Season 1 Episode 1

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on The WB

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  • Something Wicca This Way Comes

    Something Wicca This Way Comes was a perfect series premiere of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching this episode because the actors were spectacular, the story was well written with intricate drama and there is magic! I thought this was a perfect introduction to the sisters and for them to be introduced to their heritage and powers. I certainly look forward to watching more episodes to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • First Episode!!

    I just watched this episode few days ago, it is not bad, it was awesome! Phoebe is so brave to go to attic alone and she didnt get scared, or anything. Prue and Piper said the attic was sealed off for years! I dont think attic was sealed off, it was just LOCKED, that is all. It was weird enough when attic door opened itself! Phoebe did freed power of three and the sisters became witches. Though, sisters were scared enough and cant control the powers.
    Awesome Episode and I loves it! It is very special episode because it is pilot of Charmed!
  • This episode introduces us to the Charmed that we know and love.

    I love this episode, I actually downloaded the original pilot with Lori Rom as Phoebe, and needless to say, it didn't have the same effect. I loved the chemistry among these three actresses. The episode opens with a random witch reciting a protection spell, who is killed by a cloaked figure. Cut to the Halliwell Manor, where Prue comments on how the chandelier needs to be fixed, Piper skirting around the fact that Phoebe is moving back in, forced to admit it, and when asked when shew is coming, Phoebe appears. Prue is infuriated, Piper, annoyed at Prue, pays the cab driver with Prue's money. The storylines that each of them follow really show you who the characters are- Phoebe being the resented little sister, who the oldest sister, Prue, is overprotective of, and obviously enivies for her free-spiritedness, thought she would never admit it to Phoebe, and Phoebe is always trying to impress Prue. When Phoebe moves back home Piper, trying ever to be the homemaker, tries to make the reunion pleasant, and is heartbroken that her two sisters have so much hate towards each other. Piper and Phoebe play with the spirit board, Prue and Piper insisting that she is pushing the pointer, but it spells out attic. Apparently the attic has been unable to be opened since Grams died or longer, but Phoebe goes up,can't open the door turns to leave, and it opens itself. She finds the Book of Shadows, reads and incantation, inadvertently giving all of their powers back. Powers they didn't know about, and which Prue and Piper are unwilling to accept--there are no such things as witches, right? Prue's boss is a jerk, and I particularly love the scene where she is thinking about strangling him, and his tie attacks him, and also earlier on when his pen contaminates his shirt, then when Prue puts the cream in her coffee without lifting a finger, and makes the medicine shelf fall over when Phoebe provokes her. Plus, it is really cute when Piper freezes the chef that she is auditioning for mid-bite because she ahdn't the time to put the port in the sauce. Phoebe is worried because she hasn't yet found her power, and then sees Jeremy killing Piper. Jeremy is the creep of the week, who is trying to kill Piper, now that she has found her powers, and has been pursuing her ever since Grams got sick to kill her and her sisters. The effects of the spell and the use of a poppet was very much reminescent of The Witches of Eastwick, in a good way. Ultimately, Jeremy is riddled with rose thorns and still coming after them, so the Power of Three spell, which was engraved on the spirit board found earlier before Phoebe arrived, is employed, and Jeremy goes poof.
  • A great way to a fabolous written series that will rank up there with classics that Mr. Joss Whedon brought to us in 1997 with his TV Take on the Vampire World in "Buffy". Charmed introduced us to the world of the Wiccans(or Witches).

    Finally, after my several failed attempts to see the Pilot Episode, I got to see the Pilot Episode thanks to the magic of the TV DVD boom. I have one word to summarize this show: WOW. In just 45 minutes it manages to explain how everything cam about. It's also interesting to see that Phoebe started off as the self-centered spoiled little girl. Look at Phoebe now, she's now a Newspaper Column Writer and taking her life in stride. Quite an evolution for Phoebe. Piper is still the same after all these years. It was also great to see Andy Trudeau, who we learn was the sisters' childhood friend and still is. This episode proved that the show was able to continue in the trend of "X-Files", "Buffy" and "Angel.
  • First eppi. and its great!!!!!

