Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked Charmed i really did.
    But this episode was one of the worst ever.
    Like since when could piper , phoebe and Paige astral project?
    And when piper said "good that before Prue died she learned Leo how to astral project".
    Then comes a new question :"how can a
    whitelighter astral project?"
    And in episode "Primrose Empath" Prue could not use her powers and technically saying a spell is a power and she couldn't use her powers in astral form!
    So why could they do it? The story line is just wrong .

    And the Demons have even better lines then them.
    Deep inside we are on the demons side.

    And there so called new identities in this episode aren't the ones in season 8.
    Even Leo's aren't the same.
    And wen the left the left with smile and Morris just knew that the were alive an those girls are them , don't make me laugh.

    And wen Leo sed "you are the Charmed ones" Way don't He just building a Temple to them.
    I'm probably not the only one hoe thinks that The 'charmed ones' think that the hole wold turns around them.
    The say that the "save the wold on a daily basis" , but the only thing the do , well Wat piper dose is blowing something up.
    In the begin was it learning about the demon and finding a spell.
    Now it's just "Piper blow him up".
    The hole time one of them is having sex with a guy and don't knows a way to brake up with him , and then (usually Paige interferes).
    The just spend 5 seconds of the show daling with a Demon.
    And spend 1.5 seconds faiting with him before They (piper) vanquish him/she.

    Like in thise episode it only toke 1.7 seconds (a new record) to vanquish Zankou.
  • Something Crappy Gets Even Worse

    A very overrated episode, "Something Wicca This Way Goes" is one which looks good on paper but was ultimately ruined by Brad Kern's style of writing coupled with his unnecessary need to tone down what he sees as dark, with some pointless magical creatures, which is what he thinks the audience would have loved to remember, and a pig.

    Both Combs and McGowan work wonders with the material they're given. Holly's absolutely heartbreaking as she says her goodbyes to her boys and Rose crying too makes for an excellent scene which brings back some memories of last season's finale "It's A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World Parts 1 and 2." Alyssa however, doesn't put any emotion forward in this scene and it really spoils the mood when the camera goes into a close-up on her face.

    Zankou had been the best villain since Cole during his appearances on six previous episodes. However, his constant need for The Nexus (which had already been done countless times) to destroy the Charmed Ones, as well as the fact that it took him so long to get from Magic School to The Manor and that he couldn't sense that the Charmed Ones were in astral mode sort of spoiled his character and this being his final appearance, there was no way they could have fixed it up. They may seem like tiny nitpicks but in my book, they really count.

    The only other scene, apart from the aforementioned goodbye scene, which was undeniably well written was the ending. I just loved it and it would have been a perfect send off. However, these two scenes alone couldn't save the episode. If Kern had stayed off the magical creatures (vampires included), had taken more care whilst writing about Zankou and had maybe gone a little darker, this episode might have been a whole lot better.

    With all that said, I must however say that I wish the series had ended here. I've already said that I loved the ending and I would have probably loved it a whole lot more if it had truly been the end. After this episode, there can only be more of a downhill. Season 8 never truly delivers with the possible exception of "The Jung And The Restless" and seems weak and slow, and the finale, "Forever Charmed," was light years worse than this.
  • if the sisters are supposed to appear as themselves to the people closest to them then why couldn\'t Leo and Darrel see them as themselves?

    if the sisters are supposed to appear as themselves to the people closest to them then why couldn\'t Leo and Darrel see them as themselves? this episode was pretty good but a lot of things didn\'t add up, the fact that they could all astral project and then the whole glamoring thing. they should have thought about this one a little bit more before they gave the final go ahead. gladly there\'s a season 8 to make up for the whole crappy glamoring plotline because this would have been the absolute worst series finale of all time and we wouldn\'t want that.
  • Absolute Crap

    Even though I am a huge fan of the series overall, I thought this episode bombed out. I couldn't believe some of the obvious goofs--like Zankou (the smartest villian they've every come across) not noticing they were the astral forms of themselves, and the FBI really thinking they were dead because a few burned out planks in the basement, and the spell that was torn out coming back from the tossed out spell afterlife. I was also surprised at the stupidity of the sisters--do they really think the demons will buy that they're dead for long? They tend to catch on about these sorts of things after awhile.

