper then has to cook a sample to see if she can get hired to be the Chef at Quake. Well, she doesnt have enough time to finish her masterpiece. In a panic she ends up Freezing Time and ends up completing the food. Which in return she gets the job at Quake. Phoebe then gets a Preminiton about two kids on rollarblades getting hit by a car. She then sees the car and then swerves near the car and kids, stopping the accident from happening. Then later Phoebe and Prue are talking about the powers and stuff and then Prue was frusterated and was looking for the creamer to go into her coffee and then all of a sudden the creamer started moving across the table and filled up the cup. So, Prue has Telekonesis, Piper has the ability to stop time, and Phoebe has the power for Premonitions. Then the warlock turns out to be pipers boyfriend Jeremy, so the girls finally defet him by repeating "The Power of Three will set us free".

    I really liked this eposide of charmed it, taught us alot of what the charmed ones were before they got their powers and how their lives would change for the good but it would never be the same agian.
  • Something wonderful this way comes!

    This episode basically introduced the three sisters(witches), who are: Prue, Piper and Phoebe. They are new to their powers which they inherited from Grandmother and they must learn to use them before they come into contact with evil. Warlocks/Demon will come to destroy them to get their powers, Battle begins

    I found this episode very scary (especially when I watched this episode with the light off and the curtains shut at night) I found it nerve recking and mysterious. I must have jumped 3 times, whilst watching this one. Un predictable and one of the best episodes of charmed.

  • Phoebe returns home to live with her sisters, Prue and Piper. Phoebe finds and reads from a book of witchcraft that leaves the sisters three with magiccal powers. They must learn to use them or loose them and their lives at the hands of a warlock.

    It all seems innocent enough, finding a book and reading aloud. When you don\'t believe in it anyway, what\'s the harm? Until you learn that it\'s real and demons and warlocks want to steal your powers and must kill you to do this.

    This starts the pattern of bad boyfriends, sisterly bonding, and trying to find their indivual selves. I like the differences in relationships between each sister. You get a little background and start to see the strengths and weaknesses of each personality and how their powers will play into that. I like that it is Piper that has the evil boyfriend because she seems most vulnerable at this point.
  • First episode of Charmed to be aired.

    Phoebe returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper. During their first night together in their grandmother's house, Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft and recites an incantation that leaves the sisters three with powers they were destined to have.

    This is a really great episode! I have to admit that it is not my favorite, but it is really good. It is the episode that brought so many fans, including me, to the series.
  • The great series premire to start off a great series!

    In the series premire, the youngest sister Phoebe comes back from New York to San Francisco to live with her older sisters Prue and Piper. But when Pheoebe goes up to the attic, she finds the mysterious 'Book of Shadows' in a chest. she reads an incantation that releases the powers to her and her sisters, turning them into the Charmed Ones and releasing all types of evil on them.

    This was a really good episode, not the best, but one of the good ones. Even though I wasn't watching it when it premired, it was still a really good episode.

    The powers revealed in this episode were:

    Prue: Telekinises
    Piper: Freezing time
    Phoebe: Premonitions

    I liked the special effects in this episode, espically the end when Jermey tried to kill them and when he was vanquished. The lighting was dark and fit really well for this episode.


  • the sisters reunite at home. phoebe finds the book of shadows and get magical powers, along with her sisters piper and prue. prue has telekinetic abilities, piper can freeze time, and phoebe can see the future. they must vanquish a warlock, or get killed

    this really started the show off good. Immediatly after watching this episode, charmed became my favoite show. i didnt really like how prue didnt like phoebe that much, then by the end of the episode they were buddy-buddy. its kind of confusing how vanquishing a warlock is such a problem in this episode while later in the season theyre killing off demons like theyre nothing. i like it how phoebe believes right away then has to convince her sisters that they have powers too. its so dramatic how if they dont vanquish the warlock jeremy, aka pipers boyfriend, they will get killed. good start to one of the longest running shows on TV.
  • Start of something big!

    The first of many classic episodes to come, Although not one of my most favourite episodes it shows you what genius is to come later.
    The episode explains everything you need to know about the three sisters, the power of three, the book of shadows. I can guarantee that this will get any Charmed newbie hooked. I got my brother hooked after just one episode. He is constantly bugging to borrow my DVDs which i reluctantly give up as i watch them constantly.
    And although it has sadly now finished anyone who has not had the pleasure of watching charmed take it not just from me but from all charmed fans on TV.Com and watch it.
  • Charmed begins with this episode!!!!!!

