Season 1 Episode 1

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on The WB

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  • Great start to a great show!

    I remember seeing the previews for the show . I couldnt wait for it to air, i knew i was going to love it, i mean come on alyssa milano how hot it she but thats not the only reason i liked it it was a gret starter show got the audience wanting more it was a little steriotypical but it was still good, i mean thats just the way people imagine witches minus the incredibly hot part. Anyway the show was genious i started watching it that day and have watched it every week since, well sometimes i tape it to watch it later but you get it, if you havent watched it i highly recommend it. Start with that episode you have to watch it before the rest, its what ties up the loose ends if you dont understand future episodes i give it two thumbs up.
  • A great way to a fabolous written series that will rank up there with classics that Mr. Joss Whedon brought to us in 1997 with his TV Take on the Vampire World in "Buffy". Charmed introduced us to the world of the Wiccans(or Witches).

    Finally, after my several failed attempts to see the Pilot Episode, I got to see the Pilot Episode thanks to the magic of the TV DVD boom. I have one word to summarize this show: WOW. In just 45 minutes it manages to explain how everything cam about. It's also interesting to see that Phoebe started off as the self-centered spoiled little girl. Look at Phoebe now, she's now a Newspaper Column Writer and taking her life in stride. Quite an evolution for Phoebe. Piper is still the same after all these years. It was also great to see Andy Trudeau, who we learn was the sisters' childhood friend and still is. This episode proved that the show was able to continue in the trend of "X-Files", "Buffy" and "Angel.
  • Three sisters Prue, Piper, and Pheobe Halliwell find themselves as witches after the death of their grandmother. Thier Wiccan powers reveal when they stumble upon the mysterious Book of Shadows in their Victorian mansion's attic. The girls soon find that

    Okay, the whole series Charmed definitely takes some time getting used to... this all starts with the pilot. To enjoy the series you need to believe that there is some magic in this world- otherwise you will spend seven years frusterated saying "that could never happen" or "what the heck is this". I say this to the unimaginative, stickler people, of course. I find the plot a little bit unconvincing myself. Pheobe's readyness to jump right in to being a Charmed one after an absence of a couple years kinda annoys me. Though Piper and Prue have fairly believable reactions. In short, my love for Charmed has grown since the pilot, and do not set a prescident... it gets better during the first season.
  • phoebe finds the book of shadows and casts a spell and they got their powers. they vanquish their first demon, jeremy.

    i love charmed it is the greatest show ever made. i started watching it from the middle and only later saw the pilot, i find the pilot disapointing and not charmed material at all. the episode was pretty boring other than the fact it is the beginning. but since alyssa milano is one of my favorites actresses, who plays phoebe, i am very happy that she replaced whoever played phoebe in the original pilot episode. also its good that their first vanquish was pretty easy and the spell was easy too, it would suck if they had a harder demon to go up against when they just found out about their powers and the book.
  • the first Charmed

    Meh, a great episode for this show.
    I don’t fell like it used the potential it had, besides it had some badly written and acted moments.

    But all in all, it mostly leave you for more.
    Charmed /was/ a good show about three sister witches who were chosen to protect the innocents.

    The first impressions of the characters were:
    Prue: a little stickup B!tchy with bad temper, always having something against her little sister. I never connected to well with Prue somehow. She was too responsible and not always that interesting.
    Piper: Sweet sister who tries to glue her sisters together, good first impressions.
    Phoebe: Funny, fresh and flunky. The funnest of the three (for the first three years anyway)

    The episode features someone who is after witches and killing them, he seems to be a good guy and the boyfriend of these witches. But the only thing he really wants it their powers.

    What I don’t like about this episode was that there was way too much talking that it got a bit boring, also didn’t like the way Prue found about her powers and the way she reacted except for this line ‘No, I’m not okay. You turned me into a witch’.

    Meanwhile Prue quits her job and meets this agent along, Andy. They used to know each other and begin to have feelings for each other again.

    So anyway, now that they all have powers. Phoebe can look into the future, Piper can freeze time and Prue can move things with her mind (when she’s angry, she doesn’t seem to be much into her dad)

    Eventually Piper’s boyfriend tries to kill her and steal her powers but the three witches do a spell together an defeat the evil guy.
    It was a nice episode, not overly interesting but it had a lot of potential and it succeeded to use some.
  • First episode!!

