Season 7 Episode 5

Styx Feet Under

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2004 on The WB
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In an attempt to stop a demon on a murderous rampage upon his human relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all death, and it's up to the Charmed Ones to make things right, when the Angel of Death wants the mess cleaned up. Meanwhile, Agent Brody reveals that he has been following the Halliwells longer than they thought, and Phoebe must deal with her feelings toward Leslie.moreless

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  • Styx Feet Under

    Styx Feet Under was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see a half human half demon try to kill his human relatives so that he may become fully demon. The sisters use magic to protect an innocent but end up preventing Death from completing his work. It was awesome to see Death force Piper into helping him by making her like him, and in the process giving Agent Brody the absolute proof he needs to confront the sisters about their magic so that they may help him for some mysterious purpose. Leslie and Phoebe had some good scenes and development as well. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • this episode is amazing. Paige dies, Piper is death, Phoebe fights demons to save an innocent.

    So Paige and Piper are trying to save this man's life from a demon. Paige casted a protection spell on their innocent, and inadvertently stopped all death from happening. Phoebe is good old Phoebe in this one, wanting to battle a demon to save an Innocent's life.(although i don't see what a sabbatical has to do with that)

    Piper as the angel of death was great, because Holly Marie Combs can pull anything off really. I loved how Paige died for a change, and how she died trying to protect her older sister. I liked Charisma Carpenter. shes hot.

    I loved how Phoebe got one of her active powers back, and i was exicted when i first watched the 7th season, I thought they were going to give her other powers back too...but they just thew out that plot of phoebes, and a whole glob of [GOOD] episodes that could've been in season 8...D@MMNIT!

    There's nothing not to like about this episode.moreless
  • Something To Die About

    Styx Feet Under-In an attempt to stop a demon on a murderous rampage upon his human relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all death, and it's up to the Charmed Ones to make things right, when the Angel of Death wants the mess cleaned up. Meanwhile, Agent Brody reveals that he has been following the Halliwells longer than they thought, and Phoebe must deal with her feelings toward Leslie.

    Hmmm and with that, Season 7 has it's first good episode. Sure, we've seen the sisters' die like over 100 times at this point, but at least this time, there are some lasting consequences for a change and the sisters barely make it out unsacthed. For one, Simon Templeman returns as Death, who we haven't seen since "Death Takes A Halliwell" in Season 3. He brings a lot of presence as Death and just how he taught Prue a lesson about death back then, he teaches the sisters a thing or two about the afterlife as well. Making Piper into a second Death was priceless and Holly dead pan humor is perfect for the new role. I also love how the Ghostly Plane is brought back (The writers actually remembered it!) and the portal that opened to the afterlife. The SFX was solid there.It's also nice to have a villain with a decent M.O. Sirk is by far the best villain in a long while for the writers, considering most of the demons of late are so one-dimenstional and easially disposed. Zach Ward is great in the role and the half-demon make-up is pretty good. It's also good to see the sisters in a serious situation for once. Even Phoebe at one point makes a stand and doesn't care if she's the next person to die on Piper's list, wanting to stop the demon and protect an innocent by any means necessary. Talk about a rare moment from the slutty one! As a matter of fact, it's been a while since we've had an episode about allthe sisters beingso focused onprotecting an innocent......or being selfish for that mater. All the sisters have become so self invloved as of late.

    Another added plus is Charisma Carpentar's return as Kira the Seer and she's even more priceless here than her last episode. Charimsa continues to steal her scenes and especially loved the moment where Kira mocks Sirk for attempting to kill considering she's a Seer and she saw it coming...duh! lol We also got some decent twists like when Sirk kills Paige and Piper is forced to talk Paige away to the afterlife. It was actually a nice moment when Paige stalls Piper from taking her away. Rose was convincing in hostality and it would be nice if we saw more of that from her than her over the top mannerisms of late. We also get some more plot momvement with Agent Brody. I like how he was always two steps ahead of the sisters in this episode. The moment where Piper wakes up in the morge was priceless. I like the mystery behind the character and Kerr Smith is pretty good so far. Oh we have more Lesley and Phoebe garbage but that's not worth talking about. All and All, "Styx Feet Under" (Weirdest pun title ever by the way!) is still s good episode of Charmed with some solid guest stars and a nice plot.moreless

    Death becomes him

    A racy story, some great acting and some wonderful direction. This is Charmed back to its brilliant best.

    What looks like a simple case of 'save the innocent' turns into a nightmare when Paige's protection spell unwittingly screws up the grand design. What follows is one of the most original plots of the whole series.