    A witch is preparing a ritual at home when she is interrupted by a man she appears to know, dressed in a rain coat. However she suddenly realises the meeting is not as friendly as she first thought when he stabs her, obtaining her power to light flames using her finger tips.
    At the Halliwell manor, the two older sisters are talking about Piper's job interview tomorrow which has been aided by Jeremy's gift of a bottle of port. Prue mentions that she found their old spirit board while she was trying to fix the electricity which had gone out because of the storm.
    Darryl at Serena's appartment, investigating her murder, when Andy appears and reveals he has been visitng occult shops, following the lead that all the victims are witches who have been stabbed by an athame.
    Back at the manor, the coverstation has turned and Piper mentions that since Prue wanted a roommate to fill their spare room, Phoebe should come home and live with them. Prue disagrees, saying Phoebe lives in New York, when the door opens revealing the youngest of the Halliwell trio. There is obvious tension between the eldest and youngest of the sisters since Phoebe said "I never touched Roger" although it is clear Prue thinks otherwise.
    Later that evening, Piper and Phoebe are sitting in Phoebe's room discussing Prue, mentioning that Prue had to practically sacrifice her childhood to help their grandmother raise them, and yet Phoebe now wants Prue to have a sisterly role in her life rather than a motherly one. They then return downstairs to play with the spirit board, updating each other with their love lives, when the pointer starts moving on its own, spelling out the word "ATTIC".
    Prue is sceptical, Piper is freaked out and Phoebe is intrigued. She goes to the attic and finds the locked door opening itself. She discovers the Book of Shadows and reads an incantation to activate their powers. The other sisters come up to the attic and neither are as excited about the possibility of becoming witches as much as Phoebe. She stays awake all night reading about magic and their destiny. They are the Charmed Ones, who have to use their magic to protect innocents against forces of evil.
    Throughout the following day, the sisters discover their individual powers. Prue is annoyed with Roger, her ex-fiance, who is trying to accept full credit for an exhibition which Prue had worked hard for, and ends up with a pen which leaks in his pocket and then explodes in showers of ink when he tries to examine it.
    Piper is auditioning for a job as a chef in a restaurant but has not had time to add the port, which will make the recipe when the man comes in and demands to taste it. She throws her hands up in despair and freezes him. This allows her to add the port and secure the job.
    Phoebe meanwhile is riding her bike when she has a premontion of a boy being hit by a truck. To prevent this from happening she swerves in front of the van, and ends up saving the boy.
    Jeremy is thrilled Piper has got the job and after their date wants to take her to an abandonned warehouse to show her a view of the Bay Bridge. However when they are alone in the elevator, Jermey reveals his true colours. He is actually a warlock who has grown close to Piper so he can kill the Charmed Ones and obtain their powers. When he tries to attack, Piper freezes him and manages to escape.
    Prue, meanwhile is picking Phoebe up from the hospital when she runs into an old flame, Andy the inspector and it is revealed that he "checked up" on her.
    After talking to Phoebe about her powers, and realises she can pour milk into her coffee using her mind, Prue thinks this is too much to take and requires some asprin. They go to the drug store and Phoebe realises that Prue's power is connected to her anger and so mentions Roger and their father, who abandonned them when they were just little girls to prove Prue has powers and to rid her of her headache.
    When they arrive back at the manor, Piper bursts through the front door, asking Phoebe if she knows how to vanquish a warlock. The sisters concoct a potion and say a spell which causes Jeremy to break out in thorns, but according to Phoebe's premontion, this does not stop Jeremey.
    He arrives at their house and the girls realise the only way to vanquish him is to use the inscription on the back of the spirit board, "The power of three will set us free" and Jeremey is destroyed.
    The next morning, the girls have finally accepted they are not normal but after a conversation with Andy Prue asks "Do witches even date?" to which Piper answers, "Not only do they date, but they get the best guys." Realising that this could be a great oppertunity for them all, the girls enter the house together and Prue shuts the door with her newly acquired power of telekenisis.
    Cool episode, the beginning of a great series!
  • Phoebe comes home and reads an incantation that turns her, Prue, and Piper into witches. Then a warlock named Jeremy attacks them and says that he\'s only one out of million. They vanquish him by saying, \"The Power of Three will set us free. Prue magical

