Season 1 Episode 1

Something Wicca This Way Comes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on The WB

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  • In its first three seasons Charmed had its best shows, and Something Wicca This way comes was know different.

    I enjoyed the pilot episode when it was shown for the first time, and I really believed that we had something special with this series. Its now been on for seven seasons, and its likely to have an 8th season.

    Like any new series, in this episode we get the origins of how the sisters end up with their powers. Phoebe finds and old book of withcraft and reads an incantation which gives the three their powers. That book would become the Book Of Shadows in which the three sisters would discover spells that helped them to fight off demons.

    Piper's relationship with a man who turns out to be a demon in the first episode would turn out to not be the only time that one of the sisters would fall for a demon. In season 3, Phoebe would fall for Cole Turner who would turn out to be the popular half-demon Balthazar who would become a long standing character through seasons three, four and much of five. He even returned for an episode in season seven as well.

    Well the first episode ends when the three sisters must use the power of three spell, a spell that would be used many times throughout the series, to vanquish Piper's demon boyfriend who had been out to take their powers for himself. The series would follow that same structure throughout, sometimes continuing on to the next episode, but always ending with the sister's triumphant over evil.

    Overall the first episode of Charmed was well done. I enjoyed it and watched it for four seasons, but I kind of lost interest after Prue died. After Prue's death, the episodes became more lackluster until finally after a Witches Tale, I kind of gave up. Every once in awhile I would check up on it, but I'm sorry to say I haven't watched any of the new season's episodes at all.