Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • Terrible. Terrible, TERRIBLE! how this ridiculous show has lasted this long is simply unbelievable. Shows like buffy, angel, friends, firefly, trucalling are off the air, but this piece of garbage is still on. a disgrace to television everywhere. a true

    this show went from pretty darn good the first ~5 years to painful to watch the last 2ish years. silly stuff like nymphs and trolls and mermaids and mummies, and terribly written lines, delivered by decent yes, unbelievably attractive actresses is the entire 2 years summed up. NOTHING has happened, nothing ground breaking, NOTHING, and this year starts off the same. handsome guys, revealing dresses and predictable, half witted plots.

    i truly hope this show is taken off the air before it can sink any lower.
  • Okay, why did they need to introduce someone less mature than Phoebe when she first came on the scene?

    Sorry, I just cannot accept that adding a teenager to the show was the way to save it. Here Piper is a mother of two. Two boys that are very magical. Phoebe already has been married and divorced. She has been around the block...a few times. Then there is Paige, she is an adopted child and has to learn the Craft fast since she is three seasons, I mean years, behind.

    So, we need a co-ed? Really!? The end is near...oh, that is from another show.

    I am glad that Piper is suspicious. Yes, Phoebe appreciates that she is an athlete...
  • Still Charmed and Disappointing.

    After the best season finale, and the best episode of Charmed (Something Wicca This Way Goes), Still Charmed and kicking is a pretty good episode, at least better than the sixth crap season opener, this episode was very disappointing , I mean I was waiting for a great start to season 8, but Crap Kern in this season ruinned all, the first thing that I hate in this episode was Billie, I don't hate Kaley Cuoco, just her character, This Billie is on season 8 with Prue's telechineses and astral projection power, Where did she get that?The whole episode was weak and kind of boring, it was better if the show over in season 7.
  • Still Charmed and Sucking

    Oh dear, it's fall and there's another new season of Charmed... And, what do you know! It hasn't improved. Still the same storylines being recycled again and again and a bunch of new characters that we've seen dozens of times before in Charmed itself and other TV shows and movies.

    Still Charmed and Kicking (how bad is that title??) has the sisters now in new bodies since their apparent "deaths" in the season seven finale. Whilst trying to get on with their lives as new people, a group of demons from the underworld are intent on discovering the truth behind the Halliwell's "deaths" and plot to reveal their true identities.

    I have to ask if there was really any real need for an eighth season. Season seven ended with the sisters happy and free to go off and lead normal lives. It would have been a good ending to a long-running series, being both hopeful and original. It was by extreme luck that the WB picked up Charmed for one more season and I was one of the many viewers who were surprised. Charmed had been radically failing in the ratings for three years now and with the many new shows the WB needed time in their schedule for, I never expected Charmed to be on their renewal list.

    Season eight stinks of money-grabbing and I doubt that Brad Kern and Aaron Spelling really care about the fans and are actually willing to do anything to keep the cash rolling in. With the firing of Dorian Gregory and the reduction in Brian Krause's episodes, I don't really know if season eight will be that good.

    This episode marks the introduction of trainee witch Billie, played by 8 Simple Rules star Kaley Cuoco. As soon as she popped up on screen, I hated her. Her lame back-flip through the manor doors looked extremely tacky and her pathetic PVC get-up and stupid wigs just looked weird. This isn't Alias, for frick's sake! I also hope that Billie doesn't eat up Holly, Alyssa and Rose's screen time. She appears as a character drafted in purely to ease the hours of the Charmed actresses, due to their lack of interest in the show anymore. I also hated her stupid quips. At least when Buffy did them, the writers realized how annoying they were and quickly stopped doing them. Hopefully Brad Kern will realize that too.

    Phoebe went and got herself a new boyfriend. And, unsurprisingly, he's almost identical to Jason and Leslie! Dex is a painfully dull character who's also extremely patronising to Phoebe and appears to be kinda stalker-ish. Why Phoebe would ever be interested in him is beyond... ooh, scratch that, as we know that Phoebe's probably gone through most of the male staff at the Bay Mirror already and he's the only one left. Watch out Elise, Phoebe's coming to get you next! Her premonition of her and Dex getting married isn't that surprising and it seems really rushed.

