Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB
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After being presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters begin their demon-free existence with new identities: Phoebe is overwhelmed with visions of her future husband; Paige begins hearing her whitelighter call, which draws her to a mysterious young witch; Piper attempts to deal with her financial situation, the club and her children. Meanwhile, a brash young demon decides that he wants the Halliwell manor as a trophy and plots to kill Victor to get to it.moreless

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  • Still Charmed & Kicking

    Still Charmed & Kicking was a good episode of Charmed and I enjoyed watching as the Sisters continue to maintain their cover and pretend to be cousins. I liked how demons wasted no time trying to gain control of the manor from Victor. Paige struggles to reconcile her new life and identity with who she really is. A mysterious kick a$$ warrior witch makes an appearance and saves lives a few times. It looks like this season is going to be a little crazy. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!moreless
  • Still Charmed and Tacky

    Still Charmed and Kicking-After being presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters begin their demon-free existence with new identities: Phoebe is overwhelmed with visions of her future husband; Paige begins hearing her whitelighter call, which draws her to a mysterious young witch; Piper attempts to deal with her financial situation, the club and her children. Meanwhile, a brash young demon decides that he wants the Halliwell manor as a trophy and plots to kill Victor to get to it.

    So.....after what should have been the series finale in Season 7, The WB at the time decided "hey this show making us some good money, why not renew it for one more time and suck the life out of it even more!" Thus we have Season 8, the worst season of the series, possibly one of the worst season of television history! How else to you explain the unbearable void of quality this season has? Thanks to Brad's special deal with The WB to make this happen, the budget for the series was cut in half, Leo is only present for only 10 episodes this year, Darryl was completely dropped from the series....and worst of all, Billie! Yes, the character that pretty muchsolidifiedthis season's badness! How else do you explain her beyond laughable debut in this premiere with her tacky costume? Looking like a cross between a Matrix reject and a prostitute, every scene with Billie in this episode (and the next) sees her doing some cheap moves and spewing out corny one-liners backed by a cheesy soundtrack like she's supposedly some badass or something when I all I do is turn away from the screen. I honesty find it hard to believe that this random, new witch can effectively hunt and kill demons is she barely knows what a witch is in the first place yet the writers make it seem like being a witch is piece of cake!

    The episode is actually not as bad as I remember it. The family moments with the sisters, Leo, Victor and Grams are actually pretty good. It's nice to know the new identities the sisters are taking on won't we easy and is already showing some consequences like Wyatt not being able to tell who is mother is when Piper's in disguise. I loved how each sister handles their new life differently, Paige hears the cries of a new charge and doesn't know whether to expose herself orignorethe call while Piper is having seconds thoughts, worried about the consequences and Phoebe is all to excited to start a life a new! It's really ironic considering Phoebe was the most embracing of being a witch back in the early years, sure a lot has changed since then and so has Phoebe (not in a good way), but it's bittersweet moment knowing the fact. Grams of course is unhappy about the girls' decision, in a rare scene where we see her and Paige bonding. Though is makes me wonder, if Grams knows, then how come the Elders don't? How exactly did the sisters "cloak"themselvesfrom higher beings like the Elders? Speaking of them, I love the scene where Victor stands up to one of the Elders when they decide to take the Wyatt and Chris away from him. It's a strong moment for Victor, showing just how much he's changed since he left the sisters when he was younger. This is a man committed to his family now and will do whatever it takes to protect them. I also liked the moment were Wyatt (who turns out to be Piper) unleashes his powers on a new breed of demons trying to kill Victor. It's a great SFX sequence watching Piper blowing up demons and freezing energy balls all over the place, just showing how powerful she is. Though I have to wonder this sudden glamouring power Piper and Phoebe have are kinda random. I'm sure it's just a glamouring spell that mimics Paige's glamouring power but the way they do it all the time is kinda annoying. Anyway, the demon plot is not worth mentioning, just know the main demon of the week finds out the Charmed Ones are alive, leading into next episode. Not to mention, Jason Lewis's debuts as another spot in Phoebe's lists "one shot love interests" as Dex. More on that non-relationship new episode. All and All, 'Still Charmed and Kicking" is an overall mediocre opening with some good family scenes but weak villains, a horrible debut by Billie and nagging plot points.moreless
  • Error in show