    This probly would be one of the best episodes ever! it shows the start of th PO3. if u havent seen this eppi. and seen the show and loved it, u have 2 see this one! i thought this episode would be bad when prue was mad at pheobe cause i thought she would stay mad but she didnt and it was great!
  • The very first episode, the sisters discover that they have magical powers, and their life will never be the same again

    This episode is a must see for everybody and for obvious reason of course.

    I think that the episode was extremelly well written for a pilot episode, of course there are few flaws, but which pilot doesn't until they find how they want the show to be.

    It's really where it all begun, fans all know this, and if you missed it, you absolutely have to see it, you MUST see it, and you'll be pleased. It's a very good pilot and the sisters difference are talked about and showed in the first minutes of the show.

    It really is one of the best TV (fantasy) Pilot I've seen
  • I Love it

    Wonderful epidose! I enjoyed a lot , was a very great beginning, I think Constance M Burge have write an amazing episode , My favorite scene was when Prue said \"I do not have special powers~, now where\'s the milk?~and she moves the milk next to her, I just love it!
  • Prudence, Piper and Phoebe, three of four magical sisters recieve their powers after Phoebe reads an incantation from the Book of Shadows.

    This episode had a really strong wiccan vibe to it and was centred around good vs evil rather than witches and whitelighters vs darklighers, warlocks and demons. It's exciting and fascinating to learn their background, and get to know the sisters as people before their magic becomes the main concern of their lives. Prue does come across as the protective and caring oldest sister, Piper is very much the troubled and nervous middle sister and Phoebe is the most impressionable and wants a good relationship with Prue.
    It leaves you craving more.
  • The beginning of charmed. WOW!

    I just loved this episode the beggining of charmed. The first time we met Prue, Piper and Phoebe. The episode first started off with Jeremy killing the first witch. Then Piper comes home and the connection of the sisters begin. It is 6 months after the death of grams and all of the sisters are together. i liked how It was Phoebe who found the book of shadows. It was quite neat how Prue didnt believe her and how she was using her powers without her knowing it. But the solution to defeat the warlock lied on the power of three. This was also the beginning to the drama of which sister is going to be with a demon. Just loved this episode.
  • Every pilot should be like this.

    And so it begins. One of the greatest SF series makes its debut. Three sisters reunite in San Fransisco, and soon they learn they all have powers, and now they have to learn how to deal with it. The episode begins slowly, by perfectly explaining each phase. The episode was written perfectly. It wasn't a stereotypical episode. It was as original as they come.

    Each sister is an amazing actress, which adds an extra amazing look to this show. OK, so maybe this episode didn't have a super-villain, but it presented us the world of magical powers, evil and we saw how each person would react if they'd find out they had special powers.

    Watching this episode only makes you want more because a huge world of possibilities opened and now we can't wait to see what's to come. Truly, this is an amazing pilot (every show should have a beginning like this).
  • Three ordinary sisters become the most powerful 3 witches ever.

    This was an excellent way to start out such a wonderful new series. Gives much info on what it's about and what you have to look forward to in the upcoming shows. Phoebe really seemed to be lost and Prue was definitely in charge. Piper began as the peacemaker and ultimately was the heart of the Halliwells. Prues distrust for Phoebe is sometimes understood, yet shouldn't family come first? She learns her lesson well when prue finds out her fiance is no where near what she thought of him and Phoebe was true to her sister. But hard feelings take time to heal. Phoebe will work hard to gain prues trust. Piper will help her sisters become stronger together which makes the power of 3 even stronger.
  • Three very different sisters discover they have unique individual powers and will need to use these gifts to battle evil and save innocents

    A grand opening of a spectacular series, the viewers get an immediate insight on the very different Halliwell sisters; Prue the eldest: headstrong and confident, Piper middle sister: unsure, sweet, Phoebe: Immature, fun. The three leads played the roles very well in this season opening, the acting was so convincing and it makes you feel that the sisters have known each other for years. The warlock Jeremy turns out to be a very creepy and sinister individual with a very cool list of powers. His vanquish was very well played out, unlike many of the later seasons vanquishes (particularly season 8) the special effects were very good considering it is the first episodes and their must be a tight budget

    A 10/10 episode and a must see
  • The fun starts here!

