Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • All in all a good episode. Brad did what he could.

    I have to hand it to Brad Kern on this one. He didn't know if he was writing a series or season finale, and he did what he could. Can't fault him for that. He was trying to give the fans some closure to the series if it did end up to be the last episode. While not my favorite episode, I really enjoyed it. All in all, it could have been much much worse. The storyline in here is excellent. I cried at the scene when piper is saying goodbye to the boys.

    There are a few nuances that bothered me though. Like, since when can the girls glamour? And why have we not seen this before? And if Prue taught the supposed "astral spell" to Leo before she died, why have we not seen it used before this? Even if she was protective of it, excuse my bluntness, but Prue is dead? Why would she care if the sisters used the spell. It could have helped them out loads before this.

    Again, not my favorite episode, but I thought that Brad did a good job on this one for what he was working with.
  • Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked Charmed i really did.
    But this episode was one of the worst ever.
    Like since when could piper , phoebe and Paige astral project?
    And when piper said "good that before Prue died she learned Leo how to astral project".
    Then comes a new question :"how can a
    whitelighter astral project?"
    And in episode "Primrose Empath" Prue could not use her powers and technically saying a spell is a power and she couldn't use her powers in astral form!
    So why could they do it? The story line is just wrong .

    And the Demons have even better lines then them.
    Deep inside we are on the demons side.

    And there so called new identities in this episode aren't the ones in season 8.
    Even Leo's aren't the same.
    And wen the left the left with smile and Morris just knew that the were alive an those girls are them , don't make me laugh.

    And wen Leo sed "you are the Charmed ones" Way don't He just building a Temple to them.
    I'm probably not the only one hoe thinks that The 'charmed ones' think that the hole wold turns around them.
    The say that the "save the wold on a daily basis" , but the only thing the do , well Wat piper dose is blowing something up.
    In the begin was it learning about the demon and finding a spell.
    Now it's just "Piper blow him up".
    The hole time one of them is having sex with a guy and don't knows a way to brake up with him , and then (usually Paige interferes).
    The just spend 5 seconds of the show daling with a Demon.
    And spend 1.5 seconds faiting with him before They (piper) vanquish him/she.

    Like in thise episode it only toke 1.7 seconds (a new record) to vanquish Zankou.
  • what should have been the series finale

    "What an end!"
    At least i would have said so if this had really been the series finale (and seeing season 8 it really should have been the last episode forever).
    It would have been a good end. The evil was destroyed, the sisters a free to finally live their normal lifes and everyone is happy. But now we have to watch at least another season till the end and whatever happens in the series finale, i dont think it can top this without beeing repetiv.
    Whats the point in setting up a pretty permanent and good way of saying good bye to the characters,without killing, them only to make the plot around the sisters and their new identity pretty boring and lame at the start of the season 8?
  • Something Awesome This Way Comes

    Written and filmed before the WB gave a definite answer of whether they were going to cancel or renew Charmed, Something Wicca This Way Goes feels a lot like a series finale instead of a season finale.

    We jump right into the action (a lot like the opening to another classic All Hell Breaks Loose) as the sisters come to terms with what has just happened... Zankou has stolen the Book of Shadows and is planning on unleashing the Nexus beneath the manor and having it take over his body, giving him almighty power. The sisters realize that this is the most dangerous situation they've ever been in and realise that they might have to sacrifice their own lives to save the day.

    The epic scale of the episode works in Charmed's favor, with every scene making you feel more and more scared for the sisters as you don't know if they'll make it out of this one alive or not. The references to old episodes and storylines are brilliant, in particular the use of Prue's old power of astral projection and a mention of Quake, the restuarant where Piper worked way back in season one. It definitely feels as if it's the final ever episode.

    It's good to see Inspector Sheridan finally get what she deserves. For over a year, she has hounded the Halliwells, intent on trying to find out their secret and she finally gets her comeuppance, dying at the hands of Zankou.

    Having Sheridan call in the FBI is also a good story development. The scenes where the FBI gather outside the manor aiming weapons at the Halliwell home is extremely shocking and reminiscent of All Hell Breaks Loose, in which all the witch fanatics and reporters gather outside the manor.

