Season 6 Episode 8

Sword and the City

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2003 on The WB

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  • Sword and the City

    Sword and the City was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and well written. I love how Wyatt's story line is coming together as there have been many hints as to his importance and we finally get an idea of just how great. It was also entertaining to see the Charmed take on The Sword in the Stone myth. Meanwhile Phoebe learns an important lesson about being a good sister and Paige helps Phoebe get organized at work. Every thing was great about this episode and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Contender for worst title? Me thinks so.

    I'm surprised that it took Charmed 6 years to finally decide to tackle the legend of Excalibur. What's even more of a shock is that it's a Piper-centric episode! Remember Piper? The sister that has had absolutely nothing to do this season? Yep, that one, the one with the hair. And child. And zero boyfriends and no husband. Is she even a main character anymore?

    There's actually a lot to enjoy here: Piper, if nothing else, nabs some decent action scenes, yet again. (What's happening, Phoebe, eh? Stunt double just TOO obvious this year?) With Valley of the Dolls and Sword and the City under her belt, Piper is definitely this season's go-to action barbie! There's also some decent-ish drama to be milked from Paige's new romance with Richard. While the sisters change personality types at the bat of an eyelid, one consistent trait with Paige has always been her longing for independence and romance. It has been and will be a continuous plot device, but whenever she has a new boyfriend, there's usually a period of mistrust and cattiness between Paige and her siblings. It's this kind of sisterly dynamic that elevates the hour, reminding us that, on occasion, this is still a show about sisters, and not primarily annoying demons and silly creatures of the week.

    Having said that, this episode has an abundance of annoying creatures and stupid looking demons. They rallied up of all of the soul-destroying fairytale creatures from last season and plopped them into a sub-plot with ditzy, ''oh, aren't we whimsical?'' music playing in the background. Just... no. It's like watching a career crash, Ms Lohan style, and no matter how bad it gets, you can't help but throw the occasional glance, in case Charmed manages to pull through the 12-step programme and get over its excessive use of lame characters.

    At the end of the day, it's your typical ''possessed sister'' storyline; a no frills, minor thrills deal that's essentially a rehash of the premier episode. Same kind of storyline, different demon. What elevates this above the last few offerings is the fallout between Phoebe and Paige, which is unfortunately resolved before the credits roll. Pity.
  • Queen Piper and Her Knights of Vanquish


    Sword and The City-The Charmed Ones are called upon by The Lady of the Lake to help protect Excalibur, the legendary Sword in the Stone. Numerous magical beings arrive at the manor to try their hand at pulling the sword from the stone, but it's Piper who finally pulls Excalibur out of the stone, causing a surprise figure to appear.

    Isn't it just like those Charmed writers to rip off another fairytale story and make another gimmic episode? While, the whole Sword in the Stone plot is as ridiculous as you'd expect from Charmed, the episode actually has (forgive the pun!) charm to it. I did love the opening fight with the sisters against the Dark Knight and the Executor demons. Not to mention, once Piper pulls the sword from the stone, we get some great sword fights with her and Mordaunt. Edward Atterton definately brought the right touch of mystery and eventual menace to the role. Also, it's just great to see Piper let loose and kick some a$$. Holly certainly looked like she was having fun during her "Queen Piper" moments. I actually like the idea of Wyatt inheriting Excalibur, considering it adds to the mystery of how powerful Wyatt will be some day. Knowing he'll one day wield such a powerful weaponwill eventually contribute to future plot points, especially in "Chris-Crossed".

    I do have to say, once again, that bringing in those magical creatures never helped Charmed and the scenes with them trying to pull out Excalibur went on for too long. Also, Richard continues to stink up the screen with his nonexistent personality. Seriously Paige, dump him already!!! All and All, "Sword and the City" is cheesy and silly yet manages to be enjoyable most of the time.

  • Queen for a day

    I wish they'd stop doing these stupid episodes. Charmed is supposed to be about three modern women who happen to be witches, not queues of magical creatures re-enacting a fairy tale.

    The story has a few twists but it's hardly gripping. When a watery figure appears in a blocked basin(!) the Charmed Ones go in search of King Arthur's magical sword and Piper ends up drawing it from the stone. She is tempted to use it for evil by a demon who then steals it from her, only to find Wyatt is its true keeper.

    It's not short on action, and there are some reasonable guest actors; it's just a bad storyline. If this sword brings ultimate power, how come the Source never tried to use it? It also annoys me that the phrase "ultimate power" is used every time the writers want to make something look important.

    I'm going to stick my neck out here and say I didn't enjoy Holly's performance as evil Piper. I also thought the sword fights were rather clunky. Added to this, there's no Chris this week and Paige and Phoebe have a tedious subplot in which both are annoyingly preachy.

    By far the best scene is the one where Mordaunt destroys the demons at the round table then stabs Piper. Although I clocked straight away he was evil I didn't expect a mass vanquish. The effects are great and Piper's stabbing is a genuine shock.