    This is the beginning of a show that is one of the best shows I've ever seen. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are three very special sisters with unique abilities. They were just three normal girls, until the day they found out that they were witches.

    Each one of them has a different power: Prue has the ability to move objects with her mind; Piper has the power to freeze time; and Phoebe can see the future. Together they are The Charmed Ones, three sisters that fight the forces of darkness.

    In this episode, we also meet Andy, a police inspector who believes that there are witches and his partner, Darryl, not so open-minded...

    Here The Charmed Ones start they fight, vanquishing a demon named Jeremy, who ironicly was Piper's boyfriend.

    But even witches have their own lifes, and they have to deal with their jobs and problems as any other person. Prue works in an auction house, Piper is a chef and Phoebe is currently unemployed.
  • Charmed at its definitive best

    charmed is always overlooked and is one of the most dismissed shows in the history of television...many many people and critics overlook the show because they see the show as not being a template of originalty as show in the more successful programmes and in many ways superior shows like Buffy the Vam[pire slayer,The X-files,Xena warrior princess.
    Charmed is certainly not a classic tv show...but it started out with such high adrenaline tht was lost throughout the course of the shows run.
    many remember the latter episodes of the shows run rather than the earlier gems in this shows crown.
    SWTWC is a fantastic way to start off a tv series and showed people tht charmed is a show to be indeed reconned with.
    it stars some great talent Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell the greatest witch(and my fave) of the entire shows run(well tied with Phoebe anyway)..she as the power of telekenisis.
    Phoebe Halliwell is plaed by the marvellous Alyssa Milano and is tied with Prue for being my fave sister on this show,she will show progression as a character as the show develops and has the power of premonition.
    and Piper Halliwell is played by the fun Holly Marie Combs,she makes Piper her own and has the power of molecular combustion.
    this episode doesnt contain any holes in the plot and remains a corker of a thrill ride...a must see for Buffy fans.
    the show is brilliant in its early seasons but it eventually fell flat towards its end...unfortunately:/.
    but season 1 is charmed at its definitive best.
  • An excellent first episode to begin the eight-season run of this fantastic show which revolves around the lives of three (later four) sisters who have inherrited magical powers from their mother and grandmother.

    Six months ago, Penny Halliwell, the much-loved grandmother of sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell passed away with a heart ailment. She was the girls' only family as their mother had died when they were young and it had been many years since they had seen their absent father.

    One night, Phoebe arrives back at the family home in San Francisco after being in New York for several months. It is clear from the outset that relations between Phoebe and Prue are very strained but the middle sister, Piper, tries to keep things as light-hearted as possible. Meanwhile, there is a murderer on the loose in the city who, it seems, is killing people inbolved in the occult. Inspector Andrew Trudeau, at least, is totally convinced of this but others are not so sure.

    Later that same night, Phoebe, while wandering through the house, ends up in the attic and finds 'The Book of Shadows', which is, essentially, a book of witchcraft which obviously belonged to both her mother and grandmother given the writing on the pages. Reading the book, Phoebe recites an incantation which inadvertently turns herself and her two sisters into witches - The Charmed Ones - the most powerful good witches in the world.

    This episode sets the premise for the entire series as the girls embark on a life of witchy crime fighting against many different forces of evil, including Piper's boyfriend.

    A great start to a marvellous series which deserves every accolade it did and still does receive.
  • Three sisters living in San Fransisco find out there witches after the youngest (Phoebe) reads an incantation from a misterous book of spells in there attic.

    I started waching Charmed in the fifth season but stopped about a year later. About two years ago i started waching again. I bought the seasons and i now love the show. This episode was awsome becuse I did really wanted to see the first episode and when I finally got to it was really cool. I dident even know Prue was a carecter I always thought it was Piper Phoebe an Paige. I also really like Andy. He is the person that firmly belives something is out there and dosent know how close he is to being right. The guy who is blind to what is right infront of him. Over all this was good for a first episode.
  • How the series began!!!Amazing!!!