    But, of course, there are a couple of complaints. Having all the magical creatures in the episode completely spoilt it for me. In my opinion, the fairies and nymphs and trolls and leprechauns and valkyries were some of the lamest characters they ever had on the show and having them come along to try and save the day when all they do is turn Zankou into a pig (oh, how hilarious, my sides are splitting! -cough-sarcasm-cough) and kill around 3 minions before getting killed. What a waste of time and money.

    I also found that Zankou wasn't developed enough to make the audience see him as so much of a threat that the Halliwells think he is. He only appeared in seven episodes this season and he hardly did anything much worse than any other demon-of-the-week. I will at least give the writers points for trying to give Charmed a season-long "big bad". One of the failings of the show as a whole was that they hardly have any demons who last longer than one episode. The only ones I can think of were Cole (who ended up completely boring) and the Triad. Hopefully next season will feature a bigger and badder "big bad" then ever before.

    Speaking of next season, where the hell will the writers go from here??? The ending, in which the sisters fake their deaths and shapeshift into three different young women to live as normal people, is original but how are they going to follow it up? Hopefully Brad Kern won't use an easy way out (memory dust, the Cleaners etc.) for the sisters to get back to how we know them best and instead put an original twist on the situation.

    All-in-all, this was an absolutely amazing episode with some brilliant writing, excellent special effects and a killer twist ending. Except a few minor complaints, Something Wicca This Way Goes is the best season finale they've had since All Hell Breaks Loose and throws up loads of questions for next year.

    Roll on season eight!
  • Altough on the whole this episode was amazing, i have to say i think the ending was disappionting.

    On the whole this was a well written, however I thought that the ending was disappointing. although it did leave me wondering what would happen in the next season but i thought it lacked originality and was actually quite tacky. Saying that, the battle with Zankou was excellent. Victor Halliwell was great as always, it was just a shame he had a small part. Unfortunately though i do think that there could have been a more dramatic ending, as this one left me feeling unsatisfied. i hope it is back on top form next season and i cant wait to see it.
  • Is it over is this the end?? Hope not.

    This had me thinkin it might be the end for the charmed ones but all in all it was a great episode, better then some i've seen. It really made you kinda nervous to see if they continued the season or not. Some people aren't very glad they did continue, while others (like me) are glad that they did. It was a great episode.
  • is it finally over for the Charmed Ones?! Have they met their match?!

    A very good season finale. Even though I knew the outcome I do know that if I didn't I would be in real suspense if they might or might not make it.

    There was a lot of suspense and it was nice that a few of their plans backfired but that they also had some help from those fairies and all.

    Also nice that they brought back Prue into the story because there was a big chance this might be the last episode so a mention of Prue was a nice addition.

    Also nice that they survived it and that astral projection saved them in the end... And a nice end, if it were the series finale then the ending was nice but now that a new season will follow it is also interesting to see how their lives will continue.
  • I really really really enjoyed this episode.. i have been watching charmed for a long time now and i feel that, no matter what some other people say, this was a good episode to finish something old and start something new. Something old.. the continuous f

    I really really really enjoyed this episode.. i have been watching charmed for a long time now and i feel that, no matter what some other people say, this was a good episode to finish something old and start something new. Something old.. the continuous fighting against demons and other magical beings, and something new with the sneeky lives that the girls will have to live.
    I don't know about you other guys and gals but i have a strong feeling that these girls will come out of hiding soon, either by choice or by being found out. Must watch TV!! 10/10
  • very clever, very sneaky and also very cool

    this episode explains some details that were given though i didn\'t get that they can actually learn to use some powers becuase it might have been actually useful info for them in the past but other than that this episode rules i can\'t wait for the next season
  • Is it me and my not-so-good taste for blast-blowing season finales.. or did this episode really seemed............. crappy???

