Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • Charmed but not kicking.

    Ah, up to the last season of Charmed.

    ‘Charmed & Kicking’ isn’t as bad as I thought on first viewing.,

    It’s actually quite entertaining, mostly thanks to Paige.

    The episode also featured some painful scenes (mostly thanks to the horrible acting of Miss Milano) and some cringe worthy lines, again mostly the Phoebe lines.

    In this episode the charming sisters fake their own funeral, people are mourning…except over Paige, poor thing.

    Also Paige keeps hearing these jingle sound from somebody. She’s also having trouble living her new life and meets a wig Lady. All dressed in black ready to fight demons.

    What was /that/ all about anyway? Okay I already know Billy (I rather wish I didn’t) but why did they dress her like that? I was waiting for her to start wearing a red wig.

    Anyway, yadayadayada. Not so many things happened. Oh, there were these demons that wanted to be sure if the charmed ones were dead and they wanted to kill Viktor and take over the charmed house. But they got their ass kicked by the wig lady and by baby Wyatt, well turned out to be Piper.

    The good thing about this episode was that it had some hilarious moments, specially from Paige. The acting wasn’t all that bad and the three charming sisters looked very pretty.

    The bad thing was that there were too many unnecessary scenes and it had some cringe worthy dialog.

    The episode isn’t bad on viewing but its hardly memorable and easy to forget.