    The excellent Simon Templeman is back as the Angel of Death and he's none too impressed with the sisters' work. With no-one able to die until Paige's spell is reversed, he is forced to recruit Piper to help him with the backlog. It's thought provoking stuff and, for once, the sisters are faced with some genuine moral dilemmas. The action is full of twists and turns, the best of which has to be when Phoebe tries to sacrifice herself and Paige ends up dying instead. The scene which follows, where Piper has to lead Paige into the afterlife, is incredibly touching and must rate as one of Rose's best performances.

    Alongside all this, we also get a brilliant demon plot. Like Cole, our baddie is half demon and half human, only this one can't wait to get rid of his human side. To do this, he must kill every member of his family, including his unborn cousin. Cute actor, good make-up and an excellent vanquish.

    Agent Brody is back, and every bit as intriguing as last time. His scene in the morgue with Piper is very cool, if rather creepy. The camerawork is great throughout the episode and the use of the ghostly plane shows strong continuity from last season. No silly green heads this week, either. And, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Phoebe gets her power of premonition back. About time!

    Totally loved that hole in the chaplain's midriff btw. Now where have I seen that before?

    Score: 9.6moreless
  • The Angel of Death pays a visit to the Charmed Ones.

    Paige cast a spell that would blocked all death from happenning. Immediately, the Angel of Death pays a visit to her and her sisters to help him clean up this mass. The Angel of Death returns, and he actually "kill" Piper and make Piper become one of his own-another angel of death. Cleverly plot!! Oh, and Phoebe has her very first premonition after the season six episode "Crime and Witch Demeanors". Welcome back to the magical world Phoebe. Good episode, full with exciment but I don't like Leo. Awesome and amazing are the words to describe this episode. One of the best episode in this season.moreless
Christopher Carroll

Christopher Carroll

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Beans Morocco

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Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey

Leslie St. Claire

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Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith

Agent Kyle Brody

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • In Wrestling with Demons, a demon trainee only has to kill any one innocent to complete their transformation, not their entire bloodline.

    • TRIVIA: When Piper says to Phoebe "I'm not in the mood to lose another sister" - this is of course referring to Prue, who died in the season 3 episode All Hell Breaks Loose.

    • TRIVIA: When Piper collects the old man's soul, they go to the ghostly plane, which is where Piper and Leo were trapped and conceived Chris in the season 6 episode The Courtship of Wyatt's Father.

    • This is the only episode where ghosts appear in the white "moving on" clothes. The sisters have all died at least five times, but this is the only time that they've showed the ghost costumes.

    • TRIVIA: Death's list contains the names of many Charmed crew members.

    • If mortals aren't allowed to enter Magic School, how come Artie's wife was allowed to go in?

    • The first and the last time in this episode the Angel of Death teleports away he has a cool "fading corpse" effect that doesn't appear any other time he (or Piper)teleport: they just fade out in the blue mist.

    • In the season 3 episode Death Takes A Halliwell the Angel of Death says that Prue saw him only because she was next on the list after Reese. In Styx Feet Under Death intentionally shows himself to the Charmed Ones because he suspects that they're responsible for his inability to claim the chaplain's soul. Both these themes are repeated in the season 8 episode Vaya Con Leos - Death intentionally shows himself to Piper to warn her that he's coming for Leo; and Death is able to identify Leo as the soul he's after because Leo can see him.

    • Piper is obviously wearing an undershirt when she wakes up at the morgue. A strap is visible on her shoulder that's a different color then the sheets.

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe has her first premonition since her active powers were taken away in "Crimes and Witch-Demeanors" - this means she only has two more to get back: levitation and empathy.

    • Piper & Paige both return from their death but Paige's body remains in the street. Seems odd that there were not any onlookers around when she awakens.

    • Doesn't Paige care that she orbed to a public place right next to the street - how many witnesses to magic could that have caused?

    • There are not currently any Army bases in San Francisco, but even if there were, security would prevent Piper and Paige from driving onto the base.

    • When Death first arrives at the manor and says Artie people on his list have to die in order, they show a close-up of the list and Artie isn't on it in either the "Dead" or "To Die" column.

    • While Leo pulls away from Artie after examining the hole in his stomach his hand which can be seen through the hole should have moved along with him but it can clearly be seen that the hand doesn't pull away too.