    At the manor a night that was raining Prue and Piper have to deal with the arrival of their younger sister Phoebe from New York.Piper already knows she was coming but did'nt tell Prue cause she and Phoebe have some issues.At that night they start plaing with a spirit board when suddenly it moves on its own and spells Attic.The sisters deside not to check it but Phoebe goes in the attic alone and finds a book of witchcraft,the book of shadows and she reads a spell that gives the sisters their powers.And they became th Charmed Ones,the most powerfull good witches the world has ever known!
  • This episode shows how the three sister Prue, Phoebe, and Piper come together and get their three wiccan powers.

    This episode was very good. It shows that the three sister Prue, Phoebe, and Piper come together and discovers they are gifted Wicca witches who have to destory Piper boyfriend because he is a warlock and is after their powers. They are just getting use to there powers and learn to use them quite well and fast. The story line was pretty good and shows how the sister really do act in real life because you always have one sister that is mad at the other and the other one that gets along with all of them. Well thats how it works in my family but this shows how they can work pass all this and live under one roof and be happy about being witches.
  • Best series ever!!

    Phoebe Halliwell returns to the Halliwell Manor where her two sisters;Piper and Prue, currently live. She ventures up to the attic sometime later and finds a huge book entitled " The Book of Shadows. She reads a spell from it, giving her and her sisters their destined powers; Phoebe has premonitions, Piper can freeze time, and Prue is telekenetic. Later on Prue quits her job due to the fact that Roger, her boss, is giving her a very hard time about breaking up their engagement. Piper goes out with her boyfriend, Jeremy, later on, only to discover he is a warlock who has been involved in the recent murders of three witches. Just before he stabs her with an athame, a ceremonial knife which is sometimes used to kill witches, she freezes time and runs home to Prue and Phoebe. They cast a spell on Jeremy, who is coming to the Manor quickly, and he stops, screaming in agony due to the fact the spell the sisters put on him caused him to sprout thorns out of his body. Piper and Prue think the job is done until Phoebe has a premonition of Jeremy still running back to the Manor. He bursts into the house and comes up to the attic where Piper, Prue and Phoebe recite a spell which vanquishes him for good.
  • charmed is a bit like buffy with demons and i can say the same what i said by buffy revieuw. but the charmed ones are not 3 but 4 sisters and they are together more fowerfull than evil their sons even more

    i like to watch serie,s where magic and monsters playing in.
    charmed is a magic serie with 3 no 4 sisters who did not now they had powers but phoebe finds a book and so they get there powers back who are the sisters and their powers:
    phoebe a young beautiful girl here powers she doesn't like because there not active premenision-visioen,flying but she get active ones.
    piper the middle sister good in handeling things here powers freeze,blow up and more and take care of th sisters after the dead of preu.
    preu the oldest one who takes care of the sisters powers split in to 2 or more people,move things with her thoughts she dies.
    paige a bit of a rebel[that was first phoebe]an very energic powers she is half witch/elder she can disapear and move to another place with that power she can move things to
    the sisters fight evil and become more stronger they are together more powerfull than evil they get kids and they are alone maybe stronger than the sisters but together more fowerfull so evil can,t win.
    it has a great story line with very great moments and very sad things this serie is one of the best there is.
  • The sisters realize there destiny is to protect the inocent and they become best friends.

    This is has always been my favorite episode. I loved the way Phoebe empraces her destiny better than Prue and Pipper. I like the fact that it brings the sisters together. How it helped them reconcile there diffrences. I thought it was freaky when the spirit board talked to them to tell them that there destiny lied in the attic. How the book of shadows location was revieled by a light. The first episode made me fall in love with the sisters and made this sitcom one of my favoites. I now own most of the sesons and plan on owning all of them.
  • The absolute perfect starter to a great show

    This episode was perfect in my opinion it showed them as normal people and how they came into their powers and how their powers really changed their bonds as sisters,from pure disliking pheobe and piper getting stuck in the middle,to future episodes how it shows how close it got them.
  • The first episode of Charmed has power, evil and sister bonding.

    This is the first episode of Charmed and is one of my favorite episodes. In this one we can watch the difficult relationship that Phoebe and Prue are having because of Roger, their father and Phoebe's irresponsability. Piper has to play a mediator in this episode.