    It was a very great episode. You are seeing the show for the first time. It was memorable. When I saw this episode I thought it was the best one yet. How wrong I was. Prue and Piper were amazing, but I think that Phoebe was the best one yet.The Power of Three is born. Normally I would say this was a very boring episode, but what with a warlock named Jeremy and Andy and Darryl add the finesse that makes it an O.K. episode. I don\'t usually contradict other people's reviews but I speak a little truth in what I say.
  • This episode starts it all and defines what the characters roles will be.

    This episode starts it all and defines what the characters roles will be. Without watching this episode, it would take a viewer many episodes to understand the dance between the sisters. The actesses portray the enivatable role that three siblings bring to a family. Prue is the ambitious one, the leader of the pack. Piper is the sensible one and the mediator. And Phoebe is the forever wild child who looks at live with wonder and without reserve.
  • An easy watchable introduction

    Now, I know Charmed has been on for years, but either due to work, or just not watching the right channels, I had missed this fine show until now (2006). I was actually introduced to it by my mum of all people, who told me on the phone one night that she was hooked on it. So I started where everyone should, at the beginning, and watched with cynical and jaded eyes. I\'ve seen enough pilots and shows that come and go, and unless they offer something new, then they usually fall by the wayside of my viewing eyes. In short, I expected a Buffy clone.
    What I found though was a charming (sic) little show, that kept me entertained in an easy going way. Coming from Aaron Spelling, it was formulaic, but nothing to really complain about.
    Anyway, I am now hooked on this fine show myself. It’s an easy way to escape for 40 minutes.
  • one of the best pilot episodes i've seen.

    i like this episode we meet the power of 3 for the first time we meet andy and darryl for the first time. with the few mistakes in a couple of sense it still is a good episode to premire on. i'd like to see charmed last along time. atleats 2 more seasons to make it an even 10.
  • The first episode of Charmed has power, evil and sister bonding.

    This is the first episode of Charmed and is one of my favorite episodes. In this one we can watch the difficult relationship that Phoebe and Prue are having because of Roger, their father and Phoebe's irresponsability. Piper has to play a mediator in this episode.

    Later on something happens that will change their lives. Phoebe discovers the Book of Shadows and the three powers are given to them. The reaction of each of the girls are normal and at some point all of them reject their new destiny.

    As every Charmed episode, evil appears to destroy the girls lives in order to get their powers or let the underworld rule the earth. The Power of Three spell is used for the first time and everything is set for the series to continue. Of course everything is not as perfect as it seems. The special effects are not very good and the episode is filled with strangre bloopers that are too obvious to ignore.
  • I Love it

    Wonderful epidose! I enjoyed a lot , was a very great beginning, I think Constance M Burge have write an amazing episode , My favorite scene was when Prue said "I do not have special powers~, now where's the milk?~and she moves the milk next to her, I just love it!
  • This episode really falls into place with the current season up until today because in each season the sisters referred back to what happened in this particular episode. It was great and the gals did a fantastic job on it!

    This episode really falls into place with the current season up until today because in each season the sisters referred back to what happened in this particular episode. It was great and the gals did a fantastic job on it! I really go into it and it started on the day before of my birthday. Oct.8th
  • First episode hits it off!

    Something Wicca This Way Comes

    When young women get killed at their home's by an occult altar the police gets suspicious.
    Two sisters live in an old Victorian house in San Francisco, the oldest sister Prue gets mad at her younger sister Piper who comes back late.
    Piper reveals to Prue that their younger sister Phoebe moved back from New York to San Francisco to come live with them.
    Prue gets mad but doesn’t get the chance to yell at Piper when Phoebe comes in, their greeting is cold and Phoebe goes upstairs immediately.
    Later that night the power goes out in a storm and Phoebe decides to go up to the attic because she’s never been there before.
    When she can’t get the attic door to open she walks away and the door opens by itself, she finds a chest with a book of witchcraft and reads the first incantation out loud.
    The next morning nothing seems different until Piper suddenly freezes time, Phoebe sees an accident before it happened and Prue suddenly moves things with her mind.
    Phoebe knows that there’s something going on…
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