    This is Charmed\'s first episode aired on TV!!! The youngest sister Phoebe comes home from New York to live with her 2 siters Piper and Prue. That night she goes to the attic and discovers The Book Of Shadows. She reads a spell from the book and her and her sisters get there powers of being Charmedones. But with the powers they get they learn they have to fight a warlocks and demons.

    The powers they recive are:
    Piper freezing time
    Phoebe seeing the future
    Prue telekinsis

    This episode was a great starter for the series. This episode is great. So here is a 9.6!
  • First Episode!!

    I just watched this episode few days ago, it is not bad, it was awesome! Phoebe is so brave to go to attic alone and she didnt get scared, or anything. Prue and Piper said the attic was sealed off for years! I dont think attic was sealed off, it was just LOCKED, that is all. It was weird enough when attic door opened itself! Phoebe did freed power of three and the sisters became witches. Though, sisters were scared enough and cant control the powers.
    Awesome Episode and I loves it! It is very special episode because it is pilot of Charmed!
  • Just seen for the first time after watching quite a bit of the last two seasons and well I have to say that, it was OK

    Up till last month I had only seen a couple of episodes of Charmed, the one that stuck in my mind featured the Star Trek/Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey cliff with the pointy Rock some Demon and and an overpass, I was extremely underwhelmed. Then I saw quite a bit of the last 2 Season's when my brother started recording them each day. Where as they mainly seemed budget constrained (not many outdoor locations and far too much of that cave set) they were reasonable enough to be entertaining (although Rose Mcgowan's face pulling was annoying). So I was very intrigued to see the Pilot episode.

    The first thing I noted was that there seemed to be far more scope and far more locations used. Prue who I know gets killed or something at the end of Season 3 was very different to Paige, she's far more serious, acting at times like an overbearing mother. This felt a little out of place although I'm assuming for the sake of the series she calms down a little later on. Although I haven't seen it yet so I wouldn't know. Phoebe in the later series seemed to be the only one that had a proper job so its funny here to have Prue complain about her having no sense of direction. I'm also intrigued to see why Piper changed direction from Chef to Nightclub owner.

    So basically it had potential to grow from what is seen here. The powers are not all that amazing and nothing that hasn't been seen before although it's aiming for a light tone as well so It's not surprising. The cop/mystery/witch killer thing could have been played out for a few more episodes though as the reveal was a little too underplayed.
  • Phoebe returns home to live with her sisters, Prue and Piper. Phoebe finds and reads from a book of witchcraft that leaves the sisters three with magiccal powers. They must learn to use them or loose them and their lives at the hands of a warlock.

    It all seems innocent enough, finding a book and reading aloud. When you don\'t believe in it anyway, what\'s the harm? Until you learn that it\'s real and demons and warlocks want to steal your powers and must kill you to do this.

    This starts the pattern of bad boyfriends, sisterly bonding, and trying to find their indivual selves. I like the differences in relationships between each sister. You get a little background and start to see the strengths and weaknesses of each personality and how their powers will play into that. I like that it is Piper that has the evil boyfriend because she seems most vulnerable at this point.
  • Start of something big!

    The first of many classic episodes to come, Although not one of my most favourite episodes it shows you what genius is to come later.
    The episode explains everything you need to know about the three sisters, the power of three, the book of shadows. I can guarantee that this will get any Charmed newbie hooked. I got my brother hooked after just one episode. He is constantly bugging to borrow my DVDs which i reluctantly give up as i watch them constantly.
    And although it has sadly now finished anyone who has not had the pleasure of watching charmed take it not just from me but from all charmed fans on TV.Com and watch it.
  • Three sisters,Prue,Piper,and Pheobe find out they are witches who prtect the innocent. Prue has the power of telakensis,piper can freeze time and Pheobe gets premonitions.They kill piper's boyfriend,an evil warlock, who is going to kill them.

