Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • Charmed is the best TV show ever. You ROCK cast of Charmed.

    If your into Wicca then Charmed is a great show. I think that everyone on Charmed play their parts very well and I just know that I'm going to enjoy watching all the episodes of Season 8. I hope that Charmed stays on the air for a very long time.
  • Yep I am sad to say, this was a filler!

    As I feel I am a devoted Charmed fan, the fact that I see this as a filler is alarming to me. After so much waiting, I feel I was let down. As a viewer I have to wonder how much Billie will take center stage. The powers she has seem, well alarming. She seems to have the same powers as the sisters, and Phoebe’s acrobatics. In my opinion they have the Charmed Ones in one, not so good black wig and leather. And since I am on the leather thing, the leather has got to go and take the wig with it!

    I will continue to watch and hope this gets better. This was an okay episode, and leaves this viewer to wonder…Should there have been a Season 8?
  • Finaly back with a new and great episode!

    I loved this ep. After some very long months of vaiting, a new and great episod has finaly aired.
    This was a great opening for the eight season. It's very funny and I really do love the fact that it was mainly all about the family, with just a few scenes including some demons and a very strange witch (?).
  • Charmed, but not so Kickin'

    The premiere episode of season 8, for what the writers had to work with from last season, was pretty well planned, except for a few flaws. Mind you, these were not minor flaws, but pretty major ones. The problem with Charmed writers is their inability to explain things. First and foremost, they never explain how the Charmed ones, except for Paige, have the ability to change their appearance with the snap of a finger. Paige is the only one who can change her appearance, or glamour, a whitelighter power that is very rarely used. Piper and Phoebe, on the other hand, would have had to rely on a spell, which neither of them chanted until they decided to make their appearances \"permanent.\" And, just as a side note, their \"new looks\" are kind of hoochie looking. Even more so than Phoebe and Paige are normally. Other than that, the biggest mistake made was cutting Darryl from the show for this first episode. If Darryl were to no longer be a part of the girls\' lives, you would think Brad Kern would at least have him in the first episode to attend their wake. Darryl\'s exit was abrupt and unexplained and a huge letdown to viewers. At least they kept the show focused on the girls and not on Billie (Kaley Cuoco)--for now.
  • Something was missing. Still a good episode though

    This was a good way to open up the season. I just felt like something was not there. I think they should of gone into the new characters dex and billie a little more. I guess they could have done this on purpose so you watch more. I liked how they showed Wyatt more in this episode more, where was baby Chris? Still a good episode, so glad 8 has finally begun.
  • Definitely not one of my favorite episodes. After waiting so long for it to come out, it fell short in my book. The episode dragged and felt a bit choppy. I feel like they were trying to answer a lot of questions, but it was done laundry list style.

    Instead of taking 5 episodes or whatever to get their identities back, why don't they just call the cleaners again? Or use memory dust, or something. I hope the next few weeks don't drag like this. I know the idea is that they get new lives, but we all know without demons there isn't a show, so let's not waste too much time on this not being charmed gig, it's the name of the show afterall. And I don't like the new witch.
  • This is an example of a not so good premier... but who knows maybe it'll get better.

    This is a fine example of a less favorite episode. I trully love Charmed, it is my all time favorite but I\'m afraid that it is loosing its touch. Last sesons\' finale was great but the premier was not as good as I would hope it would be. The new witch really doesn\'t catch my attention. I don\'t like the fact that they have new idntities. I hope that they clear that up. Also I hated that Darrell was nowhere on the show at all. Most shows that start of with a slow premier spice up during the season. I think this might be the last season (which I hope not) but if it is then I hope that its something spectacular!!! I hav never missed an episode & I hope I never regret the time I have put into these Charmed chicks of mine!!! I hope the kick ass this season!
  • Why I watch...

    This is what I love about Charmed. The writers keep you in suspense just waiting until the new season comes out. This episode will be one of the best because it will tell how they got away, and how they will start training new witches. It really shows that the writers can do a great job even though some have thought that they have slacked off in the past seasons. In my opinion Charmed is one of the best shows out and it keeps your imagination working. This episode will show how the sisters can really kick butt no matter who they are up against.
  • Although this episode aires on september 11th I hope the original characters come back quickly because the series will lose a lot or even all the viewers!(kinda obvious)

    Here is my theorie about 8x01 :

    They start out with the glamoured characters that already have found a place to stay and have picked up the kids at Victors place.
    They move on as quick as possible and somehow become their old selves again.
    Something will come over them and stop them from moving on(I guess Penny or Patty or so).
    They won't agree with picking up where they left of and fight it and will be continued in 8x02.

    This is just a scenario that is in some parts obvious because of the series guidelines.
    I was just letting the fantasy flow.

    I hope somebody agrees!

  • Seasone Premiere Summary........ This is a huge spoiler for charmed viewers actually anticipating the season premiere of charmed in order to find out how the sister are going to get their lives back, again this is a spoiler

    The episode opens with a wake at the manor. Victor greets the mourners. The sisters are still morphing in order not to be uncovered. Victor is overwhelmed by all of this but the sisters remind him they are alive and free. Paul Haas, a darkly handsome man in his late 20’s, is at the manor and starts chatting with Victor asking if there was ever an official cause of death, if the police found Leo, etc. He seems to be interested in the manor as well… In the Underworld, a new generation of demons (in their 20s with rock star looks), rejoices when they learn the sisters are dead as no one, except other demons, will be able to stop them now. They want to establish a foothold in the mortal world and what better foothold then the manor? Agent Keyes is ready to go back to D.C. even though he admits the case isn’t really closed. He has Agent Murphy stay behind to keep an eye on things. An Elder visits Victor to talk about Wyatt and Chris. Victor is in charge of P3 but it seems Piper is somehow working there too. Elise, leprechauns, Little Wyatt, and Leo appear in the episode. It seems Mark McGrath’s character will be named Dex and will be in this episode. Kaley Cuoco's character seems to be named Billie, and if we are not mistaken about her character, she will be in this episode.
  • I watch Charmed because this show on more than one time has made my day turn from a completely dreadful to completely prefect with no worries. To me Charmed is the best show in the world and if there was no Charmed I could not live.

    Charmed to many people is just a show with no meaning than to entertain people for no reason at all. To tell all the people in the world who think just that, Charmed is not fun and games. Charmed is very serious business and that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a episode the outstanding qulity that they always are. I want people to know I had no interest in the show once, but as I kept watching the show I became compeletly hooked. Now I am devistated if I miss an episode where thoes ladies are kicking but for an hour. To me no day is perfect without Charmed!
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