Season 6 Episode 7

Soul Survivor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • Not As Soulless As I Thought!


    Soul Survivor-In an attempt to save her boss' soul, Paige goes behind her sisters backs and makes a deal with a demon. Meanwhile, Piper learns that Wyatt has been sabotaging her dates; Phoebe gets a new writing partner; and Chris and Leo accidentally travel back in time.

    Well, well well, do I see a decent episode of Charmed? Sure, "Soul Survivor" is nothing to ride home about but at least the writers manage to write in some decent character development for once.Paige was actually shown to be pretty noble and selfless her, wanting to sacrifice herself to save an innocent, it's actually a lot like how Prue was back in the day. Doing whatever shedid to save an innocent, which was nice to see. Sure Paige was being a bit stubborn and naive not understanding the consequences of her actions, butit actually brought some decent sister scenes between our 3 leads for once, bringing up issues about how one sister going soloaffects their whole Charmed destiny as a trio, whichis good to remind the audience, considering we haven't had a lot of sisters moments as of late. Paige's plan in the endworks, leading to a cool confrontation where Piper and Phoebe unleash their powers at the demonauction. The one-liners were great too. I love this bit:

    Grimlock: "I'll bid 100, 000 for all of them."

    Piper: "Sold! To the dead grimlock."

    *Blows him up*

    The sisters managed to save not only Larry but multiple souls that were captured.We even got to know the inoccent like the old days as we meet Larry's wife and find outexactly what led up to his death.Even the demon of the week, Zahn, was a formidable villain. I especially loved the moment where Paige through the potion and he freezes it in mid-air and throws an energy ball at it almost simaltaneously. But of course, in Chrmed fashion of late, his vanquish is lousy. Seriously, what happened to sisters using Power of 3 spells to vanquish demons? It just doesn't feel like the "real" Charmed anymore when all the sisters do now is either have Piper blow up the demon orjust throw a potion and problem solved. Sadly, "Soul Survivor" falls short of above avergae given 1) The stupid sub-plot with Leo and Chris stuck in a time portal! Seriosuly, enough with the horrible CGI! That dinosaur effect has not aged well...AT ALL. 2) Richard's back and I almost fall asleep everytime he's on screen! Seriously, Paige, what is so great about this guy! 3) Piper's whol dating plot is already getting ridiculous witch Wyatt scaring them off with his glowing eyes. I mean reallly, just let Piper date and do her thing already. I'm glad they are showing that Piper and Leo's situation is affecting Wyatt, but watching grown men run away like 5 year old girls isn't the way to so it. Anyway, "Soul Survivor" is about as good as Charmed has gotten this season so far.