Season 6 Episode 7

Soul Survivor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • Hate Paige here.

    So I can't even bring myself to finish this episode.

    I absolutely HATE this episode and I hate Paige in it. She is absolutely beyond ridiculous, selfish and pathetic.

    Magic is a power of three thing. She had absolutely no right to just cast a spell, selling her soul and EXPECT her sisters to save her.

    That man chose his own fate. He gets what he deserves.
  • Soul Survivor

    Soul Survivor was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, there was incredible character development and Leo and Chris go back in time! It was great to see Paige faced with another issue forcing her to follow her instincts while ignoring her sister's advice. I wish we could have seen more of Leo and Chris back in the past, and it was great seeing the soul auction with lots of demons. Piper was trying to date but Wyatt scared all the guys away. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • One word: dinosaur.

    It's another Paige-centric episode this time around, and although nowhere near as nauseating as the last episode, there's just no spark to the script. It's lifeless. Soulless, even. Kudos should be given for hitting the ground on a somber note, especially after the overdose of random as of late, but...oh, wait, what was I saying? Dinosaur! Come again? Oh, yeah, Dinosaur. Tralalolz. This is the most genius afterthought, pretty much ever. It were as if the execs realised just how incredibly boring Paige's main storyline was, and so the only logical solution to remedy this situation was to throw a dinosaur at it. When in doubt, add a pinch of prehistoric. Classic Charmed.

    Poor Paige. Like, honestly, who really wanted to watch whatever was happening with the youngest Charmed One when you have Jurassic Park 4 as a subplot? Phoebe, meanwhile, is clashing with Spencer Ricks, written with all of the subtlety of a shotgun blast to the face. Men are total dicks. Gobblegobbgle. So, naturally, Phoebe turns him back into a turkey, kind of as a cheeky throw back to season 5. But we hate season five. And there's a T-rex chasing Leo and Chris. So, really, America, who cares? And there's Piper, auditioning for Worst Mother of the Year award. She's having trouble finding a man whose comfortable enough to date a woman with a child (cos, we're all total dicks. Gobblegobble), but once she does, she has no problem leaving her child with a TOTAL stranger while she pops off to find her jacket. He could have been background demon#4 for frak sake, Piper! Get your shit together!

    Anyways. So there's a T-rex. And, ya know, it doesn't look half bad!

    If there's any kind of ongoing arc this season, it's overcrowding! This is an episode filled with mind-numbing subplots, and a dino excursion that pretty much eclipses... well, everything! If you throw ninjas and/or dinosaurs into an episode, that's pretty much all I'll care about. But the thing is, even if we didn't have dinosaurs to deal with, there's still too much time allowed for subplots we really, really do not give a flying frick about: Piper's having dating trouble? Uh, just stfu and get back with Leo already. Phoebe and Spencer Ricks? No one cares. And Paige? GET A REAL JOB. Not even a solid guest-start can save this one, which, in retrospect, could have been a pretty solid episode if enough attention had been paid to the whole 'trading souls' plot.

    Stand-alone doesn't look good on season 6. I'd like some sort of an arc soon, please. Kthxbai.
  • Not As Soulless As I Thought!


    Soul Survivor-In an attempt to save her boss' soul, Paige goes behind her sisters backs and makes a deal with a demon. Meanwhile, Piper learns that Wyatt has been sabotaging her dates; Phoebe gets a new writing partner; and Chris and Leo accidentally travel back in time.

    Well, well well, do I see a decent episode of Charmed? Sure, "Soul Survivor" is nothing to ride home about but at least the writers manage to write in some decent character development for once.Paige was actually shown to be pretty noble and selfless her, wanting to sacrifice herself to save an innocent, it's actually a lot like how Prue was back in the day. Doing whatever shedid to save an innocent, which was nice to see. Sure Paige was being a bit stubborn and naive not understanding the consequences of her actions, butit actually brought some decent sister scenes between our 3 leads for once, bringing up issues about how one sister going soloaffects their whole Charmed destiny as a trio, whichis good to remind the audience, considering we haven't had a lot of sisters moments as of late. Paige's plan in the endworks, leading to a cool confrontation where Piper and Phoebe unleash their powers at the demonauction. The one-liners were great too. I love this bit:

    Grimlock: "I'll bid 100, 000 for all of them."