    And, although this isn't specifically for this episode, season 7 featured a lot of references to past FBI and police officers--like Andy and Reese, for example. Why were they all coming up again? I think they're just running out of storylines and the next season is going to be a whole bunch of the written off/deceased (like Drake, another good character who was gotten rid of too soon) cast coming back for a big ol' party. I was actually shocked when the WB announced the series was coming back--it's fairly obvious they're going to have to be really innovative to keep the viewers watching new material, not just incessant flashbacks and storylines that are very familiar. (Like how Barbas always seems to come back when stories begin to get repetitive and dull).

    I am still a fan of this show, though--this seventh season just ended on a bad note for me. I think the past seasons were by far better written.
  • Season 7 Finale. Basically, the Charmed Ones confront Zankou and the Nexus, while having to deal with being exposed.

    I would like to begin this review stating that Charmed is oen of my favorite shows, and I never miss any episodes. This is the first time I\'ve actually hated a Charmed season finale, and the first time I actually wish I did miss an episode.
    I thought the ending of this episode was terrible! What is with the whole make over the sisters gave themselves? I mean, sure, its OK if you want everyone to think that you\'re dead, but if they do want people to think so, they can\'t live in the manor anymore, unless someone decides to sell it, and the glamoured Charmed ones decide to buy, which opens up a whole new can of worms (with what money since they barely have any income, what if someone decides to place a higher bid on the house, etc.). And by the way, was the nexus destroyed? Because if it wasn\'t, how are they going to use it for good if they can\'t live in their manor anymore? What if someone evil gets the manor and makes the nexus evil? And besides, the manor has been in their family for ages, so why get rid of it?
    Glamouring themselves also means that they have to basically stay glamoured all the time to avoid anyone recognizing them. And if they do, that would imply that they would have to use the same actresses that they did for the season finale, which makes me wonder: what is going to happen with the original actresses?
    Another thought that has presented itself to me is: if all the demons think that the Charmed Ones are dead, what is the new \'threat\' going to be? The demons \'think\' they\'re dead, so where is the action going to generate from?
    I felt that this season finale was more like a series finale, from the way it ended.
  • Is it me and my not-so-good taste for blast-blowing season finales.. or did this episode really seemed............. crappy???

    I fact that I don't think most of us can deny is that......... the seasons are going downwards. What's wrong people?? The past 6 years, Charmed cured me from bad-moods, sadness and all.... Lately, I've been turning on Buffy and Smallville more than Charmed. I missed the previous episode... and I caught this one on TV. I was really disappointed with this. Yes, the opening was good the ending was good the middle was good. But the special effects.... the poorly written script.... the what-is that... action-packed?? And those poor L.O.L.s.... It was a good idea, a good plan.... but somehow this episode just didn't finish with a bang...... (No pun intended) Overall, I don't know.... it's just the show is getting downhill each season. And I HOPE and WISH season eight would be better.
  • The Charmed Ones' Last Stand


    Something Wicca This Way Goes-When the sisters try to divert Zankou's attention from the Nexus, he hatches a plan to absorb all their powers. However, when the girls realize what Zankou is up to, they are faced with a life-altering decision: sacrifice their powers or their lives.

