Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • This episode rocked

    This episode was the best episode of charmed that I have ever seen! I just don\'t want them to change the characters, that\'s all.

    It was great because when you were watching it, it was the only episode where I had thought \"They\'re going to die,\" and it\'s the only episode that they actually put their lives in order, and sorted out where Wyatt and Chris would live when they died. It was intense!
  • One of the few well written episodes this season.

    I have not had goosebumps watching Charmed since all hell breaks loose. And yet, this could-have-been-a-series-finale Episode was everything i ever imagined.
    You can feel the actual danger, the sisterly love, the magic, the stakes and the final battle. Bravo Brad Kern for writing such a great finale. I applaud the actresses too.
  • Zankou tries to steal the Nexsus from the sisters, while in return the Elders tell the sisters bluntly to destory the Nexsus for the greater good.

    By the way this episode was done, you can tell that this would have been the series finale. If it was it wouldn't have been closer for me. This episode had to have been one of the most depressing seen since Prue died because the strong aura of Death seem to have embraced the sisters. I give this a 9.9 seeing as how I can't wait till next season! What is going to happen to the manor and the sisters old forms? Especially what will happen to the book seeing as how the sisters just walked away from the house leaving it alone.
  • What about the boys? Will the girls be back?

    I wonder what will come of the boys in the next season and if the girls ( alyssa, rose and holly) will be back or will these girls take over the series. I had read last year that there was talk of a spinoff series. Maybe that is what they meant or maybe the cleaners will clean it up again.
  • the season fianle of season 7

    I just started to really get into Charmed this year, I watched seasons one thur three on video that a friend had recorded, and the rest as reruns on TNT. Well this really through me off. Are the girls not coming back. I think everything just started to go right. And they finally got the right people for the show. I\'m really ready to find out what happens next fall. But I may stop watching if its not the same. They have had better episodes in the past but I don\'t think this was even close!
  • Season 7 Finale. Basically, the Charmed Ones confront Zankou and the Nexus, while having to deal with being exposed.

    I would like to begin this review stating that Charmed is oen of my favorite shows, and I never miss any episodes. This is the first time I\'ve actually hated a Charmed season finale, and the first time I actually wish I did miss an episode.
    I thought the ending of this episode was terrible! What is with the whole make over the sisters gave themselves? I mean, sure, its OK if you want everyone to think that you\'re dead, but if they do want people to think so, they can\'t live in the manor anymore, unless someone decides to sell it, and the glamoured Charmed ones decide to buy, which opens up a whole new can of worms (with what money since they barely have any income, what if someone decides to place a higher bid on the house, etc.). And by the way, was the nexus destroyed? Because if it wasn\'t, how are they going to use it for good if they can\'t live in their manor anymore? What if someone evil gets the manor and makes the nexus evil? And besides, the manor has been in their family for ages, so why get rid of it?
    Glamouring themselves also means that they have to basically stay glamoured all the time to avoid anyone recognizing them. And if they do, that would imply that they would have to use the same actresses that they did for the season finale, which makes me wonder: what is going to happen with the original actresses?
    Another thought that has presented itself to me is: if all the demons think that the Charmed Ones are dead, what is the new \'threat\' going to be? The demons \'think\' they\'re dead, so where is the action going to generate from?
    I felt that this season finale was more like a series finale, from the way it ended.
  • As much as I love Charmed, this episode is far from my favorite.

    I have always been an avid viewer of Charmed, and have loved almost every storyline, but then, this past season ended and I was not ecstatic. \'Something Wicca This Way Goes\' was a pretty good episode, overall, but the ending horrified me. I was very upset that there were these 3 new actresses playing my beloved Charmed Ones. I almost wished that it had been the series finale, rather than the season finale. But I still would have been mad at how they ended the show. Sure, I know Alyssa, Holly, and Rose will be back next season, but I really did not like that the season didn\'t end with them. I will of course continue watching Charmed until the end, hoping that next season will go well, and that the essence of Charmed will remain what it has always been.
  • After a season in continual decline, a series classic episode is born.

