Season 6 Episode 7

Soul Survivor

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • One word: dinosaur.

    It's another Paige-centric episode this time around, and although nowhere near as nauseating as the last episode, there's just no spark to the script. It's lifeless. Soulless, even. Kudos should be given for hitting the ground on a somber note, especially after the overdose of random as of late, but...oh, wait, what was I saying? Dinosaur! Come again? Oh, yeah, Dinosaur. Tralalolz. This is the most genius afterthought, pretty much ever. It were as if the execs realised just how incredibly boring Paige's main storyline was, and so the only logical solution to remedy this situation was to throw a dinosaur at it. When in doubt, add a pinch of prehistoric. Classic Charmed.

    Poor Paige. Like, honestly, who really wanted to watch whatever was happening with the youngest Charmed One when you have Jurassic Park 4 as a subplot? Phoebe, meanwhile, is clashing with Spencer Ricks, written with all of the subtlety of a shotgun blast to the face. Men are total dicks. Gobblegobbgle. So, naturally, Phoebe turns him back into a turkey, kind of as a cheeky throw back to season 5. But we hate season five. And there's a T-rex chasing Leo and Chris. So, really, America, who cares? And there's Piper, auditioning for Worst Mother of the Year award. She's having trouble finding a man whose comfortable enough to date a woman with a child (cos, we're all total dicks. Gobblegobble), but once she does, she has no problem leaving her child with a TOTAL stranger while she pops off to find her jacket. He could have been background demon#4 for frak sake, Piper! Get your shit together!

    Anyways. So there's a T-rex. And, ya know, it doesn't look half bad!

    If there's any kind of ongoing arc this season, it's overcrowding! This is an episode filled with mind-numbing subplots, and a dino excursion that pretty much eclipses... well, everything! If you throw ninjas and/or dinosaurs into an episode, that's pretty much all I'll care about. But the thing is, even if we didn't have dinosaurs to deal with, there's still too much time allowed for subplots we really, really do not give a flying frick about: Piper's having dating trouble? Uh, just stfu and get back with Leo already. Phoebe and Spencer Ricks? No one cares. And Paige? GET A REAL JOB. Not even a solid guest-start can save this one, which, in retrospect, could have been a pretty solid episode if enough attention had been paid to the whole 'trading souls' plot.

    Stand-alone doesn't look good on season 6. I'd like some sort of an arc soon, please. Kthxbai.