    Feeling like a series finale, "Something Wicca This Way Goes" is the best finale since "All Hell Breaks Loose". The stakes are high against the sisters, like they haven't had since the Source and it really feels like they won't make it in the end. One thing I love about the episode are all the references from the past 7 years like Quake, theconfidencespell, Andy, Phoebe turning into a Banshee and so many others. It gives a great sense ofnostalgia, making the episode feel even more like a series finale. Zankou really proves to be one of the finest villains of the series as he always remains two steps ahead of the sisters' in this episode as he uses to the Book to steal their powers and take the Nexus in. The sisters are really put in a tough position and I'm glad that they end up being alone in the end to stop Zankou, even realizing that sacrificing themselves is the only way to save the day. It was great to see Victor again and it makes sense that Piper and Phoebe would trust their father totake care ofWyatt and Chris. The goodbye scene between the sisters and the boys was really heartbreaking especially Piper breaking apart while holding little Chris. The final confrontation between Zankou and the Charmed Ones is action-packed, I especially loved the brief moment where the sisters surround the book, hold hands and chant "The Power of 3, Will Set Us Free". It's probably one of my favorite moments from Charmed and seeing that spell used again is a reminder of what the series wasinitially: 3 strong, independent women/sisters who happen to be witches. It was nice to be reminded of that during the final moments (or what seemed like at the time) of the series. Zankou's vanquish (as well as the Nexus) was awesome and the way the sisters' death is left as a mystery for a few moments is handled well.

    I also surprisingly love how Sheridan's plot with Homeland Security. Sheridan's death by Zankou was actually intense ( not to mention, long overdo!) Watching SWAT teams, the police, etc. surrounding the manor was definitely reminiscent of "All Hell Breaks Loose", especially when they all storm the house after the sisters' vanquish Zankou. The sisters' eventual reveal was indeed surprising and I found their plan to fake their deaths actually a decent way to end the story. They get normal lives, don't have to worry about anyone trying to expose them again and demons coming after them anymore. I also liked the moment of Darryl realizing that the sisters were alive but it's kind of bittersweet since this is Darryl's finalappearanceon Charmed. It's a shame because Darryl deserved to be apart of the "real" series finale and the reason for Darryl notappearingnext season is just insulting! Anyway, despite a good finale, there are some glaring flaws that stop it from being great. 1) Those stupid magical creatures return yet again and seeing Zankou turning into a pig with his head still normal....O_0 Just No! 2) The writers once against forget their previously establishedmythology! Vampires are immune to the powers of witches yet Piper, Paige and Phoebe easily kill a couple of bats with their powers! 3) The page to call for a witch's power was ripped out of the book, yet it looks perfectly fine! Yeah, I know it was another reference to the past but it's like the writers can't seem to remember the little things and that's kind of annoying when fans can! All and All, 'Something Wicca This Way Goes" is a good send-off to Charmed, if it was in fact the final episode. It definitely wraps up the series better than the real final episode did. Next stop, Season 8....*shivers*

  • Don't get me wrong - I liked it, but this and the last episode took way too long to get anywhere, and for what might have been the last episode ever, it didn't deliver as much as it could have.

    I know the writer was in a bit of a bind, not being sure whether the series would continue and having to come up with something that would make a neat ending if it didn't, but could be manipulated to go on with the story if it did. However, there is something lacking in the whole finale - including the previous episode. It just seems to take an awfully long time to get where it's going and there are a lot of inconsistencies. The reason the book was able to be taken was because the sisters doubted themselves - yet once they realised what was going on that doubt disappeared. They seemed pretty confident to me about what they were doing, even if they didn't know exactly how they'd do it. And in previous episodes, when some evil thingy has managed to get hold of the book it still couldn't leave the house because it was connected to that too.

    And Zankou just takes far too long to actually DO anything. Sure there are fights and all that good stuff, which is great, but having absorbed the Nexus, only to have it cast out of him, he seems to think that spending a lot of time trying to get the witches powers is the only way to go. He doesn't need those powers to take the Nexus, he could have easily have used the power-stripping spell from the book, which is miraculously still in there despite having supposedly been destroyed a couple of seasons back.

    And when he is tricked by their astral projections - despite having Phoebe's power, which is supposed to help him know what the witches are planning - he doesn't just zap to the attic - no he gives them time to get there, look for a spell (which they don't seem to find before the SWAT teams arrive that they spend ages staring down at despite more pressing matters) and only then turns up to blast a hole in the ceiling and roof, giving the Charmed Ones somehow time to find a place to hide and sleep so they can astrally project again, trick him again and blow up the basement.

    And that 'huge' explosion doesn't even damage the flower beds!