    Either this seventh season was less than charming or I am over-rating this episode, but I fell in love with this episode, Something Wicca This Way Goes. I had become very discouraged this season after episodes with dragons coming to life and people shrunken inside a doll house. I started to question the quality of the show for serious. I had been aware of the decline since the 4th season (their last great season) and wondered if the show had really gotten this silly. Lucky, this episode is serious and original. Zanku is a powerful demon and the most fearful, I believe, since Belthazar. Unfortunately, Zanku didn't look original or threatening. His attempt to harness the power of the nexis was well written with few flaws and was pleasing to view. I love how Leo has become non-magical and feel this opens a new door for his character. I felt his feeling of loss when he didnt know what happened to the sisters during the fire. I felt his attraction to his dad role and his children. Know that the sisters have left Wyatt and Chris with their father and the sisters faked their own death, I am interested in seeing the next season.
  • Season 7 begun well with the avatars, got boring in the middle but could not end better.

    Season 7 begun well with the avatars, got boring in the middle but could not end better.
    The tension continued to grow as i watched the last episode. It was very exciting although sad at times.
    Zenchu was tough but not as tough as Balthazar. It was a bit funny when Zenchu got turned into that pig. It removed some of the tension.
    It may be difficult to keep the same actors in season 8, if there will be season 8. That's the real sad part. Watching it end with 3 "strange" actors was not that good.
    Lets see how they will get the story around.
  • A nice look back

    I liked this episode because they did recall some moments from charmed past. That is the first time that I have heard any of the girls mention Quake in a long time. I got hooked on the show rather quickly when it first debuted. The first few seasons had some classic episodes. My favorite being \\\"That 70\\\'s Episode\\\" and \\\"Morality Bites\\\". But for Piper and Phoebe to recall Prue makes me feel good about this past finale. I wish Shanned would make a surprise appearance in the series finale, but I don\\\'t think that will be the case. Sadly
  • The best episode by far! (maybe with a few exceptions)

    I think this episode was ace. The script was well written and the ending wasn't what I had expected. Although I hadn't watched a couple of the episodes prior to the final two episodes, it was easy to understand what I’d missed and what was going on.

    Holly, Alyssa and Rose were superb actresses in this episode as they kept their feelings realistic and emotional. It was a heart-warming moment when Piper handed over Wyatt and Chris to her father. This scene brought a tear to my eye! The Charmed Ones plot was very well hidden until the end of the episode. I'm glad that Prue was mentioned because she was a good witch as well in her Charmed days.

    I can't wait until the next season starts because it will be interesting to see how the Charmed Ones go back to themselves when they were presumed dead by the authorities.
  • Would it be so bad if the sisters changed?

    I know that we are all mad about the fact that the girls changed to different people. But would it be so bad? I mean, for a while I hated Paige because she wasn't Prue and I loved Prue as a Charmed One. I like her now. I know that the real Charmed Ones are coming back because the producer signed them up and all but least were not stuck with those bimbos from The Power of Three Blondes...Lol.
  • I'll give it a 9 because it's a season finale and not a series finale.

    It definitely earns my interest for next season, but had it been the final episode ever I would have been so disappointed. There wasn't nearly enough closure for me. I need to see Phoebe settle down and have that baby she envisioned, and I want to see Paige settle down with someone she can practice magic with. And I also want to know what happens to the boys... did they save Wyatt from his evil future? I want a peek a boo into the future that the Charmed Ones have created. Ending it now would just be mean! The episode was intersting but it did have a hurried sense. There were so many references to the past, in case it was the series finale. I just can't wait to see what's next!
  • It's a no miss episode