    There is big mistake in this episode. Pheobe is having premonitions and Piper (glamored as Wyatt) is freezing and blowing up demons. I just have one question. How did Pheobe and Piper get their powers back? Zankou took their powers at the end of last season. I read in the TV Guide that they were going to have to earn back their powers but as yesterday's epidode proved they already have them.moreless
  • Terrible. Terrible, TERRIBLE! how this ridiculous show has lasted this long is simply unbelievable. Shows like buffy, angel, friends, firefly, trucalling are off the air, but this piece of garbage is still on. a disgrace to television everywhere. a truemoreless

    this show went from pretty darn good the first ~5 years to painful to watch the last 2ish years. silly stuff like nymphs and trolls and mermaids and mummies, and terribly written lines, delivered by decent yes, unbelievably attractive actresses is the entire 2 years summed up. NOTHING has happened, nothing ground breaking, NOTHING, and this year starts off the same. handsome guys, revealing dresses and predictable, half witted plots.

    i truly hope this show is taken off the air before it can sink any lower.moreless
  • The Three [fresh] Faces of the Halliwells

    As season premieres go...No, season premieres of Charmed go, this one isn't half bad. After such a fantastic end to season seven, the execs at the WB felt that they could milk a bit more from this supernatural cash cow, with a few notable changes, of course: a slashed budget, a new, fresh-faced Wicca, and more emphasis on the sisters, as opposed to magic.

    To be perfectly honest with you, Brad Kern manages to meet these requests quite admirably: the girls are trying to reconfigure their demon-free lives (by going shopping, of course! Nothing says 'hello, new life' like a new pair of shoes!); the FX work is actually pretty effective and used sparingly enough, and this mysterious kick-ass Wicca certainly ticks off the intriguing column for the time being (the cheesy music and questionable outfit only adding to the entertainment value).

    The arcs that are set in place could have been stronger (Phoebe sees herself marrying a complete stranger; Paige can't stop hearing a ringing noise in her head; and just there). The main one, of course, is that the Charmed Ones are considered deceased. Fineto. Six Feet Under.

    Phoebe comes up with a spell that allows them to project a false image of their desired look to the outside world (save for loved ones, like Wyatt and Chris) so that they can pretend to be cousins of the Halliwells, which is a neat idea, but I have one gripe: the actresses playing our leads at the beginning of the episode absolutely NAIL Piper and Phoebe, so it's a pity that we have new versions, which look nothing like our gals (which, I suppose, IS the point: but, c'mon, what's with the hair -- Piper's hair is down, but her projection's is up, and Phoebe's is the exact opposite).

    It's a frilly-nilly episode, but it certainly manages to focus on the Halliwell family, which is more than welcomed. And not just the sisters, but Grams and Victor share reasonable screen-time -- something I'd like to see more of. Light-hearted fun, but perhaps a little too exposition heavy for its own good.moreless
Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson


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Derek Magyar


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Glenn Morshower

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James Read

James Read

Victor Bennett

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Jennifer Rhodes

Penny 'Grams' Halliwell

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Rebecca Balding

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • TRIVIA: It's stated in the episode that Darryl has moved away.

    • The demon [[Haas]] wants to take over the ''the symbolic seat of power'', which is the [[Nexus]], but the [[Charmed Ones]] banished the Nexus along with vanquishing Zankou. Surely Haas would've known this.

    • When Billie is first shown she has knee-length stiletto boots but when she lands on the movie theatre seat she has almost flat boots on.

    • When Piper and Phoebe walk out of the store their own reflections are visible in the door, however when they look into the window, it's their fake identities instead.

    • TRIVIA: The spell used in this episode, to mask the sisters, and change their looks and identities:
      I call upon the ancient powers, to mask us now and in future hours. Hide us well and thoroughly, but not from those we call family.

    • TRIVIA: It is referenced that Glen Belland, Paige's close friend who appeared in three episodes spanning seasons four and five, attended the sisters' funeral and visited Paige's urn.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode it's said that Dad (Victor) booked Barry Manilow in the club P3. Barry Manilow is an American singer and songwriter best known for his recordings I Write the Songs, Mandy and Copacabana.

    • TRIVIA: Piper gets a new car in this episode - a dark blue 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    • TRIVIA: This year's opening credits are two clips per character, whereas previously Holly, Alyssa and Rose each had 3, and the remaining characters had 2.

    • In this episode and in the season 3 episode Just Harried, when looking from inside the house out by the front door, the pathway in front of the house is flat, but normally, on all other episodes, there are stairs.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second funeral that has been held for one of the Charmed Ones. The first was Prue's funeral in the season 4 episode Charmed Again (1).

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first appearance of Kaley Cuoco as "Billie", and she has been added to the opening credits.

    • TRIVIA: This is one of nine episodes with the series title in it.

    • When Piper and Phoebe are coming out of the store they look into a window and their new identities' reflections can be seen. One of Phoebe's handbag straps hangs over her shoulder, however, her disguised reflection has both straps on her shoulder.

