Season 6 Episode 18

Spin City

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2004 on The WB
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When Piper is kidnapped and cocooned by the Spider Demon, and Chris becomes infected with the Demon's venom, causing him to mutate into a spider demon, Paige, Phoebe and Leo try to rescue them. Meanwhile, Leo finally learns why Chris resents him.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A good one.

    The way missy entitled Paige treats her employers at most places and on the phone, she should be beyond fired by now.

    Leo hasn't being around for 6 months and he's still a 'go to' person for them. It gets ridiculous - make him an elder leave him an elder, they can get someone else to help! Hell even Gideon is probably more useful than Leo. You also have a magic school nursery. And seriously, he comes instantly when called.

    Phoebe had no right to tell Leo about Chris. While yes I feel he has a right to know, it's not Phoebe's business at all to tell him. Especially the way she did. It's extremely annoying how much she blurts crap out. I'm sorry it is not THAT hard to keep a secret. Especially if you respect the person who told it to you. She's extremely unreliable.

    I like Chris finally turning into something. And yay for Gideon once again making sense!

    So not only do they keep bringing in the magical creatures, they keep changing it. Firstly, you have to say something not just bang on the ground with the stick. And secondly, the luck doesn't just randomly go good or bad, the leprechaun chooses, which way it goes. They gave good and bad selectively to the sisters and the snake demon back in that other episode.

    I didn't like Leo's baiting of Chris, he didn't just sound like baiting like he genuinely didn't care. "oh boo hoo did I miss a future play".

    And Chris's personality change completely makes sense. He spent the start trying to convince people to trust him so he could go through with his plan, then he wanted them back together so he couldn't have them fighting. Now they know, now he's safely conceived, he doesn't have to pretend to like someone he very obviously despises.moreless
  • Spin City

    Spin City was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written with great character development, magic, and drama. I thought it was a great sub plot within the story to have Paige help magical creatures from the Wicked Witch. It was great to see Chris and Leo have a father-son confrontation and air some things out though many issues remain. I liked how the magical creatures came to help the sisters save Chris and they were portrayed amazingly and very appropriately, except it was weird to see them at the club having a drink at the bar in the end. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Spider-Chris! Spider-Chris! Does Whatever A Spider-Chris Does!

    Spin City-When Piper is kidnapped and cocooned by the Spider Demon, and Chris becomes infected with the Demon's venom, causing him to mutate into a spider demon, Paige, Phoebe and Leo try to rescue them. Meanwhile, Leo finally learns why Chris resents him.

    I swear the more we know about Chris, the more emo and less tolerable he becomes. Last epsiode, we learn Piper dies when he's 14 in his future and he keeps his distance from her for that very reason. Which is weird considering Chris seemed fine before Piper knew she was his mother. Once again, the writers dropped this big bomb on us about Chris and suddenly he has a hard time being around Piper, now Leo because of future parental issues he had with them when we saw absolutely no signs of this in past episodes. Holly Marie Combs became unexpectedly pregnant during Season 6, so instead of finding a reasonalbe solution for Piper becoming pregnant, they just make Chris her son and go from there! I could careless about his issues with Leo and all the commotion over it this episode is a watse. Also, I find it hard to believe Leo would be a terrible father in any kind of future. He's always seemed responsible, putting his family first above all else, yet we're suppose to believe he wasn't there for Chris, when he was there for Piper and Wyatt. Drama ofr the sake of drama is never. EVER. good!

    Then we have the Spider, did the budget take a hit or what? The Sipder demon looked like somethingyou could buy at a localIparty! Jeeze, how are you suppose to take her seriously. Then you have those damn magical creatures again. I swear every scene devoted to things, makes me want to take a shot just to tolerate them! The whole wicked witch sub-plot.....did these writers forget that they are writing for a primetime series, not PBS!? Ehw! No wonder Rose McGowan couldn't stand when the series kept getting picked up when she signed on the series, any scene whereshe has to talk to a fairy, an Orge and a Nymph, she seems so annoyed. Who wouldn't? Not much to say as usual, bad special effects, bad actiong, bad plot developments, bad, bad,bad!Oh and Phoebeditching a guy because he doesn't knock her up in the future?!'s like the writers want us to hate these characters!moreless
  • My favorite Episode!

