Season 8 Episode 1

Still Charmed & Kicking

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on The WB

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  • Still Charmed and Sucking

    Oh dear, it's fall and there's another new season of Charmed... And, what do you know! It hasn't improved. Still the same storylines being recycled again and again and a bunch of new characters that we've seen dozens of times before in Charmed itself and other TV shows and movies.

    Still Charmed and Kicking (how bad is that title??) has the sisters now in new bodies since their apparent "deaths" in the season seven finale. Whilst trying to get on with their lives as new people, a group of demons from the underworld are intent on discovering the truth behind the Halliwell's "deaths" and plot to reveal their true identities.

    I have to ask if there was really any real need for an eighth season. Season seven ended with the sisters happy and free to go off and lead normal lives. It would have been a good ending to a long-running series, being both hopeful and original. It was by extreme luck that the WB picked up Charmed for one more season and I was one of the many viewers who were surprised. Charmed had been radically failing in the ratings for three years now and with the many new shows the WB needed time in their schedule for, I never expected Charmed to be on their renewal list.

    Season eight stinks of money-grabbing and I doubt that Brad Kern and Aaron Spelling really care about the fans and are actually willing to do anything to keep the cash rolling in. With the firing of Dorian Gregory and the reduction in Brian Krause's episodes, I don't really know if season eight will be that good.

    This episode marks the introduction of trainee witch Billie, played by 8 Simple Rules star Kaley Cuoco. As soon as she popped up on screen, I hated her. Her lame back-flip through the manor doors looked extremely tacky and her pathetic PVC get-up and stupid wigs just looked weird. This isn't Alias, for frick's sake! I also hope that Billie doesn't eat up Holly, Alyssa and Rose's screen time. She appears as a character drafted in purely to ease the hours of the Charmed actresses, due to their lack of interest in the show anymore. I also hated her stupid quips. At least when Buffy did them, the writers realized how annoying they were and quickly stopped doing them. Hopefully Brad Kern will realize that too.

    Phoebe went and got herself a new boyfriend. And, unsurprisingly, he's almost identical to Jason and Leslie! Dex is a painfully dull character who's also extremely patronising to Phoebe and appears to be kinda stalker-ish. Why Phoebe would ever be interested in him is beyond... ooh, scratch that, as we know that Phoebe's probably gone through most of the male staff at the Bay Mirror already and he's the only one left. Watch out Elise, Phoebe's coming to get you next! Her premonition of her and Dex getting married isn't that surprising and it seems really rushed.

    Grams also appears in this episode and I have to admit, just leave her alone! I'm getting really tired of her frequent appearances on Charmed and I hope this is the last one. Every time she is summoned she always has some boring pep talk to say and this episode is no different. There's also a pointless guest spot from ex-America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson as one of Paige's shapeshifting disguises. Believe me, there was absolutely no need for her to pop up and the excuse that Paige suddenly has no friends just doesn't make any sense.

    Still Charmed and Kicking is a disappointing season premiere with some lame demons, pointless new characters and lazy writing. Business as usual, then.

    Rating: F
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