Season 7 Episode 22

Something Wicca This Way Goes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on The WB

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  • The series finale that thankfully wasn't

    I agree with a lot of the reviewers here who said this was phenomenal as a season finale, but just probably may have missed the cut to make a series finale. I haven't been much of a religious follower of Charmed after season 4 and 5, but lately I've been watching a lot episodes here and there people recommend, and this was one of them.

    The episode cuts right into the action...Zankou has the house and Book of Shadows and basically they're trying to figure out a way to stop him before he absorbs the Woogy--err I mean, Nexus and becomes psychotically powerful. They can only do so much from magic school (wow I still can't get over how much I disliked the concept of magic school from the beginning) and decide that if they can get him to focus on them instead of the Nexus, they just might have the chance.

    This is where I had the problem with Zankou. He himself tells another henchdemon that you can't go up against the Charmed Ones directly, yet falls EXACTLY for this when he gets distracted/provoked enough to go after them. The other guy who warned him would have had a better chance at defeating the Charmed Ones than him.

    Eventually there's a scene where Piper and her sisters go to Victor and leave him with the papers for the kids, deeds for P3 and the house. Besides being a very touching and wow this might be the end scene, it gave a more realistic touch to the show that often ignores real-life details like that. It didn't feel like just another would be magical and bring back to life dead would be coming, it felt real. Piper as mother does this scene wonderfully.

    Exposure. People complain it has been overdone in this show, and it has been to an extent. And although nothing would be match how shocking and nerve wracking exposure was in All Hell Breaks Loose, the job was done pretty well here. I wasn't too familiar with that Inspector Lady before (I'm guessing she was a hated character), but her death scene was suspenseful and it reminded me of Andy's own death in the manor because of the sudden way it happened (although Andy was a lot more well loved of a character obviously). Which leads me to my next point.

    Allusions to the past. There was this scene in magic school where they were listing all the different ways they might solve their conflict, making allusions to previous episodes and seasons. However it didn't feel natural to me because it felt like they were randomly listing things for the sake of listing them, kinda like "remember that time when this? remember that time when that?". A later reference to Quake and the confidence spell was one of the more better winks. So was the Andy/Rodriguez (among other) files at the police station. I'm wondering why there was a file for a Gordon. I hope it isn't THE Dan Gordon, but oh well haha. I finally feel sorry for Darryl since you finally realize how much he has put on the line for the girls, including a family.

    Spirit of Prue. Ok this part kind of annoyed me as it annoyed other fans. Leaving aside the concept of whether you can "learn a power" (might be remotely possible, I think Phoebe might have used a spell to induce one before), the execution and back story behind it was done poorly. Prue randomly taught Leo who then taught the sisters, because "she was really protective of it" (makes her sound like a greedy power hogger). Paige was able to use her powers in astral form which was also dumb. Good idea, badly written.

    The end scene with the swat teams was suspenseful, though the ending killed it for me. The worst thing you could do on a TV show is recast someone, even if temporarily. The whole let's pretend we're dead and start over stuff was really dumb and would have been a total let down to the substance of the original show had this really been a series finale. I mean talk about writing yourself into a corner with that kind of plot obstacle.

    And finally, an unknown presence "zings" the door shut, presumed to be the presence of Prue, into a much more hated (but necessary) season that should bring better closure.
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