    This episode reveal lot of Character Development. Leo found out Chris is his second son. He doesnt know for six months. It is so long time! Piper and Leo suddenly became protective of Chris cuz he is their son. Piper and Leo's character changed lot cuz their son want to protect Wyatt from turning to evil and want nice future. It is so awesome episode ever I watched. I love it lot. Chris was infected by Spider Witch and became her ally. I cant believe Leo didnt visit his family for six months! He abandoned them for long time. But He found out Chris is his son and decided to stay with famiy permanently! HAPPY!moreless
  • Great.

    Great episode. This is one of my favorite episodes of charmed. Could watch it over and over. Leo learns Piper is pregnant and Chris is his son after Phoebe and Paige call for his help because Piper is wrapped up in a spider web. Piper didn't want Leo to know she was pregnant because it was so hard for him to leave one son. Chris is turning into a spider demon himself due to a poisonous bite. Leo also learns that Chris hates him but isn't sure why. In the end you find out that Chris hate Leo because he was never there for him. Leo favored Wyatt.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • When stuck to the wall by Chris' spider webbing why don't either Paige or Leo orb out. At first it would seem that the webbing somehow blocks their powers but Paige is able to orb the Leprechauns staff so why couldn't she orb herself?

    • When Phoebe, Paige and Leo are stuck on the wall, it's obvious that the webbing constricting their hands is a little bit loose, as their hands were moving along with their body movements, and they can even get them out, even though they are supposed to be very still. But if you see carefully, they were pushing their hands against it so that it looks very tight but actually, it's not.

    • How can Paige see the fairy in this episode? They're supposed to be invisible to adults.

    • When Chris first helps the Spider Demon and is knocked out, they lock him in the cellar. Yet when he takes Piper away, he is still able to orb. If he could still orb, then a locked cellar door's not going to be a problem.

    • At the beginning of the epsiode, Piper, Paige and Chris were getting off the elevator in the parking garage and Chris mentions that in the future he used to hit Paige up for money. However in the episode Oh My Goddess (1), Chris shows up for the first time and says that the future showed Paige died on that day. Doesn't that mean he never knew her in the future? So how could she give him money? Or does he somehow have new memories of her?

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the final time that Phoebe's empathy power is used.

    • TRIVIA: The song that's played after the opening sequence is "Life Is Short" by Butterfly Boucher.

    • When Paige, Phoebe and Leo are pinned to the wall by Spider Chris's webbing, Phoebe has a sofa to stand on and Leo has the landing of the staircase, but Paige is supposedly just hanging by the webbing, but two pegs are visible. They are painted to match the wall, conveniently located for Paige to rest her feet on.

    • When Leo, Phoebe, and Paige are about to leave the house to vanquish the spider demon, Phoebe gives Leo the vanquishing potion and she keeps the antidote. After the spider demon is killed Paige asks Leo for the antidote, as if he has it. Then when Piper takes the antidote she takes it from Phoebe. So if Phoebe had the antidote why did Paige ask Leo for it?

    • TRIVIA: Piper is now staying at Magic School, until she gives birth.

    • TRIVIA: Leo is the last one to discover who Chris really is - his son.

    • TRIVIA: Piper discovers that with this pregnancy, that Chris doesn't have any magical powers from the womb, like Wyatt had, including not having a forcefield to protect her.

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe is now on a mad quest to find the father of her child, that she saw in her vision in "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell".

    • After the spider demon covers Piper in webbing, Paige throws the vanquishing potion, which is blue. Chris catches it and attacks Paige and Phoebe. He drops the potion, which is now yellow, and it rolls into Paige's hand. Paige gets up and throws the potion at the spider demon again, and the potion is blue once more.

    • The opening scene for Cafe Le Blue is the same place they used for Quake but it has a different sign.

    • In this episode, it says that the Spider demon goes after the most powerful being it can detect. So technically it should have gone after Wyatt not Piper.

    • After Piper was freed from the spider cocoon, two scenes later when Chris and Leo were fighting the cocoon is still visible in the backround, as if Piper was never freed.

    • In the scene where Piper freezes people at the doctor's office, a woman behind her is still moving, but trying to look frozen.

    • How does the Spider demon know so much about Chris? First she knows he's a whitelighter, then she knows he's Piper's son. So she figured out in thirty minutes what it took the Halliwells half a season to determine?

    • At the end of the episode, the Nymph, Leprechaun, and Ogre are sitting in the bar having drinks... You would think their strange appearances would cause a scene, and that's on the condition that the customers could get past the Ogre's horrible body odor.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Spider Demon: Miss me?
      Rathmere: I was hoping that you would let me die in peace.
      Spider Demon: Oh, I'm sorry. I was raised to never leave any food on my plate.