    This was one of the best season finale's that The Charmed Ones have had. It was totally unexpected and very exciting. I can't wait till next season to see where the story line is going to lead. The cast's acting was great. I thought the entire season however was great. With Leo loosing all his powers to all the other things that happened. I thought that the episode when Wyatt came back as and older Wyatt who was good then changed to the evil Wyatt. It would be interesting to see a few years passing in the next season and have the kids be a bit older and growing into their powers.
  • The sisters find themselves almost helpless when Zankou steals the Book Of Shadows. They are out manoeuvred at every step to get the book back, especially when Zankou steals Phoebe's powers of premonition and Piper's powers. They may have to sacrifice th

    This was really a good episode, and seems really like a series finale than a season finale. It was one of the best episodes of the season and the best season finale that I have seen. Inspector Sheridan deserved what she got, the police just think that anything they don't know about is bad.
    The only thing the I didn't like was the new bodies that the sisters and Leo changed into, they were just too young.
    The ending was totally unexpected because till the last minute I was wondering how the sisters were going to get out of this. but the number of people who know about them has increased by a very large number. They are just too many to use the Cleaners or Memory Dust. I am waiting for the next season to see how they go back to their normal selves and get their Book Of Shadows, which they have left in the manor.
    But the one thing I was encouraged by in the end was that they don't plan to just forget their magical lineage, for the sake of a 'normal life' and plan to teach and prepare the next generation to fight evil, but the question is how is Good going to fight evil till the Next generation comes along?
    Bring on Season 8!!!
  • This episode absolutely rocked! I was so glad at the end and with every single Charmed fan waiting for this episode and to see if another season would come. I was absolutely amazed.

    This episode was great! I almost cried at the scene where I thought they were all blown up in the basement. I thought to myself "This can't be happening. Charmed is just too good." Then, when Leo came out after seeing the house and the Charmed Ones magically appear behind the tree I jumped into the air and just shouted, "Woohoo!" It was such a tear-jerking episode and I was on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. The Charmed Ones have been striving for a normal life since the very beginning and the fact that all their hard work seems to have paid off is just proof that sometimes the good guys really do win. I can't wait for next season. I heard that they're brining on Kaley Cuoco and that seems to be a really good thing. I myself have never watch 8 Simple Rules but I heard good things about this actress. I think it's about time they brought on some fresh new stars. But this episode absolutely rocked and I am so happy.
  • The girls are up against a new source of evil out to get the nexxus, If That isn't bad enough they also have the feds on their case too! The problem is to get rid of both of them they will run the risk of exposing themselves and their magic!

    The writers were definately keeping the viewer in mind when they wrote this episode. Not knowing if this was a season finale or the end of the show wrap up, they really had their work cut out for them. On of the best episodes ever written! They were getting into the trap of running out of really good material, like after they got into the groove of the show. I think they will get the groove back. Maybe they can do like the soap operas do and "age" the boys a little (not too much like they do- a couple of years like maybe Wyatt could be 6 or 7 and Chris would be 5 or 6). So the girls could start teaching them the ways of being a wiccan witch. And Phoebe's Daughter could already be running around. Maybe Paige would have a kid. Who knows- maybe Piper and Leo could have that magical third boy- a charmed trio of boys. Any way this was the best episode of the season. The antisipation of the writers that this was the last episode ever was evident. It was clever and very well acted and directed. Very well crafted all around. Most Excelllent. I hope next season holds up to the standard that you have reset for the show. I have never lost faith and I know how hard it is to continue to keep coming up with unique ideas week after week that pleases everybody. I enjoy each and evry show. Every show has the same problem, can't please everybody all the time. My favorite show when I was growing up was Bewitched (still is), and they even recycled storylines. So I say to the nay sayers- You do it, and see how hard it is. Keep up the good work CHARMED! Again, Your best episode yet!
  • Judging by the season seven finale, it is safe to say that Charmed is getting back on its feet.

