Season 6 Episode 7

Soul Survivor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Paige staying late at her new temp job with Larry (a lawyer). He's finishing up his will, giving to charity and everything. He gives her an envelope and implys letting her go.

She realizes something isn't right with of Larry's good deeds sees a demon killing Larry. Paige felt really horrible for that happening and was beating herself up about that.

She tells Piper and Pheobe about what happened and they both agree that she should just let it go, that there's not much else she can do.

Then Paige goes to work and talks to Larry's wife, who tells her that for a while, Larry seemed to have been almost clairvoyent in buisness matters, after a long time of being without money and luck, he suddenly makes a break and gains a lot of money and credit in the buisness world.

Meanwhile, Leo was following Chris and found him coming out of a time portal. Leo starts interrogating Chris and Chris didn't tell him anything, so Leo pushes them both into the time portal. They end up in the Cretacous peroid where they can't use their powers because humans aren't around yet to use magic.

In the normal time period, Paige and Richard summon Larry and they try to find out what happened to him. They find out he's being held by a demon named Zhan because he made a Faustian deal. Piper doesn't agree with Paige summoning him, saying that he sold his soul and it was his fault to begin with.

Paige doesn't listen to her and summons Zhan, she tried to vanquish him, but he blows up the vanquishing potion in the air. She said "But you're a low level demon, you don't have that power!" and he replies "I haven't been a low level demon in years" and Larry stops Zhan from hurting Paige, telling him that she was just trying to help. Piper comes in, and Zhan blasts her. He says that she cannot help Larry, and they leave.

Piper and Pheobe get together (trying to call Leo or Chris, but they are both "unavailable") and tell Paige that they can't help Larry, they just need to stop Zhan from becoming too powerful, but they can't save the souls in the process.

Paige gets really angry and goes to Richard for help. She summons Zhan and makes a deal with him; her soul in exchange for Larry's. Larry goes on to the afterlife, and Paige is now in bonds.

Meanwhile, Leo and Chris are still stuck in the Cretacous period trying to find the portal. They manage to find the portal and run through and are in a field where there are men with musket rifles. They point the rifles at Leo and Chris's head and ask them "Are ye yankees?", and then it goes back to Piper and Paige.

They are trying to get in touch with Paige when Richard comes over and they ask him where Paige is and he says he doesn't know. He says her soul is with Zhan now.

They go to the soul auction; lots of demons around bidding on souls. They all want Paige's soul, since she is a charmed one, and they have the body for auction as well. Piper and Pheobe arrive and a grimlock says "More Charmed Ones, I'll bid on all three" and Piper replies "Sold! To the dead Grimlock" and blows him up. Then they blow up the rest of the demons that are auctioning. They blow up the vault where all the faustian deal's scrolls are and the souls are set free. They vanquish Zhan and get Paige's soul back into her body and orb back up to the mannor.

Piper and Pheobe have a little chat with Paige about her "power of one kick" but manage to get things right in the end. Then they're at P3 and Leo and Chris arrive and Chris says "We got lost, it just took us a little ... time to get us back". Chris and Leo ask what's been going on, and Pheobe just says its a long story.