Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • The exact reason I watch this series is because it is so unpredictable.

    I am an impressed viewer. I feel that this show brings the drama and excitement to our daily lives as viewers. They kick ass as good witches! I really feel that Charmed is incredibly intense and spiritual. Can you imagine having to vanquish demons all day and work, then find time to sleep? I can barely find time to cook. I just have to say I really love this show, and have all 8 seasons on DVD at home. Currently I am up to Season 7, and totally loving it! Well back to Charmed for now. Phoebe, Paige, and Piper are the best!
  • it was a great start to a great season :D

    The charmed ones are back and better than ever in there new season. The witches are in hiding with new identites faking their own deaths. paige is sad to see that she hadn't much friends except the leprachauns at her "funeral"... phoebe sees a stange man at her "funeral" and pipers glad that her fighting days are over, well thats what she thinks it was an exciting episode after the dramatic end in season 7 and im happy to see charmed "still charmed and kicking" .
  • Excellently opened

    As the start of the eighth and final season, this was expected to be something different, something special, never before seen on Charmed.

    With the whole of San Fransisco mourning the loss of Piper, Phoebe and Paige, the Charmed Ones have to set up a new life, free of demons and the police/FBI. To do this, they need disguises, but with police inspectors/FBI agents still hanging around, and Paige still hearing her charges's calls, it's difficult to stay inconspicuous, especially when nobody, not even your family and sisters knows who you are.

    A spell fixes this, but once again, the Charmed Ones are dragged back to demon fighting.

    No the best way to open the final season, but a way to open it none the less.
  • This was the season opener for the 8th Season!!!

    This episode was really great, though not my favorite. It was a little disappointing in how Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo got new identities because they were tired of the Charmed life, but it still was excellent and well done. It was well written and a fresh approach to the Charmed show because they had never done this before- by taking new identities. I give this awesome Season opener a 10 out of a 10!!! :)
  • we open to the sisters in with new faces fooling everyone into believing they are dead. they assume new identities and the cops pretend to leave to fool them into coming out of hiding.a new witch arises and paige is called by a charge she can't find

    this episode is the perfect most amazing start to the season because first we see the sisters at their own wake fooling everyone into thinking that they are dead. they then discover a way to fool the world except their family so wyatt and chris would not be confused. a demon wants the house as a foothold and tries to kill their father to get it but they stop them without letting anyone know that they are alive. a new witch is around and tracks her first demon. around this time paige hears the call of a new charge. this witch seems to be a colledge student and we are left in suspense. this start is way to amazing for words we get the best of everything especially the suspence which leaves us wanting more and more. not only this but the attack which i thoughtwyatt was doing actually turned out to be piper was so exciting. i want more of it bring it on.
  • This was a great season premeire.

    This was a great season premeire. The Charmed Ones fake their own death to live normal lives without demons and worlocks attacking them. They also come up with their own new identities so that everyone thinks they are dead. They pretend that they are Piper, Phoebe, and Paiges cousins, Julie, Jo, and Jenny Bennet. But some demons aren't really convinced that the Charmed Ones are really dead. So they decide to go after Victor. At the end Piper glamours into Wyatt and vanquishes the demons that were after Victor. I thought that was really cool. This episode was great for a season premeire.
  • Defiantly still charmed & kicking!!!

    I've got to say when the 7th season of charmed ended I didn’t think they would be back. Even though I am a sworn fan of charmed it wasn’t doing to well…
    But here it is back with an 8th season that looks defiantly good!
    The new season starts with the charmed ones taking on new identities and starting "normal" lives. But they just can't get away…

    The season premiere was great!!
    They defiantly got of to an amazing start! And gave us a hint of mysteries yet to come...

  • the Charmed ones try to live normal lives but that's not that easy when demons want to kill Phoebe and Piper's dad...