    • Death is not supposed to be seen by mortals, but when the list appears in his hand so he can give it to Piper, his shadow is cast on the man standing behind him on the sidewalk.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Piper: You scared me!
      Patient: I scared you?! Who are you, and what's happening?
      Piper: Well, I think you might actually be... you know, dead. I know. Bummer, huh?

    • Phoebe: That's it? That's your offer, huh? No deal. Forget it.
      Sirk: In that case, I guess I'll just have to kill...
      (Sirk throws a lightning bolt at Paige and she falls to the ground)
      Sirk: ...her

    • Paige: Okay fine. Piper's dead.
      Phoebe: What?
      Piper: I'm not dead. I'm Death. As if my life wasn't busy enough!

    • (Piper magically appears, dressed as Death.)
      Piper Whoa!
      Phoebe Whoa! How'd you do tha... What are you wearing?!

    • Piper: Okay, starting to panic!
      Paige: Oh no.
      Piper: Oh no? What could be more "oh no" than they're taking my body away for an autopsy?

    • Guy: Uh, forensics is done. We're gonna take the bodies if it's okay with you.
      Inspector: Go ahead.
      Piper (gasps): Where are they taking me?
      Paige: Uh, where are you taking her?
      Inspector: The morgue. After the autopsy we'll release your sister's body to you.
      Piper: Oh no, no, no! They can't do that, they can't do that!
      Paige: Stop yelling in my ear!, you can't do an autopsy because you see, it's against our... religion!

    • Paige: We agreed that the only reason we are out hunting for demons constantly is because Phoebe won't deal with her 'Leslie' issues.
      Phoebe: Wait, I have 'Leslie' issues?

    • Paige: Why is it that every time Phoebe runs away from a guy that we actually pay for it?

    • Phoebe: Leo, relax. Piper's been dead before.

    • Piper (about Agent Brody): What's he doing here?
      Paige: Probably watching me talk to myself.

    • Sirk: The sisters had Death's list. They knew who I was trying to kill!
      Seer: And you knew about the woman's unborn child! Foreknowledge is a bitch sometimes.

    • Angel of Death: That's rather selfish of you, don't you think? Unless, of course, you think that death is pointless.
      Piper: Well, I...
      Angel of Death: It's not, you know. Far from it. Life only has meaning specifically because there is an end. Death is what forces people to live.

    • Piper: You know, we've given up a lot to make sure you have less work. I have two kids and a business, and I still find time to fight demons too. It's not our fault that you can't keep up.
      Angel of Death: That isn't my problem.
      Piper: Well it sure as hell isn't my problem.
      Paige: Stop yelling at Death!
      Piper: I don't care - he's getting on my last nerve.

    • Policeman: Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
      Paige: It's okay...
      Piper: Could you sound a little more upset, please?

    • (Sirk throws an energy ball at the Seer. The Seer shimmers out, missing the energy ball, then shimmers back in.)
      Seer: Hello? I'm a Seer, I saw that coming.

    • Paige and Piper are about to go through the Portal.
      Piper: You're stalling.
      Paige: I know, but you can't blame a girl for trying.
      Angel of Death: I wouldn't do that if I were you. Your sister made a trade.
      The Angel of Death punches Kevin, sending him through the portal.

    • Piper: And you helped a demon?
      Angel of Death: On the contrary, your demon helped me.
      Piper: You can't do that, you're supposed to be neutral.

    • Phoebe: Dude, you're dead. Start acting the part.

    • Sirk: I'm so close to losing this foul human soul, but the Charmed Ones still thwart me.
      Seer: Well, they are the Charmed Ones. And they're pretty good with the
      Sirk: I want to peel the flesh from their bones while they still live.
      Seer: Okay, just because we're demons doesn't mean we always have to be so...eww.
      Sirk: Just tell me how to defeat them.
      Seer: And you'll stop with the gross flesh peely talk?

  • NOTES (3)


    • When the Death fades away, the image of a skull in Death's face is shown briefly. This is a common effect used to lead the audience without them realizing it. Technically, doing this effect is a clear reference to Alfred Hitchcock as he used the same effect in the film Pyscho, in the scene where he superimposes Norman Bates' face on his mother's skull.

    • Title: Styx Feet Under

      The river Styx is the river that the dead must cross in Greek Mythology to reach Hades' realm of the Underworld. The ferryman Charon sees spirits across, and they must pay him with the coins that were traditionally buried with the dead. If a spirit cannot pay the ferryman, it wanders aimlessly between the worlds of the living and the dead. Also it's a reference to the HBO drama series Six Feet Under, about a family that runs a funeral home.

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