    • When the sisters are reflected in the mirror, their outfits match what they are wearing but their hairstyles don't. Shouldn't their hair be the same style and if it's different why do they bother styling their own hair then?

    • In the beginning, when Piper and Phoebe change into their real selves to talk to Paige (who is disguised as Janice Dickinson), they keep their same outfits on, but Paige goes from a black dress to a white sundress.

    • TRIVIA: The actor who portrays the character of Haas, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, won the contest on I Wanna be a Soap Star.

    • TRIVIA: The sisters' and Leo's new identities are Jo Bennett (Paige), Jenny Bennett (Piper), Julie Bennett (Phoebe) and Louis (Leo).

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Grams: Whether or not you succeed remains to be seen. But you cannot deny that she's being called by somebody. (to Paige) And you can't deny it either.
      Paige (feels a strong jingling): You're right. I can't deny it. Especially not right now!

    • (Phoebe runs into Dex in the elevator)
      Phoebe (disguised as Julie): Oh, hi!
      Dex (wondering who she is): Hi!
      Phoebe: Oh, that's right. You don't know who I am!

    • Elise (about Phoebe): She was the best friend I could ever ask for.
      Phoebe (disguised as Julie): That is so sweet!
      Elise: Oh I mean it. She was the best. I'm gonna miss her like crazy.
      Phoebe: See now you're gonna go and make me cry!
      Elise: It's the truth. She was more than the heart and soul of this paper. She was the daughter I never had. (Starts to cry)
      Phoebe (becomes emotional): Oh Elise. (Hugs her) I had no idea!
      (She starts to stumble, as everyone looks in wonder)
      Phoebe: I mean, Phoebe had no idea! I mean, she never told me how close you both… bu… then again, you know, why would she tell me because, you know, then, she, she… obviously she didn't notice what's gonna… happen… Carry on.
      (She starts to leave, leaving everyone speechless)

    • Phoebe: Look, you wanted a normal life more than all of us, right? So what's changed all of the sudden?
      Piper: I'm a little neurotic. What do you want from me?

    • Piper: He was not hitting on me.
      Phoebe: He was too. He was practically drooling on you.
      Piper: Ok. First, I'm married. Secondly, he's a salesman in a women's shoe store. What are the chances he's not gay?

    • Dex (about Phoebe): I'll never get over how somebody as beautiful as she was could be so incredibly insightful.
      Victor: Em hmm!
      (Phoebe, disguised as another woman, approaches him)
      Phoebe: You don't say!
      Victor: Excuse me. Do you mind?
      Phoebe: It's all right. I got this. (to Dex) You were saying… about Phoebe.
      Dex: Just that aah… I thought she was great. Really great.
      Phoebe: Then, why didn't you ever ask her out?!
      Dex: What?
      (Piper, also disguised, comes and pushes Dex to the door)
      Piper: Thanks for coming. Sorry you have to go. Ok. Bye bye.
      Phoebe: Piper, what are you doing?
      Piper: What are you doing? You can't pick up on a guy at a funeral!
      Phoebe: Why not? It's my funeral!

    • Piper (to Victor): Barry Manilow?! Dad you booked Barry Manilow?

    • Piper: The whole underworld is afraid of Wyatt. Apparently, my little guy's reputation precedes itself.

    • Billie (about a fireball a demon is holding): Doesn't that burn your hand?

    • Piper: What are you doing here?
      Grams (about Paige): Trying to stop you from ganging up on your sister.
      Piper: Well you're sort of dead…so this doesn't concern you!

    • (Paige is upset because she has no life outside of magic)
      Grams: I've got an afterlife to live, you know.
      Paige: See! Even you have a life and your dead.

    • A demon throws a fireball at Billie but she deflects it back, and it hits a seat in the movie theater.
      Billie: Now help me out here, I'm new at this. Who pays for that?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Due a morire (Die Hard) Germany: Totgesagte leben länger (Who's Supposed to Be Dead Lives Longer) France: Une nouvelle vie (A New Life)

    • Musician Mark McGrath was initially cast as Dex, but had to back out due to other commitments. Jason Lewis later replaced him.


    • When Phoebe calls Billie 'Supergirl', it is reference to the popular DC comics character, Kara Kent, aka Supergirl (the cousin of Superman), who currently has a self-titled comic book and appears the series: Superman: the Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited and was in the 1984 movie of the same name starring Helen Slater.

    • The scene when Billie crashes into the Manor wearing a black wig and a leather outfit is inspired by the ABC spy series "Alias".

    • Title: Still Charmed and Kicking

      This is a reference to the phrase "alive and kicking".