    Overall an enjoyable episodes

    It's nice to see the sisters try to live a normal life but paige doesn't seem so sure of that fact when she keeps getting jingles in her head. So that's why she summons grandma for advice who later in return defends Paige against Piper and Phoebe who are mad of her when she fought a demon when they planned on not doing that

    Also it's quite obvious that demons don't believe that the sisters are not dead, since all of a sudden three nieces live in the house. And now Victor should be dead according to them, of course that doesn't happen so Piper turns into wyatt and Phoebe into Victor to scare the demons away. They think it works but the demons think that Wyatt isn't able to think of a plan like this so they're still a bit aware about that

    Overall a nice episode and the introduction of Billie, I wonder what they'll do with her character. She seems very interesting to me.
  • The Charmed Ones must continue their lives with new identities after their fake deaths. But will they be able to keep their existence hidden from the world, the underworld and the Elders?

    I thought this episode is very, very, very good!
    A great season opener.
    Billie's character is a little ridiculous and her fighting moves are a bit indulged, but also a bit funny.
    I loved Paige as Janice Dickenson in the beginning.
    Phoebe was funny too at the part where she hugs Elise.
    Piper seemed really powerful at the part where she transformed into Wyatt, she still got the moves!
    They all acted great and it was just.. SUPER!!
    The whole episode was well thought and well written. And definetely gives you a reason to keep watching the show after 7 years.
    Good job!
  • the girls make permeneant glamours. They use a spell and they now have new identities. Paige summons grams becasue lack of a life before. phoebe goes shopping and has a premonition when she greets an old mystery man. Piper has trouble but least of the thr

    This episode was an all time classic. I think it was the best series premiere ever. The last season ended totally mystifying. It was almost like they couldnt do it but they did and ith flying colors i may add. It had what the show i think was lacking for a long time. It had what it had when shannen was still on the show. I think the three girls were stronger bonded then they have been in a very long time. Prue had brought leadership and adventure, but paige brought dysfunction for a while. It seemed to me that they finally regained what i have been longing for in the show for almost 5 years. This was the first episode where i didnt say where is Prue? Even though i knew she wouldnt be back i almost wondered why the showed survuved but now i know!
  • The cliffhanger from last season finale left us all wondering how can the sisters will get out of this one. Well they came out with something fresh & original, it's like watching Season1 but different, that's exactly why I watch this series "Charme

    Knewing that maybe season 7 would be the last I got shocked with the season finale, all I wanted was find out what would happen next.

    Well, now I found out!
    It was just incredible, the way the writters got out of this one amazed me, they came out with something fresh & original, something that we all wanted since a long time.

    The Plot:
    In the Manor people morn over the sisters urns but the Charmed sisters are still alive and nobody knows excepts Victor, so the target of evil it's over his head.
    In the first battle where the demons try to kill Victor we're introduced to a new witch that recently dicovers her powers and in the very last scene we discover that she is a blonde college girl named Billie.
  • Season 8 premiere rocked! brilliant, entertaining and well worth the wait. Cant wait for Malice in Wounderland.

    Fantastic episode, really really good. Lots of negative reviews for this episode and i dont even know why they are complaining, because this has got to be the best episode yet!. It is really entertaining, i like the whole Billie idea really good, i cant wait to see what the rest of the eigth season, and hopefully this is not the last.
  • they fake there death and paige sees a new witch and victor get attacked and then the witch comes and fights these 3 demons and then the 1st shimmers out and she runs out and then we see phoebe glammered as vic. and piper glammered as wyatt

    they fake there death and they start to like thier live majic free and then phoebe get a premonion of her and dax geting marryed and then paige still gets jingles in her head go and sees what it is. and victor gets a talk with the elders. and leo sees it so he calls piper. then 3 semons shimmer in and billie comes in (the new witch) and vanqusihed them but only one and he flammes out. then we see victor come in and the demon is there so then wyatt orbs in and vanquishes them . paige comes in and phoebe glammer back to herself (she was victor) and so does piper (she was wyatt) and then we see billie going to class.
  • well this isnt a series finale just the last season! :(

    unfortunately i havent been able to watch this yet because it isnt being aired where i live just yet but from what ive read and seen over the internet i really cant wait!! another dissapointing thing is i just read on alyssas website ( in an interveiw that she did with OK! magazine that this is charmed final season!! how badly does that suck?! anyways looking forward to seeing it!
  • yall are just haters this was a great episode yall need to just shut up.