    I fact that I don't think most of us can deny is that......... the seasons are going downwards. What's wrong people?? The past 6 years, Charmed cured me from bad-moods, sadness and all.... Lately, I've been turning on Buffy and Smallville more than Charmed. I missed the previous episode... and I caught this one on TV. I was really disappointed with this. Yes, the opening was good the ending was good the middle was good. But the special effects.... the poorly written script.... the what-is that... action-packed?? And those poor L.O.L.s.... It was a good idea, a good plan.... but somehow this episode just didn't finish with a bang...... (No pun intended) Overall, I don't know.... it's just the show is getting downhill each season. And I HOPE and WISH season eight would be better.
  • This episode was GREAT! It was very well written. It did however have a few mistakes as far as the editing goes... but nothing major! It was VERY exciting. It keep you in suspence. Before I knew WHY they "died" I was wondering why didn't t

    Everything started out well. I shouldn't say well, I mean the Charmed Ones were basically screwed with out the Book of Shadows. But, everything was played out well. They made it convencing. The Manor, P3 and the boys were all turned over to Victor. Also Power of attorney. Made it look like they really were dead. Kinda fishy for the cops that they turned it over the day they died! But, I can't wait until the new season starts!!!
  • A good an solid episode, but a disappointing could-be serie finale.

    Considering it could've been the series finale, this is a disappointing episode. It's not even that great for a season finale.

    We get all of this tension built up for the final battle and they even throw Homeland Security and Sheridan into the mix.

    And the girls say goodbye to their father and let him inherit everything and we're crying our eyes out.

    So we're set for an epic finale. And what do we get? Lots of shortcuts. First, they kill off Sheridan just like that. Then, the girls magically learnt how to astral project just like that (how do you LEARN a power, anyway?).

    And then they somehow managed to say a spell while astral projecting, something Prue had never been able to.

    The cellar explodes (and it looked CRAPPY! It was just a shot of the house, some sound effects and bad dust cloud effects!) and everybody thinks they're dead, but they've just glamoured themselves into other people.

    The end.

    Not the epic could-most-probably-have-been series finale we'd all expected.
  • An excellent episode and well worth the wait (I missed the original airing)

    Although I missed the original airing of the season finale, I do believe it was well worth the wait. The episode was a classic nail-biter, and I truly was worried with Zankou's vanquish at the end. I didn't notice any sign of Paige orbing them out and thought that either the writers didn't want that included or had some other plans for the sisters. You could imagine my relief with the glamming at the end. And Darryl's reaction was classic, if not well-received. At least he doesn't have to go home thinking that people he'd grown so close to have died.
    The loss of Inspector Sheridan didn't bother me as much as I thought it might. Something about her had always...set me off. She seemed not so much interested in the sisters as it was getting whatever personal attention she could manage.
    The line she'd used about wanting to be the one to bring the sisters down really upset me. If others disagree, so be it. The Halliwells fought on the side of good since day one, but law enforcement saw them as dangerous.
    One question that arose. Even though they "died" in the manor, what happened to the Book? Also, why didn't the Cleaners get involved with the situation?
    Either way, the sisters have done well to cover their tracks, even without the Cleaners getting involved. I just hope that this whole sequence isn't what destroyed Wyatt.
    If I recall correctly, Chris had mentioned when he had traveled back in time that some event had so upset Wyatt that he turned to evil. I'm just hoping that the apparent loss of his mother wasn't it, otherwise the lives of these people is going to be one really vicious and undesired time loop.
  • When Zankou Hocks off with the Book of Shadows the girls are esstianlly screwed. But never fear the Charmed Ones have done more with with less!

    This episode was fantasitc. Especially where Piper leaves the boys with Victor and they turn Zankou into a pig. Which was a feeder pig rather than a Potbelly pig was a deffinite plus. I will never be able to remove that image from my mind. I was worried that there might be different actresses but since Brad Kern said no, I'm much happier! : )
  • A well done performance. Luckily it wasnt their last!

    You have to agree this is the best charmed episode throughout its entire series. It was also one of the saddest episode especially when piper was saying goodbye to her dad and sons. i like every1 else enjoyed to use of the astral projection too.
    Cant wait to see how the next season continues.
  • This is the episode that changed everything!

