Season 6 Episode 7

Soul Survivor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • Paige takes self-righteousness and independence to a new level, otherwise known as insanity.

    As seems the norm for Season 6 up until Chris-Crossed, this episode has some great moments and dialogue, but the plot is full of holes that would make a sci fi movie proud and Paige has a boyfriend, which means she is babbling nonsense and just being all around annoying.

    Paige is determined to save a guy who isn't exactly an innocent, having made a deal with a demon trading earthly success for his soul, but you would think this guy was the founder of the Peace Core by the way Paige talks about him. Anyway, the sisters wisely see the danger and the fairness of the deal and are against it, but as usual, that doesn't matter. All that matters to Paige is what she wants. So, she goes so far as to trade her own soul to save the innocent, figuring her sisters would save her.

    Only one thing wrong with her plan. She signed the fiery line before ever seeing where the contracts were kept. It was only sheer dumb luck (or actually the script) that the demon showed her where the contracts were so that her sisters could burn them and set her free.

    Anyway, the best part of the episode was Wyatt freaking out Piper's potential boyfriends. Great stuff. Of course, she should have suspected that right away considering Wyatt's powers, never a good idea to leave him with a stranger at any time.

    Phoebe's side plot was just an excuse to have a misogynist turned into a turkey and a pig. I'm sure the women found this entertaining.

    Anyway, at times annoying but still watchable episode, pretty standard for the first half of Season 6. Fortunately, Chris-Crossed and then the introduction of Gideon isn't far away.