    No, it was good and it was exciting in places, and the touching scene with dad when they think they might not make it back is a nice tough. But overall it ended with a fairly loud whimper when it needed a great big bang.
  • A great episode

    A great episode that I feel really turned this show around. By the time we reached this series charmed was getting less and less exciting but this series really turned things around and this was the perfect episode to end the series. If you missed this the first time around I would certainly advise you to keep an eye out for re-runs. If you saw this the first time, you should do the same and watch it again!!!
  • All in all a good episode. Brad did what he could.

    I have to hand it to Brad Kern on this one. He didn't know if he was writing a series or season finale, and he did what he could. Can't fault him for that. He was trying to give the fans some closure to the series if it did end up to be the last episode. While not my favorite episode, I really enjoyed it. All in all, it could have been much much worse. The storyline in here is excellent. I cried at the scene when piper is saying goodbye to the boys.

    There are a few nuances that bothered me though. Like, since when can the girls glamour? And why have we not seen this before? And if Prue taught the supposed "astral spell" to Leo before she died, why have we not seen it used before this? Even if she was protective of it, excuse my bluntness, but Prue is dead? Why would she care if the sisters used the spell. It could have helped them out loads before this.

    Again, not my favorite episode, but I thought that Brad did a good job on this one for what he was working with.
  • the season fianle of season 7

    I just started to really get into Charmed this year, I watched seasons one thur three on video that a friend had recorded, and the rest as reruns on TNT. Well this really through me off. Are the girls not coming back. I think everything just started to go right. And they finally got the right people for the show. I\'m really ready to find out what happens next fall. But I may stop watching if its not the same. They have had better episodes in the past but I don\'t think this was even close!
  • The series finale that thankfully wasn't

    I agree with a lot of the reviewers here who said this was phenomenal as a season finale, but just probably may have missed the cut to make a series finale. I haven't been much of a religious follower of Charmed after season 4 and 5, but lately I've been watching a lot episodes here and there people recommend, and this was one of them.

    The episode cuts right into the action...Zankou has the house and Book of Shadows and basically they're trying to figure out a way to stop him before he absorbs the Woogy--err I mean, Nexus and becomes psychotically powerful. They can only do so much from magic school (wow I still can't get over how much I disliked the concept of magic school from the beginning) and decide that if they can get him to focus on them instead of the Nexus, they just might have the chance.

    This is where I had the problem with Zankou. He himself tells another henchdemon that you can't go up against the Charmed Ones directly, yet falls EXACTLY for this when he gets distracted/provoked enough to go after them. The other guy who warned him would have had a better chance at defeating the Charmed Ones than him.

    Eventually there's a scene where Piper and her sisters go to Victor and leave him with the papers for the kids, deeds for P3 and the house. Besides being a very touching and wow this might be the end scene, it gave a more realistic touch to the show that often ignores real-life details like that. It didn't feel like just another would be magical and bring back to life dead would be coming, it felt real. Piper as mother does this scene wonderfully.

    Exposure. People complain it has been overdone in this show, and it has been to an extent. And although nothing would be match how shocking and nerve wracking exposure was in All Hell Breaks Loose, the job was done pretty well here. I wasn't too familiar with that Inspector Lady before (I'm guessing she was a hated character), but her death scene was suspenseful and it reminded me of Andy's own death in the manor because of the sudden way it happened (although Andy was a lot more well loved of a character obviously). Which leads me to my next point.

    Allusions to the past. There was this scene in magic school where they were listing all the different ways they might solve their conflict, making allusions to previous episodes and seasons. However it didn't feel natural to me because it felt like they were randomly listing things for the sake of listing them, kinda like "remember that time when this? remember that time when that?". A later reference to Quake and the confidence spell was one of the more better winks. So was the Andy/Rodriguez (among other) files at the police station. I'm wondering why there was a file for a Gordon. I hope it isn't THE Dan Gordon, but oh well haha. I finally feel sorry for Darryl since you finally realize how much he has put on the line for the girls, including a family.

    Spirit of Prue. Ok this part kind of annoyed me as it annoyed other fans. Leaving aside the concept of whether you can "learn a power" (might be remotely possible, I think Phoebe might have used a spell to induce one before), the execution and back story behind it was done poorly. Prue randomly taught Leo who then taught the sisters, because "she was really protective of it" (makes her sound like a greedy power hogger). Paige was able to use her powers in astral form which was also dumb. Good idea, badly written.