    Piper: "Sold! To the dead grimlock."

    *Blows him up*

    The sisters managed to save not only Larry but multiple souls that were captured.We even got to know the inoccent like the old days as we meet Larry's wife and find outexactly what led up to his death.Even the demon of the week, Zahn, was a formidable villain. I especially loved the moment where Paige through the potion and he freezes it in mid-air and throws an energy ball at it almost simaltaneously. But of course, in Chrmed fashion of late, his vanquish is lousy. Seriously, what happened to sisters using Power of 3 spells to vanquish demons? It just doesn't feel like the "real" Charmed anymore when all the sisters do now is either have Piper blow up the demon orjust throw a potion and problem solved. Sadly, "Soul Survivor" falls short of above avergae given 1) The stupid sub-plot with Leo and Chris stuck in a time portal! Seriosuly, enough with the horrible CGI! That dinosaur effect has not aged well...AT ALL. 2) Richard's back and I almost fall asleep everytime he's on screen! Seriously, Paige, what is so great about this guy! 3) Piper's whol dating plot is already getting ridiculous witch Wyatt scaring them off with his glowing eyes. I mean reallly, just let Piper date and do her thing already. I'm glad they are showing that Piper and Leo's situation is affecting Wyatt, but watching grown men run away like 5 year old girls isn't the way to so it. Anyway, "Soul Survivor" is about as good as Charmed has gotten this season so far.

  • Not enough role!

    I only watch Chris on Charmed, not girls! I am huge fan of Chris! Chris had very very small role in this episode! I am really upset about it. But in the ending of this episode, Leo and Chris kind make bit friend and starting to trust Chris very slow, which makes me very happy! This episode is very boring. It is stupid soul stuff. Charmed sisters are not my favorite character or real life either. I am so focused on Chris! This episode is really awful episode for me to watch. Believe me, I dont want to watch this episode, I hope so!
  • Paige takes self-righteousness and independence to a new level, otherwise known as insanity.

    As seems the norm for Season 6 up until Chris-Crossed, this episode has some great moments and dialogue, but the plot is full of holes that would make a sci fi movie proud and Paige has a boyfriend, which means she is babbling nonsense and just being all around annoying.

    Paige is determined to save a guy who isn't exactly an innocent, having made a deal with a demon trading earthly success for his soul, but you would think this guy was the founder of the Peace Core by the way Paige talks about him. Anyway, the sisters wisely see the danger and the fairness of the deal and are against it, but as usual, that doesn't matter. All that matters to Paige is what she wants. So, she goes so far as to trade her own soul to save the innocent, figuring her sisters would save her.

    Only one thing wrong with her plan. She signed the fiery line before ever seeing where the contracts were kept. It was only sheer dumb luck (or actually the script) that the demon showed her where the contracts were so that her sisters could burn them and set her free.

    Anyway, the best part of the episode was Wyatt freaking out Piper's potential boyfriends. Great stuff. Of course, she should have suspected that right away considering Wyatt's powers, never a good idea to leave him with a stranger at any time.

    Phoebe's side plot was just an excuse to have a misogynist turned into a turkey and a pig. I'm sure the women found this entertaining.

    Anyway, at times annoying but still watchable episode, pretty standard for the first half of Season 6. Fortunately, Chris-Crossed and then the introduction of Gideon isn't far away.
  • Paige loses an innocent and winds up testing just how strong a bond she's developed with her sisters when she sells her soul in order to save the one she lost.