    Grams also appears in this episode and I have to admit, just leave her alone! I'm getting really tired of her frequent appearances on Charmed and I hope this is the last one. Every time she is summoned she always has some boring pep talk to say and this episode is no different. There's also a pointless guest spot from ex-America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson as one of Paige's shapeshifting disguises. Believe me, there was absolutely no need for her to pop up and the excuse that Paige suddenly has no friends just doesn't make any sense.

    Still Charmed and Kicking is a disappointing season premiere with some lame demons, pointless new characters and lazy writing. Business as usual, then.

    Rating: F
  • This show has now officially gone from bad to worst. For a person who's seen every single episode in seasons 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 this is when it jumps the shark. It is just horrible!

    This show has now officially gone from bad to worst. For a person who's seen every single episode in seasons 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 this is when it jumps the shark. I don't even have the will to watch anymore. Season 7 could've ended the show, but nooo... they had to ruin it for us. And the ratings - Horrible. Even Grams didn't stop this episode from sucking so bad. Phoebe's premonition - HORRIBLE WRITING!!! Billie's character - BAD IDEA!!! Continuing the show - ALSO A BAD IDEA!!! I'm sorry, but if they don't pay Shannen Doherty all the money in the world to make a guest appearance this show will be cancelled before you can say: Can't wait for the third episode. And with a title like "Malice in Wonderland" for the next episode and with it not being a season premiere, the ratings may even go lower than 0 (don't know how this is possible. lol). I just hope, for you: devoted fans, that this show at least makes it to the end of 2005.
  • Disapointing!

    This could have been so much better, but nothing really happened it was sooo boring and i hate the fact that everyone thinks they're dead, it would have been okay if that was the ending to the show but because it's not, that idea is crap! thankfully it didn't stay like that, but for the first episode of season eight, it's a huge let down. I still love the show and am glad the other episodes have been good but it was a disappointment
  • Charmed has always been a little "lame" with some of the monsters and demons being complete idiots, but this episode was just SO awful, I found it hard not to go watch some Law and Order show - which I hate by the way!

    OK - yay - Charmed is back. But did it have to be so lame? If Janice Dickonson (who the hell is that anyway?) walked into a funeral I was attending, I would not say: "Wow - she knew her? I'm impressed!"
    I would be like:
    "Wow - who the hell are you?"
    And the whole fighting scenes with Billie and her outfit were just extremely lame!
    "Oh - my first demon!"
    And that music in the backround was simply terrible!
    Why did I watch this!?
    The fact that Phoebe came up with that idea off the top of her head annoyed me as well!
    They should have studied about it and looked through the Book of Shadows, etc. But instead they have a problem and "poof" there is the solution conveniently written into the script!
    I used to love Charmed - why did they do this to it!?
  • Am I on creack?

    This was the best the writers could come up with for a season premiere? Wow...

    Basically, this episode shows the sisters and Leo assuming new identities - Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo become, respectively, Jenny, Julie, Jo, and Louis Bennett, with new "bodies" to match. We meet a new witch, Billie, who will inevitably become an honorary Charmed one. We also meet Dex, who Phoebe will apparently marry, after she sees him and her in a premonition as bride and groom.

    First off, the main reason I gave the episode higher than a 2 was because the sisters look great, when they're not being shown as their "glamour" selves. Rose (Paige) looks older, but in a good way. I think she looks great. Alyssa is still as gorgeous as ever, but I must say, Holly looks [i]fantastic[/i]. And Brian - HOT.

    Then, Kaley Cuoco (as Billie) came on the screen and killed everything. I hated her stupid 'Alias'-ripoff look. It's annoying, and I'm glad that she'll lose it (I think) in 'Run, Piper, Run.' It didn't do anything for the story and it made her character seem trashy, which I'm sure she's not.

