Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • If it's a great season finaleXd At Last a entire episode of fight! Great ideas and scenes! It's not boring at all! So not-stop! But if this would have been the show a bad episode

    Despite the fact that It could have been better... this episode deserves a good rate for the fine example as a season finale! The work was well done, there's not a boring scene at all!

    Camera Job: This episode has a really special scenes (When the vampires came down a attack the girls, when they get the book again, etc...) we have a thing that never has been done before in Charmed (At least no with this intention)... Movement Cameras!! We can see it the first scene in magic school! (This cameras are not "fixed" so they image keep moving while there're shooting! That makes the audience get nuts!! and nervous!! so you can be relax at the scene. Those kinds of movements are so caracteristic id "24"! Xd) Acting job: Well done, Piper had to say good bye to her children... It's a great scene! And Zankou did it so well!!

    Other things: The effects were great! The SWAT! people! The SWAT! Isn't that so great to a finale!!! and the explosion... was a original idea!

    The bad thing... The freaky *** fairys.... (Wouldn't have been a great season finale with a extreme killing of all fairies in the world Xd...??? I would do it!! Xd) At least they could have done a better fairy more like the wicca ones! Not a pink one! It sounds such a little girl!! And the astral proyection and the glamour thing... To much, I think... They could never do that that way... "Thank Prue teach Leo how to do it..." When I hear that...gets my nerve. It's as if they say "thank god Piper showed Leo how to blo things up!!!" It so so so silly! It was her power, they should do it that way (or at least no say that prue teach it!) And how the ** the can glamour!!??

    To end... A great episode, a great story!! A great season finale.

    PD: I think this episode as serie finale would have been so wrong, the charmed ones ignoring the inocents lifes! "let them die..." i think they never could do that! And a a serie finale was so...slow, weak! A serie must end with something bigger!!!