    i loved this episode. Wyatt is so cute. This was a great episode.I love Alyssa Milano's hair and Kelly Cuoco's wardrobe.I also want to know some spoilers. I hate the fact that the demons are starting to figure out their clever ruse.I wish we could've seen their new identities more clearly.Jason Lewis is so cute.I hope that they show when phoebe and dex get married.Is Kaley Cuoco's character going to move in with the sisters after this?This episde just keeps you wanting more and more.I hope that this show never ends, but i know that all good things must come to an end but i hope that this ends a long time from now.
  • Charmed is the best TV show ever. You ROCK cast of Charmed.

    If your into Wicca then Charmed is a great show. I think that everyone on Charmed play their parts very well and I just know that I'm going to enjoy watching all the episodes of Season 8. I hope that Charmed stays on the air for a very long time.
  • Finaly back with a new and great episode!

    I loved this ep. After some very long months of vaiting, a new and great episod has finaly aired.
    This was a great opening for the eight season. It's very funny and I really do love the fact that it was mainly all about the family, with just a few scenes including some demons and a very strange witch (?).
  • Although this episode aires on september 11th I hope the original characters come back quickly because the series will lose a lot or even all the viewers!(kinda obvious)

    Here is my theorie about 8x01 :

    They start out with the glamoured characters that already have found a place to stay and have picked up the kids at Victors place.
    They move on as quick as possible and somehow become their old selves again.
    Something will come over them and stop them from moving on(I guess Penny or Patty or so).
    They won't agree with picking up where they left of and fight it and will be continued in 8x02.

    This is just a scenario that is in some parts obvious because of the series guidelines.
    I was just letting the fantasy flow.

    I hope somebody agrees!

  • Seasone Premiere Summary........ This is a huge spoiler for charmed viewers actually anticipating the season premiere of charmed in order to find out how the sister are going to get their lives back, again this is a spoiler

    The episode opens with a wake at the manor. Victor greets the mourners. The sisters are still morphing in order not to be uncovered. Victor is overwhelmed by all of this but the sisters remind him they are alive and free. Paul Haas, a darkly handsome man in his late 20’s, is at the manor and starts chatting with Victor asking if there was ever an official cause of death, if the police found Leo, etc. He seems to be interested in the manor as well… In the Underworld, a new generation of demons (in their 20s with rock star looks), rejoices when they learn the sisters are dead as no one, except other demons, will be able to stop them now. They want to establish a foothold in the mortal world and what better foothold then the manor? Agent Keyes is ready to go back to D.C. even though he admits the case isn’t really closed. He has Agent Murphy stay behind to keep an eye on things. An Elder visits Victor to talk about Wyatt and Chris. Victor is in charge of P3 but it seems Piper is somehow working there too. Elise, leprechauns, Little Wyatt, and Leo appear in the episode. It seems Mark McGrath’s character will be named Dex and will be in this episode. Kaley Cuoco's character seems to be named Billie, and if we are not mistaken about her character, she will be in this episode.
  • i love the fact that they brought back charmed now ppl who loved it can watch it for another season i personaly have nearly all of the sesons i just need 7,8 which they both come out this yr if any person wanna talk about it add me

    chaarmed has taste and is very interesting not just the demon and warlock killing etc.. it\'s about the relation ships they go throught just to get where they are they over come so much and they are still standing after 8 years i say bring on another 10 years of it i want my children and there children\'s children to wacth it and enjoy it as much as i do i love it if any one loves it and loves talking about it just add me to your msn\'s if you have an account it is please feel free to write back to me
  • This episode was just Great,because it introduced us to this new season: new witch, Piper and Phoebe wanting to forget about the last 7 years and Paige not being too sure about it, Demons and cops trying to figure out if they're really dead. -My fa