    And what's all this commotion about "young demons?" They don't look any different than the other demons the Charmed ones have fought, so why are they so special? The only good thing I can see coming from this new crop of young demons is the non-appearance of Billy Draco (Barbas, the demon of fear). Good riddance.

    I do like Dex, and I think he and Phoebe (Julie, whatever, I can't keep their names straight).

    All in all: I expected more from one of my favorite shows. Hopefully, as the storylines mature some, my interest will grow. As it stands, I'm still going to watch it, but it's with a greater appreciation for seasons three and four, when I think the writing was the best.
  • Error in show

    There is big mistake in this episode. Pheobe is having premonitions and Piper (glamored as Wyatt) is freezing and blowing up demons. I just have one question. How did Pheobe and Piper get their powers back? Zankou took their powers at the end of last season. I read in the TV Guide that they were going to have to earn back their powers but as yesterday's epidode proved they already have them.
  • Still Charmed and Tacky


    Still Charmed and Kicking-After being presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters begin their demon-free existence with new identities: Phoebe is overwhelmed with visions of her future husband; Paige begins hearing her whitelighter call, which draws her to a mysterious young witch; Piper attempts to deal with her financial situation, the club and her children. Meanwhile, a brash young demon decides that he wants the Halliwell manor as a trophy and plots to kill Victor to get to it.

    So.....after what should have been the series finale in Season 7, The WB at the time decided "hey this show making us some good money, why not renew it for one more time and suck the life out of it even more!" Thus we have Season 8, the worst season of the series, possibly one of the worst season of television history! How else to you explain the unbearable void of quality this season has? Thanks to Brad's special deal with The WB to make this happen, the budget for the series was cut in half, Leo is only present for only 10 episodes this year, Darryl was completely dropped from the series....and worst of all, Billie! Yes, the character that pretty muchsolidifiedthis season's badness! How else do you explain her beyond laughable debut in this premiere with her tacky costume? Looking like a cross between a Matrix reject and a prostitute, every scene with Billie in this episode (and the next) sees her doing some cheap moves and spewing out corny one-liners backed by a cheesy soundtrack like she's supposedly some badass or something when I all I do is turn away from the screen. I honesty find it hard to believe that this random, new witch can effectively hunt and kill demons is she barely knows what a witch is in the first place yet the writers make it seem like being a witch is piece of cake!

    The episode is actually not as bad as I remember it. The family moments with the sisters, Leo, Victor and Grams are actually pretty good. It's nice to know the new identities the sisters are taking on won't we easy and is already showing some consequences like Wyatt not being able to tell who is mother is when Piper's in disguise. I loved how each sister handles their new life differently, Paige hears the cries of a new charge and doesn't know whether to expose herself orignorethe call while Piper is having seconds thoughts, worried about the consequences and Phoebe is all to excited to start a life a new! It's really ironic considering Phoebe was the most embracing of being a witch back in the early years, sure a lot has changed since then and so has Phoebe (not in a good way), but it's bittersweet moment knowing the fact. Grams of course is unhappy about the girls' decision, in a rare scene where we see her and Paige bonding. Though is makes me wonder, if Grams knows, then how come the Elders don't? How exactly did the sisters "cloak"themselvesfrom higher beings like the Elders? Speaking of them, I love the scene where Victor stands up to one of the Elders when they decide to take the Wyatt and Chris away from him. It's a strong moment for Victor, showing just how much he's changed since he left the sisters when he was younger. This is a man committed to his family now and will do whatever it takes to protect them. I also liked the moment were Wyatt (who turns out to be Piper) unleashes his powers on a new breed of demons trying to kill Victor. It's a great SFX sequence watching Piper blowing up demons and freezing energy balls all over the place, just showing how powerful she is. Though I have to wonder this sudden glamouring power Piper and Phoebe have are kinda random. I'm sure it's just a glamouring spell that mimics Paige's glamouring power but the way they do it all the time is kinda annoying. Anyway, the demon plot is not worth mentioning, just know the main demon of the week finds out the Charmed Ones are alive, leading into next episode. Not to mention, Jason Lewis's debuts as another spot in Phoebe's lists "one shot love interests" as Dex. More on that non-relationship new episode. All and All, 'Still Charmed and Kicking" is an overall mediocre opening with some good family scenes but weak villains, a horrible debut by Billie and nagging plot points.