    Finally Charmed has been able to surprise me like it did in the early years. The season finale for season seven was the best one I\'ve seen since season 3, and that\'s where Charmed actaully started going downhill - Angels of Destiny, Greek Gods and Identical Evil Twins didn\'t particularly impress me. But when I saw the season finale I was really happy and surprised to see a plot twist, one that was actually planned and well thought out. The best part was that the episode was able to deliver two things: A sense of closure to the series, but also a longing to know what happens next. This I thought was a very clever idea as it suited watever situation the show was going to face (being picked up or not for an eighth season), and I\'m glad that it was, because if the episodes stay as good as the finale, Charmed will be back on it\'s feet in no time.
  • This shows just why we watch Charmed

    This was by far the best episode i have ever seen it was exciting and it made me cry. It was a great end to the series, and i cant wait for series 8, when watching all of the other episodes from all of the seasons you think the writers would have trouble finding new things to write about but they have succeeded in entertaining us even more. The new threats to the lives of these witches are amazing and the show keeps getting more and more interesting. The actors are amazing and they fit the roles of the characters perfectly. If you haven't seen the show before then now would be the time to start so that you can catch up before the start of season 8 next year.
  • In this episode the sisters try to divert Zankou's attention from the Nexus, he hatches a plan to absorb their powers. But when the girls realize what Zankou is up to, they are forced with a life-altering decision: sacrifice their powers or their lives, e

    I thought this episode was very good untill the end when they changed their looks and piper gives chris and wyatt to her dad plus the deed to the house and the club, I mean if there is going to be another season and they look different, chris and wyatt are not going to be their, they won't be at the manor or P3 then Charmed will not be the same so why make another season. I hope i am wrong and they all look right, chris and wyatt are their and they live at the manor and work at P3 cause that is charmed.
  • What I liked about this episode and what I didn't like about it, in other words, a TRUE fans opinion.

    I love this show and I think that this episode was an excellent twist, yet made all of us fans a little...uneasy in believing that the real actors and actresses would come back to play their roles. Many of us were a bit nervous that new people would come and take over the show and that is not what we want. It was sad to see Piper say goodbye to her sons for now but it was also nice to see that she looked happy when she changed Leo's identity because this was what they had been fighting for. The Elders were jackasses in cutting off all contact with them, but they sort of had a right to. I was literally falling out of my seat when the cops were surrounding the house. And, how could Shelia (Darryl's wife) be so emotionless when Leo practically begged for Darryl's help??? She knew who they were and what they did, didn't she want the world to be a better place for her own sons?!?! All I'm saying, the new season, they better erase everyone's memories, at least have a visit from Prue or Penny or Patty, and Piper and Leo better be reunited with their children, and also...the biggest thing of all...everything must go back to the way it was-charmed style.
  • Best by far!! Left me with question after question. I can not wait until next season. Ratings are sure to go through the roof! The girls have shown so much talent. I hope next season will be as good I as I hope. Come September we will know for sure!

    This episode has to be the best by far. I was absolutely mesmerized. My sister and I were left questioning every motive. Wondering will they be the same? What will happen to the kids? Will they switch off from glamour to themselves? Will the FBI drop everything or still look into them? Major props to the writers. I was starting to loose interest this season. But I must say this is definately a must see! The girls are such good actresses. They are started to come together & fit their personalities. Rose McGowan has really improved her character. This episode shows how much work & deducation they put inro their work. I will be watching the 8th season. I PROMISE!
  • In this season finale, the girls are in trouble because zankou has the book of shadows and they have to get it back but they fake their own deaths and leave but no one but them and darryl knows they are alive not even demons.

    This season finale was a definate tearjerker. The sisters were acting as if they were not ever going to get out alive. The acting was marvoulous. This was def. one of the best eppys ! Im very interested to see how they get themselves out of this one!
    Till then reruns!
  • This is one of the reasons why i started to watch this series. some thing wicca this way goes was amazing

    well, i started watching charmed on the account of its similarities with the well known series of angel(fantasy wise). At the cancelation of angel , my thoughts on charmed seemed as of the wb\'s attempt to try to replace angel with another fresh idea which wouldent have worked, but i was wrong.

