Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • how come suddenly all the sisters can astral project? let me begin by saying that I really love this episode. so why did i only give it 8? I\'ll explain:

    first of all, if you compare it to the 3rd season finale, i think it is not as good as everyone says.

    second, i was really disappointed from the astral projection trick. it seems like an easy getaway for kern, and it doesn\'t really add up:

    in a previous episode of season 4, phoebe astral projected with a potion, so they already knew how to use it without the help of leo or prue. kern just wanted an excuse to use prue\'s name, because he couldn\'t deliver the real thing.

    because shannon would\'nt come back (which really upsets me, couldn\'t she do an act of kindness for her fans ?) in one episode kern changed the rules of the charmed world that we know - each witch has her own power and becasue of their strong connection the sisters can channel each other\'as power (like in sense and sense ability). but this wasn\'t the case. suddenly all witches can astral project if they want !? and if so, can they master that ability in one episode? it took prue a whole season to control her new power.

    and another thing to think about - if it so easy to use astral projection, the sisters could have use it all the time when fighting demons - think how much safer it is :-)
    maybe the could retire to a resort, and astral project themselves from now on...


    the whole thing doesn\'t make any sense, and that is why i think the episode deserves only 8. i hope that the upcoming real show final will be much better and will be faithful to the show\'s 8 years narrative.
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