  • Charmed, but not so Kickin'

    The premiere episode of season 8, for what the writers had to work with from last season, was pretty well planned, except for a few flaws. Mind you, these were not minor flaws, but pretty major ones. The problem with Charmed writers is their inability to explain things. First and foremost, they never explain how the Charmed ones, except for Paige, have the ability to change their appearance with the snap of a finger. Paige is the only one who can change her appearance, or glamour, a whitelighter power that is very rarely used. Piper and Phoebe, on the other hand, would have had to rely on a spell, which neither of them chanted until they decided to make their appearances \"permanent.\" And, just as a side note, their \"new looks\" are kind of hoochie looking. Even more so than Phoebe and Paige are normally. Other than that, the biggest mistake made was cutting Darryl from the show for this first episode. If Darryl were to no longer be a part of the girls\' lives, you would think Brad Kern would at least have him in the first episode to attend their wake. Darryl\'s exit was abrupt and unexplained and a huge letdown to viewers. At least they kept the show focused on the girls and not on Billie (Kaley Cuoco)--for now.
  • Although I'm glad to see the three sisters back again, one begins to wonder what it costs to keeep Charmed airing.

    I am a great fan of the show, since the beginning. But there have been so many plots twists, that one begins to wonder how desperate they are not to get cut.

    I was sure they were, by the way. I mean think about it - they change their identities after changing the world (and then back again), to get away from demons chasing them. Somewhat of a drastic change to go through - so what's left? Well this episode will tell you!

    Just to add to the confusion and redundancy of the situation, they're going to occupy the same house, pretend to be cousins, and still look the same to us.

    What's more, Paige still gets jingling in her head, so she decides to still carry on being a white lighter.

    Phoebe gets one of her world famous preminitions about the future of her love-life, including a guy that apparently she frequently said hello to in the lift, and never knew the name.

    It all just leans too much towards day-time television, and no longer holds the flare of prime time.

    One must hope that there are better things in their future.
  • And OK episode, but a BAD season premiere.

    I found this season's season premiere to be the weakest in the entire series' history. It's actually one of the weakest episodes in its history!

    Nothing big really happened. Ouh, demons wanna take over the manor, get scared off, people are suspicious of the Charmed Ones still alive. Yaddi yaddi yadda. Yes, that would have made an OK episode, but not a good season premiere.

    And there's Billie doing all of these cliché stuff that we've all seen Prue do so much better before. For an episode, OK, for a season premiere, bleh.
  • It was absolutely not neccesary

    It was a surprise for me that Charmed actually managed to get an 8th season on WB.It was totally going downhill and I thought that it season 7 would have been a perfect ending to the series,I guese WB thought otherwise.

    Still Charmed and kicking has the sisters living in new bodies since their apparent death in season 7.There was also a bunch of demons trying to figure out the truth about the Charmed ones death.And out of nowhere a young witch comes along.

    The trainee witch called Billie,played by 8 simple rules star Kaley Cuoco was so uncalled for. She just suddenly appeared out of nowhere acting a demon at the cinema.There was no apparent reason for that.Unfortunely,since they siged a contract,I guess we would be seeing a lot of her in season 8.

    The moment Phoebe cast the spell to hide their identities,I knew they definely will have to reveal them sooner or later.It was just so obvius.It was practically screamed out of the television set.I mean they can't just pretend to be mortals and not protect the innocents anymore.What would be the whole point of this season if they don't?

    The main plot was focussed all on Billie.The rest of the Charmed ones had to be reduced to sub-plots.Phoebe went back to the Bay mirror and found herself a new unoficial boyfriend.The premonition was probably just to get the viewers exicted.Unfortunely it did not.It was very rushed and I think it was to get Phoebe something to do before the viewers get bored to death.Well,it was too late. Dex seems to be one of the million Boyfriends of Phoebe who seems to have no character whatsoever.