    Since this is the first episode it has to set up the rest of the series,so it ends up being a little boring. And like many other shows,they end up changing a lot that they say to make it fit future storylines.For a first episode I thought it was entertaining.
  • the sisters reunite at home. phoebe finds the book of shadows and get magical powers, along with her sisters piper and prue. prue has telekinetic abilities, piper can freeze time, and phoebe can see the future. they must vanquish a warlock, or get killed

    this really started the show off good. Immediatly after watching this episode, charmed became my favoite show. i didnt really like how prue didnt like phoebe that much, then by the end of the episode they were buddy-buddy. its kind of confusing how vanquishing a warlock is such a problem in this episode while later in the season theyre killing off demons like theyre nothing. i like it how phoebe believes right away then has to convince her sisters that they have powers too. its so dramatic how if they dont vanquish the warlock jeremy, aka pipers boyfriend, they will get killed. good start to one of the longest running shows on TV.
  • Fine Example

    This episode is a fine example of what Charmed stands for, Three sisters who happen to be witches. it brings through fine Wiccan traditions, the Witch reciting a protection spell because she feels someone is watching her, a feeling that was true, and through what they say, you can find out why Phoebe left in the first place and then she tells you why she came back.
  • one of the best pilot episodes i've seen.

    i like this episode we meet the power of 3 for the first time we meet andy and darryl for the first time. with the few mistakes in a couple of sense it still is a good episode to premire on. i'd like to see charmed last along time. atleats 2 more seasons to make it an even 10.
  • Perfect to start a great show.

    3 great actresses playing three powerful witches. I was always into paranormal stuff and all shows with magic and witches are usually cartoons. I was glad to see such a storyline of magic and fantasy to be mixed in the real world of love and drama. The pilot showed the Charmed Ones recieve and use their powers for the first time. For a starter episode, it was funny dramatic and it kept me interseted through the full hour.
  • First episode of Charmed to be aired.

    Phoebe returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper. During their first night together in their grandmother's house, Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft and recites an incantation that leaves the sisters three with powers they were destined to have.

    This is a really great episode! I have to admit that it is not my favorite, but it is really good. It is the episode that brought so many fans, including me, to the series.
  • An easy watchable introduction

    Now, I know Charmed has been on for years, but either due to work, or just not watching the right channels, I had missed this fine show until now (2006). I was actually introduced to it by my mum of all people, who told me on the phone one night that she was hooked on it. So I started where everyone should, at the beginning, and watched with cynical and jaded eyes. I\'ve seen enough pilots and shows that come and go, and unless they offer something new, then they usually fall by the wayside of my viewing eyes. In short, I expected a Buffy clone.
    What I found though was a charming (sic) little show, that kept me entertained in an easy going way. Coming from Aaron Spelling, it was formulaic, but nothing to really complain about.
    Anyway, I am now hooked on this fine show myself. It’s an easy way to escape for 40 minutes.
  • The three Sister get their powers and fight off their first Warlock.

    So the eposide starts off with a Witch getting killed by a man dressed in all black. Then the screen goes to Piper running into the manor and Prue and her talk for a while and then piper tells her that Phoebe will be coming back and as soon as she says that Phoebe enters the door. Phoebe ends up getting a message from the Spirit Board, "Attic" so Phoebe goes up to the attic and then finds the Book of Shadows and says the Incantation that gives them their pre-destined powers. Piper then has to cook a sample to see if she can get hired to be the Chef at Quake. Well, she doesnt have enough time to finish her masterpiece. In a panic she ends up Freezing Time and ends up completing the food. Which in return she gets the job at Quake. Phoebe then gets a Preminiton about two kids on rollarblades getting hit by a car. She then sees the car and then swerves near the car and kids, stopping the accident from happening. Then later Phoebe and Prue are talking about the powers and stuff and then Prue was frusterated and was looking for the creamer to go into her coffee and then all of a sudden the creamer started moving across the table and filled up the cup. So, Prue has Telekonesis, Piper has the ability to stop time, and Phoebe has the power for Premonitions. Then the warlock turns out to be pipers boyfriend Jeremy, so the girls finally defet him by repeating "The Power of Three will set us free".

    I really liked this eposide of charmed it, taught us alot of what the charmed ones were before they got their powers and how their lives would change for the good but it would never be the same agian.
  • Sisters 3 Become The Power of 3

    Something Wicca This Way Comes-Phoebe returns to San Francisco after losing her job to live with her older sisters, Prue and Piper. During their first night together in their grandmother's house, Phoebe finds a book of witchcraft and recites an incantation that leaves the sisters three with powers they were destined to have. After the commercial and criticial success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, TV execues soon jumped on female empowerment craze by creating other shows like Dark Angel and Alias years later. But first series to really capitalize on the Buffy premise was Charmed. A series created by the lovely Constance M. Bruge and produced by legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, Charmed centered around lives of 3 normal, everyday sisters who would discover they were powerful witches. As the Charmed Ones, these sisters would use their magic to battle the forces of evil on a weekly basis and at the same time, try to balance demon fighting with their normal lives. Despite dreadful pilot and quick recasting of the youngest sister Phoebe, Charmed debuted in the fall of 1998 with the highest ratings for the still young network the WB with 7.7 million viewers watching the series premiere. TV magic was literally born as Charmed felt fresh and exciting!