    This episode was just Great. People keep complaining about it and I don't get why. If Charmed still was like it was back in seasons 2 and 3 it would have been cancelled long ago. Fresh new ideas, that's what shows need, and that's what season 8 is going to be about, All new, new situation for all of us, and for the girls, because they have never been in this situation before.
    Billie, the new witch, looks cool. Maybe too buffyish for my liking but I guess I'll end up liking her.
    I loved to see Grams, and Wyatt looked adorable. The plot was good, because it introduced us to this new season: new witch, Piper and Phoebe wanting to forget about the last 7 years and Paige not being too sure about it, Demons and cops trying to figure out if they're really dead. For me it's one of the best season premieres, mainly because the rest of them didn't feel like premieres, this one does. My favorite after Charmed Again.
  • LOVE IT!

    I absolutley love this episode! It funny and exciting at the same time. They throw different things at you besides just all demons (which isnt bad:) but it was soo funny when paige turned herself into Janice DIckenson! these girls are the best! As many looks as they tried out, they were never as pretty as their original selves. I really miss this show and wish they would come out with a surprise episode or a movie! I also like the fact that they brought in another person (billie) however, im still undecided if i like her acting or not, she is def. outshined by the Paige, Piper and Phoebe.
  • An Excellent Season Opener!

    An Excellent Season Opener!

    This episode was a great way to hook any new Charmed fans to this.

    The plot just grabbed you, it was clever and very amazing, so far this is one of my favorite episodes!

    The new character Billie is also good to the storyline and I can't wait for it to expand further!

    The next episode will be even better!
  • Why I watch...

    This is what I love about Charmed. The writers keep you in suspense just waiting until the new season comes out. This episode will be one of the best because it will tell how they got away, and how they will start training new witches. It really shows that the writers can do a great job even though some have thought that they have slacked off in the past seasons. In my opinion Charmed is one of the best shows out and it keeps your imagination working. This episode will show how the sisters can really kick butt no matter who they are up against.
  • I watch Charmed because this show on more than one time has made my day turn from a completely dreadful to completely prefect with no worries. To me Charmed is the best show in the world and if there was no Charmed I could not live.

    Charmed to many people is just a show with no meaning than to entertain people for no reason at all. To tell all the people in the world who think just that, Charmed is not fun and games. Charmed is very serious business and that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a episode the outstanding qulity that they always are. I want people to know I had no interest in the show once, but as I kept watching the show I became compeletly hooked. Now I am devistated if I miss an episode where thoes ladies are kicking but for an hour. To me no day is perfect without Charmed!
  • The Charmed Ones deal with their new identities and still fighting evil. Starring: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Kaley Cuoco, Brian Krause

    The Charmed Ones return for their eighth and final season, and they started out with a bang. The Charmed Ones assuming one identity seperate from their own but allowing their family such as Wyatt (guest stars Kristoffer and Jason Simmons) and Victor (guest star James Read). I liked the idea and it was a smart solution to the problem at hand. I loved how Paige (Rose McGowan) came in as Janice Dickinson (guest starred as herself) for her funeral. It was fantastic and a real funny moment to how much Paige really never got out. Paige continued to get a call from her charge showed that even though the Charmed Ones have a different identity they will never fully get away from their magical lives. The character of Billie Jenkins (Kaley Cuoco) was introduced in this episode and i liked how she was strong but u definitely could tell that she did not have much experience. I also enjoyed the whole Alias thing that she had going on, it was cool. Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) meets another love interest Dex (guest star Jason Lewis). I don't like how Phoebe can never manage to keep a man. She just goes through them like tissues and i thought that some from previous seasons should have stuck, and the only real relationship she had on the show was Cole (former star Julian McMahon). The way the Charmed Ones fought and defeated the demon was fantastic. It was clever, something that i believe makes the Charmed Ones more than just a physical fight, like we have seen many times before. The idea was fantastic and i think that putting Piper (Holly Marie Combs) in the line of fire was great. Brian Krause also stars as Leo.