    The demons that tried to kill Victor were totally lame and boring.They appeared just to get distroyed by the Charmed ones in disguise.It seemed that even the demons became sub-plots and the main plot is surrounding Billie who for some reason I was not at all interested in.The tacky costumes must be it.

    All in all,boring storyline,lame demons uninteresting new characters and horrible writing,could'nt they just let Charmed go before I get even more dissapointed by it.

  • The Three [fresh] Faces of the Halliwells

    As season premieres go...No, season premieres of Charmed go, this one isn't half bad. After such a fantastic end to season seven, the execs at the WB felt that they could milk a bit more from this supernatural cash cow, with a few notable changes, of course: a slashed budget, a new, fresh-faced Wicca, and more emphasis on the sisters, as opposed to magic.

    To be perfectly honest with you, Brad Kern manages to meet these requests quite admirably: the girls are trying to reconfigure their demon-free lives (by going shopping, of course! Nothing says 'hello, new life' like a new pair of shoes!); the FX work is actually pretty effective and used sparingly enough, and this mysterious kick-ass Wicca certainly ticks off the intriguing column for the time being (the cheesy music and questionable outfit only adding to the entertainment value).

    The arcs that are set in place could have been stronger (Phoebe sees herself marrying a complete stranger; Paige can't stop hearing a ringing noise in her head; and just there). The main one, of course, is that the Charmed Ones are considered deceased. Fineto. Six Feet Under.

    Phoebe comes up with a spell that allows them to project a false image of their desired look to the outside world (save for loved ones, like Wyatt and Chris) so that they can pretend to be cousins of the Halliwells, which is a neat idea, but I have one gripe: the actresses playing our leads at the beginning of the episode absolutely NAIL Piper and Phoebe, so it's a pity that we have new versions, which look nothing like our gals (which, I suppose, IS the point: but, c'mon, what's with the hair -- Piper's hair is down, but her projection's is up, and Phoebe's is the exact opposite).

    It's a frilly-nilly episode, but it certainly manages to focus on the Halliwell family, which is more than welcomed. And not just the sisters, but Grams and Victor share reasonable screen-time -- something I'd like to see more of. Light-hearted fun, but perhaps a little too exposition heavy for its own good.
  • Too much to me to handle! It's so not Charmed! Still Charmed? I don't think so...

    It's too much! It's a story that wanna be original but it's not!

    Billie is introduced but... she is not like she should be! And the costume thing is patetic! Is not a good thing! At least they did a scene in a cinema set that is kinda a good one! Anyway, the manor scene is not!!! The girls didn't do anything! The music when Billie is shown is... you know...anoying!

    The story of the sisters is... weird! I don't get it! They have a purpose, and they cannot abandon it! Paige is the only one that seems to remember it!

    The only thing that make this episode survive is the camera job and the photography! The off-screen work is a good one so the episode has a good look!
  • A so-so season opening to the final season of Charmed.

    After the shock final of last year I was hoping for something really amazing to kick this new season off with a bang. Unfortunately the show, as it has done many times before, fails to deliver. The sister’s faked deaths seem pointless as the girls are still living under the manor and posing as the Charmed One’s cousins. As usual there is a demon plot but instead of the sisters going to fight, little baby Wyatt does – quite a stupid development. However, there are some good moments, the introduction of Billie is fresh and exciting. Despite what fans say it is exactly what Charmed needs, a new character that isn’t going to turn out into a 6 episode Phoebe love interest. Hopefully the series can offer some more classics before it’s done.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about this episode

    The season 8 opener of charmed was an alright episode. It wasn't the best season opener but it was a good-ish start.