    It's not too often I find myself compelled to review an episode, this one however seemed to demand it. Paige's relationship with the other Charmed Ones is put into question; she's not sure if they consider her as close as they are to each other. Leo and Chris also have a confrontation, one that hurls them 65 million years into the past! In previous episodes Paige had tried forging a life for herself outside of magic, only to find there was magic everywhere she went and there were people who needed her help. Some didn't know it, others have had problems for generations until she came along. A face from her one of her recent such encounters appears in the form of an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and a messenger when most needed: Richard. Paige had lost an innocent, or so it seems on the surface. His name was Larry, she had been temping for him putting all his affairs in order, finalizing donations, filing his Last Will And Testament, etc. When she realized something was up she found him under attack by demons. Tried as she might to save Larry, it was he who threw himself in front of a fireball to save her. Was it his time? Was it fate? Paige didn't seem to think so, Richard didn't seem to like the idea of "destiny" and encouraged her to find out what was really going on. Larry wasn't too keen on the idea. Turns out he sold his soul in a Faustian type deal to make his family rich and she summoned him just as he was about to be auctioned off by a man named Zahn. To make matters worse he has his entire legion of minions out looking for him at that very moment. Zahn reclaimed his property the instant Paige summoned him with the intention of vanquishing him. The Book of Shadows may have classified him as a low level demon-something which Paige was prepared for-but years of auctioning off souls for demonic powers had fortified him against such magics. He also warns them not to try and kill him because doing so would cause all the souls he's claimed to suffer an eternity of hell, something he works into all his contracts. After thanking the witches for helping him locate Larry's soul he leaves them to stew in their failure. Now Piper and Phoebe seem have a unique talent. They can communicated their disapproval and formulate their own set of plans telepathically without Paige knowing about them until it's too late. They turn on Paige without discussion and claim they've decided to kill Zahn and all his captured souls be damned, literally, forever in eternal flames just as long as he can't gather up any more in the future. Feeling betrayed, Paige simply leaves. Meanwhile Chris had discovered a time portal and was trying to use it to find a way to the future to see if he had changed it. Leo catches him, accuses him of who knows what and hurls them both through it into the Cretaceous Period! Without humans around for there to be magic, they're at the mercy of a Tyrannosaurus looking for a quick snack. As they run, Chris keeps having to insist that the whole reason he came back in time was to save Wyatt, a fact that Leo has never quite believed. After determining that if one of them got in trouble the other would push on for Wyatt. But when that's put to the test, Chris saves Leo from being T-Rex food Leo starts to have a change of heart. A little. They make their way back to Civil War times. At gunpoint sure, but not being chased by dinosaurs! In future episodes Paige and Richard are an item. At this point he is everything she needs in a friend. She has a plan. Unfortunately she's in a race against her sisters to summon Zahn. A race she loses, but only by enough time to get her plan moving. "..I am gonna make you an offer you can't refuse." Classic, straight to the point, and will pique the interest of any soul auctioneer. The deal is that Zahn gets Paige's soul if Larry's goes free to move on. Contract signed, tucked away in vault, Paige's soul is ripped from her body and it's off to the auction block. A Charmed Ones soul and body to be sold separately, of course. Zahn had been summoned away from Phoebe and Piper and they wanted to know why! They knew it was Paige, she had gone against their plan, behind their backs and was doing things her own way again. Just in time Richard showed up and told them how to get to Paige, or more accurately, her soul which was probably being auctioned by then. Sure enough they arrive just as 40 powers and minions had been outbid by a Grimlock for 100 powers. Piper congratulates his purchase with a prompt vanquishing. Now that Paige knew where all the contracts were held she knew just where to direct Pipers wrath. The sealed vault containing an endless set of contracts. In no time at all Paige was back in her body and explained that she knew that no matter how mad Piper and Phoebe got they'd still save her. Not much else to say about this episode. Chris and Leo come back in the last couple minutes of the episode, Piper can finally go on a date (this time w/o introducing them to Mr. Eye-Orbing-Out-Of-Skull Wyatt) and Chris offers to buy Leo a beer. Enchanting, catching, and adventurous. I give this episode a 9.0!
  • Apparently you can make a business out of souls.

    This is a great episode. Not only Paige manages to piss off her sisters and Wyatt scares off his mommy's dates, but Chris and Leo bond, in some sort of weird way. In my opinion, their adventures and dialogues were the highlight of this episode. Plus, you know, dinosaurs.
    Piper tries to date several men who apparently are cool with her being a mom, but Wyatt does a little trick of his, and the guys go running.
    Phoebe meets the turkey of her life again. I'm still surprised the writers didn't show us how exactly she wrote the column, but go figure...
    Most of all, Paige tries to save a man who has sold his soul. She's successful. And with Richard.
    Great episode.
  • Deal or no deal?