    What's my name again?

    Wow! Much better than expected. After reading all the gripes and moans about Season Eight I was expecting something along the lines of "A Call to Arms" but this is excellent. Like my favourite season opener, "Charmed Again", the sisters are trying to piece their lives together following a family upheaval. Brad Kern hangs a number of clever subplots off this: Victor has taken ownership of the house and is targeted by demons, Paige complains to Grams that she has no life outside magic, Phoebe foresees her own wedding and a strange chick clad in PVC makes an appearance.

    While I know Billie becomes something of a hate figure later in the season, you can't deny she is good value at this early stage. Is she a demon? Is she a witch? Intriguing stuff. It's also about time we had TK back as a power - four years without seeing weapons flying into someone's grasp is way too long on a supernatural show. I thought the outfit and the music were great fun, and added a little light relief to the story.

    Considering the budget cuts we've all heard so much about, the effects are very good this week. A lot of effort has gone into the vanquishes, with some of the demons turning to bones through the flames. Neat touch! The scenes with the mirrors also work well, with no obvious goofs and some excellent editing. There are also some reasonable guest slots (this episode has more actors credited than any other). I've no idea who Janice Dickinson is so that was completely lost on me!

    The fight scenes are well directed and have a pace which has been lacking lately - makes me realise how much we miss Phoebe's kicking and levitating. I particularly liked Piper disguising herself as Wyatt. Very cool idea and totally brilliant to watch. I'm also impressed they managed to get the little guy to do something other than stand there in silence - it probably took heaven knows how many attempts to get right but it really works.

    For the first time in a while I really can't wait to see the next episode. Bring it on!

    Score: 9.4
  • I love this show. This was a great way to start off the EIGHTH season.

    The Power of Three is over, the Halliwell sisters are dead; at least thats what the demons and the rest of the world thinks. The 8th season opens with the sisters memorials in the Manor. Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo are continuing to change their appearances so that no one can recognize them. Phoebe then comes up with a spell to change their outter appearance for good, but the family can still see them as they were. They all create new identities, but Paige is still having a lot of trouble adjusting.Paige is still getting the elders jingles, and she wants to fight demons. As Paige runs after after a demon into the movie theater, she meets a new witch (Kailey Cuoco). The elders also talk to Victor and ask him to give them the children, so they can raise them in a magical world. In the end of the episode the witches realize that they need to keep the demons away from their family, Victor, and the kids. So Pheobe and Piper change into Whiet and Victor and use their powers to pretend that Whiet is killing the demons. This sends back a message to the demon world, but they are starting to question if the Halliwell sisters are really dead. Great way to start of the season. I can not wait to watch more.
  • After being presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters begin their demon-free existence with new identities: Phoebe is overwhelmed with visions of her future husband; Paige begins hearing her whitelighter call, which draws her to a mysterious young witch.

    The beginning of season 8. Very good! I love Billie in this and that she dresses in all black and at the end she is a normal school girl. That was an awesome flip she did. Season 8 is really good so far. I wish Darryl was still there. They mention Glen after all this time! Wow! I thought he was done with. I guess not.
  • After being presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters begin their demon-free existence with new identities: Phoebe is overwhelmed with visions of her future husband; Paige begins hearing her whitelighter call, which draws her to a mysterious young witch.

    The beginning of season 8. Very good! I love Billie in this and that she dresses in all black and at the end she is a normal school girl. That was an awesome flip she did. Season 8 is really good so far. I wish Darryl was still there. They mention Glen after all this time! Wow! I thought he was done with. I guess not.
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