    The episode started with a memorial service for the Charmed ones. It was interesting to see that Paige had no-one at her urn and it was a factor played on for the rest of the episode. The Janice Dickinson bit was funny but a waste of time and money considering that she was there for about 20 secs Thought that they might've given Leo an urn since he was presumed dead but obviously this episode was meant to be about the sisters only (Poor Leo- this is at least the second time he has 'died' and he’s probably never had a proper funeral!)
    The fact that the girls have been changing their identities was interesting and explains how they have gone undetected for the past week. I would've preferred there to be a longer period between the s7 finale and this episode especially considering there would've needed to be a police investigation. It seemed unrealistic that they would've been back in the manor so soon.

    I liked that Paige went back to doing magic almost immediately- shows how much she does love magic. I found it strange that Phoebe wanted so badly to have a demon free life. She has always loved her witch identity and was always proud of it. Piper's doubtfulness at the beginning was understandable but she inevitably went back to wanting a normal life.

    I'm not a fan of these new identities. I don't like that they can switch without even moving. I agree with Victors and Grams' sentiments (good to see her again) that the girls haven't thought this through. Not only will money (Phoebe doesn't have a job anymore) and their new identities be a problem but there is the little matter of who will bring up Wyatt and Chris. Is Victor their guardian or are Jenny and Louis? I hope the writers think this one through a little bit more before the next episode. The girls also didn't think through who will magically protect Wyatt and Chris from demons. It was nice to see that least the elders thought of it (Bit stupid that they wanted to take the boys since they were so opposed to them going 'up there' before) but a shame that the girls (and the writers) didn’t.
    The actors who play Wyatt have really grown up and are coming out of that really cute phase. Hopefully with this new maturity we might see some more of Wyatt and he might even speak! (I got really excited when ‘Wyatt’ was killing all those demons with his powers. I thought his powers had grown loads and that he now had control of his exploding power. I also thought that he had inherited the freezing power. Very disappointed when I realised that it was just Piper) Just one thing though- where’s baby Chris?
    Not sure what to make of the new characters. Neither were shown that much so I guess I’ll hold judgement on them just yet.

    Overall the whole episode felt a bit bitty, there were a lot of loose ends to tie up as well as a lot of things to be started (Billie and Dex). Look forward to the next episode where we can start to see what the charmed ones lives are really like now and start to see some character development from Billie and Dex.
  • The Halliwell sisters try to live their lives as new identities.

    I liked this show, but not as much as I thought I would. It was good, and a good way to follow the story line of last seasons finale. But how is Pheobe going to marry that guy? Who is this young girl? How is she important? And the demons... yes always have to have demons :P. Any way, I would like to see how this show ends.
  • Charmed but not kicking.

    Ah, up to the last season of Charmed.

    ‘Charmed & Kicking’ isn’t as bad as I thought on first viewing.,

    It’s actually quite entertaining, mostly thanks to Paige.

    The episode also featured some painful scenes (mostly thanks to the horrible acting of Miss Milano) and some cringe worthy lines, again mostly the Phoebe lines.

    In this episode the charming sisters fake their own funeral, people are mourning…except over Paige, poor thing.

    Also Paige keeps hearing these jingle sound from somebody. She’s also having trouble living her new life and meets a wig Lady. All dressed in black ready to fight demons.

    What was /that/ all about anyway? Okay I already know Billy (I rather wish I didn’t) but why did they dress her like that? I was waiting for her to start wearing a red wig.

    Anyway, yadayadayada. Not so many things happened. Oh, there were these demons that wanted to be sure if the charmed ones were dead and they wanted to kill Viktor and take over the charmed house. But they got their ass kicked by the wig lady and by baby Wyatt, well turned out to be Piper.

    The good thing about this episode was that it had some hilarious moments, specially from Paige. The acting wasn’t all that bad and the three charming sisters looked very pretty.

    The bad thing was that there were too many unnecessary scenes and it had some cringe worthy dialog.

    The episode isn’t bad on viewing but its hardly memorable and easy to forget.
  • The sisters are back, in full Charmed Mode.

    Another season of charmed has begun, and what a way to start it. The last episode had the sisters faking their own deaths to get rid of the never ending demon vanquishing, a way for them to really live normal lives once and for all. But (surprise, surprise) it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I think this is a very well written episode, with some heck of a dialogue and it answered most of the questions on how the glamoured identities work in the real world. The episode, aside from being both exciting and funny, really justified Something Wicca and served as a great “sequel”. It had some new plot twists and opened up a whole bunch of new possibilities for future episodes.