    What really works of the series premiere is how well our 3 leading ladies work so well together. Ex-90210 star Shannen Doherty is great as Prue, the eldest sister who is very strong willed and responsible for the family. Holly Marie Combs is wonderful as Piper, the well rounded and passive middle sister. Lastly, there the free-spirit trouble making youngest sister Phoebe played with a lot of energy by Alyssa Milano of "Who's the Boss" fame. There's an instant chemistry between all 3 women and you really believe they are sisters who are forced to live together again as Phoebe returns from New York. When their powers come to play the episode only gets better, as each sister discovers they're power in great ways. Prue mistakely uses her telekinesis choke her ex-fiance Roger, Piper freezes a chef while trying to get a job at Bukelands, and Phoebe gets a premonition of 2 skaters getting hit by a car. The metaphor for sisterhood is one of the series' primary premise and the revelation of being witches helps develop the characters already. One of the best scenes that does this is Prue and Phoebe's mini-agrument about their astranged father who left them which results in Prue's power hilariously causes chaos in the medicine aisle.

    Piper's boyfriend, Jeremy, turning out to be a warlock is well played twist and makes for a good first villain for the sisters. The make-up that transforms his into hideous demon is quite stunning. The special effects, on the other hand are very uneven. The scene where the sisters curse Jeremy and disfigure is excellent yet the scene where Jeremy creates a circle of fire around them is horribly done. Atleast, the episode is filled with suspenseful scenes like the shocking opening teaser, the spirit board coming alive, Phoebe discovering the Book of Shadows and awakening the Charmed Ones' powers. Also supporting cast, Ted King and Dorian Gregory, are entertaining as Inspector Andy Trudeau and Inspector Darryl Morris. "Something Wicca This Way Comes" is a terrific start to this bewitching series that will have many up and downs through it's run, but it started out pretty darn well!
  • The Power of Three will set us Free.

    Wow, the first aired episode. A natural classic, of course. Prue, Piper and Phoebe learn they are the most powerful good witches of all time after Phoebe reads an incantation out of their familys' much coveted Book of Shadows. Each born with a certain power, Prue recieves telekenisis, Piper gains the power to freeze time, and Phoebe has premonitions of the future. When they ban together they form The Power of Three which is the most strongest power known to magic. Together they must ban together to fight the evil that comes after them and save innocent lives along the way. An exciting start to an 8 year thrill ride.
  • The first episode.

    The first episode of Charmed. Phoebe returns from San Fransisco after their grandmother past away. Phoebe's return is unwelcome to Prue, because they have a huge fight before. Phoebe Halliwell is played by Alyssa Milano, Piper Halliwell is played by Holly Marie Combs and Prue Halliwell is played by Shannen Doherty. Piper is having a date with her boyfriend, which turn out to be a warlock. So dangerous, luckily she becomes a witch before her warlock boyfriend kills her. Good episode and exciting, the sisters power are not strong enough but they still manage to kill the warlock. Congratulations! You ladies have done a very good job!
  • Definitely a strong start to the series.

    Something Wicca This Way Comes may not be the best episode of season one, but it definitely was an enjoyable pilot episode. The characters are introduced gradually, allowing us to get a broader look at their personalities as the episode goes on. It reveals information gradually, instead of heaping everything on at once, and the storyline is enough to keep you interested.

    Granted, the warlock storyline of the episode isn't really spectacular, but it's good enough. The episode really focuses more on the three sisters discovering their powers and fighting to come to terms with the fact that they're witches. The vanquish at the end just kind of feels a little rushed and comes off as a bit cheesy. The other elements of the episode make it worth watching more so than the villain, such as the introduction of the Prue/Andy relationship that will be prominent throughout the season and the revelation of each of the sisters powers.