    This is another hour based upon one of Paige's temp jobs and, once again, she is at loggerheads with her sisters over whether to get involved. While this is an effective way of generating stories, it is beginning to get a little dull.

    The one good thing I'll say about this episode is that it features a new idea for the show: the Faustian Deal. Unfortunately, the storyline is both weak and predictable. As soon as I saw the clock set at 11.57pm in the opening scene I knew what was going to happen. There's a reasonable twist at the end when Paige sells her own soul to rescue the innocent but even this is obvious if you think about it.

    Richard "I don't do witchcraft" Montana is back and, boy, is he uninspiring. Leo excepted, why are all the blokes on this show so bland? There are only so many times you can blame the guest actors. And it's not just the mortals; the demons used to be really creepy. This week, Zahn looks like a circus ringmaster and the rest look like extras from the Munsters. And what was with the innocents? Surely if your soul was about to be sold to a demon you'd be a little upset but this lot just stand around like they're waiting for a bus.

    Chris and Leo have an utterly pointless adventure running around on a prehistoric slab of rock. Whose dumb idea was this? It adds nothing to the story and their friendly drink at the end completely quells the sense of mistrust that has been building all season.

    By far the best thing this week is Wyatt orbing his eyes to scare off Piper's dates. Tee hee! Phoebe, meanwhile, has a silly subplot involving the fat bloke she turned into a turkey last season. Bright side? Jason isn't in this episode.
  • Not the best, but still good.

    An average episode of this season brings us a story of a man who sold his soul for fame as a lawyer. Already done? Yes. But still, I didn't mind. It was weird seeing Paige put so much energy into saving her boss' soul. It also seems like she got a new boyfriend, and he already knows everything about her so... it might work? We'll have to wait and see.

    Wyatt did an amazing job by trying to prevent his mother from dating. I was really happy to see him do it. This whole Piper-Leo split is making me sick and I can't wait to see them together again. Plus, Phoebe's story didn't do much for me. It was the same thing with the same person again. The episode was fine, average, but still good.
  • ...So...What was that??? It is not a bad episode, if you just stay wake to see the end... So plain boring!

    Tecnicaly, we should say that the episode is plain boring, but we could add... bad written, bad acting, bad filmed... and the list would not end!

    Paige and the storyline of faustian deals is the only thing that this episode has barely enterteiment...

    The camera job is plain damn awful! They did the most predectible scenes in the world and that made the episode go downhill.

    Anyway, the camera is not the only thing bad in the episode... the acting and the writting was so boring. Specially I have to remind the scene Piper-Phoebe in the kitchen, when Phoebe says that thing about changing her day for the Piper one and she say "Yes, If you raise Wyatt for me, run the club..." It was so a bad writting, even Holly was not herself in that scene. Do you want more scenes...? I have one more, "Won, to the dead grimlock..." It was so horrible that writting (And, let's not forgot just after that the entire hour that the camera film Phoebe in order to make the audience understand that she has that weird empathy power, just bad filming!)

    The storyline... It has some good moments, without them the episode would have been a 2 or 1 in the ranking! Phoebe part was... you know a piece of nothingness! What was the whole "other columnist" thing? I had no sense! It made nothing to the episode or to Phoebe's life. And Alyssa was awful in those scenes! And the whole strange "we go against Paige" was inbelievable! They said that they prefered to make those souls burn than prefer to the demon to become unstoppable!!! No one would have ever say that! The whole dinosaur thing was there but had no sense neither! They could have done a perfect episode with the Dinosaur in the city or something! Or the sister in the dinosaur era! But the dinosaur there had no sense at all!

    So, the only things that were good in the episode were Paige and her "I prefer sacrifice myself and save the innocent" (Thing that Piper and Phoebe didn't!) and the beautiful effects! The vanquish and the soul turning into a body thing were remarkable!

    So the episode is a 4 one! Why? because the camera was horrible, the acting was bad (Phoebe, and sometimes Piper), the writing was awful, and the story boring.
  • Great just great.