    Let’s start with the things I liked. First off the wake. It was incredibly fun and fresh and I loved the whole Janice Dickinson thing. A classic Paige. I also liked how all of the sisters, even Phoebe who was most keen of the idea with the new identities, found themselves missing their old life a bit. The fact that Paige couldn’t stay out of the wolrd of magic for long is no surprise, but I’m happy that they all miss is somewhat, seeing as they inevitably will continue with the demon vanquishing at some point (actually only half an hour later). I liked Phoebe and Dex together, they had some sort of chemistry, that will continue to grow. I was also madly happy and proud of victor in this episode. He stood up to the demons and proved to be one of the most loyal person to the sisters in the whole series. I especially loved his and Elise’s conversation at the wake. Also Phoebe’s and Elise’s moment together at the Bay Mirror was priceless. Grams was, as always, fabulous and told the girl’s exactly what they needed to hear. And I also liked how they struggled with their new looks. They realised that it won’t be easy to live like that forever. Victor and Leo was also very good together, which proves that the old guest stars really are the best and that there should be more Victor, Grams and Patty in the series. The premonition about Phoebe’s and Dex’s marriage was surprising and a good thing, seeing as Phoebe has had less and less things to work with the last few years. It’s just too bad that that story line ended way too early. And the main plot itself was also good and exciting. It kept you hooked and made you want to continue watching the season. It’s also a very good thing that we can see the sisters the way they really look.

    The bad things are fewer, but I still have some complaints. First off I hate that there no longer isn’t any Darryl. I’m really going to miss him. The new cop of the show; Agent Murphy proves to be really boring and he adds absolutely nothing new to the show. The demons of this season also buggs me a little. Last years they were leather clad medieval adults; now they’re gothic teenagers. Come on, bring us some original demons for once. The elders are as annoying as always and I’m glad that we will see less of them this season. They’re just so good-for-nothing. The mirrors were also badly made; it didn’t even look like it was them talking; just some bad miming.
    And now, the biggest complaint of them all; Billie. She just annoys me so much sometimes. I agree, she can be fun at times and she definitely brought some fresh air to the series, but her way of being and her tacky outfit is just bad. And the music playing whenever she came into a room was really cheesy.

    All in all, this was a very fresh and exciting episode that opened a lot of new plots and it gave a justified continuation of SWTWG. A perfect way to open a season, and the best season premiere since Charmed Again.
  • not that bad

    not that bad of a show.

    didn't like some things but it wasn't bad.

    i think it's ok the series is ending because they are running down on ideas.

    i think they should make something like smallville, but focus on the future wyat and chris of the 6th season but in chris's future and shows us how it would be.

    by the way does any body know what's the music playing on the loading of alyssa's internet page?
  • I love Charmed but I have to say this episode was not one of there best. What's going on??????

    Charmed is my all time favorite show but I have to say this episode did not do the show justice. Don't get my wrong this episode didn't turn me off from every watching again I just wonder what the writers where thinking.

    The show did have some good points. I liked Phoebe's premontion about her future and I like how Piper and Phoebe posed as Victor and Wyatt and how Piper was gloating with pride that the underworld fears her son. I missed the first 10 minutes so I'm not to sure how that went.

    I'm also questioning about Paige's new charge. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't charges assigned by the Elders. And if they are, why would an Elder visit Victor and giving him condolences on the girls death. If they are in charge of assigning charges wouldn't that mean they put Billie with Paige. So they must know she's alive.

    Oh and about this Billie person. First of all I think they approached it all wrong. And whats with the get up. I dont recall the charmed ones going all S&M bondage when they first attacked demons. And another thing couldn't they find a better actress to play the part of Billie. I'm sorry but Kaley Coucou whatever her name is, is not very talented. Her acting is very lacking. There were and are better actresses out there.

