Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • It was absolutely not neccesary

    It was a surprise for me that Charmed actually managed to get an 8th season on WB.It was totally going downhill and I thought that it season 7 would have been a perfect ending to the series,I guese WB thought otherwise.

    Still Charmed and kicking has the sisters living in new bodies since their apparent death in season 7.There was also a bunch of demons trying to figure out the truth about the Charmed ones death.And out of nowhere a young witch comes along.

    The trainee witch called Billie,played by 8 simple rules star Kaley Cuoco was so uncalled for. She just suddenly appeared out of nowhere acting a demon at the cinema.There was no apparent reason for that.Unfortunely,since they siged a contract,I guess we would be seeing a lot of her in season 8.

    The moment Phoebe cast the spell to hide their identities,I knew they definely will have to reveal them sooner or later.It was just so obvius.It was practically screamed out of the television set.I mean they can't just pretend to be mortals and not protect the innocents anymore.What would be the whole point of this season if they don't?

    The main plot was focussed all on Billie.The rest of the Charmed ones had to be reduced to sub-plots.Phoebe went back to the Bay mirror and found herself a new unoficial boyfriend.The premonition was probably just to get the viewers exicted.Unfortunely it did not.It was very rushed and I think it was to get Phoebe something to do before the viewers get bored to death.Well,it was too late. Dex seems to be one of the million Boyfriends of Phoebe who seems to have no character whatsoever.

    The demons that tried to kill Victor were totally lame and boring.They appeared just to get distroyed by the Charmed ones in disguise.It seemed that even the demons became sub-plots and the main plot is surrounding Billie who for some reason I was not at all interested in.The tacky costumes must be it.

    All in all,boring storyline,lame demons uninteresting new characters and horrible writing,could'nt they just let Charmed go before I get even more dissapointed by it.