    charmed is an excillent series, with both fantasy and every day life put together, from single motherhood to banishing heartless demons and evil doers, the story lines are an example of great creativity. also the fact that the new era is not only focused on \"he man\" starring roles anymore, which is very refreshing onto every viewer. \"some thing wicca this way goes\" is one the main reasons i started to adore this series for.the plot line was great, the fact that it kept the viewers bitting their nails, on account of what is to happen to the charmed ones this time, was justifying enough. i myself felt like wanting to throw my tv out on the account of anger due to commercials. this episode by far, was one of the top 5 , and one of the reasons why viewers love this series.
  • When the sisters try to divert Zankou's attention from the Nexus, he hatches a plan to absorb all their powers. But when the girls realize what Zankou is up to, they are forced with a life-altering decision: sacrifice their powers or their lives.

    This episode was great and suspenceful. It kept you guessing how the sisters were going to vanquish Zankou and actually survive until it happened. People think that this episode contradicts things in previous episode, but not all of it does. Some things do contradict previous episdoes (i.e. the vamp being immune to witches powers does come into play this episode) but a lot of the things people think contradicted didnt. AN example is that the sisters were able to glamour. THis confused people but it was a spell. In season 2 "Morality Bites" Prue mensions a glamouring spell in the book. Also the whole astral projection thing, well astral projection can be learned. It is not so much a power than an ability you can do if you tap into your mind deep enough. The librarian said she learned it, so why cant the sisters? I think Prue was able to do it first because her power of telekinesis is controlled by her mind, so since she was already tapped into her mind deep enough she was ableto do it. Some think "man how convient the 'To banish a suxen" spell was in the book" but it fact it is convient. It is convient that any spell or demon is in the book. I'm sure they didnt read the whole book so why is it so hard to beleive it is in there? Well this is a good episode, and classic one for charmed. This episode kind of helped the already downhill season.
  • Probably the best episode ever.

    This episode really was a big one. Holly, Rose and Alyssa really came through and delivered some of their best performances yet. I felt Brad Kern did a great job giving us a season finale, and would have served well for a series finale too. I really enjoyed how they used Darryl's wife Sheila in this episode, both her and Darryl were caught between the sisters and what they wanted. Probably the best thing about this episode: Sheridan is finally dead! She's been looming in the Charmed Ones lives since the season 6 finale, and I let out a cheer when she was killed.

    Rating: 100%
  • This episode had to be the best finale since the third season's ending.

    I thought this episode had to be one of the most suspenseful Charmed plots I've seen.

    The entire episode had me thinking if they were going to make it out alive. Seeing Piper saying goodbye to Wyatt and Chris was really sad. I couldn't believe it when they destroyed the Nexus and Zankou with them being killed in the process.

    I thought it was very clever how they created their new identities and faking their deaths.

    I also liked how Darryl saw them walking away and immediately knew they were alright. Plus when they thanked Prue and making it look like she shut the door for the final time.
  • Absolute Crap

    Even though I am a huge fan of the series overall, I thought this episode bombed out. I couldn't believe some of the obvious goofs--like Zankou (the smartest villian they've every come across) not noticing they were the astral forms of themselves, and the FBI really thinking they were dead because a few burned out planks in the basement, and the spell that was torn out coming back from the tossed out spell afterlife. I was also surprised at the stupidity of the sisters--do they really think the demons will buy that they're dead for long? They tend to catch on about these sorts of things after awhile.

    And, although this isn't specifically for this episode, season 7 featured a lot of references to past FBI and police officers--like Andy and Reese, for example. Why were they all coming up again? I think they're just running out of storylines and the next season is going to be a whole bunch of the written off/deceased (like Drake, another good character who was gotten rid of too soon) cast coming back for a big ol' party. I was actually shocked when the WB announced the series was coming back--it's fairly obvious they're going to have to be really innovative to keep the viewers watching new material, not just incessant flashbacks and storylines that are very familiar. (Like how Barbas always seems to come back when stories begin to get repetitive and dull).