    There are a few things about the episode that are a bit off, such as the fact that the sistes didn't really seem so skeptical about the idea of magic. Why reprimand Phoebe for reading an incantation if you don't even believe magic exists? But aside from a few such minor details, this is an all around good episode and a nice introduction to the series.
  • Excellent start!!

    I feel that this is an excellent introduction to the Charmed series. You can already clearly see their different personalties shining through. Prue is dominant and strong, Piper a natural born worrier where as Phoebe is a free spirit and easy going and seems to refuse to let the fact shes become a witch get her down. Prue and Piper however have a harder time coming to terms with it and it isn\'t until they must fight their first warlock (who is also Pipers Fiance!) that they unite to become the power of three! An amazing episode which really sets the standard!!!
  • This episode started the fasination with Charmed for me.

    This episode started the fasination with Charmed for me. I am one of three sisters, and we all have a fun time watching this show together. This is the show that started it all. These three sisters are reunited for the first time in years and they discover that their ancestors were all witches, and that they are witches as well. Piper has the power to freeze, Prue has the power to move things with her mind and Phoebe has the power of premonition. Their powers pull them closer together then they have ever been, forces then to evaluate their relationship not only as sisters, but as the most powerful magical beings as well.
  • Great start to a great show

    Three sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe find out they have magical powers, a magical book, are known as the charmed ones and fight demons. Prue has the power of telekenisis, Piper has the power to freeze things and Phoebe gets premonitions. With these powers and the book of shadows they must stop a warlock named Jeremy whom Piper is dating to kill them and steal there powers. Coming into there powers for a first time is a struggle but the girls must control how to use them before the warlock kills them.

    Great first episode.
  • The first episode of Charmed.

    Charmed was such a great T.V show. The pilot episode is no diffrent to the rest of the show and in fact is one of the best episodes because it is the pilot which introduces everyone. Prue and Piper Haliwell live in their ansetsters house and have not talked to their sister, Phobie for months. Prue hates her because she thinks she sleep with her boyfriend. But Piper is keeping contact with her and now has to tell prue that phobie is coming to live with them. Soon after Phobie moves in the house, the sisters discover's that they are witch's and their ansecters are witch. Piper has the power to freeze time, Phobie can see the future and prue can move objects withher mind. Now, they are being hunted by a demon................
  • wicca wicca

    For this show in particular, I love that feeling of watching the first episode of a show. I just love how the Charmed one's discover their powers with Phoebe using the Ouija Board and it telling her to go to the attic, and she reads from the book, and all of a sudden they all have their powers. I love Phoebe's power of premonition and she has that vision while riding her bike and she saves these kids from getting run over by a car. I love Prue's power of telekinesis and she uses it to make her boss's pen explode on him and she makes all food fall off the shelves in the grocery store. I love Piper's freezing power and how her boyfriend Jeremy turned out to be a warlock and he did that cool fire thing and then she froze him and escaped. I love the end of the episode where The Charmed Ones vanquish Jeremy.
  • Love at first site!

    The very first episode of charmed was outstanding. I immedietaly fell in love with it. I love how the sisters arent too close in the beginning but when they find out they have powers and are witches they come more closer and share a closer relationship. Prue is the oldest sister and has the power of telekanesis- the power to move things with her mind. Piper is the middle sister who has the power to freeze time. Pheobe is the youngest and has the power of preminitions- to see the future. Pheobe is the one who finds the book of shadows and recites the spell to join the three sisters to become witches- the most powerful witches ever known- the power of 3!
  • The Halliwell sisters learn that they come from a long line of powerful witches and each recieve their powers to help fight evil.

    A great beginning episode for a great series. Prue learns she can move objects with her mind, Piper can freeze time, and Phoebe can see into the future. As all the sisters gather together again, Phoebe finds the book one night and reads the incantation that gives them their powers, however, her sisters don't believe her until each one of them experiences using those powers. This episodes funny, it's intriguing, and it shows three powerful women as the protaganists of this show. It also shows that evil can be any form, including a journalist who seems nice and just happens to be Piper's boyfriend. The Power Of Three!
  • This episode starts it all and defines what the characters roles will be.

    This episode starts it all and defines what the characters roles will be. Without watching this episode, it would take a viewer many episodes to understand the dance between the sisters. The actesses portray the enivatable role that three siblings bring to a family. Prue is the ambitious one, the leader of the pack. Piper is the sensible one and the mediator. And Phoebe is the forever wild child who looks at live with wonder and without reserve.
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