    I just hope the show picks up. I just love this show and hope it doesnt end poorly.
  • Still Charmed & Kicking

    Still Charmed & Kicking was a good episode of Charmed and I enjoyed watching as the Sisters continue to maintain their cover and pretend to be cousins. I liked how demons wasted no time trying to gain control of the manor from Victor. Paige struggles to reconcile her new life and identity with who she really is. A mysterious kick a$$ warrior witch makes an appearance and saves lives a few times. It looks like this season is going to be a little crazy. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!
  • Since when does Paige not have any friends?

    Since when did Paige not have any friends? They changed her character so drastically since they introduced her in season 4 and not really for the better. Some parts of this episode were so random and it wasn't exactly original, although I did like it, which is why Malice in Wonderland got rated better than this one.

    It isn't one of those episodes that sticks in your mind, I have already forgotten what happened ;)

    Basically the sisters funeral is held and the only magical beings that attend are the leprechauns. The demons come to check they are truly dead. Even the elders believe they are dead, but the thing is, can't the elders see and hear everything? Wouldn't they hear the plotting and see the sisters transform? Anyway the demons (some random ones, who knows..) want to steal the manor so they threaten the girls dad. We are introduced to "billie" who saves the day. Hmm.

    B but glad to see a season 8!
  • I've always been a fan of Charmed, but this could have been better.

    As far as season premieres go, I would have to say that Season Seven's 'A Call To Arms' was the worst, followed by Still Charmed & Kicking. That doesn't mean that I hate the show by saying that. I understand that creatively, it would have been very hard for Brad Kern and the rest of the Charmed writers to return to the show after the Season Seven finale. I felt the show had changed in many ways. Phoebe's voice and her premonitions were different. And I kept getting a 'Big Wolf On Campus' vibe from the character of Billie (which is funny because Brandon Quinn starred in this episode). The way she was portrayed was nothing like Charmed has ever done before, and to be honest, I didn't really like it. I am looking foward to see what the rest of the new season brings.
  • After the Charmed ones fake their own death, they have to try to live "normal" lives. To help the girls still fight evil, they take a young girl named Billie under their wing.

    I am really glad that "Charmed" was kept for another season but I definately donot like Kayley Cuoco joining the cast. There's only room enough for 3 witches as regulars on this show! I wish that Prue was brought back instead of bratty Billie. Stay true to the loyal fans!
  • The Halliwell sisters fake their own deaths to live demon free lives, only they have trouble adjusting to their new lives. Paige's new charge is a mysterious, butt-kicking witch who's appearance causes more questions then answers.

    I didn't like it. Something didn't feel right about the episode. Maybe it's the new girl. Scratch that it is the new girl. Umm can anyone say Buffy? What an obvious knock off! It's like they tried too hard to make this girl so awesome. The karate, the super abilities, her own theme music, her super clever lines that just pour out of her mouth non stop. She too much. Please don't let her ruin the show.
  • Definitely not one of my favorite episodes. After waiting so long for it to come out, it fell short in my book. The episode dragged and felt a bit choppy. I feel like they were trying to answer a lot of questions, but it was done laundry list style.

    Instead of taking 5 episodes or whatever to get their identities back, why don't they just call the cleaners again? Or use memory dust, or something. I hope the next few weeks don't drag like this. I know the idea is that they get new lives, but we all know without demons there isn't a show, so let's not waste too much time on this not being charmed gig, it's the name of the show afterall. And I don't like the new witch.
  • I liked the eppie and hope this season will be better than last year. However, I really don't think I'm gonna like the new girl. Her scenes were too contrived.

    Everything about this premire of Charmed was great except that bionic new witch who seems to have all the moves, knows where every demon will ultimately be, and talks like a poor action star. I'm hoping her role will be downplayed a lot...seriously.

    Overlooking that. I will say, the preview was better than I expected it to be. I really loved Phoboe's quirkiness in the elevator with the hunk. And goodness is he ever hot! Hope to see more of him and the way that relationship will play out.

    I'm looking forward to this season.
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