    So Phoebe doesn't trust Paige's new boyfriend? Good! Serves Paige right for all the times she was mean to Cole. But, then again, Cole never had Richard's amazing sink unblocking power. There's no justice in the world.
  • Excalibur meets Charmed.

    Yet another interesting Season 6 episodes brings us a lot of fun, drama and action combined together. I never thought I'd see it, but even Excalibur made its way to the Charmed ones. The interesting story revolving around Piper being the protector of the sword begins with a hilarious line of freaks trying to take the sword out of the stone.

    As soon as the mysterious man arrived, I was convinced that nothing good can come of him, and I was right. The Paige/Phoebe thing wasn't as interesting as the rest of the episode, but a touch of family drama is welcome. Paige and Richard's relationship will definitely grow in time, and I'm suspecting something big might happen later.

    The conclusion was also okay, with Wyatt saving the day (once again). That kid has got power. We didn't see Chris in this episode, but I'm not bothered by it. Plus, when am I going to see Piper and Leo together again?
  • Borrrrrrringggg !!!

    The Lady of the Lake appears before the Charmed Ones, pleading for their help in protecting Excalibur, the legendary Sword in the Stone. A dozen magical beings arrive at the manor to try their hand at pulling the sword from the stone, but it's Piper who finally pulls Excalibur out of the stone, causing a whirlwind that coalesces into a mysterious figure called Mordaunt.Richard realizes that Mordaunt can't be trusted, but before he can intervene, Mordaunt tricks Piper into relinquishing the sword and its power to him. Ahh come on people were not two !! I absoulutely hated this episode it was too fairy tale for me I usually like the fairy tales in Charmed but now.. the writters are trying too hard, Although I did like Paige and Phoebe's characters in this episode.
  • Another great episode of season 6 in which the sisters discover the magical sword Excalibur, which gives Piper a serious power boost.

    Great episode, with an excellent storyline. 'Sword and the City' finds the sisters obtaining Excalibur, then Piper being able to weirld it, calling herself the Queen of Camelot. However, her magical teacher plots to seize the sword's power and take it over so that it will not be passed on to the true weilder, Wyatt. Personally, I didn't really like the 'teacher' guy that wanted the sword. He didn't act believable. On the other hand, Holly Marie Combs did a great job of portraying a new side of Piper, which was nice to see. Phoebe and Paige didn't have very involving roles in this episode, but I really enjoyed the subplot of Paige being hired as Phoebe's assistant. I thought that was clever and we could have done more with that.

    Overall a pretty good episode. A little less of Mordaunt and the episode would have been better, but it worked out in the end.
  • Piper gets a boost of power which could be deadly.

    This is one of my favoroite episodes this season and of the entire show. It opens with Paige and Richard creeping in the kitchen a night of doing I dont even want to know. Paige trips over Pipers feet and falls, I was cracking up she is so ditzy. ANyway RIchard uses his power to help Piper unclog the sink. Piper seems perplexed and so was I. Phoebes teeth enter the kitchen about 5 minutes before she does and is stumped to see Richard there. SOmeone had a teeth cleaning because that must the only reason for seeing so much teeth and not boob. ANyway Piper gets a watery message from the bathroom sink. WHy do all of the clogs have the same water color and material in it? The effects department decided to use some money wisely and provide us with a cool water effect. THe bubble effect and the lady in water form was great. SHe gets stabbed by some back clad demon and sword flies over ahead. THat would neevr happen because that thing looks 100 pounds. Phoebe and Paige battle two henchmen. Phoebe kicks some butt while Paige orbs the ax. I love these little battle scenes. Finally the writers have ventured into Camelot territory.

    Long story short Paige and Piper battle over the factual evidence of Camelot. Phoebe shows her teeth so much I want to punch her and RIchard feels uncomfortable, I wonder if was from her teeth or her hostility, tough call. Once again Piper is left to do demon duty while her sisters carry out there lives. Paige is working for Phoebe. I will cut this short because even though I love this episode this whole subplot got tedious. Paige is meant to open Phoebes eyes about her relationship with RIchard.

    Meanwhile over at the manor magical creatures have gotten wind of the sword and travelled to the manor to try and get it. My favorite little dwarf makes an appearance, sarcasm and all. I think he is almost as sarcastic as Piper. Theres a long line of some weird looking creatures and Leo makes an appearance instead of CHris,damn it. Eventually Leo gets Pipers sisters and Piper gets annoyed witht he whole situation. SHe pulls the sword out and some tackily dressed man tornadoes in. Holly delivers a terrific "Oh Crap!" which had me laughing for sometime. Mordon supposedly works for the sword and is meant to train Piper. THe Feebs cant get a read. THe guy has a potion to vanquish the dark knight which Paige and Phoebe go to make. Piper is becoming more intrigued with the sword. Leo orbs off with Wyatt,hooray and Piper is force dinto battle. Holly knows how to work that sword. THe thing looks extremely heavy but she seems to have control.