    The end scene with the swat teams was suspenseful, though the ending killed it for me. The worst thing you could do on a TV show is recast someone, even if temporarily. The whole let's pretend we're dead and start over stuff was really dumb and would have been a total let down to the substance of the original show had this really been a series finale. I mean talk about writing yourself into a corner with that kind of plot obstacle.

    And finally, an unknown presence "zings" the door shut, presumed to be the presence of Prue, into a much more hated (but necessary) season that should bring better closure.
  • Zankou and the Nexus... and mutual destruction.

    Thank God for Season 8. Yes, it may have had its rough spots, but it ended the right way. I couldn't imagine Charmed if the series ended with this episode instead of the superior in every way Forever Charmed. The best thing about this episode, besides the name, is the best thing about this season- Zankou. I am a big Oded Fehr fan, and his Zankou will remain the best demon, besides Cole, from Charmed. It is actually a shame that we never see him again, but at least he goes out in a blaze of glory and at least he takes Sheridan out before he goes. As usual, I find the entire exposure plot involving homeland security lame and preposterous. But it does end with Sheridan's demise, so it has that going for it. And excuse me, but isn't this a role reversal for Darryl's wife? Wasn't she always the one that said he had to protect the sisters and the greater good? Why the complete change?

    I agree that the Darryl plot ended well, anyway. It was great to see an important character like him get a happy send off.

    Frankly, the whole plot of this episode makes a lot more sense if it HAD been the final episode, as much as that would suck. What was the sense of faking their deaths if Wyatt and Chris are still alive to get threatened by demons? And again, what happened to the greater good? Screw that, I guess.

    Great scene when Piper says good bye to her children. I was very moved. Good bye to a great bad guy in Zankou. Apparently the Nexus wasn't too important since the sisters go all Season 8 without it.
  • Wasn't actually the series finale, felt like it should be.

    I find myself thinking that the season 7 finale felt like a better series finale the actual series finale, excluding the finale moments and speal montage. I remember when season 7 ended I was so anxious to find out if the show would return and was so glad when it did but I almost regret it. I wish they had ended it there. They had a lot of oppurtunity in season 8 to make great stuff, as they did every season, but to me it just bombed the most. Not to mention the temporary loss of Brian Krause and the add on of Kaley Cuoco, both big mistakes in my book.
  • how come suddenly all the sisters can astral project? let me begin by saying that I really love this episode. so why did i only give it 8? I\'ll explain:

    first of all, if you compare it to the 3rd season finale, i think it is not as good as everyone says.

    second, i was really disappointed from the astral projection trick. it seems like an easy getaway for kern, and it doesn\'t really add up:

    in a previous episode of season 4, phoebe astral projected with a potion, so they already knew how to use it without the help of leo or prue. kern just wanted an excuse to use prue\'s name, because he couldn\'t deliver the real thing.

    because shannon would\'nt come back (which really upsets me, couldn\'t she do an act of kindness for her fans ?) in one episode kern changed the rules of the charmed world that we know - each witch has her own power and becasue of their strong connection the sisters can channel each other\'as power (like in sense and sense ability). but this wasn\'t the case. suddenly all witches can astral project if they want !? and if so, can they master that ability in one episode? it took prue a whole season to control her new power.

    and another thing to think about - if it so easy to use astral projection, the sisters could have use it all the time when fighting demons - think how much safer it is :-)
    maybe the could retire to a resort, and astral project themselves from now on...


    the whole thing doesn\'t make any sense, and that is why i think the episode deserves only 8. i hope that the upcoming real show final will be much better and will be faithful to the show\'s 8 years narrative.
    This review has been deleted.
  • Not quite up to par...