    • Leo: Something you're not telling me?
      Phoebe: Oh, actually-
      Paige (glares at Phoebe): No!
      Phoebe: Look, he's gonna find out sooner or later and I'm gonna bust!
      Leo: Find out what?
      Phoebe: If he's gonna help us, we're gonna have to tell him.
      Paige: It's Piper's business.
      Leo: Tell me what?
      (Phoebe looks at Leo as if she's ready to burst. Finally, she does)
      Phoebe: Ohh…Chris is your son!
      (Leo is stunned. Speechless over this overwhelming information)
      Phoebe (relieved, with a huge grin on her face): Don't we all feel better? I know I feel so much better!

    • Chris: I have an idea. Let's change the subject.

    • Phoebe (referring to the needle): This will only hurt a little bit...

    • Chris: Well, then why were you so worried back there?
      Piper: I wasn't worried. All right. I was a little worried about the force field.
      Chris: What force field?!
      Paige: The one she had when she was pregnant with Wyatt.
      Chris: Wait, you had a force field with Wyatt but not with me?
      Piper: Well, I didn't have one, he had one. It was all his doing.
      Chris: From the womb?! He had powers from the womb?! That's unbelievable! It's not like I don't have an inferiority complex with him already. Thank you.

    • (Chris is sitting on the tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, looking down at the cars passing below. Leo orbs in)
      Leo: Can we talk?
      Chris: There is nothing to talk about.
      Leo: I think there is. Quite a bit, actually.
      Chris: It doesn't matter.
      Leo: It does to me, Chris. You're my son. I think I deserve to know what I did that's so bad.
      Chris: You were never there for me. You were there for everybody else: Mom, Wyatt, half the world. But you were never there for me. You didn't have the time.
      Leo: So...maybe you came back from the future not just to save Wyatt. Maybe
      you came back to save us, too.
      (Chris looks at Leo for a few seconds, his eyes filled with decades of anguish)
      Chris: I doubt it.
      (Chris orbs out, leaving Leo alone on the bridge)

    • Leo: Damn it!
      Paige: Are Elders even allowed to swear?
      Leo: No, but fathers are. Especially ones whose kid tries to kill them.
      Phoebe: Well, technically, you can't die.

    • Piper (referring Chris walking in, looking noticeably evil): What's that?
      Leo: Our little boy.

    • Paige: Bug spray. We should've used bug spray.

    • Piper (considering getting Phoebe to help): I don't want to interrupt her date with Mark.
      Paige: It's Mike this week.
      Chris: Actually, it's Mitch.

    • Piper: Well, you will be happy to know're a boy!
      Paige: I don't see it...
      Piper: Well, it's that little thing right there...
      Chris snatches the ultrasound picture.
      Chris: Do you mind?!

    • Paige: No wonder Chris grows up to be a neurotic little freak.

    • Piper: OK, what do you say we make this eight-legged freak wish she'd never been hatched?.
      Chris: Whoa, hold it! You are not going anywhere, mom. This is way to risky.
      Paige: He's actually right, without the Wyatt force field thing …
      Chris: OK, do you have to keep rubbing that in?
      Paige: Aren't there any therapists in the future?

    • Piper: This whole family needs a shrink.

    • Leo: Phoebe, Paige. How are you?
      Phoebe: Not so good. We have a problem.
      Leo: Perhaps we should meditate...

    • Phoebe: If he's gonna be helping us, he needs to know. And I'm about to bust!
      Leo: Know what?
      Phoebe: Ohhh...Chris is your son!

    • Phoebe: How are we going to get in?
      Ogre: I could just knock?

    • Paige (about how Piper froze a woman for touching her stomach): Are you hormonal, or are you just plain crazy!?
      Piper: A woman can only take so much...

    • Paige: Are you excited?
      Piper: About what?
      Paige: About the doctor saying that the baby is perfectly healthy?
      Piper: Paige, I know he's healthy. I've seen him twenty two and walking around.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: Spin City

      This is a slight reference to the TV series Spin City, starring - at different times in its run - Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael J. Fox, but mostly a play on words, since it deals with spiders (spiders spinning their webs). Also it's a reference to the graphic novel series Sin City, also made into a film in 2005.

    • Paige (after vanquishing the wicked witch): Ding-dong.

      This is a reference to the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz" and the song sung by the munchkins after Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch of the East.

    • re: the Spider-Demon's spider powers

      Most of the powers that the Spider-Demon gave to Chris are similar to those of the classic comic book superhero, Spider-Man.