    Later on something happens that will change their lives. Phoebe discovers the Book of Shadows and the three powers are given to them. The reaction of each of the girls are normal and at some point all of them reject their new destiny.

    As every Charmed episode, evil appears to destroy the girls lives in order to get their powers or let the underworld rule the earth. The Power of Three spell is used for the first time and everything is set for the series to continue. Of course everything is not as perfect as it seems. The special effects are not very good and the episode is filled with strangre bloopers that are too obvious to ignore.
  • I Love it

    Wonderful epidose! I enjoyed a lot , was a very great beginning, I think Constance M Burge have write an amazing episode , My favorite scene was when Prue said "I do not have special powers~, now where's the milk?~and she moves the milk next to her, I just love it!
  • This episode really falls into place with the current season up until today because in each season the sisters referred back to what happened in this particular episode. It was great and the gals did a fantastic job on it!

    This episode really falls into place with the current season up until today because in each season the sisters referred back to what happened in this particular episode. It was great and the gals did a fantastic job on it! I really go into it and it started on the day before of my birthday. Oct.8th
  • First episode hits it off!

    Something Wicca This Way Comes

    When young women get killed at their home's by an occult altar the police gets suspicious.
    Two sisters live in an old Victorian house in San Francisco, the oldest sister Prue gets mad at her younger sister Piper who comes back late.
    Piper reveals to Prue that their younger sister Phoebe moved back from New York to San Francisco to come live with them.
    Prue gets mad but doesn’t get the chance to yell at Piper when Phoebe comes in, their greeting is cold and Phoebe goes upstairs immediately.
    Later that night the power goes out in a storm and Phoebe decides to go up to the attic because she’s never been there before.
    When she can’t get the attic door to open she walks away and the door opens by itself, she finds a chest with a book of witchcraft and reads the first incantation out loud.
    The next morning nothing seems different until Piper suddenly freezes time, Phoebe sees an accident before it happened and Prue suddenly moves things with her mind.
    Phoebe knows that there’s something going on…
  • I love this episode. This is one of my favorite episodes. This is the episode that started the whole series.

    Phoebe (youngest sister) returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue (oldest sister) and Piper (middle sister). During their first night together in their grandmother's house (known as the manor), Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft (the book of shadows) and recites an incantation that leaves the three sisters with powers they were destined to have. Pru being able to move things with her mind, telekenesis. Piper having the power to freeze things, temperal stasis. And Phebe having the power to see into the future, preminition. As they get older their powers will get stronger grow. Wich means they will get more powers.

  • Phoebe returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper. During their first night together in their grandmother's house, Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft and recites an incantation that leaves the sisters with

    Phoebe returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper. During their first night together in their grandmother's house, Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft and recites an incantation that leaves the three sisters with powers they were destined to have to save the innocents!Three sisters (Prue, Piper and Phoebe) reunite and unlock their powers to become the Charmed Ones - the most powerful witches to exist. Now they must vanquish evil and save innocents while living their lives as normal women in the real world. Life isn't so easy when you're Charmed.

    In Season 4, half-sister Paige took over for the dearly departed Prue, to once again form the Charmed Ones and fight evil and save innocents.

  • A terrific series premiere. One of the best ever! This shows how it all started. Did I mention one of the best ever?

    This was a very special episode! It has everything a great series finale should have. Like being funny. Some drama. Some action. All in all, a bit of every genra. (Sorry if I spelled that wrong.) One of the best episodes ever!!!! Definetly one of a kind. It also shows how good the next episodes, seasons and everything are gonna be!!! The only series premiere that can rival this is "Welcome to the Hellmouth" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Very well written. Shows why this series is so great. Incredibly incredible. Terrificly terrific. Fantasticly fantastic. Have I said enough? Oh well.
  • I thought this episode was great, and a wonderful way to start the show.

    When this episode aired, you could tell the show would be big. This episode was awesome, and I think season one and two are the best seasons. I miss the stand-alone episodes where each week they'd have a different innocent to save, and a different demon to vanquish. Oh well.

    I can't imagine what this episode would be like with Lori om as phoebe, but nevermind, I don't have to worry about that since Lori quit.
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