    This episode barely holds its own as a season finale, and most certainly does not come close to what it was meant to be (a SERIES finale). Even Holly Marie Combs states that after they filmed it.
    The only memorable scene was at the end when Darryl spots the girls walking away and gets a smile on his face. Other than that, it almost gets lost with the other basic episodes of the series.
    However, with all that in mind, it does stand as the second best season finale of the series (behind only the classic season three finale).
  • What about the boys? Will the girls be back?

    I wonder what will come of the boys in the next season and if the girls ( alyssa, rose and holly) will be back or will these girls take over the series. I had read last year that there was talk of a spinoff series. Maybe that is what they meant or maybe the cleaners will clean it up again.
  • A good an solid episode, but a disappointing could-be serie finale.

    Considering it could've been the series finale, this is a disappointing episode. It's not even that great for a season finale.

    We get all of this tension built up for the final battle and they even throw Homeland Security and Sheridan into the mix.

    And the girls say goodbye to their father and let him inherit everything and we're crying our eyes out.

    So we're set for an epic finale. And what do we get? Lots of shortcuts. First, they kill off Sheridan just like that. Then, the girls magically learnt how to astral project just like that (how do you LEARN a power, anyway?).

    And then they somehow managed to say a spell while astral projecting, something Prue had never been able to.

    The cellar explodes (and it looked CRAPPY! It was just a shot of the house, some sound effects and bad dust cloud effects!) and everybody thinks they're dead, but they've just glamoured themselves into other people.

    The end.

    Not the epic could-most-probably-have-been series finale we'd all expected.
  • I really liked when Zankou was at Magic schhol throwing energy at the sisters. He need to get Paige's power, but that didn't work.

    I thought the episode was really cool. As I said, I liked how Zankou was feeling cocky about trying to get Paige's powers, but couldn't. I thought it was funny that Paige and the sisters astral-projected without him even knowing. Also,
    it was sad that Paige didn't get to say "goodbye" to her stepdad, she had to be with the boys.
  • Season 7 begun well with the avatars, got boring in the middle but could not end better.

    Season 7 begun well with the avatars, got boring in the middle but could not end better.
    The tension continued to grow as i watched the last episode. It was very exciting although sad at times.
    Zenchu was tough but not as tough as Balthazar. It was a bit funny when Zenchu got turned into that pig. It removed some of the tension.
    It may be difficult to keep the same actors in season 8, if there will be season 8. That's the real sad part. Watching it end with 3 "strange" actors was not that good.
    Lets see how they will get the story around.
  • An excellent episode and well worth the wait (I missed the original airing)

    Although I missed the original airing of the season finale, I do believe it was well worth the wait. The episode was a classic nail-biter, and I truly was worried with Zankou's vanquish at the end. I didn't notice any sign of Paige orbing them out and thought that either the writers didn't want that included or had some other plans for the sisters. You could imagine my relief with the glamming at the end. And Darryl's reaction was classic, if not well-received. At least he doesn't have to go home thinking that people he'd grown so close to have died.
    The loss of Inspector Sheridan didn't bother me as much as I thought it might. Something about her had always...set me off. She seemed not so much interested in the sisters as it was getting whatever personal attention she could manage.
    The line she'd used about wanting to be the one to bring the sisters down really upset me. If others disagree, so be it. The Halliwells fought on the side of good since day one, but law enforcement saw them as dangerous.
    One question that arose. Even though they "died" in the manor, what happened to the Book? Also, why didn't the Cleaners get involved with the situation?
    Either way, the sisters have done well to cover their tracks, even without the Cleaners getting involved. I just hope that this whole sequence isn't what destroyed Wyatt.
    If I recall correctly, Chris had mentioned when he had traveled back in time that some event had so upset Wyatt that he turned to evil. I'm just hoping that the apparent loss of his mother wasn't it, otherwise the lives of these people is going to be one really vicious and undesired time loop.
  • A nice look back

    I liked this episode because they did recall some moments from charmed past. That is the first time that I have heard any of the girls mention Quake in a long time. I got hooked on the show rather quickly when it first debuted. The first few seasons had some classic episodes. My favorite being \\\"That 70\\\'s Episode\\\" and \\\"Morality Bites\\\". But for Piper and Phoebe to recall Prue makes me feel good about this past finale. I wish Shanned would make a surprise appearance in the series finale, but I don\\\'t think that will be the case. Sadly
  • Something Wicca This Way Goes