    This episode was really amazing! It goes from being cute to funny to gut-wrenching without missing a beat. I think that my favorite scene from this episode was when Piper and the girls had to leave the boys with Victor, and explain to their father that they may not be coming back. Holly Marie Combs does such a wonderful job of acting as a true mother to those boys. You can almost see her heart trully break when she has to leave them with their grandfather. This is such a fun show and is great for loght entertainment, but it can make you cry to. That is what I love about it.
  • Not quite up to par...

    This episode barely holds its own as a season finale, and most certainly does not come close to what it was meant to be (a SERIES finale). Even Holly Marie Combs states that after they filmed it.
    The only memorable scene was at the end when Darryl spots the girls walking away and gets a smile on his face. Other than that, it almost gets lost with the other basic episodes of the series.
    However, with all that in mind, it does stand as the second best season finale of the series (behind only the classic season three finale).
  • The Greatest Yet!

    I absolutely loved this episode. Even though The Charmed Ones ended there spernatural lives and wanted normal ones, I still loved the intensity and the happy ending. There are just so many words (good words) that I can\'t describe when Paige, Piper, and Phoebe changed into their \"normal\" live bodies. It was so well planned out; and especially when it kept me guessing on the part where Piper, Paige, and Phoebe were saying a \"goodbye\" to their dad and Piper\'s son, Wyatt. I thought that they were going to kill themselves, but it was totally different. This episode was just the best!
  • Quite possibly the best episode yet.

    "Something Wicca This Way Goes" had a lot to live up to. Many 'Charmed' fans, including myself, thought that this would be the last season for the show. That's pressure right there - the show has to go with a bang, not a whimper.

    It had to match the tension and action of 'All Hell Breaks Loose,' with which this episode had many similarities.

    It had to tie up all the loose ends that came up throughout the season, such as Leo and Piper's relationship, the threat of Zankou and the threat of exposure to the FBI, most importantly Inspector Sheridan. (By the way, is the last name and physical resemblence to Jack Sheridan, Prue's former beau, a coincidence?)

    With all the things this episode had to do, the writers pulled it off, creating a very memorable episode that cancels out any bad episodes they've written through the years.

    I'm not going to go into what actually happened in the episode, play-by-play. However, the Nexus was destroyed, Zankou was vainquished and, even though they were exposed, the sisters cleaned up their mess as they always do.

    Aside from the Source and Gideon, Zankou was my favorite Big Bad that the sisters have faced. He actually posed a threat to the sisters. He didn't merely want them dead - he wanted to kill them. I think he's been the smartest of all the villains they've faced and I really enjoyed his presence on the show. Maybe, if we're lucky, he'll turn up next season.

    To sum up: Had 'Something Wicca This Way Goes' been Charmed's last episode, I would have been very satisfied. However glad I am that Charmed is coming back for an 8th season (Take that Buffy!), if it ended with this episode, I wouldn't have complained.

    All in all: A+
  • well good

    This must be one of the best Chamred episodes since Prues exit and Paiges entrance. it has lots of twists and surprises. it may look like the end of all, but there is 1 more series coming ur way!
    this leads me to some questions... who had the book in the end? where will they now live? will the police find all the potion ingreditants? will Phoebe have her child? hopfully all these will be answered next time. when Paige, Piper and Phoebe astro-projected out i almost died with laughing on the look on Zankos face! but i almost got upset when Piper had to leave Wyatt and Chris and Leo thought Piper was dead. MUST SEE EPISODE!
  • A very nice series ending – or so I thought! Full closure with room for a nice spin-off.

    I was surprised to find out there was going to be a season 8! After watching this episode, I really thought the series was over – at least as we knew it. All of the major dangling plot lines are well taken care of, and there is character closure to allow everyone to get back to a tension free life. If the series was ending, this was a great way to do it.

    I did wonder, because the show was so popular, what kind of spin-off there may be. There are the adventures of the Wyatt and Chris as a possible show. Perhaps Charmed: The Next Generation with all new actors (the all-blond sisters).

