Season 6 Episode 18

Spin City

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Spin City opens with Chris sitting at the club consulting Tarot Cards. The card reads Judgment. A club employee comes in to set up and asks him what the deal is with Leo disappearing. "As far as I'm concerned", he says, "she deserves a hell of a lot better". Chris responds, rather darkly, "I couldn't agree with you more". The scene shifts to a hallway outside the elevator in the doctor's building where Piper has frozen everyone because she is tired of having people rub her stomach to 'touch' the baby. "Are you hormonal, or just plain crazy?", asks Paige. After they get on the elevator, Chris orbs in to check on how the baby exam went. Piper says "You're a boy" and when she starts to show Paige his blurry little penis on the ultrasound picture, Chris grabs the picture away ("Excuse me, do you mind?"). As they exit the elevator in the parking garage, they are attacked by the Spider Demon and Chris is scratched on his neck. Before she can be vanquished, the demon changes back into a spider and crawls away into an air vent.

Back at the manor, as they are cleaning his wound, Chris finds out that Wyatt had a force field to protect him and Piper. "From the womb?! He had powers from the womb?! That's unbelievable! It's not like I don't have an inferiority complex with him already." Paige thinks he's being a little too sensitive ("Aren't there any therapists in the future?"). Chris looks ill. At the same time, the Spider Demon is back in her lair, preparing to finish 'eating' the powers of Rathmere, a wizard she has captured and cocooned. She finishes off her 'happy meal', leaving only a skeleton behind. Chris, looking worse, does not want to call Leo, and Piper agrees. When Paige pushes the idea, pointing out that Leo doesn't even know that Piper is pregnant, Chris snaps : "He has been gone for six months! If he's not there for us in the future, why is he there for us now?". Cleaning up, Chris notices that his hands are becoming sticky, like a spider's, but he says nothing.
Phoebe arrives late for a lunch date with Mitch. She startles him by jumping right into talk of wanting a family and kids. When he doesn't respond, she takes his hand, senses nothing and begins to split. Chris arrives to get her, looking like death not-so-warmed-over. They leave together. Paige, meanwhile, is filling in for Piper at the club. Her boss calls to chew her out for missing her temp job. While she's on the phone, Leprechaun Riley shows up, seeking help. Paige try's to blow him off until he mentions that he was Shamus's brother and that the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest has put a curse on him. Paige then restores Riley to his former glory and is gifted with his magical shillelagh.
Meanwhile, back at the manor again, while Phoebe prattles on about how she has to return to her husband hunting, the spider climbs in thru an open window and telepathically gets Chris (who she now controls) to lure Piper into a trap. Paige orbs in to 'bless', with her blood, the potion they have concocted. While the sisters are thus distracted, the Spider Demon strikes - cocooning Piper. Chris then intercepts the potion Paige throws at the demon and attacks the two sisters. The Spider Demon reverts to a spider and escapes back through the window, leaving Piper stuck to the wall. The girls lock Chris in the basement but nothing they try will free Piper from the cocoon. Paige calls Leo, who suggests meditating. After Chris attacks Leo, Phoebe can't help herself and reveals to him that Piper is pregnant and Chris is his son. She tells him to pull it together because his family needs him. Leo orbs away to get something that will allow them to scry for the Spider Demon. Then Paige has to orb back to the club because the wicked witch has struck once again. In the basement, Chris is telepathically contacted by the Spider Demon, who tells him to bring her the cocoon. Although angry, he cannot resist.
At the club, Paige is confronted by a transformed Wood Nymph (now male), a Fairy (now an old woman) and an Ogre (now small and harmless). Paige composes a spell and the wicked witch, happily cackling and stirring her caldron, is quickly dispatched. The magic folk are returned to their natural states. Searching for Rathmere's wand at Magic School, Leo is criticized by Gideon for leaving the Elders. Gideon is surprised to learn that Chris is Wyatt's brother, but he still plans to 'sacrifice' Wyatt ("when the time is right"). Back at the manor once again, as Leo orbs in, a spider enters the room where Phoebe and Paige are finishing their new potion. Phoebe begins channeling spiteful feelings towards Leo from Chris. The spider then transforms back into Chris and he webs all three against the wall before orbing out with Piper. When they can't get free, Paige uses Riley's shillelagh to summon him and he frees them from the webbing.

In her cave, the Spider Demon greets Chris and begins to feed on Piper which weakens him as well (because she is also feeding on the baby's magic). Leo scrys and finds Piper but with only Phoebe and Paige, they don't have the power of three; so Paige brings along her new friends : the Wood Nymph, the Fairy and the Ogre. The Ogre bangs on the magic door and the Spider Demon comes out ("Damn it! Can't a demon eat in peace"). Using teamwork they destroy the demon (the Ogre steps on her when she's a spider). Leo enters the cave to rescue Piper and orbs her out when Chris walks in. Chris reseals the cave and grabs Leo, trapping him in a spider web. Outside, even with the power of three, the sisters can't get past the webbed up doorway. When Leo attempts to find out what he did to make his son hate him so much, Chris begins to pummel him mercilessly. Outside, Piper gets a kick from baby Chris and figures that if she takes the antidote, big Chris will be fine too. Inside the cave, the antidote works, but Chris keeps beating Leo anyway until Piper comes in and makes him to stop.
Leo leaves Piper and Wyatt at Magic School with Gideon, telling her that he's sticking around for a while because his family needs him. Wyatt stares at Gideon as he walks past him. At the club, Paige serves free drinks to her three helpful new friends (the fairy is a no show) as the band plays a happy song and Phoebe continues on her love quest. High atop the Golden Gate Bridge, Leo visits Chris, who tells him : "You were never there for me. You were there for everybody else - Mom, Wyatt, half the world - but you were never there for me. You didn't have the time". When Leo suggests that maybe Chris came back to save the both of them, as well as Wyatt, Chris says "I doubt it" and orbs away.