    Something Wicca This Way Goes was a superb season 7 finale of Charmed and it also felt as if it could have been a series finale. I really enjoyed watching because the story continues from the last episode now that Zankou has the Book of Shadows and Homeland Security is closing in on the sisters. There was a lot of character and plot development as the story was well written. There were a few interesting surprises and turn of events. The ending was interesting and had a feel good vibe to it. I look forward to watching the 8th and final season!!!!!!!
  • very clever, very sneaky and also very cool

    this episode explains some details that were given though i didn\'t get that they can actually learn to use some powers becuase it might have been actually useful info for them in the past but other than that this episode rules i can\'t wait for the next season
  • well good

    This must be one of the best Chamred episodes since Prues exit and Paiges entrance. it has lots of twists and surprises. it may look like the end of all, but there is 1 more series coming ur way!
    this leads me to some questions... who had the book in the end? where will they now live? will the police find all the potion ingreditants? will Phoebe have her child? hopfully all these will be answered next time. when Paige, Piper and Phoebe astro-projected out i almost died with laughing on the look on Zankos face! but i almost got upset when Piper had to leave Wyatt and Chris and Leo thought Piper was dead. MUST SEE EPISODE!
  • Best by far!! Left me with question after question. I can not wait until next season. Ratings are sure to go through the roof! The girls have shown so much talent. I hope next season will be as good I as I hope. Come September we will know for sure!

    This episode has to be the best by far. I was absolutely mesmerized. My sister and I were left questioning every motive. Wondering will they be the same? What will happen to the kids? Will they switch off from glamour to themselves? Will the FBI drop everything or still look into them? Major props to the writers. I was starting to loose interest this season. But I must say this is definately a must see! The girls are such good actresses. They are started to come together & fit their personalities. Rose McGowan has really improved her character. This episode shows how much work & deducation they put inro their work. I will be watching the 8th season. I PROMISE!
  • I'll give it a 9 because it's a season finale and not a series finale.

    It definitely earns my interest for next season, but had it been the final episode ever I would have been so disappointed. There wasn't nearly enough closure for me. I need to see Phoebe settle down and have that baby she envisioned, and I want to see Paige settle down with someone she can practice magic with. And I also want to know what happens to the boys... did they save Wyatt from his evil future? I want a peek a boo into the future that the Charmed Ones have created. Ending it now would just be mean! The episode was intersting but it did have a hurried sense. There were so many references to the past, in case it was the series finale. I just can't wait to see what's next!
  • As much as I love Charmed, this episode is far from my favorite.

    I have always been an avid viewer of Charmed, and have loved almost every storyline, but then, this past season ended and I was not ecstatic. \'Something Wicca This Way Goes\' was a pretty good episode, overall, but the ending horrified me. I was very upset that there were these 3 new actresses playing my beloved Charmed Ones. I almost wished that it had been the series finale, rather than the season finale. But I still would have been mad at how they ended the show. Sure, I know Alyssa, Holly, and Rose will be back next season, but I really did not like that the season didn\'t end with them. I will of course continue watching Charmed until the end, hoping that next season will go well, and that the essence of Charmed will remain what it has always been.
  • Altough on the whole this episode was amazing, i have to say i think the ending was disappionting.

    On the whole this was a well written, however I thought that the ending was disappointing. although it did leave me wondering what would happen in the next season but i thought it lacked originality and was actually quite tacky. Saying that, the battle with Zankou was excellent. Victor Halliwell was great as always, it was just a shame he had a small part. Unfortunately though i do think that there could have been a more dramatic ending, as this one left me feeling unsatisfied. i hope it is back on top form next season and i cant wait to see it.
  • Is it over is this the end?? Hope not.

    This had me thinkin it might be the end for the charmed ones but all in all it was a great episode, better then some i've seen. It really made you kinda nervous to see if they continued the season or not. Some people aren't very glad they did continue, while others (like me) are glad that they did. It was a great episode.
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