    So now I am actually torn about the next season. I mean I have enjoyed this series, but it actually felt kind of nice to have everything tied up. And the sister’s constant whining about wanting ordinary lives was getting on my nerves.
  • I really liked when Zankou was at Magic schhol throwing energy at the sisters. He need to get Paige's power, but that didn't work.

    I thought the episode was really cool. As I said, I liked how Zankou was feeling cocky about trying to get Paige's powers, but couldn't. I thought it was funny that Paige and the sisters astral-projected without him even knowing. Also,
    it was sad that Paige didn't get to say "goodbye" to her stepdad, she had to be with the boys.
  • I really liked this episode

    One of my favorite episodes, cannot wait until new season to see what happens to the sisters. The ending was really surprising and I am interested in if the sisters will be moving to another part of the country and I really hope they do not change the actors. This show is one of my guilty pleasures.
  • A fantastic pivotal episode in the Charmed series.

    Charmed’s Season finale was fantastic, it encompassed everything that gave Charmed its “charm” in the beginning of the series. This was one of the best written episodes of the season along with the other classics Charmed Noir and the 150th episode. This episode was originally meant to be a series finale and what a finale it was. This episode really felt like it was the charmed ones last due to the references to Prue and previous seasons which really made the episode. Each scene was action packed and full of life. The charmed ones were at their best. This episode was filled with twists and turns which kept the viewer on the edge of their seat. Holly Marie Combs was terrific in this episode and really showed her skills at their best. This episode was fantastic and well worth a view, a pivotal episode in the Charmed series.
  • Made me cry!

    When Piper was saying goodbye to her boys, I cried like a baby! I thought for sure that the sisters were going to die. Excellent episode. I hope they make a lot more, but with the original actresses. I just don\'t know how they are going to pull it off.
  • Everyone was surprised when they saw the episode and what happened with the sisters.

    Okay ... everyone was pretty shocked when this episode came out. We knew that good always over comes evil so Zanku (can't spell) would leave the show but we didn't know that the sisters had to sacrafice so much just to vanquish him ! I know when i saw the ending i was just about to die ... but then when i saw these three girls i knew what was going on. I loved the episode and it def. put a new twist to the show ... but i just hope its not that different b/c i liked how charmed was with the elders involved now no one knows they are living ...
  • The ending of the Charmed line, the start of a revelation, the begining of the new generation. The Halliwell sisters accomplish more than enough in this heart-pounding season finale.

    Personally I think the sister handled the sitch, quite well, granted there were several noticable errors with continuity in this show, for example the astral projection spell, which I didn't buy for a second.

    This episode made the show what it was meant to be. The part of this episode that pulled on my heart strings, was Piper relinqishing custody of her children and the deeds to the club and house and their bank accounts to Victor, that alone made this episode a tear jerker.

    Trying to incorperate Prue was nice and all but an actual appearance would have been better. I like the portrayal of emotion in this episodes, Holly, Alyssa and Rose really showed me what acting is all about.

    The girls made television history in this one so they get 10 Kudos!

  • This was a great episode which i L0VED but i wish they would have used it as a series finale instead of a season finale.

    I L0VED this episode ! It was well written and thought up, but it kinda was out of place. They used this episode as a season finale instead of a series finale. The sisters in this episode decide to do something dramatic to end all human suspicions, demons coming after them, and elders ordering them what to do. They realize this is the only thing they can do and do it. It was a great episode and it showed how they were willing to make such a sacrafice but I still believe it would have been better as a series finale.
  • Brad Kern went all out of this Episode...

    I am really surprised that Brad did what he did with sooo much going on but basing on the 3 Sisters... he has not done this in a long time and in recent 2 -3 years it is more of the Sisters being independent... I am really happy Brad and just because the show is renewed for another Year don't go off what you did because you will loose the loyal fans...!
  • There are no words to explain how this episode just made my day!

    Something Wicca This Way Goes has to be one of the best finale's I've ever seen in my life and in Charmed. It was a tearjerker yet adventurous and unexpected. This finale definately had the biggest twist and I believe has changed the show completely from now on. I know that this episode set up great seasons to come.
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