    Hostility is abound at Richards house. He has a creepy potion room with some freaky ass ingredients. Phoebe is curious and nervous for Paiges safety and Paige just wishes she would shut up. I have to agree with Phoebe because I didnt trust him at first either. They start to make the potion. We cut over tot he manor where a beautifully choreographed sword fight is filmed. This has to be the best fight sequence ever filmed. It is beyond entertaining and exciting. TUrns out Mordon works for the dark knight but he has his own plans. Piper vanquishes the dark knight with the sword in a quick swoop. SHe isnt really evil just drunk from power. THe Ps try to stop her but she "winds" out.

    Piper gets decked out in leather and Mordon convinces her to begin a new world order. The sword doesnt trust him yet so he has to keep her busy. I found the writing for this episode to be really good. so much treachery and backstabbing. In any event Piper goes out to search for powerful demons. Meanwhile the Ps bump there heads to try and save Piper. Piper tries to kill Paige, haha, and they lose their souls due to some soul snatcher. That was a wicked power and I wish we saw it again. Piper round table is filled and Mordon fills out his destiny. Fantastic effects sequence is done with the pentagram in the middle. Some magical mojo traces each side of it as it kills each demon. Mordon gets excalibur which I am not sure how that worked. sure he was powerful and all but the sword should have recognized he wasnt the true power. He stabs Piper which is gut wrenching and reveals Wyatt is the true possesor. I had to scratch my head because I wanted to know how powerful they want to make this kid.

    THe girls go get Piper while Mordon stabs a teddy bear. Piper allows Wyatt to use his power and kill Mordon. That kid is so weird. He stabs Mordon and Piper seems a bit more freaked out then anyone else. Piper, and me, seem freaked out at how much power this kid has but Leo seems content.

    A fantastic epsiode overall. It is a standout of this season. ALthough I think this could have been a interesting arc. THey could have stretched this out into 2 or 3, I mean there was so much material within this episode that could have been explained more. bUt ina ny event its still one of my favs.
  • Sword and the City

    quick summary the lady of the lake gives the charmed ones the sword then it goes into the rock so they orb the rock home and a whole bunch of magical creatures try to pull it out. so puiper pulls it out and every one bows and then leaves so this mentor comes and tells piper this is her new destiny.....
  • The episode entitled, ‘Charmed in Camelot’, focused a great deal of it’s attention on Piper and the ‘Sword in the Stone’.

    The episode entitled, ‘Charmed in Camelot’, focused a great deal of it’s attention on Piper and the ‘Sword in the Stone’. The other main storyline focused on Paige’s new boyfriend, Richard and Phoebe’s mistrust of him.

    When I first learned about this episode, I had reservations. I generally do not like stories that involve kings, knights and the whole ‘Camelot’ era, however, Charmed was able to put a new spin on the idea and make this one of the best episodes of the season.

    The entire episode was well-written and stimulating. Plus, I always love it when one of the sisters turns evil. Then, we have to rely on the other two to ‘save’ her. The only way this episode could be improved upon would be to make it longer.

    Bravo, Charmed! 10 out of 10. I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Bad Title, Bad Everything

    After almost a season of taking care of babies and, uh, not much else, Piper finally gets a spot in the limelight with this above average episode which is a total masterpiece compared to the season so far.

    Sword and the City has the sisters protecting the Sword in the Stone for the Lady in the Lake. Whilst many demons gather round the manor trying to pull out Excalibur, it ends up being Piper who manages to pull it out. The man teaching her how to use Excalibur is revealed to be evil and Piper begins to turn evil because of the sword.

    Holly Marie Combs has revealed in interviews that this is her favorite episode and it's not difficult to see why. Piper gets lots of action throughout the hour and its fun seeing her all done up in that leather outfit, kicking demon ass with Excalibur. Holly's brilliant at playing evil (as she's shown in the past whilst being possessed by the Wendigo, the Fury and Terra)
    and she really gets to shine in this episode. The only bad thing about this episode is that all the family seem so happy that baby Wyatt just telekinetically killed somebody. He uses his new powers to send the sword flying into Morduant's stomach, which is slightly disturbing since he's not even one-years-old yet and they're already teaching him to kill.

    Besides that, Sword and the City is a mediocre episode which is lacking that charm (no pun intended) that the writers seemed to of forgotten about this season.

    Rating: D
  • Not one of my favorite episodes.

    Sword and the city was not one of my favorite episodes. It was a bit on the silly side. I loved the part when all the creatures showed up but the whole Piper pulling the sword out and letting it go to her head was a bit much. It was out of character for her. The twist of the helper being evil was nice but the idea in general was not one of their best. I liked it when Piper asked Paige to orb the rock into the attic and Paige was acting all indignant. Though there were parts of this episode I liked there was more of it that I didn't.