Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • The sisters are back, in full Charmed Mode.

    Another season of charmed has begun, and what a way to start it. The last episode had the sisters faking their own deaths to get rid of the never ending demon vanquishing, a way for them to really live normal lives once and for all. But (surprise, surprise) it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I think this is a very well written episode, with some heck of a dialogue and it answered most of the questions on how the glamoured identities work in the real world. The episode, aside from being both exciting and funny, really justified Something Wicca and served as a great “sequel”. It had some new plot twists and opened up a whole bunch of new possibilities for future episodes.

    Let’s start with the things I liked. First off the wake. It was incredibly fun and fresh and I loved the whole Janice Dickinson thing. A classic Paige. I also liked how all of the sisters, even Phoebe who was most keen of the idea with the new identities, found themselves missing their old life a bit. The fact that Paige couldn’t stay out of the wolrd of magic for long is no surprise, but I’m happy that they all miss is somewhat, seeing as they inevitably will continue with the demon vanquishing at some point (actually only half an hour later). I liked Phoebe and Dex together, they had some sort of chemistry, that will continue to grow. I was also madly happy and proud of victor in this episode. He stood up to the demons and proved to be one of the most loyal person to the sisters in the whole series. I especially loved his and Elise’s conversation at the wake. Also Phoebe’s and Elise’s moment together at the Bay Mirror was priceless. Grams was, as always, fabulous and told the girl’s exactly what they needed to hear. And I also liked how they struggled with their new looks. They realised that it won’t be easy to live like that forever. Victor and Leo was also very good together, which proves that the old guest stars really are the best and that there should be more Victor, Grams and Patty in the series. The premonition about Phoebe’s and Dex’s marriage was surprising and a good thing, seeing as Phoebe has had less and less things to work with the last few years. It’s just too bad that that story line ended way too early. And the main plot itself was also good and exciting. It kept you hooked and made you want to continue watching the season. It’s also a very good thing that we can see the sisters the way they really look.

    The bad things are fewer, but I still have some complaints. First off I hate that there no longer isn’t any Darryl. I’m really going to miss him. The new cop of the show; Agent Murphy proves to be really boring and he adds absolutely nothing new to the show. The demons of this season also buggs me a little. Last years they were leather clad medieval adults; now they’re gothic teenagers. Come on, bring us some original demons for once. The elders are as annoying as always and I’m glad that we will see less of them this season. They’re just so good-for-nothing. The mirrors were also badly made; it didn’t even look like it was them talking; just some bad miming.
    And now, the biggest complaint of them all; Billie. She just annoys me so much sometimes. I agree, she can be fun at times and she definitely brought some fresh air to the series, but her way of being and her tacky outfit is just bad. And the music playing whenever she came into a room was really cheesy.

    All in all, this was a very fresh and exciting episode that opened a lot of new plots and it gave a justified continuation of SWTWG. A perfect way to open a season, and the best season premiere since Charmed Again.
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