    I am still a fan of this show, though--this seventh season just ended on a bad note for me. I think the past seasons were by far better written.
  • Zankou has stolen the Book of Shadows and plots to take in the Nexus. The sisters use various spells to upset Zankou and divert him away from the Nexus. Meanwhile, Inspector Sheridan and Agent Keyes from Homeland Security plan on exposing the sisters. In

    Every television series always have episodes that impact the show as a whole. “Something Wicca This Way Goes…?” is that episode for Charmed. In its seven year run to date I have never seen such a well written and intense episode of Charmed as this episode was. It had every element included in this episode such as comedy, drama, suspense and action.

    Each one of the Haliwell sisters have there own witty one liners and comedic facial expressions. One expression being when it is revealed to Zankou that it was just the astral projections of the sisters, Pheobe shoots him this “Ha-ha, we tricked you glare” which made me laugh out loud. Other comedic aspects of the episode include when the sisters turn Zankou into a pig. It was hilarious to see such a big bad demon to become lowered to such a thing. And to top things off in the end when the sisters glamour themselves as other people, Piper is letting Leo in on the plan and she promised to make him cute. Then she snaps her fingers and he turns into a hot, young stud. Her reply simply is “I can live with that.” Classic.

    There is a point in the episode when Piper says, “I’m just a good actor” Holly Marie Combs, who plays Piper, proves to be right especially in the scene when she is saying goodbye to her children. I was in tears watching this. You really do see a true bond between Piper and her kids. Paige’s tears added to the intensity of this scene. You could feel her pain. It brought so much emotion to this episode. Also when Piper and Phoebe were saying goodbye to their father, it brought a sense of finality to the show and the season.

    At the time the episode was in the filming progress, neither the cast nor crew knew if the show was going to be renewed. Brad Kern, being the genius that he is, wrote the episode with enough closure, just in case it wasn’t renewed. But he also left more than enough open to continue on. There was a sense of finality to the show because of all of the past references in the show. There especially was a sufficient amount of mentions about Prue, which was fitting to the ending, since she has a huge part it the show’s run. The fact that she taught Leo to astral project and he taught it to the sisters was a very nice ode to their late sister. Another thing, although at times the use of magical creatures can be a bit campy, it is nice to see them pop up again and help the sisters out. Plus, the leprechauns are so cute. I especially enjoyed the scene when Pipe and Phoebe are sitting at magic school reminiscing about past spells they have used, and demons they have turned into. It was also cool to see how the episode revolved around the Nexus and the exposing of the sisters. Both have been large issues the sisters have dealt with through the run of the show. Even the little things were nice, such as the mention Of Andy, Inspector Rodriguez, Inspector Rodriguez, and of course, Agent Brody. Other things included another appearance of the adored wife of Darryl, Shelia Morris. And of course it was nice to see Victor and the boys. Also the way the Elders worked themselves in there doubting the sisters. It stayed true to the way the show has been. And any episode that Darryl, played by Dorian Gregory, appears in is a great episode.

    The closure of the episode came from fact that the Charmed Ones prevailed once again prevailed one way or another. Although Inspector Sheridan was a character we all loved to hate, and her death opened up new doors for the feds, it was relieving to know that she will be off the sisters back. The death of Zankou and the destruction of the Nexus closed a large chapter.

    As always there will always be the constant threat of exposure from the feds, which leaves many doors open, and the boys still have so much growing up to do. Now the Charmed Ones have the difficult task of keeping themselves hidden while leading the future generation of witches. This leaves room for such great ideas for an exciting eighth season.

    And once again to close things out, the doors to the manor were magically closed. This again brings a sense of closure, but at the same time those doors will not stay closed for too long.

    Blessed be…
  • It was such a great awsome episode! i was really confused at the end! i still don't kno wats gonna happen! I can't wait till the new season! I'm very excited! Yippie! Whoo! I think that next season will be great and totally completly awsome! So exiceted

    It was such a great awsome episode! i was really confused at the end! i still don't kno wats gonna happen! I can't wait till the new season! I'm very excited! Yippie! Whoo! I think that next season will be great and totally completly awsome! So exiceted about 8season!
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