    Paige discovers that her new boss, Larry, made a deal with the demon Zahn ,in which he sold his soul for a successful career. Ignoring Piper and Phoebe's plea to not get involved, Paige sells her soul to Zahn in order to free Larry's. Meanwhile, Piper learns that Wyatt has been sabotaging her dates with his magicalbilitys. Phoebe receives a new writing partner, Paige finds a friend in Richard and Chris's attempt to return to the future, sends him and Leo traveling back in time.

    Episode was good but I was pleasantly suprised to see that the episode was about Paige?? They are never about Paige I always thought that the writters neglected Paige's character but they would always make minor additions to Paige's character then it started to grow.
  • The episode entitled, ‘Soul Sister’, focused a lot of it’s attention on Paige.

    The episode entitled, ‘Soul Sister’, focused a lot of it’s attention on Paige. Paige starts out at another temp job (by the way, I love the new job-a-week deal) where her boss has signed away his soul and collection time has come. Being the go-getter that she is, she is determined that she can save him. Does this sound like Prue to anyone?

    This episode, once again, brought about the problem of Paige trying to solve the world’s problems all on her own. While it is a good plotline, it goes away from the main focus of the show, which is the sisters. Hence, the concept behind, ‘The Power of Three’. I can understand Piper and Phoebe’s frustration with their sister because she is risking not only her life, but also the lives of her family members. As a matter of fact, while I was watching the episode, I told my sister that if she ever pulled something like this, I’d kick her butt.

    I really liked the storyline involving Piper and her many dates. Wyatt scaring them off was a great idea from the writers. Very funny.

    Phoebe working with, as I refer to him, the Turkey, is a great way to spice up her job. It was becoming a little boring to see her going off to work. It’s nice to see her challenged by such a…well, turkey.

    The story between Leo and Chris, with the alternate universes, accomplished only to bond the two characters, if only briefly. Other than that, it was unnecessary to the plot of the episode.

    Overall, I would give this episode a 9 out of 10 with Wyatt scoring the big points for the little thing he did with his eyes. ;)
  • Soul Sur...zzzzzzzzzzz

    An extremely boring episode which makes Charmed accomplish the once thought impossible: a seven episode-long marathon of suckiness! This is another case of an episode which gives all the characters something to do... but it turns out that everything they do is painfully... dull!

    Soul Survivor has Paige giving up her soul to a demon who runs a special demon auction in order to save her boss, Piper discovering that Wyatt is sabotaging her blind dates, Phoebe getting a new writing partner at the paper and Leo and Chris being transported back to prehistoric times.

    Paige's storyline is the most interesting. The idea of a demon auction is quite original and it was good to show that Paige is willing to sacrifice her life, even for somebody she hardly knows. It's a shame that Richard returns and it's sad that he's going to be her new love interest. He's so boring that he could have been played by Lassie and nobody would have noticed anything different.

    I was extremely happy to see the writers actually giving Piper something to do. It seems that ever since Wyatt was born, all she does in every episode is "change diapers, bake cookies, stand there looking perplexed during exposition scene, change diapers, play with Wyatt, vanquish demon with sisters, change diapers, have romantic scene with Leo". At least she's trying to have a life now! Chris and Leo didn't do much but it was fun to have dinosaurs in Charmed, it's a shame, however, that the idea wasn't fully utilized for an entire episode, instead of just a subplot. Phoebe's subplot is hardly worth mentioning, it's just so dull; Spencer Ricks should have stayed in turkey form from his last appearance.

    Soul Survivor is a very boring Charmed-lite hour which could have been good, but ends up being standard, dull Charmed.

    Rating: F
  • Weird time travel

    I didn't care for most of this episode. I thought the time travel thing for Leo and Chris was a bit hokey. Though I was glad to see Chris save Leo why couldn't they have just distroyed the Dinosaur or orbed out. Paige took a big risk in this episode. Sometimes I think they use Paige as the "slave" so to speak cause Piper and Pheobe are closer and though they have accepted Paige she still wasn't one of them from the beginning. Pheobe is just irratic in this episode in my opinion. Some silly parts but in general a good episode.
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